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  1. A lot of posters seem to be overlooking an obvious reason for A.J. to return at less than 100%. He's 36 yards shy of his 6th thousand yard season. If he just wants to return for those 36 yards, then he's not a safe start in your fantasy playoffs. I want some independent verification that he's practicing fully or something close to fully before I put him in and get 4 points from him.
  2. Could be. In any case, I wish him well. Unfortunately I'll have to move on without him. Maybe he can be of some use to me as waiver bait. A couple of the other playoff bound teams in my redraft league have some significant FAAB left. Late in the season, I know, but there are a few high profile handcuffs still on the wire; maybe if I can get one of the other guys to blow his wad on A.J. I can swoop in and grab up one of the aforementioned handcuffs if there is an injury. Bwahahahaha
  3. A.J. has 964 receiving yards this season. Could be that he just wants to get back out there at some point so he can pick up the 36 yards he needs to get his 6th 1000 yard season - He's never had a sub 1000 yard season and I think that's a source of pride for him (Analysts talk about it enough) - If that's all he's got on his mind, then he's unlikely to be of any further use in fantasy this season.
  4. I'm not at all confident that he will be fantasy startable by week 16. Part of me wishes they would just IR him so I can fill his spot with a player I might actually be able to use. .
  5. I would expect production similar to what we were getting from CJ...with maybe a few more big plays. CJ was not comparable to either Zeke or Shady.
  6. I thought I noticed the Packers rolling coverage toward Meredith last night. They probably saw the same things we all saw with respect to the Hoyer/Meredith connection and were determined not to let it happen a third time. This is a lesson I seem never to learn. Meredith was never going to have the night most of us expected.
  7. Never fails. Some guy I've never heard of has a couple of great games; all signs point to another great game; I pick him up and start him in prime time; he promptly turns back into a pumpkin. Rinse, lather, repeat.
  8. Me too...for Cameron Meredith. Worked out well.
  9. Would have to be very much on the mild side for him to have a shot at playing this Sunday. If it's on the moderate side he may be out a month. Freakin' Sucks.
  10. What's going on is that he has sucked. Arians can only give the guy so many chances before he gives his job to another talented receiver...which is exactly what appears to be happening. The TDs are nice, and he may still have some value in non-PPR redraft leagues, but he's just not producing in PPR.
  11. Don't shake your head too hard...might get a concussion.
  12. Link below reports that he is eligible to return for the week 12 game against Jax.