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  1. "Concentration camp: fails politically. Even if the comparison is to the ones from the Boer War most people have never heard of the Boer War, Clearly "Detention Centers" is too boring. What's needed is a term that makes it clear these are terrible places, the result of a deliberate policy to make refugees suffer.
  2. “The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies "something not desirable". George Orwell IMO the word Socialism when used by far right demagogues (Limbaugh, Hannity, Erickson) is an equally worthless term. Would you admit that the vast majority of people that get fired up when Trump or any of his minions scream about socialism aren't using your definition?
  3. Far right wing conspiracy theorists in the US never have to apologize for their words or actions. What price have any of the birthers faced?
  4. IMO the vast makority of the electorate ignores facts completely and base their vote on the rhetoric and perceived values of the candidates. Showing the voters facts that prove they are being conned by the candidates they support actually strengthens their support for the candidate.
  5. I wouldn't use the word torture. OTOH people that were members of the administration and advisors (sessions and Kelly) claimed the family separation policy was meant as a deterent. The results of the Trump/GOP/consrvative supported policies were easily predictable. Why is it unfair to think the results were what they intended?.
  6. I seem to remember something about "liberty and justice for all" as an American value. Sometimes we've fallen short of that standard. A lot of conservatives don't seem to think that peope who point that out are good Americans.
  7. What do you mean by "strong border measures"? Do you mean deliberately slowing down the lines at the border so that people who try to apply for asylum must sit in a line that means they'll starve to death before they get to apply legally? That's what the Trump adminstration/GOP Congress/GOP base supports. At some point people should be judged on what they do not what they say. Your GOP friends are mostly all voting for Trump, some of them will deny it .
  8. But they all voted for Trump, they all voted for the GOP Congressman/Senators that support Trump 100%, they'll all vote for them in 2020.
  9. IMO Trump's hostility to immigrants, at least non-white immigrants, was one of the biggest selling points to his base in 2016. Certainly his tax cuts for corporations and top 1/10th of the 1% didn't drive the passion of his followers. It might have been the #2 issue that helped him win, behind the general dislike of Hillary Clinton. Why do you think that hostility to Central American immigrants isn't an issue that will get Trumps tribe to the polls in 2020?
  10. It's my opinion that the GOP has been using the inflammatory rhetoric tactic for at least as long as Rush Limbaugh has been on the air. It's helped them win elections. Now that AOC uses the same tactic it's really horrible thing to do. Can't say I've heard much complaint about talk radio from conservatives in this country over the last few yeaars even though every hour or so they say something as bad or worse. I'd also note that taking the "moral high ground" is another strategy often used to score points. It doesn't seem to be as effective in helping win elections.
  11. There doesn't seem to be any sign that telling "the other side" to knock it off is going to have any useful effect. Taking the high road leads the other side to think you're too weak or cowardly to stand up to being bullied. It fires up the base of the side using the inflammatory rhetoric and demoralizes your own base. It's my opinion that at this point in time in the US the key to winning elections is firing up the base of your own party, not appealing to the middle. In competition people will continue to use tactics that they believe help them win, their opponents will adopt those tactics too. It would be a better world if telling people to behave better worked, but that clearly isn't this world.
  12. Would you agree that any federal minimum security prison is a prison even if it's not the same as a Super Max or the Turkish prison depicted in the movie Midnight Express? The term concentration camp originated from the British Empire's camps during the Boer War. (apparently the Spain had something similar in Cuba before that) They were pretty bad but they also weren't Auchwitz. If there can be distinctions between prisons why can't there be distictions between concentration camps? I don't agree with the idea that "internment camp" is really a distinct category from concentration camp". It's just a code word to make it more acceptable. It also reminds me of the Reagan era argument that far right wing "authoritarian regimes" (for example the Pinochet regime in Chile) were really different and much better that left wing "totalitarian regimes" (Castro in Cuba)