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  1. Hopefully the games today are as good as yesterday's....don't mind if the Dubs game is a blowout though.
  2. What's the overall record playoff record in game 3 for a higher seeded team entering game 3 no worse than 1-1? My guess is the higher seeds still have a losing record.
  3. It is. If you don't believe in reason and logic, then maybe you'll believe a former NBA coach, because JVG discusses it in the latest Lowe podcast. But hey if you want to believe Kerr is purposely tanking game 3s, more power to you. I'm just trying save you the embarrassment from revealing your theory to people you actually know in real life.
  4. Man I've gotten a lot more things wrong than right, but I was saying right after Rose's first knee injury that the Bulls should trade him while he had value/promise. I knew there was no way in hell a volume scoring, low efficiency PG with no jump shot who relied on his athleticism could survive a knee injury. It's too bad they wasted some prime Noah years.