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  1. Every CBA restricts practice time and contact time further and further, making it harder and harder to develop one QB, much less two. Coaches can't even really talk football with players till OTAs, and in-season practices are limited to, what, two padded practices per year? Glorified walk-throughs. If this ever changes, then it might be possible to get two guys ready at one position, in which case it would make sense to do so for the most important position on the field. But so much of QB success is timing with WRs and chemistry with the OL that the Browns could bring in young Joe Montana, and if he was the number two guy at first, he might not see enough opportunity for his talent to show out. And if instead they brought in young Steve Young, who actually needed some work to become a HoF QB, it's hard to see how he'd find his way onto the field getting backup reps.
  2. I would have taken Freeman there, especially given the severe positional need. I tend to be higher on Freeman than average though, and lower on Kuechly than almost everyone. It isn't wildly out of line, so easy to see different owners going either way.
  3. How many copies of each player in a 112 team league?!? Even if 2-3, it's impressive to have amassed that much talent on one roster!
  4. Campbell is old enough that I'd be looking to sell him now in a rebuild. He will still have value for a contender I would think. Ask for a late 2nd (or a 3rd+4th if you need lots of bodies) and see who bites. Kuechly is young enough at 26 that if you believe in his ability to stay healthy you should keep him. Personally, I sold off all my Kuechly shares last season...I don't trust him to last at the rate his injuries have been piling up. If you feel like I do, look for an owner that still feels he is an elite talent and try to get a late 1st. David is probably a player I'd hang on to. Tampa LBs get a nice bump from the league's most favorable stat crew, and tend to put up big numbers. If you decide to keep Kuechly though you might ge able to get similar value out of David instead...probably more like half a round later though. Lee's future depends on what Dallas does draftwise at LB. He's also sufficiently old that you will probably do as well keeping him to start while you rebuild than trying to move him. One thing to do is take a look at some ADP data as far as figuring out what sort of offensive talent would be comparable trade value for your guys. It will be somewhat scoring system dependent, but can give you a ballpark if you are new to idp.
  5. I'm curious about a rookie pick value for D. Freeman. How high in the 1st would I have to offer to have a shot at him?
  6. Original round tender, with an undrafted free agent means no pick compensation. All Bears got was the chance to match, which they declined.
  7. I'm struggling to see where any reason for visiting an ATM would involve performing both of these transactions in the same visit. Are you using the ATM to make change for large bills?
  8. Humor appreciated. But there are pleny of QBs out there who are experts on the whiteboard, can break it all down on the field, but just can't do it at game speed. These guys are terrible players, but can easily turn around and make great analysts, evaluators and (somtimes) coaches. Just like the best playes ofen have trouble coaching because so much is instinct that they don't have to think about it as they do it, so can't as easily explain it back to someone...
  9. An element of constructive feedback that should be delivered to mfl is to put the banner on every page rather than the home page. (Of course, since it's mfl and they are still running on a platform from the mid-90s, that might be a three-week software update to do so..,) I think questioning the timing is legit. (Though questioning the character of people with different opinions tends to get pushback. Both sides guilty of that here.) I also think there is merit to considering doing this earlier in the league year. On the other hand, they draw copious praise for how fast they get to the new league year, and (until they gave them up) the quick launch of mfl10s. I expect that they were seeing enough marketing advantage to getting people mock-drafting and doing mfl10s while the Super Bowl was fresh in their minds to warrrant doing the update after that rush wore off. The core issue is why they don't have the means to do the update more seemlessly, and have it not take so long. I don't have a good answer to that.
  10. Sounds like the solution is for Slider to find another website to be a paying customer of, because mfl isnt meeting his needs. This would be far more prodductive than complaining because he doesnt like the business model. If Walmart was open from 1am to 7am why would I care? I could get what I need from Target, or the mall, or better yet order it delivered by amazon the next day. Businesses do go out of business if they dont satisfy their customers, but they dont need the whole world in their customer base. Many businesses do very well catering to a niche market. (And if my employer decided to be open 1-7 only, I personally would love that, but if I didnt I'd find a new job. Not complain constantly while dragging myself to work every day.) Of course, the real issue is more likely that Slider can't find another business that would satisfy his needs as well or better than mfl, so is reduced to complaining that the best is not perfect. Lastly, anyone who failed to log into the site for so many days that they never saw the giant text block warning of the outage and telling people how to prepare for it shouldnt really be incovenienced by having to go 3-5 more days without access. You just went over two weeks without access, what's another few days?
  11. If I was strong at LB I would happily consider that trade, even though I really like Jones. I tend to find LB to be a more replacable position, and mid-2nd is still room to draft the kind of offensive player that can often be flipped for IDP stars. Scoring system is huge in these of course. Most of my leagues (sadly) devalue idp relative to offense, making the chance of getting the next Juju worth the downgrade from Jones to a Whitehead, Williamson or other flavor of the season. In leagues that put a balanced value on idp I'd be much less willing to move Jones. I'd say any league where Reuben Foster was drafted earlier than the 2nd round pick i question would be one where I'd keep the player. Otherwise I will take the pick.
  12. From the latest FBG news wire: If this is in fact true, and not just Dorsey blowing smoke, it should probably read "according to a former friend of Browns general manager..."
  13. I guess that's one way to get a few more W's for the Jets...
  14. In Virginia, the two year registration is a bit cheaper than two times the one year registration, and if you sell/wreck the car in the first year they refund the second year to you. I guess it cuts down on staff and paperwork to have people register less often. For that matter, there might be sutainable profit from people who give up the car in a year but don't claim the refund.