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  1. This is the key. Lots of teams are holding off on signing the older backs because there's a reasonable chance of a good young back falling their way in the draft. I expect after the draft, the teams that don't land a hot rookie will start snapping up AP, Charles, etc. If the draft goes by, and AP is still sitting at home for weeks, then all these other hypotheses start to be more viable, imo.
  2. Maybe. I assume it would be implied/offscreen, much like the ending to Rogue. I never got past season 1, but how did Clone Wars handle Anakin's going dark? Or did they just stop before episode 3 began?
  3. Fully expect Rebels to go the "Rogue One" route and give just about the whole squad a heroic way to die helping the cause, something tied in to an event from one of the existing movies most likely. It's not just Kanan and Ezra as jedi...the mandalorians don't really survive into the movie chronology, and Zeb's people are nonexistent in the films. Hera's about the only one they could justify pulling out. Maybe she flies Luke to his secret planet between eps 6 and 7.
  4. Trading long-retired players is also a great way to make the "worst trade offers ever" thread. Usually it's Antonio Bryant's name bandied about, but I think Koren Robinson qualifies too...
  5. Yeah, was wondering if this was any sort of sign that one of the injuries might linger, or a retirement might be down the road. Doesn't sound like anyone has heard anything in that vein. I guess If Thomas goes one season and hangs it up, McD is positioned to benefit. But pretty good chance he can be cut and then added late to next season's "speculative adds for the offseason" list in that case...
  6. You don't watch much ESPN do you? When have they NOT done stories to death, dredged them back up, done them again, revisited them a year later then done a 10-year anniversary on it?
  7. McDougald proved to be a fantasy darling last year, thanks to opportunity and Tampa stat crew's absurdly generous idp scoring. Seattle of course is the bottom of the barrel as far as idp scoring goes, so I expect a downturn. What sort of opportunity is he looking at in Seattle though? My gut says he'll also see a significant drop in workload and opportunity, to the point that I'm considering cutting bait. Am I overreactng?
  8. Worked for Cleveland this offseason! Maybe Osweiler was Hoff's inspiration...
  9. Maybe Norton could release a "gut feelings" set of notes and then the more in-depth later in the week? Not thinking "double Norton's workload" (although if they could pay him enough to do that fairly, they should!). More thinking of giving us a window into the article earlier in the writing process. For instance, if he goes team-by-team, post them as updates on completion rather than waiting till every team he has time for is done.
  10. I was going to post a hearty agreement from a fellow OCD grammar editor, but I just couldn't get past the missing period at the end of your post.
  11. For idp, sure. Looks like a healthy tier break for offensive rooks after 1.6 though...getting ahead of that could be quite worthwhile.
  12. Harlem Globetrotters/Washington Generals down? I think Pittsburgh-Cleveland(x2) has to be in play here as well. Been a longer time since Cleveland had championship potential than it has for the Bears. Plus, the Steelers might be the only team in history to ever "win" a rivalry (the other team ceased to exist).
  13. Those of you saying 0% must be discounting the possibility of a video surfacing on draft night showing Fournette smoking weed in a gas mask. That's been known to unexpectedly drop a can't-miss prospect by half a round or so... Anything can happen. It's just moderately unlikely.
  14. I agree with this. Wilson is a top-5 dynasty qb, but I still have Rodgers as a top-2. Worth a reasonable price like this to upgrade.