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    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    By your standard, anyone offering “definitive proof” would be committing a HIPPA violation and facing jailtime. Good luck waiting for that to be posted here...
  2. Arodin

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    I think that is only a reasonable conclusion if you discount the reports of skipping training camp, showing up late on game days, missing meetings... Admittedly it may be sensible to discount those, given the circumstances in which they came out, but that’s part of what I’m pointing to in raising the possibility that he isn’t the tireless worker he once was.
  3. Arodin

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Except week 17. And in subsequent reports leaking out during this final dispute. How much of the latter is spin to make the team look good is open for debate, but if it is true, it seems AB has moved away from the hard worker reputation he had early in his career.
  4. Arodin

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Pretty sure he was equatng Kupp to Coutee, not Fuller.
  5. Have any of you tried the real-time game app they keep touting? Is it any good?