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  1. Until recently I'd have snidely selected "Myles Garrett" as the player the Browns inexplicably pass on, and later regret. But I actually, crazily, have some hope that they've turned a corner and might do something sensible this year.
  2. Interesting indeed. I've not been to that page in years! Odd that they would have two entirely different indexes on the same site. I must agree with you, that one you linked desperately needs date stamps or "I've read this already" shading on the links. I can't even tell if the articles update top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top on that page...
  3. When I look at the articles page: there is a date after every article. Has been for a while.
  4. With David Johnson emerging as an elite RB1, that side looks strong. And he's a lot younger than McCoy, but McCoy was a pretty good producer last year. Coleman getting hurt is what make this one look worse than it might have been, but that isnt the sort of thing to factor into a trade "in advance" since Coleman didnt have any history of injury that would be concerning. Assuming Coleman bounces back to approach expectation, and depending how high that 2017 1st is, I cann see the long term of this deal still favoring that side. It was, even at the time, a "stud for multiple good pieces" deal, as well as an attempt to deal current value for future production. Certainly the 2016 outcome wasn't as good as expected, but there's still hope for this one long-term. I'd say the jury is out. Going back a year, and knowing only what I knew then, I'd still make the trade.
  5. That Jaguars game looks like a classic "should be an easy win so the Steelers play down to the opponent and lose" game...
  6. People keep calling Howard the "safer" pick. I get that. I can see a lot of Engram/Hodges owners panicking at the end of preseason when MFL/roto decides to move both of them to WR. Njoku is the "safe" alternative to Howard, and thus a better choice at #1 for those down on Howard.
  7. As deep as this class is, I have to think I can get a solid TE prospect comparable to Higbee at 2.6. I prefer the flexibility of the pick here.
  8. The kicker market is shallower than usual. Havent head a single name in predraft chatter, whereas last year one had a second round grade.
  9. While that is anecdotally true I suspect systematically trading, say the last dozen 1.3s for the last dozen 1.9s and 2.6s would be a losing proposition... Just like the NFL. Even though there are high profile first round busts and surprise late round stars, the odds of hitting on a first round prospect are much much better than hitting on a late rounder.
  10. Could be high drama if they inflate the balls before travelling to Mexico. Revenge of the ideal gas law!
  11. Actually, I don't advise "just have to wait." There is advantage to be had in anticipating these changes and proactively acquiring players likely to move to more favorable schemes, before the value change becomes obvious to less closely attuned fantasy owners. Similarly, dealing away players who might suffer from a scheme change now, before it becomes obvious that their value has declined, is a potentially profitable course of action.
  12. It wouldnt have been a couple years ago, assuming balanced scoring for offense and defense. If I believed Watt will return to his all-pro level I'd be willing to pay that, but if I fear his injuries are the start of a general physical breakdown I would pass. Personally, I am concerned that the "miles ahead of the competition" Watt won't be back, so while he is a premium starter, I'd only do this if I was in "win now or go home" mode.
  13. Getting an elite player like Bell makes it a win for your side, and I think you got the better on the idp end as well, given Poz advancing age. That said, Bortles has more value than usual in a 16-teamer, and Watkins is a longer-term value IF you win the "he overcomes his injuries and plays up to his unrealized potential" lottery. I can see the other side if I've inherrited a downtrodden team for which Bell is one of its few viable assets. Solid trade.
  14. By having multiple incidents instead of one. Mixon is tied with Zamora in "incidents supported by video evidence" but Cook's accumulated list of incidents is much longer and as recent.