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  1. I've begun to use the phrase myself.
  2. Now, now you know that's simply not true.
  3. Why do you say it's a propaganda arm? Because its affiliated with Russia or are there any pertinent examples?
  4. Are you invalidating my friend's opinion? Are you black? Is it so unreasonable that he's annoyed that his people had to fight to be recognized and that people from Mexico simply break the law and get recognized the same? You have no empathy for what African Americans have been through in this country?
  5. That's okay, you've been nothing but mean to me. Why do I care what you think?
  6. That's not my argument... and people are questioning my reading comprehension skills.
  7. I try to be civil but if someone is nasty with me, I show them that I'm much better at being nasty than they are.
  8. You never showed your knowledge so the degree was a waste. I asked for economic debate and you chickened out, opting to insult me instead.
  9. Trump will get more black vote than you think. They are against illegal immigration as much as you or I. To quote a friend, "Us blacks people don't like Mexicans because they just show up and get recognized as people. We were slaves, we originally counted as 2/3 a person, we had to fight for years to be recognized. Now they just gonna show up and demand the right to be counted?"
  10. At least I have the integrity not to insult the lives of internet strangers that I've never met and truly know nothing about. Simply because I disagree with their political opinion.
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vPRfP_TEQ-g
  12. Trump starts to gain some momentum and you guys in this thread start freaking out!!! It was all fun and games when he was losing. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN
  13. Trump wants to make America great for everyone... not just white people, this isn't some special club for certain people.