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  1. And we treated the Native Indians fairly and welcomed their traditions to be respected.
  2. Like I mentioned I am comparing them to the Jaybird Freedoms which are in the same price range. If you are dropping 150+ on wireless head phones I want good ones. Non workout I use the B&O Plays. The build quality just is not that good on the Airpods, The only fasteners on both the case and the airpos is glue. I do not believe they would make it through mutliple wash cycles. Just not that well built. I don't think Apple even rates them as water or dust resistant. The Jaybird are injection molded metal and water resistant. Your right about the things that don't matter. I could care less about the case, if they use the mags to stay in pace in the case or not. When I talk about build quality I'm talking about the headphones only. They are nice for a pair of boxed head phones. Not having the wire from ear to ear make them easier to lose and harder to keep in place. I would rather have the wire connecting them than not. I have looked at several truly wireless sets and none of them stay in good enough to run around with daily. The Jaybird in above ear wear style will not move or fall out especially if you decide to use the wings. I wouldn't trust the Airpods outside my office for fear of losing them and the $69 replacement coast each is just to much. I have worn my Freedoms Skiing, Mountain Biking and Zip lining with out worrying about losing them. Where simple jumping jacks would pop the Airpods out of my ears. Not sure where your going on price. The Airpods are $160 not even close to $100 mark. Better sound and better built sets are available from Plantronics, Beats, Jaybird, and JBL. Even bose has the sound sports cheaper than the Airpods. I don't care about sound quality if I am buying a $30 set of Earpods. They have the build quality and sound I expect at that price point. The Airpods are $160 and sound exactly the same as the Earpods minus the wires. Losing the wires is not worth another $130 to me. If I'm spending 150+ for a set of headphones I want a quality build, quality sound, and for them to stay in my ears. Once again I would look at the JayBird Freedoms ($179), Bose SoundSport Wireless ($149), Beats Powerbeats 2 ($129), or the JBL Reflect Mini ($99). All of these have better sound quality and build than the Airpods. If you truly want wire free there are still better options out there in the Samsung and Earin products but as I said if you are active these are not good solutions.
  3. Pros Syncing was done right. Very simple and easy Cons Price is way to high for the sound and build quality. The sound quality you get is no better than the normal Earpods. There really is no real benefit over normal Bluetooth sets with the exception of the simple pairing process which in the end just isn't that hard for Bluetooth. While the fit is comfortable for what they are you will lose them eventually. The fit in my ear was not good. I think sitting at a desk working they will be fine but any type of real movement and they will be out quickly. Finally the build quality feels cheap like they should be given away with the phone. Just not good at all. Add to that the iFixit breakdown make them look worse to me. Overall These are a big pass as they are very poor quality for the price point. I would suggest take the Jaybird Freedoms all day over these in that price range. The Freedoms are a much better product with great sound quality, quality EQ app, and metal housings.
  4. New Jaybird Freedoms and B&O's are great.
  5. I agree that any one owning a gun legally should have to be licensed and go through training. I think that is where we make a good improvement in gun deaths. As far as this thread goes. Writing a law to keep a criminal from getting one is not going to work. They will get one if they want one.
  6. Unless you ban guns world-wide they can get them when ever they want. Pretty sure they will not obey our laws when seeking them out. If you ban guns world-wide there will still be people making them underground so they will still get guns.
  7. Apparently so do trucks which are much easier to get.
  8. Jaybirds are the way to go. Just upgraded to the new Freedoms from the X2. Regardless you can't go wrong with them.
  9. If visiting the River Walk you can hit up Fogo De Chao. This is a Brazilian steak house my Family loves it.
  10. What were you driving? I'm so impressed...Not! Reminds me of the quote “They say even death can't cure an idiot."
  11. Meh, Driving 75-80 is fine with me. I enjoy life so I am not in a rush to end it on a public road. Don't get me wrong I love going fast but just choose to do it on closed courses. In fact some of the funnest moments I recall are during Enduros where I'm going at low speeds like sections of Leadbelt. I never understood the need to tear down a public road. Guess it makes some feel more manly? Go to a closed course and see how far you can really push the limits and not kill some innocent family.
  12. Divide the weight of the vehicle in half. Multiply that by the square of the velocity. In terms of kinetic energy, that translates as 45,464 foot-pounds for a 3400-pound car hitting a stationary obstacle at 20 mph. Plow the same car into a tree at 40 mph and the amount of energy quadruples to 181,855 foot-pounds. If you survive that, you're just plain lucky, as the odds are very much against you. search mythbusters, they did an episode on this also.
  13. There is a huge difference between a 75mph wreck and a 90mph wreck. It is simple physics. Track days are your answer if your into driving fast.