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  1. Does greenlighting Turkey's plan for a genocidal campaign against the Kurds qualify as "high crimes and misdemeanors"?
  2. How is it legal for him to hold this conference at his own property? I thought using the power of public office for private profit has been a crime since the days of Tammany Hall and George Washington Plunkitt.
  3. Would anybody be shocked if Trump/Barr used their law enforcement people to prevent the Sergeant at Arms from getting to the people refusing to comply? I don't believe it would hurt Trump with his base if he did that.
  4. I understand he could be arrested but what law enforcement agency would actually do it? If Trump/Barr order all federal law enforcement agencies to not arrest anyone for failure to comply with subpeona related to the impeachment investigation what can anybody do about it?
  5. How can any Trump official who refuses to comply with a subpeona be arrested? I'd imagine that the Justice Department would refuse to comply with any request/order from the House.
  6. Doing nothing to punish illegal activity by a POTUS and members of his administration only encourages future administrations to engage in the same practices. For the future of the country it's much better to hit every criminal in the Trump crime family/administration with prosecution and the maximum penalties under the law as an example to future administrations. The GOP is just never going to cooperate with any Democratic administration. It's foolish to pretend otherwise.
  7. Come on, everyone knows "Do or do not. There is no try." 😀
  8. Romney would get curb stomped by Trump if he tried to run against him. Judging by the ~90% approval rates Trump gets in polls from self described Republicans and conservatives he as completely as possible represents the values of his base. OTOH of all the GOP Senators is the most insulated against retribution from Trump. I suppose criticism from Trump could hurt his fund raising but Romney can self fund and it appears that the Mormons in Utahless toleration for the moral catastrophe of Trump than red state, fundamentalist, YEC, Christians that make up such a large portion of the GOP. If Romney choses to run for re-election I can't imagine him losing no matter how many mean tweets Trump sends his way. Still, when the time comes to act I'd bet that he rolls over and does Trump's bidding. Same goes with every other GOP pol that expresses "serious concern". It's only fodder for the TV cameras so that they get undeserved credit for being something other than partisan hacks.
  9. What are you prepared to do? The Trump base is never going to back off their cultish devotion to the Orange Leader. The GOP Senators will not stand up for the principles this country is supposed to stand for even in the face of overwhelming evidence. So how do you punish them for failure to do their duty?