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  1. It'll go over just fine with Trump supporters.
  2. Who gets to decide who is a true conservative? Perhaps it should be determined by those who self identify as conservative. Once it was Goldwater fans. Now it's Trump supporters. Maybe conservatives that dislike Trump lack an ideological home.
  3. Robert Bork was acting AG for a few months. Maybe John Mitchell would be in the conversation with Roy Cohn Bill Burr too.
  4. I have 2 problems with Mayor Pete as a candidate. The first is, in this election, what matters is getting your team's voters to show up and the other team's voters to stay home. IMO Mayor Pete gets the Religious Right to come out in force to vote against him and depresses the black vote. Maybe the white Evangelicals are almost all in Red States that are going for/worship Trump anyway. OTOH a depressed vote from blacks is a big deal in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The 2nd reason is purely my opinion. Even if he wins I think he'll get rolled over by "Moscow Mitch" & company. I don't think he'll put up much of a fight. For a while I was hearing ads by him where the theme was "we need to work across the aisle". The GOP isn't going to work with any Democrat. He's a Rhodes Shcolar he should be smart enough to know that.
  5. It's hard for me to imagine a Senate with 67 opposition members to a president.
  6. Between the no indictment policy and the total ineffectiveness of the Constitutional impeachment process we now have a system where the POTUS is above the law. The problem isn't the liklihood of Trump abusing his powers, everyone who comes after will have the same ability.
  7. I don't know what the quality of this poll is but it's results say 85% black voters will vote for any democrat over Trump. poll of black voters Just off of memory from previous elections, the black vote typically is 85-90% for the Democratic party. By the time November rolls around there will probably be 2 or 3 controversies that will make the impeachment and acquital in the Senate seem like ancient history for most voters.
  8. Think tha's the game. Can't see Tannehill coming back.
  9. That was a really good national anthem performance.
  10. I suppose it's possible the studio thinks there's a negative connotation to Fox among the demographic that generates most of their revenue. OTOH I can't say I ever considered what studio made a movie when I decided to go see it. I wouldn't think younger people would either.
  11. Can you explain why Trump's personality would make him so much more popular than Rubio?. I don't agree with Rubio's policy but personality wise he's at best/worst meh. Trump has been a celebrity for ~40 and I disliked his act the entire time.
  12. What's the point of impeaching him again? There's no chance of removing him from office no matter what evidence you compile. We have a system where the POTUS can't be indicted and tried in the courts and an impeachment standard that he can't (in practice) be removed from office. Let's suppose the Supreme Court decides some important case against the POTUS and the administration just refuses to follow the ruling. What's the remedy? Win the next election then prosecute him and send him and his co-conspirators to prison?