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  1. That is actually the part that worries me. If he botched the procedure once and got a pass from the office, having a second procedural issue come up a month later is a red flag for his attention to detail, and may (in the view of the league office) merit a wake-up call. Of course, this assumes the article is actually correct. Everyone is going, by necessity, on inference, rumor and conjecture right now.
  2. Likely the casts are being overvalued in both cases, even if the QB turns out to be good. Any tme you have two guys with an uncertain distribution of targets (Watkins/Hill, or Lewis/Henry for instance), fantasy drafters will draft on the upside chance that the one they get will be the one getting 60+% of the pie. This means the combined draft value has baked in already a 120% or more expectation of actual production. The QB is being drafted based on the presumed 100% production, because the QB ranks arent differentiating which target is getting which passes, so the total projection on the targets doesnt factor in individual upside.
  3. Goodell suspends whom he will suspend. Facts rarely enter into it.
  4. Can you bet the under in Vegas and the over with your other bookie? Then, if the team wins 8, you’re golden!
  5. Allen is an elite talent, and Goff/Benjamin are pretty much replacement level. Don't risk him coming to his senses, take the deal and work on securing a backup QB later.
  6. Haven't seen it mentioned yet, but doesn't the "cut-and-choose" method require even numbers of districts to approach fairness? Otherwise one party is getting an extra cut AND the coveted last cut. Would it require a Constitutional Ammendment to mandate every state have an even number of districts? (I can't remember my long-ago civics class, and crowd-sourcing the question is lazier than looking it up.)
  7. Nice try, but not quite. Joe posted the age polls in both forums, but only put “how long have you been here” in the FFA.
  8. With 144 votes in, nearly 90% have been here over 10 years. That is pretty impressive loyalty. (Or long-time subscribers are more likely to open, read and vote in this thread than others.) I wonder if the age spread in the Shark Pool would center younger?
  9. On a fantasy football message board, posting rankings right before the season starts does nobody any good.
  10. Fine. Put an asterisk by all of Andrew Luck’s Super Bowl wins to date too, if it makes you feel better.
  11. Yep. Good point. We need to put an asterisk by all of Jeff Blake’s Super Bowl victories too.
  12. Unfortunately, his past and reputation kind of prevents any issue from being considered minor.
  13. First off, this is the only time I can remember when a fantasy player thought having more trades in his league was a bad thing. Usually folks complain that there isn’t enough trading in their leagues. Second...why are people accepting these deals if they are so terrible? It’s one thing for a guy to keep sending lousy offers that exploit recent news, but if trades are going throughnand needing processing, then apparently someone thinks the deal is a good one?
  14. With Bryant’s history, I think it will be pretty easy for the Steelers to convince other teams that they knew nothing more than his previous tendencies and risk facors which were public knowledge. (Even if they did have specific evidence, they seem to be in a very strong “plausible deniability” environment.)