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    TNF: Patriots Vs Colts

    Anyone remember the outrage back when network execs preempted an NFL game to show Heidi? I'm thinking at this rate I could go for some Heidi by the end of the half...
  2. Arodin

    TNF: Patriots Vs Colts

    Only for half the team. You can see one offense and the other defense, but not the opposite set. Because obviously no one in the new generation cares about what happened LAST drive...
  3. Arodin

    TNF: Patriots Vs Colts

    So's gamecenter used to be info-dense. You could see offensive and defensive stats for both teams, and a full play-by-play on the side, along with a graphic showing field position, score, time outs, clock, etc. Everything you could reasonably want in a fairly compact screen. Like everything else in the mobile age, it has apparently become necessary to ruin a perfectly functioning product in order to add giant text boxes and pointless graphic popups. So in addition to not having the full play by play without scrolling forever, you can't even see the defensive stats of the team currently holding the ball, nor the defensive stats of the team playing defense. This is better why? Why change what ain't broke.
  4. Arodin

    TNF: Patriots Vs Colts

    As a physics teacher, I prefer to define this as "making forward progress in the opposite direction."
  5. Arodin

    TNF: Patriots Vs Colts

    Can't see why anyone would veto that. The two players have absolutely identical points per game this season.
  6. Arodin

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Ok, ok...which is the first criterion? Still "most points" with total as a tiebreaker? Matt Prater. 47 yard long. 0 misses. 22.2 points.
  7. Arodin

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Yep. I was following the directions explicitly, and figured why commit to a stat projection that is likely to be wrong? Strategy. It's how you win at kicker.
  8. Arodin

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Matt Prater. 47 yard long. 0 misses. Reasoning? Take your pick of the following: 1) Every year Prater has one game where he goes absolutely nuts for no apparent reason. Detroit almost always shocks the world in one of its two matches vs. Green Bay (although sometimes they do it by being surprisingly awful instead of surprisingly good). Decent chance these two factors align this week for a 5-7 FG outing. 2) I'm in a hurry and just want to throw in an entry because I like contests and hot sauce. 3) Aliens landed in the Motor City recently and were seen coming and going from the Lions' practice facility. Matt Prater may well be a chimeric cyborg by now, who will destroy the entire state of Wisconsin if stopped by the Packers. 4) He's a kicker. He has a leg. He kicks footballs. Any given Sunday.
  9. Used: Off: NO, LAC, KC, NE Def: BAL, LAC, MIN, JAC Week 5: O: CIN D: TEN And even though RND1 is playing for the first time, I’m pretty sure he’s been lurking long enough to know better than to edit a post...
  10. Arodin

    Which LB to roll with?

    Mosley is the safest. Smith is streakier, and more of a big-play guy, so I'd stay with CJ. I assume you mean Fred Warner? Bobby Wagner is also a pretty elite talent, but context suggests you meant the SF rookie. I'd hold off on him till we see how well he co-exists with Foster.
  11. Updated standings. Leader cdwood holds his lead, but the pack is closing in, led by yours truly (for the moment). RND1 continues to hold the bottom, but RND2 is making a push! cdwood 112 Arodin 85 Franknbeans 69 Obie Wan 64 QuizGuy66 61 Pip's Invitation 58 Deamon 52 Riffraff 38 -OZ- 34 Genester 32 RND2 26 Mr. Irrelevant 20 Snorkelson 5 kutta 4 Dr. Octopus -5 solorca -15 BigSteelThrill -20 NeilBeaufort Zod -31 RND1 -47
  12. Arodin

    Chiefs @ Broncos

    I think it's more that Thomas has fallen behind Sanders. Sanders isn't playing any better (if anything a bit worse) than in previous years. But DT has dropped off a cliff.
  13. Arodin

    Chiefs @ Broncos

    Assuming you are asking seriously, and this isn't some joke I'm missing... This is an older phrase that basically means "who is on the field is more important than the scheme you draw up for them." X's and O's are plays and strategic formations, but if the players the symbols represent aren't as good as the opponent, the play probably doesn't work the way it was drawn up to. And if your players are better, the play is less crucial to success. Kind of simplistic, and badly understates the role of strategy in the modern game imo, but there you go.
  14. Arodin

    Chiefs @ Broncos

    Haven't been following the long and storied career of one Andy Reid, have you?
  15. Arodin

    Chiefs @ Broncos

    Yes, but those are calls they don't make when the ratings are good.
  16. Arodin

    Official Sam Bradford - QB

    Andrew Brandt considers Bradford the headliner for the "Business of Sports" Hall of Fame. He's earned more money for doing less than anyone else in the history of the league.
  17. Arodin

    Chiefs @ Broncos

    There is such a thing as getting too cute with the playcalling...
  18. Arodin

    Houston at Indianapolis

    Why do I have the idea that if Pederson went for it there, we'd be celebrating his ballsy choices, and acknowledging that sometimes it doesn't work. But because Reich hasn't built the long success chain of successful gambles, he gets crucified, deterring other young coaches from following in Doug's path...
  19. Arodin

    Aaron Jones - RB - Green Bay

    The entire career of Andre Williams argues that this is not true...
  20. Arodin

    Baylor WR Josh Gordon

    Fortunately, it is easy to go over to and see whether or not it paid off for him, back on October of 2012...
  21. Arodin

    Le'Veon Bell compared to James Conner

    Sorry, but you are WAY off here. You didn’t correctly account for PPL (points per letter). Conner has a Scrabble value of 22, though most of that comes from his one big J at the start. Take that out and he averages a mere 1.4 across the rest of his name. Bell on the other hand, checks in at only 15 points, despite the longer name. His per letter average is actually no better than Conner’s is without his signature big letter. Bell is a plodder, in Scrabble terms. Of course, neither can hold a candle to the greatest living RB Kyle Juszczyk (53, though in standard scoring one of his Z’s and a K are blanks, dropping him to a still HoF worthy 38).
  22. Sounds like a long-winded way of answering “no” to your original question.
  23. Not a bad pickup in deep leagues. Fantasy owners always underesimate the true value of players whose names they can’t spell.
  24. As we have seen with other QBs, the option is only locked in if Winston is injured at the start of the league year. Even having picked up the option, he can still be cut without penalty. So if the Bucs have decided to move on (big if), it adds incentive to stay with Fitz and not play Jameis at all, to avoid injury.
  25. Arodin

    Le'Veon Bell

    As a stash for the fantasy playoffs, when some other playoff-bound owner who got there riding Conner is suddenly without a key lineup contributor? It is not a terrible draft strategy for leagues not full of sharks where one is confident of grabbing decent starters in the mid-rounds. Also, many here have him in dynasty.