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  1. Why not build slots into the armrest what will allow tall dividers to be inserted if requested?
  2. I wanted to like his shows but I think they're all horrible.
  3. At 32", brands pretty much don't even matter.
  4. I'm pretty hyped for this. Comic movies haven't really impressed me in recent years. I like the dark angle more than the cartoony comedies Marvel puts out.
  5. They smell bad and suck at dancing. How about you?
  6. Because the NRA pays our politicians to allow tools of murder to destroy lives of innocent people. How about you?
  7. Good thing we have the second amendment to protect us.
  8. There's was no way I could have stayed up to watch this mornings UFC show, especially on the west coast. But I wish I could have seen Zhang Weili smash Andrade live. Had I known, I would have tuned in for a minute then gone back to bed.
  9. What about the Xiaomi Mi 9T as an option? Install the Google camera app and it sounds like it's better than the Pixel in just about every way.
  10. Especially if it came with a matching shirt for $10.
  11. The episodes are also longer. Too bad for them they have to play 40% more for half our prize (minus exchange rate).
  12. It was very good. The finale was the most intense thing I've ever watched.