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    Bloom Mahomes forecast......

    A cold, a train and his breath? Three seems reasonable to me, unless he’s planning on catching a stray dog or something...
  2. Used:   Off: NO, LAC, KC, NE, CIN, ATL, LAR, PIT, CAR, TB, NYG, IND, GB, HOU  Def: BAL, LAC, MIN, JAC, TEN, HOU, DEN, NE, CHI, NYJ, ARI, DAL, GB, BUF   Week 15:   OFF: BAL    DEF: ATL
  3. Arodin

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Nice thing about waiting to the fantasy playoffs to run the contest: only 4/12ths as many posters still around to complain about "cluttering up the kicker thread." As if anything of earthshattering consequence was ever likely to be posted in the kicker thread leading up to a game.
  4. Arodin

    Tyreek Hill

    Always expect the worst, and you will never be disappointed.
  5. You must be forgetting the one glorious season of Justin Forsett!
  6. Arodin

    Your top 3 fantasy RB next year?

    I suppose the time is coming when the NFL will have to deal with human cloning, but I think we may still be a couple decades out from that... Still, as effectively as they've dealt with domestic violence, racial injustice, and workplace sexual harassment I have no doubt the NFL will be a shining example to the world of how best to handle such a potentially divisive issue...
  7. Top 10 ppg WR for a 2nd? I'll trade all my 1sts for multiple 2nds if I could do that with each of them... Close to collusive.
  8. Arodin

    Bloom Mahomes forecast......

    Hard to see how Mahomes manages to average barely over a yard per TD. Are we projecting the Chargers to commit a DPI in the endzone every time Pat drops back to pass?
  9. Arodin

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Anything for free hot sauce! It’s the fantasy football way!
  10. Arodin

    Full or Half PPR (w/TE premium)

    All PPR does is overvalue WRs. People forget it was invented in the days of bellcow RBs when the disparity in touches between RB and WR meant drafters could legitimately draft RB-RB-RB in a start-2 league. By the time PPR became widey accepted though, the league had changed in a direction to favor passing for primary offense AND in favor of committees at RB. So now we see “zero RB” type strategies which are the exact reverse of the old school 3RB drafts. The pendulum swung way too far. Go back to standard, imo. More balance.
  11. Arodin

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Yeah, but if I pick anything close to his choice I pretty much slash both our chances of winning in half, and make another respectable poster mad at me. Safer all around to pivot to my #2 choice and hope a penalty pushes a kick back 10 yards for an extra FP!
  12. Arodin

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Fairbairn 16 pts long 46 Reasons: 1) Someone already took Lutz, 2) Too many KC injuries to rely on Butker getting in range often. 3) Soft matchup and stall offense. 4) My imaginary friend likes him.
  13. Still close at the top as we come down the home stretch! Obie Wan 250 cdwood 245 Deamon 226 QuizGuy66 224 -OZ- 210 Riffraff 207 Pip's Invitation 200 Arodin 181 Mr. Irrelevant 173 Franknbeans 158 NeilBeaufort Zod 84 RND2 69 TheWinz 33 Genester 32 Snorkelson 5 kutta 4 Dr. Octopus -5 solorca -15 BigSteelThril l-20 RND1 -42
  14. The only difference between this thread and the Mike McCarthy version is that McCarthy is gone so that thread is moot. Two good but not great coaches whomhave steadily lost their team over the past seasons as player aging leads to decline in on-field glory. The real mystery is why there isn’t a smilar long thread about firing Marvin Lewis.
  15. Bradley Sowell headlines the "Week 15 waiver wire pickups" thread.
  16. Seemed to me like the "flow of the game" at the point Ben came back out of the locker room was "down the toilet." But I guess Tomlin was OK with that...
  17. Arodin

    Patriots vs Dolphins - Week 14

    That was a rule change about a year ago I believe.
  18. Arodin

    🦅 EAGLES @ 🤠 COWBOYS: Cowboys win

    "Player safety" of course. It's the excuse for everything these days.
  19. Ben came back on the field helmet in hand, but then didn't go into the game mid-drive. Hopefully he gets in the next time Pittsburgh gets the ball. Otherwise it's going to be a rough day for anyone starting Steelers' offensive players.
  20. Arodin

    Week 14 Injury Thread

    Every injury goes into the live feed logs as "questionable to return" practically the moment it gets posted. Then the real news comes out later. Never understood why the live feeds waste our time like that. I guess people's need for instant information outweighs any need for it to be accurate.
  21. Arodin

    Steelers vs Raiders

    Why is Dobbs in at QB for the series?
  22. Arodin

    Colin Kaepernick

    ...Christine Michael! The only thread made into a complete trilogy.
  23. Arodin

    🦅 EAGLES @ 🤠 COWBOYS: Cowboys win

    No, George Jefferson is that 49ers runningback...
  24. Arodin

    🦅 EAGLES @ 🤠 COWBOYS: Cowboys win

    I think he was one of those founding fathers Philly folks are always talking about...
  25. Wow...4 yards short of that in the half. It'll be criminal if they don't try to get Kittle over that early in the 2nd.