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  1. Can't I use that same argument with Spencer Ware? It's really not that big a deal guys, the weakest starting Runningback in the NFL got hurt and his backup is available on most waiver wires. Said starting Runningback is injury prone and didn't impress with a 3.4 yard per carry last season. If you believe in "next man up" you take the guy. If not, don't. I think you guys forget how long the season really is, people were starting Tim Hightower in championship games last year.
  2. I watch the games? Powell has been in the league for 6 years? Please find me one highlight of Powell running from under center last year.
  3. Not at all, if the Skins are half as good as people think in the passing game they will be in the redzone frequently. Plenty of rushing touchdowns to be had, especially with defenses defending the pass.
  4. Forte ineffective? He was on pace to be the RB3 last year before he got hurt. He was the RB3 the two seasons before that. Serious age bias here, Bilal Powell has proven to be ineffective running from under center. Zero chance he becomes the guy, those 200+ were mainly from under center not shotgun and those will go to someone not named Bilal Powell if Forte were to go down. Powell is a decent option running out of the spread, that's all. He does not have 3-down upside.
  5. Everybody's team is different man. I'm not telling you to drop anyone for him if you're stacked at RB. But you could do worse than taking a guy who's #1 on the depth chart of a team who passes a ton from a college team that runs a spread offense. Am I starting him anywhere week 1? Hell no. Would I like him as an option weeks 2-3 if Jones misses extended time? Yes. There's nothing that leads me to believe he couldn't put up 3.4 yards per carry like Jones did last year.
  6. If you don't want a guy who can get 20 carries in a game week 1 for free if Matt Jones is hurt fine. He got 13 touches in one half of action in preseason. Avoid at your own peril. But I know that touches = value.
  7. We all know the NFL is a "next man up" league, especially at the Runningback position. You need no further proof of this than Tim Hightower last year who in the absence of Mark Ingram lead owners to fantasy championships. If you've done your homework, you obviously know that Matt Jones the projected starting Runningback for the Washington Redskins went down with a shoulder injury. In his absence, Rob Kelley is taking his place and being given a chance to shine. If Kelley is available in any format, you need to roster him right now: Fantasy is a game of volume. The least talented player in the NFL can produce for your team if he gets touches. If Matt Jones misses Week 1, Rob Kelley is in store for plenty of touches. He is currently the #1 on the depth chart with Matt Jones out. How many touches are available? Alfred Morris ran the ball 202 times last year and those carries inherently need to go to somebody else. Even assuming Matt Jones is healthy and we bump him up to 200 rushes this year, there are still 146 touches up for grab that could easily go to Kelley. Kelley is an excellent fit in the Redskins offense primarily because he excelled in a spread offense in Tulane. The Redskins are stacked at WR and when they run 2WR with Jordan Reed at TE it is essential a 3WR spread set. In college, Kelley was used similar to Matt Forte (obviously, Tulane connection) and Bilal Powell on New York. He was extremely effective running out of shotgun, running draws, and catching the ball out of the backfield. Furthermore, in the preseason Kelley has proven to be an excellent pass blocker even earning the praise of starting Quarterback Kirk Cousins both on his pass blocking and rushing ability: “I thought he did a really good job running the football and also in pass protection, which is a very difficult part of playing the running back position. Just continue to compliment him, I think when you’re a rookie and undrafted and you’re in that position, what you need is belief. You need people around you who believe in you and have confidence in you because he does have the talent and he can run the football well. You just have to continue encouraging him and I think he showed a lot of confidence when he got going and he’s a talented football player.” It's no secret that the Redskins will be a pass-heavy team this season and if a Runningback wants to see significant carries he needs to be able to pass block. The fact that Kelley played out of the spread in Tulane is justification that he be an asset in 3rd down, hurry up, and garbage time situations. As far as running the ball from under center goes, there isn't much tape of Kelley doing it in college however in the most recent preseason game against the Bills Kelley excelled at it. He started with the first string offense, frequently found the hole, hit it with great acceleration, split defenders, and fought for extra yards Don't believe me? See for yourself. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t7qmCnxDmxo Don't get me wrong, this isn't some type of athletic freak, his combine numbers are very weak but he is an excellent fit in this Redskins system. But what about Matt Jones? He just hurt his shoulder (AC joint), he didn't tear his ACL. Personally, I'm not extremely impressed with Matt Jones, why? The first red flag is his paltry 3.4 yards per carry. As a young Runningback, you want to be somewhere around 4 yards per carry to have job security. You can't blame the offensive line because on 60 more carries, Alfred Morris averaged 3.7 yards per carry. Even more troubling is that Matt Jones only eclipsed 4 yards per carry in 3 of 14 games last year. The next red flag are fumbles. On 163 touches, he fumbled the ball 4 times. Every 40 times he touched the ball, he coughed it up. Fumbles are the kiss of death for a running back. The last red flag are injury concerns. He hurt his hip which caused him to miss weeks 16, 17, and the playoff game against the Packers. He had surgery on his groin in the offseason. Now he's sitting on the bench with a shoulder injury while Rob Kelley is shining with the starting offense. It was just preseason but when running with #1s against Buffalo, Kelley rushed 12 times for 51 yards (4.3ypc) in just one half of play. You're officially put on notice, this guy is your first waiver acquisition of the season! The best part is? He can be had for free! Thanks for reading, if you like content like this I will be writing much more like this and it will be available on my website. Rob Kelley Tulane highlights: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XrndMLIop3s
  8. Dude, his poll numbers are getting better day by day. He has a big debate coming up and Hillary is nowhere to be seen. Getting nervous?
  9. Josh Gordon.
  10. Gotta benefit that Carolina / Broncos Week 1 under, no? Lots of rushing from both teams.
  11. Trump University and thos 3,000 people have NOTHING to do with this.
  12. Hope you're getting ready to kiss the cook!
  13. Dolphins on the road against Seattle are another good candidate for this. Great defense, loud crowd, and a Seattle team that loves to run the ball.
  14. People really care about this? Kaepernick is just trying to get attention. Backup QB makes fool out of himself, Jim Sorgi would never pull anything like this!