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  1. This is the team that inexplicably stuck with Christian Hackenberg for an opening season losing streak characterized by horrid QB play before fonally moving on to Zach Mettenberg for merely mediocre QB play and a 1-1 record since. Nothing to lose with Manziel, but doubtful they’ll notice much difference...
  2. The NFL has always allowed suspensions to count even over weeks where a free agent remains unsigned because of the looming suspension. Specifically to prevent this sort of thing where a short suspension makes a journeyman unemployable. What’s unclear is how the commissioner’s exempt list fits with this...most likely it doesn’t “count” in the same way since it is still paid leave.
  3. At the end of the day, though, it’s still one player. Any dynasty team should have a plan for what to do if they lose their best player, whether to injury, suspension, early retirement (looking at you Calvin!). Often that costs you a title or two, but as others note, it happens regularly from injury. I suppose if I had a team with Antonio, Tyreek, Bell and Odell all on the same roster I might be reeling from all the moves of the past 365 days. But I’d probably also have a handful of prior titles to ease any future pain. I’m also wondering how new this is, ADP spent a year on the commissioner’s list a while back, and I remember the team that had him as RB1 finishing at the bottom last year. Vick, Burress did jailtime a decade ago and likely hurt dynasty rosters in the process. Because some of these incidents are horrific, I am hoping it’s just a statistical quirk that we got two high profile cases in the same year, and not a sign of a worsening trend. Psychologically I expect the impact of crazy trades like Antonio and Odell is getting conflated with bad behavior in owner’s minds as “higher risk” which is probably fair. There does seem to be increasing risk of sudden value changes to star players these days.
  4. LSU has been so historically awful at passing to their RBs that I don’t think we can a lot from low college production in that particular situation, one way or the other.
  5. Finally a Barkley deal that at least males me sit up and go “hmmm.” Still think I take Barkley, but on a barren roster with nothing else of value, 2 firsts, a 2nd, and a WR I can probably flip for two more firsts after his first multi-TD game is a solid return. Hunt is another flip-piece after the suspension plays out. So at least I can imagine a scenario where this trade makes sense. In a vacuum though, Barkley may be the least tradeable asset in FF right now.
  6. I guess actually knowing the topic of the next unread post isn’t coming back. Every single time they “upgrade” this board they make it worse in some small but cleary definable way.
  7. On the up side, though, Tampa has one of the most generous stat crews in the league for IDP tacklers, so Bucannon figures to see a bump just from changing home stadiums. Part of the reason for the disconnect in valuation of Kwon between NFL analysts and FF guys was the stat crew. Kwon and David both compile a lot of numbers owing to their tendency to give a full tackle + assist on every play, vs. most teams giving only two assists.
  8. Trevor Sikema said on his latest podcast that Beckwith still isn't fully recovered and may not be ready any time soon...might want to pump the brakes on him if that info is accurate. Plus, Bucs add D. Buchanon, who probably takes opportunity away from Beckwith (I don't see David losing action to anyone...) Peppers always seemed more like a SS, but in Cleveland was consistently played like a FS. Bethea also struck me as a hybrid guy more than an in-the-box safety. Do the Giants have a true strong safety on their roster now?
  9. 101% clearly. I agree with everything Hooper said. Your poll is missing an important option,
  10. I like bandwagons. Sigh me up for this new PM game too. Should wok with my schedule. 😛
  11. I paid a 1st (1.12 I think) for Hunter earlier in the offseason, Championship roster with a hole at DE, I feel like it’s fair value.
  12. If this was fantasy football, Brown would be packaged with Mason Rudolph and shipped to Washington for their 1st and 3rd. But the NFL doesn't do business like that...
  13. Why do you keep suggesting we “allow” it, when the answer could be as simple as “we don’t have a reliable test for racism that is admissible to the employment screening process for public employees?” Seems like the most plausible answer is somewhere between “they hide their racism well” and “insufficient proof to permit a firing.” It’s justifiably hard to fire a government employee after all. What does this have to do with Kaep’s NFL career? Was he advocating a particular screening process for police hiring that we need to take a look at? Or is this just a deflection.
  14. Free afternoon, say to myself "Hmm, why not check out the AAF again?" Brilliant decision to put their first week 3 game on a pay-per-view service. That will sure build up the viewing loyalty of casual consumers like me! Idiots. This league won't last like this.
  15. Actually the league’s business owners just lost a huge settlerment that suggests they don’t get to “choose their employees.” Or at least don’t get to choose whom not to employ. Or was it choose to urge others to make similar choices. “Denying basic human freedoms” is just language when it comes to the interface of two competing rights...