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  1. No movement at the top, as our top two picked the same teams, but plenty of shakeups further down the leader board! RND2's run of success is crashing to a halt, as he remains ahead of only players who haven't been seen in weeks. So take heart! Just by participating, you are performing better than that orangataun making the Colts' picks a couple drafts back... cdwood 161 Arodin 120 QuizGuy66 105 Pip's Invitation 97 Riffraff 97 Franknbeans 92 Obie Wan 92 Deamon 86 Mr. Irrelevant 73 -OZ- 62 Genester 32 NeilBeaufort Zod 27 RND2 18 Snorkelson 5 kutta 4 Dr. Octopus -5 solorca -15 BigSteelThrill -20 RND1 -46
  2. Expect a lot of plays like that. Defenses are afraid to hit the QB anymore, and have to armtackle or push down, so QBs will be routinely escaping hits to make plays. Last week’s game featured two or three plays where announcers were praising an immobile QB for “escaping” a defender that ran past him trying to wrap him up from the side. Not your father’s NFL anymore.
  3. I've been playing FF for a long time. I can't recall a primetime game with an Andy Reid coached team where folks weren't questioning his RB usage. Yet every single time he's on the TV, people will be in the game thread complaining about disappearing running backs. Do we never learn?
  4. Not really. Carson started, with Davis in relief. Penny sprinkled in here and there semi-randomly, although he had some decent plays. Game was out of hand early, so nothing to be gleaned about future usage IMO.
  5. Oh, for sure. I just think it's more respectful of greatness to say the organization has "forgotten how to win." That's undeniably true.
  6. Arodin

    Rams vs Broncos - Week 6

    Now that's an "excessive celebration" I'd like to see. Player outruns the D, stops at the one, and starts downloading something on his cell phone. How you like that, Joe Horn?
  7. I think some guys named Payton, Singletary, Butkus, et. al. might want to disagree with you. Strenuously.
  8. Used: Off: NO, LAC, KC, NE, CIN Def: BAL, LAC, MIN, JAC, TEN Week 6: O: ATL D: HOU
  9. Standings from Week 4, posted in the week 5 thread lest someone miss the week 4 bump and post this week's entries in the wrong place! cdwood widened his lead as the runner-up's contrarian play sent him back into the pack of chalk picks. RND1 continues to freefall, and RND2 takes a step bacl: cdwood 140 Arodin 99 Obie Wan 92 QuizGuy66 89 Franknbeans 79 Pip's Invitation 71 Riffraff 66 Deamon 65 -OZ- 62 Mr. Irrelevant 47 Genester 32 RND2 19 Snorkelson 5 kutta 4 Neil Beaufort Zod -3 Dr. Octopus -5 solorca -15 BigSteelThrill -20 RND1 -60 Oh, and I get RND1 doing it, but Neil BeaufortZod should know better than to edit. I allowed it anyway.
  10. Been hammered by work this week. I will get standings updated tonight, and post my entry then. Sorry for the delay!
  11. Arodin

    MNF: Saints v Redskins

    “Smith goes to Brian Quick...” And there in a nut shell is what’s wrong with the Redskins offense. No weapons at all.
  12. Arodin

    Arizona Safeties

    Cardinals have been playing three- and four- safety sets for a few years now with success. They have safeties who can play corner-like roles innthe slot, and safeties that can come up and fill the box as needed. Seems not to be any defined roles week to week, but they are put in position to make plays. Expect unpredictability in which safety has the best output week to week, but fairly predictable fantasy production from all of them.
  13. Thats actually a food idea. Thanks!
  14. Yes...but Im at an age where reading on my device is challenging. I need the “big print” edition of my stats, so to speak.
  15. Thanks. They do have a decent app but my mobile device is tied up on game day streaming me games. I kind of want a website I can have up on my big screen desktop. Does the Score have a web portal?
  16. Yep. Plus, you can't see the current drive in its entirety. Just the most recent play. Completely useless for tabbing between games and catching up. For over a decade it's been easy to open 8-10 tabs and follow all the games Sunday afternoon. I don't get why, as technology marches on, something like that would become harder. But it has.
  17. I'm too busy trying to follow play-by-play on's redesigned pile of crap that used to be easy to flip to a game every couple minutes and catch up on what happened. Soaks up my usual posting time. Anyone know a good "mostly text, no major flash graphics" site that keeps live play-by-play up to date?
  18. Arodin

    Week 5 Questions For Bloom

    Rodgers without receivers, or Bortles in the rain...or Smith Monday Night.
  19. Arodin

    Cardinals DB .. who do you want?

    Redraft, sure. Dynasty I wouldnt.
  20. Arodin

    TNF: Patriots Vs Colts

    Anyone remember the outrage back when network execs preempted an NFL game to show Heidi? I'm thinking at this rate I could go for some Heidi by the end of the half...
  21. Arodin

    TNF: Patriots Vs Colts

    Only for half the team. You can see one offense and the other defense, but not the opposite set. Because obviously no one in the new generation cares about what happened LAST drive...
  22. Arodin

    TNF: Patriots Vs Colts

    So's gamecenter used to be info-dense. You could see offensive and defensive stats for both teams, and a full play-by-play on the side, along with a graphic showing field position, score, time outs, clock, etc. Everything you could reasonably want in a fairly compact screen. Like everything else in the mobile age, it has apparently become necessary to ruin a perfectly functioning product in order to add giant text boxes and pointless graphic popups. So in addition to not having the full play by play without scrolling forever, you can't even see the defensive stats of the team currently holding the ball, nor the defensive stats of the team playing defense. This is better why? Why change what ain't broke.
  23. Arodin

    TNF: Patriots Vs Colts

    As a physics teacher, I prefer to define this as "making forward progress in the opposite direction."
  24. Arodin

    TNF: Patriots Vs Colts

    Can't see why anyone would veto that. The two players have absolutely identical points per game this season.
  25. Arodin

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Ok, ok...which is the first criterion? Still "most points" with total as a tiebreaker? Matt Prater. 47 yard long. 0 misses. 22.2 points.