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  1. Yep. When they catch the Packers, Steelers and Bills intentionally altering the game equipment after it was certified ready, then the penalty should be applied to them just like New England. If those teams aren't sending ballboys to alter the gameballs after the refs approve them, then fairness dictates that the real source of these hypothetical underinflations bear an appropriate penalty instead.
  2. My read is that the punishment for the (alleged?) act was 4 games. The "added punishment" for the coverup was simply "no reduction on appeal." Somehow the NFL, in its Keystone Cops justice system, has created the expected norm that all suspensions get reduced on appeal unless aggrevated. Bell got his reduced why? Hardy got his reduced why? There never seems to be any compelling reason for the reduced suspensions, but they do create the situation in which "not reducing" is seen as an added penalty. I did not understand at the time, nor can I comprehend now, how the players could have been dumb enough to agree to all this in the CBA...
  3. I like it. Younger and better at QB. Witten now/ASJ later is an adequate replacement for Kelce (for what it's worth I'm high on both Kelce and ASJ). Cooks is the primary "price" for the QB upgrade as I see it. Don't expect a ton from Smith/Crabtree...decent bench fodder.
  4. Orton and Campbell are there because they retired. Cross them out, and do you really think Lindley or Jordan Palmer would add any clarity in Buffalo?That leaves the only intriguing name on the list as Michael Vick...whether that option is attractive likely depends on how you viewed his "not ready to play, just wanted to hold a clipboard and collect paychecks" attitude from when he last held a job. Would bringing him in as a starter be enough for him to give you everything left in his tank? And what does he have left... Pretty rare these days when a starter-worthy QB is available for free. Maybe they should be looking to trade for Glennon, Mettenberger, Cousins, or your favorite second stringer elsewhere. Would that be any better than Taylor though...
  5. Arodin

    Andre Ellington - RB - Clemson.

    It's that this is a particularly egregious example of something I've also seen here at FBGs. They get locked into their particular analysis to the point of copy-pasting it in whether the specific news in question supports or contradicts the conclusion.Roto is highly invested, it appears, in its prediction that Ellington will be displaced by Johnson. To stand by that is fine, but to attach that to a news item the content of which points in the exact opposite direction SHOULD be accompanied by some kind of acknowledgement thereof. If, for instance, they had said "Despite this statement from Arians, we aren't convinced that Ellington will hold up to such a heavy workload. Johnson is bigger, more athletic and better able to survive the workload Arians invisions" I doubt we'd be having this side conversation at all. When they don't even notice that the news contradicts their conclusion, they look like they are either sloppy or highly arrogant.
  6. I know. I wasn't referring to Spygate specifically there. We were talking about forms of cheating in general (bribing refs, PEDs) and I was adding " filiming opponent practices" to the list of things I would consider serious cheating deserving of major penalties. I was not suggesting that the Pats had been doing that...many teams have been accused of it over the decades. I was also pointing out that the description "cameraman in the wrong place" was the sort of thing that could be anywhere from such illegal filming to just being a few yards out of a designated filming the wording wasn't clear as to how severe the infraction was. Again, in general terms. Spygate is over, and relevant here only inasmuch as it points to a pattern of violations by NE.
  7. I haven't posted here, but have very much enjoyed reading the rankings and commentary, and learned a few things about US history that I'm glad I was exposed to here. Appreciate the effort and thought Tim put in, and that of the many commenters who supported or critiqued the rankings. Probably the most informative bit I've read in the FFA!
  8. Downgrade the Jet defense...
  9. I agree that your first paragraph (bribing officials, PEDa, etc.) are serious cheating and should be punished harshly. I'd also argue that improper filming of opponent practice is cheating. If that can be spun into "cameraman in the wrong place" then yes, that's cheating too. If you mean "wrong place" in the same sense as coaches ignoring the sideline box...well that's more jaywalking. Similarly, a few balls being underinflated...jaywalking. I deliberate ongoing effort to tamper with the equipment? Sounds more least as bad as tampering with opponent communications. Was the issue a few years back of one team's staff being able to listen into the visiting team locker room minor? I don't think tampering comes in a range of severity. One problem with the Pats issue at hand is we have no real sense of whether this was going on for years and only just discovered, or if it was a one-time thing. The former, on principle, strikes me as more serious and worthy of greater discipline. That's my "honest take." Thank you for your cogent remarks without needing to throw about invective. It does seem like some people are more interested in picking internet fights than discussing the matter. (that probably should have been predictable from the thread size alone....)
  10. Possibly not till Woodhead's contract is up. No knock on Gordon but Woodhead has been one of the best 3rd down backs in football, and the Chargers would want that value from him, no?
  11. Are we really at the point of questioning people's manhood because they don't find cheating to be something lightly excused? If someone cheats at a poker tournament and wins, does it matter whether they cheated during the final hand, or whether they cheated along the way? And does "they would have won even if they hadn't used the ace up their sleeve" somehow make it perfectly fine to have had it there in the first place? If so, you and I have very different concepts of fair play and appropriate competition.
  12. The counter-argument to that would be that without the cheating, perhaps they don't win those SBs, conference titles, division titles, etc.In what way did they cheat to beat the Seahawks?If they cheated to get there, then it's fair to say they might not have won that SB without cheating, even if they didn't cheat in that particular game.
  13. This is a very good point. They might actually be the WORST at cheating, given how much more often they get caught and penalized harshly compared to all the other teams.
  14. Arodin

    Dynasty: Ty Montgomery, WR Stanford

    I don't think the players job is to get their replacements ready. I think the coaches will probably be in charge of teaching Montgomery how to play.To be fair, "learn from" can be "learn from watching," which is an opportunity I would expect any rookie behind all-pros like Cobb and Jordy to be exploiting. They don't have to be teaching their replacements explicitly to be setting an example that is instructive.
  15. Huard, Croyle, Thigpen, Cassel, Orton, Palko, Quinn, Daniel, ASmith... From Bowe's point of view, McCown is a top-2 talent at worst.
  16. Looks pretty typical. Up one place/down one place, with some later compensation to the owner going down first seems pretty standard for this sort of trade. Easier to give an opinion on who "won" by looking at who gets drafted in those slots. Hindsight being 20/20 and all...
  17. That said, as a MB owner I dont think I would take that offer right now. All the news is just too encouraging right now. I know it is an awesome sell high opportunity, but I still thik it would take two 1s for me to pull the trigger. Tough to evaluate right now. He only has 26 career catches! I think this will be the problem you'll have, Sabertooth. I too am a MB owner, and am liking his potential in the near-term a lot. Are you talking 2015 picks or 2016? For 2015...depends how high the picks are. I'd consider moving Bryant for Cooper, but would likely hold relative to later 1st round talent like Parker or Agholor. I think I'd hold MB over a 2016 1st, given the uncertainty of where that pick would fall.
  18. Kind of silly Shutout. One situation is dealing with classified information and so blatantly violates any semblance of common sense or propriety and the other merely deals with an infraction concerning the handling of balls played in an athletic competition...even though there have been numerous instances of tampering with balls and nothing has ever been done about it by the league. all that comparison proves is just how petty and stupid this witch hunt is against one of the good guys in the league Or, how thoroughly in the tank for Hillary said media are. Two ways to read that seeming contradiction, only one of which relates to the merits of deflategate...
  19. I'd have tried to get more for Romo, though part of that is not being sold on Martin. If he gets back to being a half decent RB2 then his side looks good. I get trying to move Romo's going to be much harder next offseason. And I trust Eli as an adequate replacement. Just thinking a couple weeks into the season after a big day for Dallas O, maybe someone pays extra.
  20. I think I take the Peyton/Cruz side there even if I'm the one rebuilding, then turn around and deal Peyton to someone else for more than the table scraps you gave up. Not sold on any of those three you gave up. I'll take Gordon/Wallace here. Could just be rookie bias though. Give me Ivory and the higher picks.
  21. I'd have held onto Dez until someone gave me more value.
  22. 2016 1st easily on the first trade. On the second, I'm going to guess you meant Charles Sims...I'd probably take the gamble on his upside over Cousins as well.
  23. And yet, Rodgers' week 15 (fantasy playoff) stat line from 2014: 27 rushyds, 185 passyds, 0 TD, 2 int. ~6 fantasy points.
  24. I'd take Martavis+picks in a vacuum, but it's close, and in your situation makes sense. Ertz/Dorsett. Cheap for Luck imo.