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  1. My wife married the slob. I'm the problem. And she's stayed with me 27 years.
  2. restylane or juvederm injections to the lips? Could be implants.
  3. To Fly and Fight by Bud Anderson is one of my favorites.
  4. Just received a gift of Four Roses Single Barrel. I'm looking forward to opening it.
  5. Wouldn't small online companies take a beating trying to file sales taxes in 50 states?
  6. The local beverage store sent out an email of $42.99 for Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength 750ml. Is it worth drinking, and is that a descent price?
  7. 6 bottles of water or 6 marshmallows. I wouldn't touch either one.
  8. Sounds like a great deal for people close to Austin Texas
  9. Maybe the SIL found out about the thread and confronted him at Christmas dinner?