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  1. Not as long as Trent Williams is on the Redskins’ roster...
  2. As many times as the Pats had some no-name (Olswesky?) lining up in 4-wide sets last night I can see why they felt the need to add another weapon...
  3. Crazy busy this's almost over and I haven't even gotten to load in the picks. I'll try to get this up in the next day or two...but y'all may have to track your own scores until TNF, when I should have time to get things back in order. Sorry.
  4. Only the Lizard King could score 22 touchdowns on only 2 receptions! And just 6 yards? Surely he has a hand in getting the team into scoring position too...
  5. Yes, I think he's worth that. Vernon has finally looked decent, which should help Garrett in the long run.
  6. OFF: Buf DEF: Buf Used: OFF: SEA, NE, Dal, LAC, Phi, Bal DEF: BAL, NE, Dal, LAC, Phi, Ten I’m wearing my anti-Deamon flame-resistant shirt this morning, so bring it on!
  7. You are likely runnng afoul not only of the “magical age of 30,” but the dreamy magic of the 2020 class, which is being talked up like the second coming of the Kelly-Marino year. 1sts have been much harder to acquire than usual this season.
  8. I just hope “growth” doesn’t mean “Snyder told me Haskins’ role had better grow fast if I want my bank account to keep growing.” But I have my suspicions.
  9. Clearly worth a speculative add just in case, especially this late in the season. But the “Rodgers talks him up, great preseason” lines I’m reading in this thread are shockingly similar to what everyone was saying a year ago about Jake Kumerow. Maybe Lazard is the next James Jones, but he could also be the next Bill Schroeder or Jeff Janis.
  10. By that sort of reasoning you could have taken McCaffery in the first. The issue isn’t “I could have done better in round 2.” It’s whether the chance of payoff was as good. There was a consensus top 4 at RB this year. McCaffery is paying out huge. Barkley was till he got hurt. Kamara and Elliott are a bit down, but let’s say 40-50% hit rate. Based on FBG adp, the second round RBs were Chubb, Gurley, Mixon and Cook (Fournette was well behind those guys). Chubb and Cook hit, but Gurley and Mixon have crashed worse than Kamara. Third round is Kerryon, Damien Williams, Freeman, Jones, Jacobs and Carson. I think we’re somewhat lower here...maybe 2.5/6? But your point seems to be holding here. With similar odds of picking a “successful RB” in the 2nd or 3rd, it does appear that grabbing a near-certain hit at QB could have been a sound strategy.
  11. Turf toe tends to linger through the season, and is easy to reaggrevate. I downgraded Adams substantially for “rest of season” output even after he comes back. No impact on dynasty value in my opinion, since an offseason of rest tends to fully cure it.
  12. One of these things is not like the others... I would be holding tight to Adams, Juju and Hopkins in dynasty but would LOVE to flip Green for either of those younger WRs.
  13. Reality check...if you had taken Mahomes first, your RB1 would have come from, say, round 3. Which round 3 RBs are meeting expectations better than the Barkley/Kamara tier? Probably just as many disappointments up and down the draft board. Every season I get reminded that depth matter a lot to winning the season slog.