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  1. Breida and Goodwin gone. Nice to clear those cap hits off the books. Getting anything for Goodwin is a bonus. He was going to get cut regardless. The Staley timing seems weird though. Can't imagine they went into the draft not knowing this. With them passing on OT they must have felt confident that the Williams deal would work out. Glad it worked out. Could have left a big hole.
  2. May not seem like it at the moment, but I think this draft will prove to be a good one. They got two players with enormous upside in their respective schemes. And both guys fit the current vibe of this team. Putting Kinlaw in the mix with guys like Ford, AA, Bosa, Jones and Blair sets him up to excel and grow early. He could turn out to be a monster. I'm an ASU homer and I think Aiyuk is a better prospect than Harry. He is a great fit with what KS likes to do. Excited to see him, Deebo, Kittle, and guys like Hurd and Taylor back in the mix. Thinking some trades may still be in the works. They need to add some CB depth IMO. Would also like to see them upgrade the TE 2 spot. Adding another TE threat to what they do could help KS open things up even more. With the roster they have including all of the guys coming back from injury they didn't have a lot of room for rookies anyways. I think they did a good job of adding the right guys to what limited space they had to make an immediate impact.
  3. They have no choice but to find a WR early. They currently have Deebo and Bourne who is better suited as a #3/4 WR as the only "sure" things heading into the year. The rest are coming off injury or most likely won't be on the 53 (Pettis/Goodwin). Sanders would have made a lot of sense to pair with a rookie and Deebo. I wouldn't be upset if they traded up a few spots to a get a guy like Jeudy or Lamb. Odds are good they might have to. They are within striking distance of some pretty good WR prospects and it's the #1 glaring hole on the roster. They should try and make it work. The idea they should trade down to accumulate picks is silly at this point. They only have a few openings on the 53 as it is. They aren't rebuilding anymore. They need quality over quantity. I just hope they don't go OT and deal with Staley's replacement if need be next year. They already have several swing tackle options. Don't see them drafting a tackle to play guard for the year either. They need to get that starting WR to pair opposite Deebo. Hoping to find that guy in later rounds would be foolish IMO. Of course they have a tendency to go against what most fans want/hope for. Not going to be surprised when they draft someone none of us were considering.
  4. It really is. Harbaugh even acknowledged as much. Ravens were in the payoffs last year. He's a cheerleader who doesn't coach either side of the ball. Embarrassing. Jimmy losing to Tannehill for comeback player is also just as pathetic. Media hasn't liked/understood this team much of the year so it's not really surprising unfortunately. The slobbering over KC/Mahomes this week has been incredible. Keep hearing about their last 8 games to this point. They played one winning team the last 6 games of the regular season. Mahomes had less than 200 yards a TD and an INT in each LAC game. NE held him to a TD and an INT as well. They faced the 21st and 26th ranked pass defense in the playoffs. They have played a bunch of trash down the stretch. Niners are much more battle tested and built to slow KC's offense down. Very winnable for them. Need to get off to a fast start.
  5. Hill likes to beat pregnant women as well as kids. He's an equal opportunity abuser. They also have that gem Frank Clark who likes join in on the fun against women. Two POS humans that KC rewarded with big money deals. Tells you a lot about Andy and that organization. Would be great to make them wait another 50+ years. If so, I just hope they don't take out their frustration on the women and children in their lives. Might need to throw the two of them in a cage for a few days to calm down just to be safe.
  6. Should have titled this Chiefs fan slobber fest on why it's impossible for the Niners to stop the Chiefs passing game. Synopsis: there is nothing the Niners defense can do to stop the great Mahomes. Analysis based mostly on 40 times. DB's don't run fast enough and the LB's can't cover Kelce because they haven't played someone like him before. Maybe take a look at Mahomes performance against an elite defense like NE or how he did against the Chargers both times. If there is a defense built to play Mahomes it's one like the Niners. The recency bias from these last two games RE KC is embarrassing. Dig deeper next time, Devin.
  7. Exactly to his point though. Mahomes took Henry out of the game not the Chiefs defense. They would not have stopped running it after only 4 attempts in the 2nd half had they not gone down 28-17 then 35-17. They were down by 4 points until KC's offense took over midway through the 3rd and never looked back. As stated, going to be on the SF defense to keep that from happening. Either way, maybe they have improved over the last 2 games. Same could be said of the Niners running game. They averaged 144 yards per game in the regular season. That's now 235 during the post-season. Small sample sizes though for both teams. Titans running game is of course much different than what the Niners present. Both teams they just played figured out early on they were going to keep running it. They weren't able to stop it even though they knew it was coming every play. Agree that Mostert probably isn't going to come within 29 yards of breaking the record for the most rushing yards in a playoff game. That's a pretty high bar. I'm sure KC is going to go all out on "forcing them to throw it." Not sure it's going to be as effective as some may think though. But that's why they play the game
  8. Unfortunately no chance. Jones and Blair put our d-line in full on cheat mode. Sucks having lost both of those guys for the year.
  9. A lot of the value in the "eye-candy" comes from them having Kittle, Juice and Deebo being able to also run/catch a pass out of those same formations. That's thing that makes it very unique which requires a "very particular set of skills." You key on the run and the FB fakes a block and takes off down the field. When they are on in the running game it's almost unfair because they have essentially 7 linemen with Kittle/Juice and WR's who excel at blocking. Distractions or not they can just lineup and block. As you said that tends to last. Add in the uncertainty of if they are running in the first place and it can be a very difficult offense to "figure out."
  10. I'm not underestimating them. But their defense isn't "good enough" across the board to make sense of this "what if SF goes down" narrative. Since losing to the Titans in the regular season they played one team with a winning record to close out their final 6 games. The Niners played 4 playoff teams going 3-1 during that stretch. KC has given up an average of 28 PPG in their last 2 playoff games. I think this game is going to be a very close, knock-down, drag-out fight. I have a ton of respect for KC and their fan-base. Always liked KC. Would have rooted for them had we lost. Not going to be the worst thing if you have lose to guys like Mahomes/Reid. I just think some of these "concerns" about SF aren't rooted in reality. Especially as it pertains to the idea that SF can't move the ball via the air if needed. The week 9 game against AZ was the first game that started a downward trend on defense from injures and they needed Jimmy G/the offense to do more of the "heavy lifting". He's averaged 276 passing yards and 2 TD's a game since then. No one is confusing him with a Mahomes level QB, but he has proven all year to get it done when needed. The first game they were really "down" (20-7) Jimmy responded with a 350 4 TD performance to win.
  11. Good thing Sherman isn't the only player on their defense. He's also never been a speed guy. Niners defense is probably the fastest overall unit in the league. Something they excel at. And for all of this speed talk about KC on offense the Niners RB's can run with just about anybody. Deebo can move and Kittle is a freak. Going to be a fast, higher scoring game no doubt, but I think this talk about whether SF can keep up with KC is misguided.
  12. This is such a lazy narrative. Go watch the NO and get back to us... What about KC's middling defense makes anyone think they are going to keep SF from scoring? SF was the second highest scoring offense this year behind Baltimore. The last time Mahomes faced an elite defense (NE) he went for 283 a TD and a pick. Not exactly an unstoppable force. When he has lost this year it's been to teams that were able to run the ball (Colts and Texans each ran over 40 times).
  13. He is. But he has also been playing against pretty poor defenses in the playoffs. Houston is 26th overall with the 26th ranked pass defense, Tennessee is 16th and 21st respectively. Last very good defense they played was the Patriots (week 14) where Mahomes went for 283 1 TD and 1 pick. Not unstoppable by any means. He is going to get his, but our defense (now healthy) will be the best he will have faced all year. KC thrives on big plays that take longer to setup. That will be an advantage for the Niners. They do well against limiting big plays and our pass rush won't allow Mahomes all day to run around waiting. He's super athletic, but he's not Wilson slippery (no one really is). Our LB"s cover well and will need to play lights out against Kelce. Safeties will both need to be at their best. Don't think Jimmy will need to replicate his performance in NO to win, but he will probably need to toss a couple of TD's. For as much as we talk about how good Mahomes/KC offense is, our defense and running game will be the best, fastest they have faced all year. You hear about the speed of KC. Niners have crazy speed everywhere as well. This is a good match-up. Going to be close, but I like our chances.
  14. Well duh, that's how the offense is setup to operate. Niners match-up well against KC. Elite pass defense and running game. The Chiefs have a middling defense that's bottom of the barrel in run defense. Going to see another huge day from Mostert. Mahomes won't have all day to run around waiting for plays to develop. He's going to get his though and Jimmy will probably need to air it out more than the last 2 games, but if they can keep the run game rolling and put Mahomes on his ### several times they will have that 6th ring. Far more talented team overall and they have been heavily battle tested this season in big, close games.
  15. This... He put up 350 and 4TD's in NO and threw for almost 300 in Seattle to close the year out. There isn't a team in the NFL that wouldn't run it like they have been with similar success regardless of QB/opponent. It's the most effective way to win a game. They had 285 rushing yards... Was no need to do anything else.