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  1. Cut him for Jaron or Golden on Monday if he is ruled out.
  2. Differently titled, but still going strong!
  3. Used: O: Pitt, NE D: Buf, Hou This Week: O: Oak D: NE
  4. Here's the standings through two weeks: QuizGuy66 53 cdwood 41 Daemon 38 Arodin 36 Genester 36 Bankerguy 36 -OZ- 33 Mr. Irrelevant 24 Utter Chaos 17 Neil Beaufort Zod 15 Cowboysfan8 11 Hawk Fan 9 bro1ncos 9 Saint 9 neal cassady 7 Riffraff 3 Chasers Dawg -3 Gottabesweet -3 Bonfire -3 Apeman -4 Donnybrook -10
  5. Not giving up on D. Hunter being elite. Stats arent there, but his play hasnt fallen off at all, to my eye. He's an every-week start. I like Donald's matchup too much to sit him. Tough all between the others, but gut feeling says bench Williams.
  6. Not only was Joe smart for creating the politics subforum...leaving this thread in the FFA as a spillover buffer was genius!
  7. Definitely Branch. Not even sure Bethea is a starter for his own team...
  8. My guess...the larger networks will take advantage if cheap bandwidth to build secondary, topical channels including sports. Big players like CBS, NBC will have the resources to broadcast sports on a cbssports channel or similar. FOX already does this with mild success. The next evolution from there will be a la carte streaming broadcasts sold by the sports leagues themselves.
  9. I wouldnt. Not high on JJ, and those are waiver-level LBs to replace a top-3 option. You should be able to get a solid wr2 for Kwon in most leagues that take idp seriously.
  10. Used: O: Pitt D: Buf This Week: O: NE D: Hou
  11. Actually, Byard looked very good last year too, and week one was a confirmation/continuation of that. The concern wity Byard is simply about where henfits in the scheme...because he is good enough to be the Titans' best option in multiple places. If they decide the second-best "in the box guy" they have is better than the second-best "centerfielder" then Byard will end up playing further off the line. I'm hoping they stay with the Tampa-2 type look they were using in preseason, which moves Byard around enough to get him in coverage and up at the line...
  12. For some reason (veteran rest day) is not a permitted reason as far as the mandatory "practice participation report" goes. So if someone has to be listed as "did not practice" teams have to make up some body part that's keeping him sidelined...
  13. I have a sheet with standings from Week 1 calculated...having trouble figuring out how to format a table neatly on these forums. If anyone has a quick guide, I'd love a PM...
  14. Watt and Ingram would be my choices in a vacuum, but I agree with umjaker that the Houston matchup is too juicy to ignore. DE usually outtackle DT, but I'd focus on the prospect of multiple sacks unless all you need is a floor from your idp.