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  1. He's coming off great with virtually all Republicans and conservatives. This type of behavior is exactly what they want.
  2. IMO striking down the VRA was purely based on the right wing Justices desire to help the GOP win elections. I don't really care if some guys from Harvard and Yale Law schools can make dlever arguments that pretend it was for some other reason. results are what matter. The fact that the states immediately passed laws to suppress minority votes was completely predictable. That seems very well related to life in 2013 and after.
  3. The SC is now a completely partisan institution. Why would you expect anybody on the other team to vote for any nominee?
  4. Let's suppose Obama knew that Roberts was going to preside over and be the decisive vote in the Shelby County vs Holder case. Anybody who was paying attention knew that Roberts wanted to overturn the Voting Rights Act. Was there any doubt this would result in voter suppression laws, aimed at black people, that would favor the GOP? That seems to be more than enough reason for a black Democrat to vote against Roberts or anybody who agreed with him on the issue.
  5. Since the Nixon Administration 19 Supreme Court Justices were confirmed, 15 were appointed by GOP Presidents but somehow the Court leans left.
  6. It appears that is not true. There was no legal means to force the Senate to do anything. The GOP paid no price for their political power play.
  7. You'd have to be an absolute crackpot to answer yes to even your more benign question. I'm also far from convinced there would be much difference in the answers to your questions from Trump supporters/voters
  8. I'm not sure what worries me more, that most conservatives believe this, or that they are likely to regain power even if they lose this year.
  9. Since Texas is a oil/gas producer economy I'd think "clean energy" would be a negative for Texas.
  10. How could this happen? If the Democrats got majorities in the Senate and House and won the Presidency could they just pass a law to double or triple the members of the House? This would reduce the power of the small states in the EC which would marginally reduce the current GOP advantage there. So I can't see the GOP going for it. If the small states favored the Democrats they wouldn't go for it either. I'm not sure that even Reps and Senators in the small blue states would want to reduce their influence. It would certainly reduce the power of individual congressman in both small and big states. Our Constitution led to the 2 party system. It's a structural issue. Maybe if they adopted proportial voting by state you'd have some 3rd party types, but again, that would require current pols in the state legislatures to reduce their power abd for those with political ambitions for higher office create more competitors. If were going to look at it from the POTUS elections the only 3rd party candidates that actually won states were Strom Thurmond (later known as the father of the current version of the GOP) and George Wallace. Everyone knows what those 2 guys were all about. It makes me wonder what's so great about 3rd parties. Why should I think the most prominent ones now, the Libertarians and the Green Party, are anything but a bunch of crackpots?
  11. It's not like you can't program a voting machine to print out your actual votes but actually count the votes anyway they want to. AFIK the voting machine makers don't let anybody see the source code. It's doubtful anything like this happens even on a very small scale, but it's not impossible.
  12. The Postmaster General probably has a "secret plan" to make sure zip codes that are likely to favor Trump get high quality service in delivering absentee ballots. Zip codes that favor Democrats probably will have a lot of lost or destroyed ballots due to "accidents".
  13. Doesn't seem very likely that UPS, FedEx etc would have much interest in delivering first class mail to most of rural America. I'm under the impression a lot of the "last mile" deliveries for the other carriers are done by USPS. That last mile is probably the most expensive part of the process. If cutting costs is the reason for implementing the recent policies the Post Office could save a lot of money if they just stopped delievering to zip codes that are unprofitable because population density and cost per letter/package are so much higher than in urban areas. That wouldn't be a good idea, especially for people in rural areas, but it would cut costs. There is a social value to being able to get delivery of mail to any address.
  14. What is going on in the basement?
  15. Voting breakdown in 2016 " The roughly one-third (34%) of the electorate who identified as independent or with another party divided their votes about evenly (43% Trump, 42% Clinton)." Independent voters in 2012 Romney won among Independents by 5 points, 50-45,