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  1. Just need a little tech in the holster that starts the body cam whenever the gun is unholstered. Let a threatened cop concentrate on defending himself, and still get guaranteed video of any incident in which weapons are drawn.
  2. Surprised by the consensus that Fuller is the best target and Smith-Schuster is laughable as an alternative. Most sites seems to have Juju ranked meaningfully ahead of Fuller, and Fuller didnt show a lot last year to suggest significant reliable fantasy usage. Could someone unpack this for me? I'd think Juju + 2nd was a decent starting point for a good one-year rental, but also agree that the time to shop Fitzgerald is in season, when those immediate points look shinier and the draft seems far away.
  3. If the premise is "I just don't think having a slot guy as your lead WR is a winning tactic in the NFL," I'm not sure that citing an offense lead by a TE really accomplishes that. Is there that great a difference between a move TE and a slot WR in terms of how to attack defenses, that would make one much more practical for building an offense around than the other? Or is it just that Gronk is such a superhuman player that an offense could be built around a guy like that no matter where he lines up? Genuine question.
  4. I think you guys are severely undervaluing Janis' chops as a special teams gunner. Near Pro Bowl at that particular niche role. Can those rookies step in and compete? I think Janis is heading for Heyward-Bey levels of incomprehensibly lengthy career.
  5. Blick and Shoke are well on their way to the top of the like-giving bell curve. What do they win?
  6. I'm holding out for fantasy rugby, personally. Severely undertapped market.
  7. Not enough to reflect how much I like spending time here...
  8. Not exactly on-topic, but I wonder legitimately whether a special "forum badge" identifying who was a subscriber would drive more subscription traffic... Or would it merely create one more point for polarization and mocking of those in the "other" camp.
  9. Followup question: do you think the frequency of police misconduct generally goes up or down when the police are known to be on film?
  10. Seems like the direction of positive action needs to change. There are clearly private times that need to be offline, but why not have the cameras default on, and require the officer to intentionally switch it off. The police can learn to turn it off when going to the bathroom, or entering certain sensitive locations. But if a patrol officer switches the cam off during patrol, the burden of explanation goes to him to explain why...especially if he then goes on to make a traffic stop, drug bust, or what have you without turning it back on. ETA: looks like KC beat me to this idea...
  11. After reading this I think I want to update from my current "Blow-by-blow of the life of RNR" thread to the one starring McGarnicle. Sounds like better special effects in the action scenes, if nothing else....
  12. By analogy to Joe and Detroit, that would have involved Brady accepting the suspension and then pleading his way into a reduction afer he started serving it...say by having Gronk drop a letter off at Goodell's office. I think I can see why Tom didn't go that route...
  13. Gonna go out on a limb and guess that "Signature Violations" have been way down lately. Credit to your administration's efficiency no doubt!
  14. Why do I get the impression that Schefter was trying to trade for Williams in his dynasty league this afternoon?