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  1. Because that's not how you negotiate, you negotiate from a position of strength. What does he have to benefit? Probably nothing. What does he have to lose? Probably a lot. This is the kind of hardnosed negotiating he'll bring in negotiations to the rest of the world. Do you want a rich America or not?
  2. I have not but I am well aware of the Republican majorities in both the House and Senate. The largest Republican majority since 1929-1931! The time is now, build that wall!
  3. I don't know. I'd like to abolish same sex marriage too but my focus is on this wall. That's the deal breaker, otherwise why not trust another Clinton to create an economic boom?
  4. I will be in full support of impeaching Donald J. Trump as many of you will be as well He'll screw something up and he won't have me or others having his back anymore.
  5. You're all going to like this spin. Similar to the FBI not indicting Hilary Clinton, I have faith in the IRS doing their job to make sure there is nothing shady going on with Donald Trump's tax returns. He has proved to us he is being audited, the IRS will let us know if Donald Trump is guilty of any wrongdoing. As far as him wanting Mitt Romney's returns, I don't believe Mitt was being audited so the situations aren't 100% comparable. But if what you're saying is true, I agree with you all the way.
  6. It was mentioned multiple times at the convention and I'm pretty sure is in the Republican platform.
  7. If he says he's not going to build a wall, that would be the quickest way for him to lose my support.
  8. I think she should be in jail the same way many people thought OJ Simpson should be in jail for murder. Try telling those people otherwise. I have the right to an opinion of whether or not justice was served. You can disagree just like I disagree with people who think Donald should release his tax returns.
  9. I really think it's the minority of Hilary supporters that really even care. What, am I going to sway my vote from someone who won't release his taxes, who has verified he is under audit... for someone who mislead and lied to the American people about storing and sending classified information on an unsecured server while serving as Secretary of State? Sure, that's going to be the straw that breaks the camels back and gets me to vote Hilary.
  10. Let's all agree that Hilary shouldn't be in jail but she is wrong about what she did with her e-mails, especially with how she mislead the American public. Donald to some of you is wrong for not releasing his taxes.
  11. It's funny that one of the big reasons people hate Trump are for his personal insults but then some of you come in here and start insulting people yourselves! You guys have more in common with the Donald than you think!
  12. See, I debunked your argument and now you're resulting to ad hominem. #winning
  13. Yes, and based on the transcripts it was found she did do all of this but got off on gross incompetence. That rubs us the wrong way the same way Donald's taxes rub you the wrong way. We can argue you about both until our faces turn blue or we can just deal with reality.
  14. Any argument built on speculation that I can literally copy and paste, reverse to my side and have you be unable to refute is not a good argument.