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  1. Definitely getting close to Luck time, but Freeman looks better in ppr, and Cooks is still tempting as well. Expect the qb run starts by the end of round 2 though...
  2. Probably because they don't perceive the risk you are referencing. I can't recall a single writer (maybe Dan Rather?) that lost a job over reporting unsubstantiated rumors that turned out to be false. I doubt most people a month from now would remember who predicted which crazy offseason trades that never happened, so reputation isn't likely to be a factor outside of the handful of top, best-known names in the business,
  3. Sounds fine to me! (assuming its a start1qb 12-teamer like most trades on these boards...)
  4. Start-1 QB keeps the value down, even in dynasty. At some point Luck's potential longevity kicks in... I think if this was last year, we'd have seen Luck by now. The emergence of a handful of youngsters has broadened the pool enough that lack of positional scarcity will keep QBs from coming into play till the 3rd, in my estimation,
  5. So who are some current players you have in this category? I've always felt Julio Jones was, but never owned him so haven't actually dug into his week-by-week numbers. Cam is another...
  6. Easily done...just play in a 4-person league with short lineups!
  7. More than this, it depends heavily on whether you are generally favored or the underdog. If my team is strong and generally favored vs. opponents, then I want the steady 15-ppg guy. I'm more likely to suffer a fluke loss from a 0 than I am to need a fluke 30 to pull one out. On the other hand, if I have a weaker team, I need more of those flukes to pull off the victories, and then I'm in the "I'll lose with a 15 or a 0, so might as well play for the 30" camp.
  8. No surprise. I am getting the distinct impression from my own attempts to use it that the Help Center is still describing the layout of the previous 20 years and has no content for the new redesigned layout...
  9. Reed is ahead of Kelce in my book. Rodgers is still ahead of Luck too, but I know I will be in a minority on that, and I get the case for Luck. Who to add next, were I running the poll, would at least partly be position-based. It makes sense to have a couple options to choose from at each position so we can see what the consensus is between close options, imo.
  10. Sure, but even if all that happens to make the trade end up "even" what compensation are you getting on top of that in return for taking on someone else's risk? If the only way I "win" a trade is for everything to break right, I don't think I have actually won.
  11. Once Gronk goes, Reed should be added to the poll. Otherwise, Rodgers should probably have the chance to compete with Luck for votes.
  12. Thought this thread would be a warning to keep an eye out for unscrupulous plumbers pilfering household valuables. Glad to see it's something positve! And a very interesting hobby that I imagine requires extremely steady hands.
  13. For a couple seasons now, when on the field, Reed has beern closer to Gronk than the rest of that young field has been to Reed. I dont feel that Allen gives the same differential advantage vs. the next tier of WR. Admittedly I am lower on Allen than most, but I thnk you are underselling Reed.
  14. Both? I have waivers set to process, and "no add/drops" set and owners are getting a "league calendar doesnt allow adds" when they try to make waiver claims. What are the "both" I need?
  15. Nope. When I do that, owners can't even submit waiver pickups. When I don't do that, owners can make first come, first served add/drops even when it's a waiver period. There must be a ton of support issues going in right now, because I've had a ticket in to them for over 7 hours without even the automated "we got your message" acknowledgement, Usually a human being has replied to me within one hour...