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  1. Interesting tactic, but since every point Seattle scores is a point allowed by the Atlanta defense, this is effectively taking a zero anyway, and burning two teams to do it, isn't it? Either way, Neil Beaufort Zod has made a Saints-esque comeback with his Phi/Jac play and now holds the lead: Neil Beaufort Zod: 84 Deamon: 83 -OZ-: 71 cdwood: 67 Arodin: 67 QuizGuy66: 55 Bankerguy: 25 Utter Chaos: 17 Cowboysfan8: 11 Genester: 10 bro1ncos: 9 Saint: 9 neal cassady : 7 Chasers Dawg: -3 Gottabesweet: -3 Bonfire: -3 Apeman: -4 Mr. Irrelevant: -8 Riffraff: -9 Donnybrook: -10 Hawk Fan: -11
  2. Hank is late to the party. A rarity for him!
  3. Fixed this for you...
  4. Refs in the tank FOR the Eagles now...that was down at the 1.
  5. If someone had told me the Chargers would be up 40-7, Peterman would be having a horrific game, and Joey Bosa would not have found his way onto the stat sheet, I'm not sure I would have believed it...
  6. Hmm...I'm going to forgive myself for forgetting the estimable Mr. Hardy, but my memory was apparently completely fogged, because Favre only had 6, and a bunch of folks threw 7. I was way off.
  7. Seven, by Favre.
  8. Aw come on, guys, you have no heart! Let the kid go for Favre's may be the only thing he can stake his claim to when his career is over.
  9. He's already reached Thad Lewis' career INT total, and is only 2 away from Brian Brohm's mark. All in one game, this kid is gold!
  10. Currently Deamon is poised to take over 1st place via the unorthodox maneuver of not making a selection this week. -OZ- had been tied, but will be taking a negative score.
  11. Should be letting Bucs score here...
  12. 3 people on the KC offense this week...lots of movement in the standings possible. KC defense turned out to be the play here...unfortunately I paired them with the Jacksonville offense:
  13. Every board has its own culture, and sometimes that culture is opaque to outsiders and newcomers. Sometimes it even seems stupid to those new arrivals, who want to do things their own way. I get that. But to think that it makes sense to come into a place, break its rules, and then mock those who try to gently point them out, seems terribly self-focused and entitled. Yet it happens over and over again here in the Shark Pool. FBG Shark Pool has, for years, been organized around the idea of sorting information by player, rather than by week, or by team, or by immediacy of the news. It has advantages and disadvantages. Plenty of other sites choose to organize and dispense their information in other ways. People are free to gravitate to the place that dispenses content in their preferred form. Going to one of those other sites and mocking them for not letting me post things the Shark Pool way would be just as rude and unreasonable. Why do people do this sort of thing...
  14. You should go read Arch's article...he addresses this very question. I won't be the guy who posts other people's content here going forward, but in the interests of making a smooth transition, Arch says that Bethea took over Branch's role, and Baker replaced Bethea in his. So no guarantee Baker inherits Branch's production or opportunity.
  15. Sorry Gally. I read, and appreciate your help in here. I just don't have enough experience with contract leagues to feel like I can give advice of any value there...