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  1. I offered him for Chark and it got rejected without a counter. At this point I think it's time to just wait and hope that he turns it around. At some point though we will run out of excuses. Last year it was because of Big Ben's injury. Now he still can't do squat. Dude has had just one game above 90 yards since AB left.
  2. In a start 1 QB league 3rd are not worth much to me so I think that value is fair. In superflex or 2 QB I don't think I would do it. And to be fair...I don't think Brown can stay away from trouble, so I am biased. I think he has a legit mental condition.
  3. Just read this thread as evidence that people are altering their expectations for the TB offense.
  4. Actually just read on a Steelers depot article from a few weeks ago that Brown's attorney in the Taylor lawsuit dismissed himself? Says Brown was ordered to produce text messages, but hasn't and that's when attorney begged off the case. Man this guy just doesn't get it.
  5. I'm not positive, but I don't think he has settled the lawsuit that alleges sexual assault. So, if something comes out of that he could probably get another suspension. This should encourage him to hopefully settle it and move on before it comes back to bite him.
  6. I think the point he is making is that he didn't have a lasting impact because something came up. That's been the problem with AB is that something always comes up.
  7. That's an interesting thought. I have to rebuild one of my teams and trying to think about making a pitch for Chark. Not doing squat with Minshew's bb gun, but they should be in good position to get a QB early. Lots of people saying the QB class should be good. If only the Jets could improve and the Jags could get Lawrence. That would be quite a difference. Regarding juju I think I have lost all faith. I would prefer Chark. Maybe I can flip Juju for him.
  8. If Kelley was free in any of my leagues I would jump on that quickly. Jackson is playing better, but he also has a hard time staying healthy.
  9. I like Ekeler more than most, but I would still take Thomas side. Ekeler did look pretty good though, so it could pay off.
  10. I agree that Williams and Herbert have more big play potential, but they had a lot of close misses before new Orleans. Williams might have some duds. Allen is Herbert's safety valve. He looked a little lost without him. I think Allen is more reliable...especially PPR I'd pick Allen.
  11. He always had the talent. Just couldn't stay healthy. Good to see him playing again.
  12. The healthy part is pretty important, though. Johnson seems to have a hard time with that part. And I am not saying it's not possible. It certainly is. It's definitely possible he could be the #1. I was commenting on the fact that you said there is a lot of reason to think it. To be honest I don't think that they will really have a true #1 this year. I think it's more likely that they could have a different #1 week to week based on how the defense plays them.
  13. Really? Not sure how you can say this. I get having patience. I still have faith he can produce, but this is just wishful thinking.
  14. Owner in my league just sold David Johnson to a very good team for a 21 2nd. Looks like he is tanking already as he was his RB2.
  15. This is what Florio has been reporting all along. He is usually pretty dialed into the contract stuff. Edit to add: it also makes the most sense, I think. Bell doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that will play for free. I would be more likely to think he would just take the time off.