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  1. Jaybirds are the way to go. Just upgraded to the new Freedoms from the X2. Regardless you can't go wrong with them.
  2. If visiting the River Walk you can hit up Fogo De Chao. This is a Brazilian steak house my Family loves it.
  3. What were you driving? I'm so impressed...Not! Reminds me of the quote “They say even death can't cure an idiot."
  4. Meh, Driving 75-80 is fine with me. I enjoy life so I am not in a rush to end it on a public road. Don't get me wrong I love going fast but just choose to do it on closed courses. In fact some of the funnest moments I recall are during Enduros where I'm going at low speeds like sections of Leadbelt. I never understood the need to tear down a public road. Guess it makes some feel more manly? Go to a closed course and see how far you can really push the limits and not kill some innocent family.
  5. Divide the weight of the vehicle in half. Multiply that by the square of the velocity. In terms of kinetic energy, that translates as 45,464 foot-pounds for a 3400-pound car hitting a stationary obstacle at 20 mph. Plow the same car into a tree at 40 mph and the amount of energy quadruples to 181,855 foot-pounds. If you survive that, you're just plain lucky, as the odds are very much against you. search mythbusters, they did an episode on this also.
  6. There is a huge difference between a 75mph wreck and a 90mph wreck. It is simple physics. Track days are your answer if your into driving fast.
  7. I couldn't think of anything worse off the top of my head. Sorry.
  8. Track days are fast. Get a real track car and play where the car, track and equipment are made for going fast. 100+ on a highway only shows how little capacity you have to think or care about others on the road. Your not proving anything when a Nissan Versa will hit a 100+.
  9. Now I kind of wish I did have some Redskins paraphernalia. "What the hell are you doing??!??!?!" "Sorry, honey. A guy on the internet said I have to burn all this stuff because I don't like the team's name." I don't understand your response. You said you wouldn't want racist slang on your daughters clothing but you would be ok leaving it in your house? Why wouldn't you destroy it if you owned it?
  10. Seems strange to me too. It's obviously up to Snyder and the NFL. People are free to root for another team if they find the name offensive. I was actually referring to the people fighting against the name change. Though the ones fighting for it deserve from questions about their use of time and energy as well IMO.Sure, I can see how I would owe a bunch of strangers some answers as to how I choose to use my time and energy on the internet. And if anyone is justified in questioning others' use of time and energy on this message board it's you, Tim. Anyway, I've actually answered this question a couple time, but here it is again. I grew up rooting for the Redskins and the other 2 (now 3) DC sports teams. Following the local teams with my buddies is a huge part of my life. Now I'm how sharing and passing that on to my young children; I've already had some fun times with them going to/watching games and I hope to do it a lot more as they get old enough to appreciate it. And I hate that one of the team's names is a source of embarrassment for the fans and the city (I know it's not for some, but it is for me and I'm willing to bet that 20 years from now it will be for everyone but a handful of stubborn old weirdos). It honestly takes away from my enjoyment of following the team a little bit, just as I assume you would feel a little weird if the Steelers were called the Kikes or the Wetbacks or something similarly offensive to another ethnicity. I want to enjoy being a fan of the team with my kids, and buy them cute little NFL team merchandise for them like I do with the Wiz, Nats and Caps. But I don't because I don't want to be the kind of person who chooses to broadcast ethnic slurs on a three year old girl's t-shirt. Have you cut ties with the team or something or just not introducing them to your children? Can't do either. Been a Skins and DC sports fan all my life, couldn't quit them if I tried. They could walk out Week 1 in Nazi uniforms and as long as those uniforms were still burgundy and gold and it still said Washington on the scoreboard I'd have a hard time not pulling for them. I just don't buy the merchandise for myself or my kids. And I don't care about them nearly as much as I used to, I guess. I think part of that is the name, but it's hard to figure out how much is the name, how much is resentment of and frustration with the organization for many other reasons, and how much is finally having other worthwhile sports teams in town. If you have not cut ties then you support the name It is easy to talk and insult others on a message board but a completely different animal to back the cause. If you truly believed you would get rid of everything Redskins related, signed balls, jerseys, helmets and burn it. If you truly believed you would not watch the games or listen on the radio. All of this puts money in the pockets of the owners. The only thing I see is you wanting to insult others who do not share your views, yet you don't even support your on views.
  11. Looked to me like a great wrap up. I just don't see anything separating CJ and Hillman beyond Hillman getting good blocking and CJ not. This might be the greatest post I've ever read on here. Two RBs on the same team and the line only blocks for one of them. Sums up the last month of this thread nicely. Sums up the Shark Pool nicely. I remember when you could come to the forums and get good analysis and debate. Sadly that appears not to be the case now.
  12. How unsafe do you feel driving to and from work? Now compare traffic fatality stats with those of people shot in public places. People really need to stop using this comparison. First of all there is acknowledgment of danger when you enter a motor vehicle but the risk is acceptable. Second, if you drive carefully you can control your risk to a certain extent. There's nothing these folks could have done to control the inherent risk. Tell that to the families who lost loved ones to drunk drivers, speeders, sleepers, readers and general idiots in vehicles.
  13. I get about 100 extra steps each way on my drive with the FitBit Surge. For comparison the Peak I got about 25-30.
  14. Yeah, it has missed every nap I have taken. I went to the faq to pull that number. So not sure why yours tracked a 45 minute nap. Maybe they have updated the firmware on some devices. CAN I LOG A NAP? Yes. If your tracker tracks sleep automatically, all naps over an hour in length should be automatically tracked. For other trackers, simply put your tracker into sleep mode.