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  1. Have you ever tracked the average roster size for the teams that finish in the prize range of top 150? It definitely makes sense that the larger rosters would survive the most. It would surprise me a little if the top 150 teams have large rosters though. I struggled with it this year. I normally have a 24-26 man team, and I usually make it fairly far, but only once have I finished well enough to get a prize. It was just a tiny check and a year subscription, but man...I was ecstatic; even happier than when I've won a lot more in standard leagues. So, I kept fiddling with my rosters and trying to decide if I wanted to go large and stay in the contest long...or just take a risk and go small with higher cost players. My 18 man roster felt like I could win it all or be out at week 7. My 24 man rosters looked so weak I felt like I'd have no chance to make it to 250. Anyway, I would be very curious to know what the roster size percentage is for teams that finish in the top 150.
  2. Yeah, there is no doubt that Miami will want to run more plays this year. They came out in a no-huddle, and the TV crew couldn't even keep up with it because they wanted to run their little graphics on the telecast. We were missing plays. Seems silly since it is just pre-season, but I'm sure the coaches wanted to make sure Cutler could get right back to it. The TV crew talked about how much Cutler likes to run the no-huddle offense, and that Gase trusts him with it. We are going to be seeing that a lot this year.
  3. To me, he is so much better than Landry. I think Landry is more of a product of a QB that doesn't throw it downfield enough. So disappointing that Allen went down so early last year. He was having his with with Peters before he went down in that game.
  4. I think Cutler is going to be huge for Parker's chances to break out this year. Just going off memory...he is known to lock onto his favorite targets(thinking of Marshall, Jeffery). If anyone knows Cutler better, please correct me. Also, I think he is not into the dink and dunk like Tannehill. Not as likely to just dump it off to Landry. I will have to go back and watch the game again, but I seem to recall one throw he made that he had no business trying to make. He was under pressure and he just sort of threw it up into double coverage. I think that was to Parker, and an indicator of where he is going to look when he is in trouble. Now if only Parker can just stay healthy...
  5. I think the problem with Kaep in Miami is the comments he made about Castro. Not sure a lot of the Cubans living in Miami will welcome him with open arms.
  6. Wow, this guy went all in on the old guys. Through 10 rounds he has guys that would go in the top 7 of re-drafts. His top 4 picks are mostly going in the first 2 rounds (Rodgers, Mccoy, Murray, Nelson). He definitely has no interest in being in the league long. QB: A. Rodgers (1.5) RB: McCoy (7), Murray (1.3), Ware(5.1), Martin (6.12), Gore (7.4) WR: Nelson (2.1), Edelman(5.10), Fitz (6.2) TE: Olsen (4.5)
  7. It's basically just a ceremonial offer anyway...a way for Alabama to claim they wanted him first if he turns out as good as they hope. He can't sign for another 4 years, and Alabama can pull it back any time before that. Edit: D'oh. This isn't even his first offer! Still, they're all just trying to get him going early to try to show they knew early. The usual recruiting BS.
  8. Man the injuries are killing me. Every f'ing year! I know its not determined yet, but I will be surprised if he can get through this and have a productive season.
  9. Ok, so he wasn't "very" young. Still, I think 24 is pretty young to write someone off that has shown as much talent and potential as Parker has. Time will tell. For me, he is still worth a hold in Dynasty. The potential ROI is likely far better than anything you can get for him now. As someone else said above...he didn't suck. He has just under-performed compared to our expectations. If he was a 3rd round draft pick people would probably be looking at him as someone ascending.
  10. Very surprised to see the QBs go so late for Superflex. I thought maybe your scoring downplayed QB, but it looks like it actually give more with completions and 5 pts for TDs. Do the QBs typically go this late in these leagues or did these guys just really hate the QBs this year.
  11. I'll take any glimmer of hope I can get. It certainly is possible that a light has finally gone on that he actually has to work hard year around to be successful. This from the article: Seems so simple, but he was very young when he came out, and he is just 24 years old now.
  12. Yeah, maybe the Pathers think there is zero chance that he is still there. Otherwise, Rivera making that comment about how no spot is too high to draft a RB just seems weird to me. He really has nothing to gain from making that statement unless it is just a smokescreen. Why tell the rest of the league how much you like the guy? Maybe they are trying to trade up, and they want the rest of the league to think it is for LF when it is really someone else.
  13. Kind of seems like the Panthers are going out of their way to show interest in LF. Are they that stupid? Makes me suspect they actually aren't interested at all.
  14. I went through to look at the RB grades they gave to the combine participants ( I broke them into tiers using their own label for separating them by grade. Here is how they grade the RBs: Tier 1 Fournette 6.95 D. Cook 6.54 Tier 2 Kamara 6.02 Tier 3 Mccaffrey 5.99 D Foreman 5.76 S. Perine 5.64 J. McNichols 5.61 M. Mack 5.54 K. Hunt 5.5 Here is a combination of their WR and RB grades: Tier 1: Fournette 6.95 D. Cook 6.54 Tier 2: M. Williams 6.32 C. Davis 6.23 J Ross 6.19 Kamara 6.02 Tier 3: Mccaffrey 5.99 Juju 5.86 Ard Stewart 5.84 Westbrook 5.8 Kupp 5.77 C. Samuel 5.77 Godwin 5.76 D Foreman 5.76 C. Hansen 5.75 Z Jones 5.71 I. Ford 5.69 J. Reynolds 5.69 Taywan Taylor 5.66 S. Perine 5.64 J. McNichols 5.61 M. Mack 5.54 Henderson 5.52 K. Hunt 5.5
  15. I always think it's interesting to go to and look at the combine profiles to see how the prospects are graded by the site. This is the prospect overall grade, not an assessment of how they did in the combine. I thought there used to be a way to view them by their score, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it this year. I clicked around to try to find the top 15. I think this is how they are graded out, but not sure if I missed someone: Tier 1: M. Williams 6.32 C. Davis 6.23 J Ross 6.19 Tier 2: Juju 5.86 Ard Stewart 5.84 Westbrook 5.8 Kupp 5.77 C. Samuel 5.77 Godwin 5.76 C. Hansen 5.75 Z Jones 5.71 I. Ford 5.69 J. Reynolds 5.69 Taywan Taylor 5.66 Henderson 5.52 Cosell, Norris and BigTex aren't the only guys that like Stewart. The thing that gives me pause is that he is kind of old for a rookie. 23 I think? I will try to look at the RBs when I have more time.