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  1. Web developers need to get fired because their attempts at innovation and streamlining a mobile experience go awful. I go to PayPal and try to send some money. There is not a single link to "send money" on the mobile PayPal homepage. I have to dig around to find the link and then the payment options aren't the same as the desktop site and I have to go to my actual computer to send money the way I want to. On 5dimes.com, the mobile site is completely unresponsive. I click buttons 3-4 time to get the link to go through. Deposits take forever and there's no indication if the site is frozen or is loading. On Facebook mobile, I can't send videos in the messenger. I have to manually type in the Facebook desktop URL to send videos taken on my cellphone. On Yahoo.com, fantasy football looking for leagues to join. I have 20 options to pick from, on desktop they have pages where I can scroll through hundreds of pages. There's many more examples but these people need to be fired. Don't reinvent the wheel, don't fix what's not broken, all we want is a damn replication of the actual desktop site. No limited features for the sake of convenience which ends up being anything but convenient! Even on this website, why is it a chore for me to delete a quote box?
  2. Using a Virtual Private Network, the illusion was that both accounts were making bets from different IP addresses. I either mixed up which account was supposed to be making bets off the VPN or accidentally made bets off the same IP. Either way, once they figured out both accounts were linked and almost exclusively betting this same type of bet... it was over.
  3. How is Donald doing today?
  4. I had an arrangement with two sharps who shall remain unnamed who are very good at a certain type of bet. It only took about two weeks of winning before my first account got cut to $25 per prop and then I acquired a second Bovada account from a friend. Everything was going well for about a month until I made a stupid mistake which tipped Bovada off that I was controlling both accounts and they axed both of them and withheld all profits from the second account which hadn't been withdrawn.
  5. Current thoughts: 1.) I really miss having a Bovada account. Even $25 limits are better than having an account that you can't even log into. 2.) Besides Bovada, where is the best place for football player props? I don't have a setup for that and those bets were my most profitable besides NBA total last year. I have a Realbettors account but it doesn't do me much good with $100 betting limits and lack of ability to withdraw when I want. Their lines are very soft though. 3.) Does anyone know any books I can make bracket baseball bets at besides Bovada? As in, Cubs win by 1-2, +200 Cubs win by 3-4, +350 These are the only bets I've been able to turn a profit on in baseball and I'd like to make a small run here in the end before I switch over to Football completely. Any other side bet I'm just throwing my money away on but these I've actually seen success with. Mainly because when I hit on these I go up multiple units at once. I can go 50% and still walk away positive. Your friend, Eminence
  6. F5 - Cubs ML +115 It's always nice to grab the Cubs at plus money and because it's through 5-innings we give ourselves a chance to push. When the Cubs faced Urias on June 2nd, they hit 3 home runs off him for 6 runs in 5 innings. Hammel has held the Dodgers to a career .241 batting average in 101 at bats. Wind is blowing out at 7MPH (advantage Chicago sluggers). Best of luck!
  7. I think I speak for all of us when I say, "Danny Duffy".
  8. That throw to Hogan was beautiful.
  9. I guess that makes sense based on your NFL betting habits. Just scratching an itch I see, lol.
  10. Did he manage to get through his rallies / TV appearances without flip flopping on any of his positions and insult anybody that's not Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama?
  11. I haven't been paying attention, is Donald doing well today?
  12. Holy #### Goo, that's insane, lol. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised though. Are these high stakes leagues I assume? Speaking of which, I'm still looking for a few more leagues. Anyone have any interest in putting together a Wagering Thread league? I'm happy to beat up on some guppies but I figure it wouldn't hurt to float the idea out there.
  13. Creates value for me, I'll take him.