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  1. Hmm. 5,000 rounds per minute is a lot. But half a million is 500,000. How far do you suppose the ones at the back of the charge could get in an hour and 40 minutes? Further than the mini’s maximum range of 3280 feet? I think so...
  2. I think fans would be even more mad if their team is in a tight playoff race and their division rival gets to go up against the backups of an opponent that played a full lineup against their own team. Fans want competitive balance and a level playing field.
  3. A fantasy football franchise costs money (in most leagues) to gain control of, and represents an asset that can potentially return real value. If I, the person who paid for the franchise, am not the owner of it, who is? If I pay a million dollars to buy a grocery, do I not own the store? What if I buy a theater? Why should buying an NFL fanchise be any diferent? If you want to complain about said fantasy franchise owners using “I own Player X” rather than the more accurate “I own the right to profit in League Y from statistics compiled by Player X,” I will accuse you of nitpicking but acknowledge your point. That is a very different issue than ownership of a company or fanchise,
  4. You aren’t far off here at all! Looks like the British occupation of Newark lasted less than a day before they all went back to New York.
  5. Sure. What exactly does Hunt have here to account for? Being at a bar?
  6. Having been, in my younger days “questioned by police” for such irresponsible stupidities as: sitting in my parked car after dark, walking back and forth in front of my apartment complex, and being outdoors after someone in the neighborhood phoned in a report of gunshots, I learned early that: Being “questioned by police” does not equate to “did anything irresponsible or wrong.” Police do question witnesses and victims as well as perpetrators. None of my questionings led to posted cell phone videos that I then had to answer for to my boss, nor did they appear on the local news.
  7. Maybe Nike can...but what happens when Reebok undercuts their prices by $5 a pair because they continue to exploit cheaper labor? Will Americans pay significantly more for shoes than they have to just because they oppose sweatshops? Sadly I doubt it. Because if they would, they could already be making charitable contributions at those levels to repuatble relief agencies.
  8. Pay $15/hr to make shoes and ship them halfway around the world, vs. pay $15/hr and make them in our backyard and truck them to market. It’s the low labor costs that make it feasible to produce in places with minimal infrastructure, far from the consumer markets at all. So unless Nike can afford to engage in international charity and still stay in business, requiring them to pay living wages overseas may as well be the same as driving the workers back to the garbage dump.
  9. Think about timeshares in which the #2 back gets hurt and is replaced by the #3. While you’d think most teams would lean more on the #1, my impression is that for the past decade most teams have substitution plans for their backs and they keep those the same even when quality drops in one part of the tandem. If the old guy was getting every third series or half the goalline work, the new guy will too even if demonstratably worse.
  10. Going to go way out on a limb here and guess that a majority of the people reading this are going to have footballguys as one of their pay subscriptions (those who have any at all). It’s the only one I still subscribe to. Plenty of free stuff out there, but Joe deserves some support for keeping this place running imo.
  11. There’s something to be said for the days when the cops could show up, decide nothing of consequence had happened, then send everybody on their way without incident, and not have it turn into weeks-long national news. The rush to judgment over what, for all we know thus far, was a routine inquiry in which no wrong was done, is truly frustrating.
  12. Psycho will win, but Vertigo was his best imo.
  13. I read this similarly though. Age-ists likely already would want Mike Williams ahead of AJ Green. (Personally I favor Green but we’re getting close to the point where not trading Green means he’ll retire on your roster because no one will give decent value.) Njoku is consensus-rated ahead of Herndon, so the “value” is on Njoku’s side, but I remain underwhelmed. If (unlike this case) I needed to tirn Njoku into Herndon in order to get another part of the deal done I’d be willing to. He needs to give you someone with reasonable prospect value for Hunt...this one might have worked shortly after the video and release from the Chiefs but a lot of people are satisfied with the Cleveland landing spot and pending free agency. Hunt’s redraft value is minimal though...looks like that’s where he’s hoping to exploit a misvaluation on your part.
  14. Try renting a hotel small conference room. Acoustics and wifi should be business-class, more than enough for your needs, and a newer hotel will have ample connectors for everyone to be hooked into whatever video or audio chat you want. Plus, you have the option of in-house catered refreshment if you don’t want to bring in from the outside (which is also an option in most cases).
  15. The NFL’s first rushing yards leader was Cliff Battles, who led the league with 576 yards. The following year he jacked this up a full 28%, finishing with 737 yards. Alas, he failed to re-set his own record, as Jim Musick posted 809. Requiring the first year to be actually “record-setting” rather than just “amazingly good” narrows the sample size considerably but I still found one example with less than 5 minutes of google work. 😛