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  1. I don't think you're understanding what you're saying and your lack of empathy towards those poor Europeans is startling. Perhaps you haven't thought the situation through to its entirety and are showing too much bias towards the side of these refugees. It's sad that so many people like you are so willing to throw our European friends to the wolves.
  2. I've been having similar conundrums. Everything I evolve something, I find a higher level shortly after.
  3. #1 Aaron Rudnicki fan He's my hockey sharp!
  4. That's good Sinn Fein! I get along with some of the sharpest people on these boards and people don't think very highly of Tim! You're in good company!
  5. I really need to get a job. I'm almost out of all the money GPJ and GooRoo helped me make the first half of baseball. Football soon. Basketball shortly after. I think there's a real angle on MLB and strikeout props but I'm still learning baseball. Only been betting on it for like 1.5 years. Basketball only became profitable for me this year. Not sure if I'll get get profitable on baseball by myself. Not enough passion and too many variables.
  6. You are proving my original point. Sure, we don't go cold Turkey but we could tap into our natural resources a bit more than we have. However, there is value in leaving our #### in the ground while the rest of the world mines theirs to smitherines. I do like the conversation I helped create here.
  7. Europe is the line in the sand. If ISIS continues to perform acts of terror at the rate they are in Europe, then we go nuts. Because the USA is next.
  8. What you don't understand is that this isn't Europe's problem and suddenly you've got millions flooding their continent. At some point, yes, we're going to have to take care of the problems these people are fleeing from in the first place. I'm American, I could care less if Europe becomes Eurostan. But these constant attacks by ISIS and other radical Islamic groups in European countries make me sick. It's no coincidence that these are happening now with all this immigration.