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  1. Evans for Luck in a superflex? Robbery! even with the 4pt pass TDs.
  2. MFL adp data from just the month of August and he's going 18th, behind both QBs and Eric Kendricks. Given that non-IDP leagues are included, there's a decent chance Stephone Anthony (22nd) and Vic Beasley (24th) are going ahead of him as well. I have to assume people are passing on him in favor of WRs with a clearer path to immediate contributions. Owners near the top of the 2nd round likely already have strong playoff rosters and may be trying to get that immediate impact guy that can put them over the top.
  3. No kickers were drafted this year across the NFL. Surely there's a senior from some college program that would be worth at least a tryout, instead of retread vets whose accuracy or lack of length has gotten them cut by multiple teams.
  4. Arodin

    Official Odell Beckham, Jr.

    How long before we start invoking Chuck Norris comparisons here....
  5. Arodin

    Official Sam Bradford - QB

    Is it definitive that areas of the body that are about to get injured get hotter leading up to injury? It seems to me that an already-injured area would be hot due to swelling, etc. That doesn't mean it gets hot before the injury. Another likely interpretation is that the heat indicates a site that has been mildly "damaged" but which would recover quickly...whereas further exertion might cause further injury before macro-symptoms made detection obvious. Could still be preventative even if it ends up being merely an "early warning system" for injuries.
  6. Watermelon is overrated. Ever have a watermelon pie? Or order a glass of watermelon juice? Least versatile fruit ever. And the SEEDS get more recreational play than the fruit itself. That has to be a red flag...
  7. Arodin

    Top 5 Rookie WR's

    Good post. Being overlooked because of the injury, which keeps him out of any redraft-focused rook ranking/review. Great longterm add, available on the cheap.
  8. Not a bad haul for players on the downside of their careers. Not thrilled with those particular prospects, but based on adp this translates to about 5 second rd. picks for those players.
  9. Presidential totals so far, some definite tiers emerging: Washington 64 Monroe 59 Polk 55 Jefferson 50 Adams 49 Jackson 44 Madison 39 Van Buren 29 Tyler 29 J.Q. Adams 27 Taylor 19 W.H. Harrison 12
  10. Fairly balanced, but I think I take Green. I like the Wright/3rd side of this whether the payout is Jennings or Stills.
  11. Might we see the first QBBC since Spurrier retired? Would that be a terrible plan?
  12. Don't believe the rookie hype. Duke Johnson isn't quite ready yet for inclusion in a Top 100 Great Americans list. Let him start at least one game first.
  13. Spears/Bieber in '16! The FFA simply MUST get behind this movement!
  14. Reasonable. If an owner is at the "blow it up and start over" point, then that may be as much as can be had for an older RB. But aside from that very specific circumstance, I don't see it. And even then...could more have been had by holding out longer?
  15. Peterson, and quite easily. I agree. I'd very much like to see the logic for which of the players typically available at 1.7 are remotely comparable to AP.
  16. Lessee, female tennis star, demagogue, inventor, fascist, Broadway songwriter, terrorist... so far one in each category. This was about Yankee's criteria-based Presidents' ranking. Not Tim's stream-of-consciousness rankings, for which no reliable criteria have been reverse-engineered.
  17. I'd like that trade with anything from a 2nd onward. If he insists on a 1st see if you can work something else of value onto his side in the negotiations.
  18. Give me Huff I suppose. Hopefully neither needs to start for me anytime soon. Chris Polk could be starting for Houston with Foster and Blue nicked upI'm not really getting all the Polk love. What has he done to suggest that he will be any better than Blue, whom everyone is pretty much panning anyway? Yes he might get a few spot starts. But why should we expect him to be any more than a placeholder? And even that assumes they don't sign any of the much-mentioned free agents and push Polk back to 3rd string.
  19. Yankee, I think when you're done it will be interesting to look at rankings sorted within each category as well as the overall. Maybe I'll start keeping a spreadsheet if you don't already have one you're working from.
  20. Arodin

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Far from crazy. Taking your highest ranked WR at 1.1 is a sane strategy. And there is a case to be made for Antonio as that guy.
  21. Arodin

    Eric Ebron Thread

    Jeremy Hill > Ebron > Josh Hill.
  22. Got him 2.2 a few weeks ago. First half of round 2 sounds fairly typical.
  23. Reports from minicamp were that the prevailing sentiment was that he was JAG. They wasted no time paying him an injury settlement and sending him on his way after he cleared waivers, so I believe it was a "nothing to see here" deal. same as a JAGOFF I assume? Believe JAG stands for "Just A Guy" when it comes to sports evaluation.
  24. Fair enough...I posted without reading further...cardinal sin on these forums. I can certainly see the logic for Brown being among the most "impactful" Americans. With this understanding, I will be enjoying reading the rest of your top 100...then trying to find better Americans whom you omitted. Between this, Yankee's remarkably informed Presidential rankings, and the masterful fruit parody, this thread has become my go-to read outside of the Shark Pool.