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  1. Have an offer to basically move my JPP for his Leonard Williams. Balanced IDP scoring system, start 2DE+flex. Williams is 6 years younger, JPP has been more productive thus far. If I'm focused on the next 2-3 year window, which would you rather have (and why)?
  2. I'd do that for Alshon, then turn around and deal him for some rb help. I think the deal is good value that you can likely convert, either now or a few weeks into the season (before Jeffery gets hurt and becomes perpetually questionable).
  3. Ebron, Ertz, Rudolph and Cook are practically the comolete set of TEs for which the fantasy community has wildly different valuations of. I have seen people touting all four of them as potential breakout stars, and seen people dismiss eachof the four as low-value performers to sell at the height of their perceived value. Which is to say, shop all four of them, looking for an owner that still puts high value on one of them (like travdogg with Ebron) and move whichever one gets you back the most. I expect if all the owners in your league ranked the four, they'd all give you different orders. Maybe you'll even find good deals for more than one. With Henry as a high-vakue keeper, you should be able to get by fine with whichever of that group your league values least.
  4. The only ways to replenish talent over time in a dynasty league are: a) draft good rookies b) fleece people with trades or c) be lucky on grabbing the best waiver pickups The second options is unreliable, and the third option only works well if your team is down in the standings (or you use blind bidding for free agents AND are sharper than your rivals). So in short, the rookie draft is essential. That said, you don't have to gain your value from it by actually drafting rookies. You can also build and sustain a dynasty by making effective trades of high perceived-value picks for established players. Best way to use the rook draft is the same as anything else...try to maximize your return on investment, whether by holding or dealing each asset.
  5. If we define "big play heavy" as a system with enough weight on sacks and turnovers that guys who arent tackle machines still sit atop the FP rankings, the 1:3 isn't enough, (I play mostly in 1:3 settings and the tackle producers still outscore the sack specialists.) I'd put 1:3 in the "balanced scoring" category, put your 2:3 solidly in the "tackle heavy" range, and consider 1:4" to be the edges of bigplay heavy...
  7. It is odd that he is not in the rankings, but both of FBG's IDP projectors have him included in their safety charts. Norton has him as safety #10 and Rudnicki as #21, so there is (not surprisingly) a high variance in his projections, but the average seems to be about in line with my expectations.
  8. Davis. Immediate path to starting role, and LB usually hold more value than DBs. I really like Adams, but the gap between the best DBs and replacement level is smaller than for LBs. Plus, the top DBs turn over more year-to-year than the top LBs. Now if Peppers can manage one of these "plays at LB while having DB position eligbility" deals, he would be extreme value...but league hosts seem to be catching up with that trick.
  9. I expect the Taylor is Tyrod, to replace Aaron. Not a great choice, as he's not that young, and not guaranteed to hold a starting job even as long as Rodgers. I would hold Rodgers at that price and see if you can do better.
  10. Wow...I think I'd consider dealing Beckham for a haul like that...
  11. "What back could I get" is far too dependent on other owners' rosters and team needs to answer meaningfully. I would probably be open to moving 4 for the three firsts you mention, especially if I expected the 2018 to be in the top half. This year's class is deep enough for 16 to hold decent value. I would prefer Gurley to McCaffery/Mixon/ whichever at 4, but close enough that it depends how soured Gurley's owner has become. You might add a few lower value pieces to 1.4 to make it more enticing, if you really want Gurley.
  12. How angry were you during the last 20 minutes of the Super Bowl?
  13. It is going to depend a lot on which 1st. Two 2nds for a 1st deals are usually much easier to swing a year or two out than for oicks already slotted, For example: offer me two high seconds for my 1.11 and I probably take it. I'm not sure you could offer me enough 2nds to part with 1.1 most seasons.
  14. I agree that I would look for either a better WR or perhaps more than one player from the tier you mentioned. You might also have some success finding a Cousins truther and moving him for one of those WRs.