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  1. Over 200 yards in the 1st half! What's the NFL record for TE receiving yards in a game?
  2. Arodin

    Kenyan Drake - the other Bama RB

    Usually the first guy gets the reception and initial yards, the lateral guys get their yardage, and of course the TD guy gets his TD.
  3. Arodin

    🦅 EAGLES @ 🤠 COWBOYS: Cowboys win

    Cooper would have had a TD but Dak underthrew it right at the DB that was a full yard behind him...
  4. Arodin

    Giants vs Skins - Week 14

    I think it's pretty common when you're leading 34-0 and your RB has already logged 150+ yards that you let his backup get some action and give him a breather...
  5. Arodin

    Week 14 Injury Thread

    Tracy Wolfson just told us that trainers "had Tyreek Hill's foot off." Fortunately video showed it was not quite so serious, but he was having trouble walking without support. Not good for Hill owners...
  6. Arodin

    Ravens vs Chiefs - Week 14

    Don't forget WRs. Kenny Stills is back, and Coradrelle Patterson is on the board!
  7. Arodin

    Patriots vs Dolphins - Week 14

    Bolden with the long TD run as Belicheck takes trolling of fantasy players to a whole new level!
  8. Arodin

    Help with Tie Breaker please

    Which will be the next wave of FF technology imo. We are at the point where live betting play by play is an actual possibility. So why not live-timed FF scoring? Ben goes down, doesn’t come in. The Steelers have 1:48 left in the 3rd quarter. We should have the stats capability such that league hosting sites can award that fantasy team all the points earned by the designated 2nd string QB in his game from 1:48 in the 3rd onward. Wanted this for decades, but was never feasible. Soon, though...
  9. Happy if I am facing either, thrilled to be facing both. No interest at all in starting them, unless it’s a huge league (16+ teams). But for those of you actually playing in 32-man leagues Conley easily. Guy actually has a role in their offense other than “watch the DBs run around and go get some more Gatorade.”
  10. Arodin

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I think he’s basically out for a year too, mainly due to a suspension that, while not officially a one-year ban, takes him deep enough into the season to not face the kind of market for his services he might want. At some point it becomes better to wait till offseason when every team has an infusion of cash and cap space, rather than sign in-season when every one is near the cap. Exception might be a late-season injury to an RB star on a playoff-bound squad, that would be willing to pay big on a “rest of season” signing. Then we might see Hunt appear just in time to swing fantasy playoffs for owners that stashed him. I would happily pay a mid to late 1st for him. Would be smashing the accept button in that.
  11. For those of you that still use the Latest News ticker here at FBGs, they really don’t give much thought to their headlines. Way too many times we get blurbs like this one from earlier today: HEADLINE: Giants | Odell Beckham added to injury report Fri Dec 7, 04:12 PM TEXT: New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. (quadriceps) was limited during practice Friday, Dec. 7, but is not on the injury report for Week 14. I have learned to live with the random writers’ opinions being off base from the article...we are so jaded by rotoworld that that barely causes a blink. But really, how much effort does it take to synch a headline to a one-sentence blurb?
  12. Arodin

    Pettis vs ZJones vs Samuel

    Don’t remember the other Peterson, but I remember a draft where someone picked the wrong Ricky Williams in the first round...
  13. Volek was a popular spot start for his big game. Not sure about Foles...
  14. Marrone is playing against Logan Cooke in his fantasy league.
  15. It's been a while, but not sure how many people were starting Anquan Boldin in his first career start. 47.7 if it was PPR, which was also less common back in those days. Only one I can think of that comes close, since I'm assuming most crazy-scoring QB games would still have had moderately high start %'s.
  16. Would be nice if Kern would get at least one more punt in tonight...
  17. Yep, I had him on my bench. Thankfully it's a bye week. Takes most of the sting out of things.
  18. True. This game as a case in point. I didn't mean to imply we were witnessing an epic defensive struggle. I was saying the league wants more offense, less defense, so letting offensive players do things that get flagged when defenders do it has been going on for many years now. No one throws a flag when the QB puts his full body weight on a DT, do they?
  19. League doesn't care about defensive players. It's all about scoring keeping eyeballs on the TV, and the average American hasn't had the patience to appreciate a defensive struggle for decades now. And get those dern kids off my lawn, would ya?
  20. Over/Under on the number of punts Batson gets to try returning the rest of his career: 0.5.
  21. Arodin

    Week 14 Jones or Vander

    Hard to pass on DJones after last week. I left him on my bench because it was his first game back, but he played like he hasn't missed a beat. Meanwhile, LVE heads into an unpredictable timeshare with Sean Lee, making him less attractive than usual. Go Jones with confidence.
  22. This sounds a lot more like “casual fans don’t appreciate the true value of defensive players” than anything racially motivated.
  23. Used:  Off: NO, LAC, KC, NE, CIN, ATL, LAR, PIT, CAR, TB, NYG, IND, GB  Def: BAL, LAC, MIN, JAC, TEN, HOU, DEN, NE, CHI, NYJ, ARI, DAL, GB  Week 14:   OFF: HOU   DEF: BUF
  24. Arodin

    Greg Olsen traded to CAR for 3rd RD pick

    PLEASE let him take the “TE color guy in MNF booth” job. Please! Can ESPN sign him while he’s on IR?