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  1. Jeremiah George. Though they just resigned Spence. George has been the topic of discussion on local sports talk.
  2. Darius Butler is playing strong safety (converted CB). Even though I am in Indy and listen to sports talk religiously, Farley is never mentioned. Just Hooker and TJ Green. They say Green needs more time and shouldn't be given up on yet. Seems like he will be given opportunities when healthy. High expectations for Hooker, but dude is always hurt. Either way, with as horrible as their front 7 are, those Safeties seem to be in line for lots of stats...whomever plays.
  3. Whoa! So Smallwood is their kick returner now? Surely that will change if he starts getting more meaningful "starter" touches. I have him in a deep 32 team dynasty that awards kick return points. Obviously, in a 32 team league that could be huuuuge...especially if he gets say 15 touches per game should something happen to Blount or Sproles.
  4. What happened to Marquel Lee? I heard all preseason that Lee may be the 3 down guy and was looking good...and that was from beat writers!
  5. I dropped Jenkins last year...being a kneeler and all. I want guys on my team that I can root for.
  6. Bostic has the green sticker on his helmet indicating he is calling the D. Morrison is the 2 down thumper. As of right now, those are your two ILBs. I don't know why they don't have Edwin Jackson started. Whenever I see him he is flying all over the field making tackles. Spence has been hurt like all camp. I haven't seen him at all. Either way, this may be a group to avoid. Could be an ugly platoon committee like the Patriots RBs. But the best of the bunch is Edwin in my eyes. For what it is worth, John Simon has found a home. They really like him here in Indy and he's been making plays from the outside. He will be one of the starting OLBs...probably Sheard as the other.
  7. Minny is such a WR wasteland. Even Diggs is starting to disappear. C. Patterson C. Johnson M. Wallace The only person catching passes is Rudolph. Gross.
  8. I think he's a fluke. Evans and Jackson continue to be target hogs. Then Sims gets some looks as well as the 3rd WR. I think once ASJ gets back Brate will be forgotten. But I could be wrong. He's available in all of my leagues but I didn't bother putting in a claim for him.
  9. Were the warning signs not there for this guy? Only 1 decent year in college. So he's a size/speed freak. He's empty between the ears. The league has eaten up tons of WRs like him. If he's lucky he'll cling around for a while like a DHB. Yay.
  10. I'm telling ya...Hurns and Robinson are McCardell and Smith V2.0.
  11. Here's what the snaps/targets looked like in week 5 when Smith had to sit out.. Name - Snap % - Targets Aiken - 91% - 9 Brown - 74% - 4 Givens - 38% - 2 Waller - 26% - 0 Ross - 11% - 2 So the truth is in fact the complete opposite of what you stated. I'm curious, were you just guessing and hoping you were correct? He's not producing love in the box scores. He's had 2 weeks where he scored 0 points and 1 week where he scored 20. Over the 8 games, he's averaged 9 points. In week 5 he scored 11 points. Targets just mean opportunity...he's apparently not doing much with those opportunities. My opinion is that he's simply going to remain a WR 3 or WR 4 even with Smith out. I think the TE's will get more targets as well as the RBs. I don't believe Aiken is on par even with an aged Steve Smith. Curious to see how defenses will deal with Aiken now that they don't need to worry about Smith. I guess Smith was just unstoppable.
  12. Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Sniff, errr...I mean Smith...revisited. Both of those guys were startable back when the Jags were good.
  13. I'm not buying on this guy. This offense is poo. If anything I expect more passes to the TE's, RB's, or revolving door of various other JAG WR's they have. Even when Smith was out earlier he wasn't getting much love. He's a distant 3rd on the team in receptions with a whopping 25 in 8 games. Behind Justin Forsett with 27 and 7 ahead of the FB...THE FB! Depending on who else might be available in your FA pool, I may take a chance on another guy in a more productive offense.
  14. I'm benching him in favor of Doug Martin.
  15. Yeah. But is he worth starting? He hasn't done much of anything all year. He's fallen off a cliff. Sure, he may be the "starter", but how effective will he be? This guy is a shadow of what he used to be.