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  1. I can't speak to the newer ones but I had a 2002 SS with all the SLP goodies that had 180,000 miles before I sold it. I think most modern cars will last as long as you take care of them.
  2. I feel like the new control center was broken in iOS 11. I thought I would get used to it over time but no such luck. Very cluttered and not good UI implementation.
  3. JayBird has their version of wireless now. Will have to get a pair and check them out when they are released. At 179.99 puts them right there with the Apple ones. https://www.jaybirdsport.com/en-us/run-true-wireless-sport-headphones.html
  4. Have you tried the Aftershokz? They really let you keep track of your surroundings and you can still hear your music clearly. Sound quality close or equal to your standard $30 headphones but do take some getting used to. I used them on one long bike ride for MS in my state and they worked really well since I didn't want any isolation from my ride group.
  5. Never have been a big fan of Bose while they make solid head phones the pair I had presented to much in the lows and muffled the mids. that and the B&O at the same prices ranges have better sound for me. Definitely a choice on where you like your sound profile. I have heard the newer in-ear are a lot more neutral and probably should try them out. The Klipsch reference series is a solid choice. I have never owned a set but have heard them from people I know that have them. JayBird Freedoms have great sound and are perfect for working out with. Apple ones came with my phone but with them being unsealed (airpods) to they just don't have much low bass, not rated for water resistance, and no real sound isolation. Really can't put them in the same class as the others here.
  6. There is a personal opinion on what you like the sound profile. I like a more flat sound or pure studio levels. I don't like so much bass that it drowns out the mids and highs. A tinny speaker will be tinny regardless. Some people might prefer it but it will be tinny regardless. For example SOUL, Phillips, Skullcandy are generally not good head phones. Where the ones I mentioned Panasonic RP, Sony MDR, Sennheiser, Marshall have a lot better sound quality. The Betron, AKG, 1more, and monoprice are also good but are not the names a lot would look for when searching for good head phones unless reading reviews some of the tech or sound sites.
  7. This chip looks to be strong. Just for performance in a phone the X is really the only one to get. Just not sure I like losing my headphone jack, Touch to unlock, and the notch. Still looking to migrate to the S8+ just for those reasons but maybe the facial ID wont be as bad as I think I know my surface pulls it off flawlessly right now so maybe it will be as quick and easy as touch. Can't wait to play with the X though.
  8. Betron, AKG, 1more, Monoprice Panasonic RP, Sony MDR,Sennheiser,etc in the below $20. If you go up to say $30 to $50 or so you can get Sony, Senhiesser, Marshall, etc. All of which fit and sound better.
  9. Regardless of fit the sound and noise isolation is lacking so wouldn't use them most of the time. If I wanted to go with out it I would wear the AfterShokz. Apple buds are inferior to most brands of head phones.
  10. Could be the issue as I never preferred the ones that came with the phone.
  11. I've yet to meet anyone that does not have them fall out on occasion. Not to mention sound quality and isolation level at the gym. I'm sure if you just sitting on a weight bench chilling and doing gentle exercise they might not fall out. I only had an occasional dropped airpod that way. Unfortunately that is only two days of my work out routines. HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. I do HIIT in the form of running, biking and full body workouts. My sessions are generally full body workouts. I say this to give everyone an idea of the conditions I tried them under. Example hit sessions 35/25 (3 Rounds) 6 high knees 4 lunge jumps 5 narrow 5 wide press-ups 5 toe touches 5 full body crunch 6 mountain climbers 2 side step 4 crab toe touch 4 kick through Generally here is my week where I would use headphones. The lifting days were not to bad but it really depends on what you are doing. Monday – Lifting Tuesday – Sprints Wednesday – Lifting Thursday – HIIT Saturday – HIIT In the end the Jaybirds were all around better for the same price as the AirPods.
  12. My experience with the AirPods at the gym/working out was not great. They kept falling out during my HIIT sessions which wasn't just annoying but an interruption to good work outs. The noise isolation in the gym it terrible and i don't want to turn up the volume to loud. Sound quality was way down from my normal set of workout headphones. For gentle bike rides they are fine but the way they pop out of my ears i'd be afraid I'd never find one if it fell out while riding. At the price given i wouldn't own a set I took mine back. I'd rather spend that money on B&O, RHA, Vmoda, Jaybird, etc. I personally work out with the Jaybirds as they stay put regardless of what i'm doing. The head jack removal is irritating but can be overcome with a dongle so you can charge and play. I just leave the dongle on my B&O set so it is always there. It is a bad solution but it works. I looked at the S8+ but i'm still not convinced it is better than an iPhone. Looking forward to seeing the 10 so I can make that decision.
  13. Yeah, I have seen how they use there phones that was my whole point. I mention not wanting crap like that intruding into one of the most awe inspiring places on earth. You really think holding your phone up to watch your TV to get info is interesting? To make it worse I hold up my phone to watch my tv to watch an Ad? That one mention would make me throw the whole thing out. The restaurants I go to send me coupons every other day in e-mail why would I want to have to hold my phone up to watch my tv to see an add to get the same 10% off I have sitting in my e-mail? I work in tech love tech, code on every platform I have, and beta on almost all platforms. The one thing I can tell you is this is about the worst Idea i can think of outside of the gaming demo they gave with the guy walking around the empty table with his phone held up to play a game. Not sure the point on NFC is a good one. Google wallet was used by McDonald's, Subway. Macys, Toys r Us, and almost any where Master card was accepted way before Apple Pay came around. Paypass was already wide spread so the list of places was large. To this day I never see someone pulling out a phone to pay and I live in a large city. It eventually will become more wide spread but don't believe it is huge right now. In fact the last time I looked at the numbers usage had dropped from the initial launch which was terrible in the first two years. I think at launch when they surveyed people using Apple Pay they asked how often do you use it and from launch to late 2016 I think it went from 50% to 20% or around there. Anyway that is off topic. AR gaming still burns to much battery and really is not worth it. Pokemon already does it and everyone I know that plays that game carries around spare battery chargers. If Animoji is a selling point then they have really fallen. I was hoping ot replace my current 6 with one of the new phones but just am not impressed with them and the lack of a head phone jack is still a sticking point for me. Apple is the last on the band wagon for this and getting it into a phone is not the way it will end up going. Microsoft HoloLens is the future and leveraging a phone for Augmented reality is not that good of an idea. While augmented gaming such as Ingress has been around on phones for awhile the future is in Glasses. Samples below. Once they get the size down this is what the future is not holding a phone up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uulAytXG_TM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29xnzxgCx6I This is where the tech is headed and where I see the part of the phone coming in. It will be the CPU behind the glasses or possibly the glasses will contain a low power GPU for normal day to day activity and the heavier GPU/CPU combination will be contained in the phone for games and other heavy usage applicators. Kind of like what they do for the Surface Book now with the GPU option and the Xbox with the streaming option. https://uploadvr.com/microsoft-research-reveals-new-slimmed-ar-glasses/ Any way I rambled way to much but do not see Augmented reality coming much further than Gaming, GPS, and maybe Skymaps. All the true power and innovation will come from the glasses where your hands are free and your not watching one device with another.
  14. I wouldn't fire a warning shot for the simple reason I don't know where that shot is going to hit. Depending on what your using it could hit your neighbor walking outside or family members inside. Not to mention you have no idea of the number or mental state of who is breaking into your house. I have a Taurus Judge and would only fire if I absolutely had to. None of my possessions are worth killing or being killed for. Now enter the room with my family and that is a different story. I personally would say try to get out of the house if possible
  15. Holding your phone up for augmented reality is just gong to be terrible. The last thing I want to see at Maunakey is a bunch of iPhones being held up using augmented reality. Your other scenarios are not appealing why would I want to put my phone in my face while watching a game on TV? Makes no sense I get all the info I need from the TV and if I want more I can simply look at my tablet versus watching my TV through my phone. Why would I need to point my phone at my menu to tell me my favorite foods at a restaurant? If I been there I know what I liked or didn't. The one use I see that has functionality now is showing building/shop names along with you directions. Lastly, augmented reality will become the next thing once Microsoft, Google, Facebook, or Apple get the form factor down to the size of a normal pair of glasses. Microsoft HoloLens and their compact AR glasses are the future. The glasses implementation will keep you from intruding in other peoples space and make it invisible to you when watching games, shopping, etc. Holding a phone up for info I can simply see on my phone is lame in my opinion.