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  1. Can't agree with going for it here...not when the worst case is a tie game and a chance to take the lead after....
  2. Why not make it a 1-TD game? 4th and 14 is not a very good range to stake your game on.
  3. It's called the Le'Veon Bell Rule. Designed to increase the longevity of RBs. Finally, QBs aren't the only players the league actually cares about!
  4. Have to protect the gambler's profits player's health. No price too high!
  5. I love questions like this. Hard to believe it’s only 3 hours old but buried 3 pages back. Starting QBs worse than Dak: Trubisky, Bethard, Keenum, 2018 Eli. For my 5th we can debate between Carr or Mariota. This would have been easier just a few days ago when Bradford and Peterman would have rounded out my list. Of course I couldn’t have counted Beathard back then.
  6. Used: Off: NO, LAC, KC Def: BAL, LAC, MIN Week 4: O: NE D: JAC
  7. Arodin

    Has anyone seen Deone Bucannon??

    Easily cuttable for redraft, but are we thinking he's a dynasty hold, or is he just done? I honestly have no idea why his playing time is so non-existent. Almost reminds of Jatavis Brown in recent memory...
  8. Leonard for sure. Wagner is elite as well. Since you only start two I’d carry Mosley through his injury...he’s also a top tier producer. Bit of a dropoff in my book to Martinez and Burfict, who is always an injury/ejection/suspension risk. I have him in a lit of leagues but would avoid wity this many options to choose from. Warner is playing his way toward this tier, but may cannibalize Foster and vice versa. You have the luxury of waiting to see how that shakes out.
  9. Arodin

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    Been too long for me, so no good sites for reading. Read and React and Individual Defensive Podcast are my favorite audio resources (plus Locked on NFL Draft if it's dynasty or devo and you want a headstart on future rook prospects). As far as league-specific issues and roster management, you could do far worse than posting anything you wonder about here. The handful of regulars on this little corner of the FBG board are quite knowledgable and generally very willing to type a few paragraphs giving their thoughts and showing their work. It's my go-to when I have a question about my IDP guys.
  10. Arodin

    Everson Griffen???

    Mental health issues can be a nightmare to diagnose or live with. Heart goes out to Griffen, and I hope he can find effective treatment to get his life in order. Eventually maybe football can be part of his structure and support network, but has to take a back seat to larger concerns for now.
  11. Slightly late, but here are our full standings after week 3's bloodbath. Only 6 of 13 entries scored positive, bringing some of the awol entrants back into the fray. cdwood almost doubling up the rest of the field! cdwood 100 Arodin 59 Deamon 50 Franknbeans 45 Pip's Invitation 44 QuizGuy66 37 Obie Wan 35 Genester 30 Riffraff 28 Mr. Irrelevant 20 -OZ- 13 RND2 5 Snorkelson 5 kutta 4 Dr. Octopus -5 solorca -15 RND1 -20 BigSteelThrill -20 NeilBeaufort Zod -32 Nobody placing behind the RND entrants has played all three weeks, so there is that at least!
  12. Sadly, it seems Jimmy G. is lost for the season, leavign CJ Beathard ready to step up. I'm thinking this downgrades pretty much everybody on the 49ers roster, but how much? Goodwin still startable as a flex? Is Kittle going to hold value as a TE1? Does this actually help Breida as a checkdown back? What are your thoughts?
  13. I’m not sure Davis has the ready cash to eat Gruden’s contract even if he wanted to. Maybe being in Vegas changes that, but there is enough smoke around his cash flow to make me think there is something to it.
  14. Depends if you are doing rankings or giving grades. When ranking, yes, someone has to be second-best. But in grading, it is quite possible for someone to have an A and the next best to only earn a C. Both approaches have merit. The grades are actually more quantitative than the ranking. I see no problem with the idea of “having no one in tier 2” if tiers are determined by fixed grading intervals rather than ordinal rank.
  15. Arodin

    Week 3 MNF - Steelers @ Bucs

    Well, pushing the wall back 15 more yards would reduce the chance of that happening again so not a bad idea.
  16. Arodin

    Week 3 MNF - Steelers @ Bucs

    Normally I'd fault the stadium crew for the position of the wall, but I think that was the deepest overthrow of the end zone I can recall seeing in a decade...looked like he was throwing it away, but the players kept playing it anyway.
  17. Arodin

    Week 3 MNF - Steelers @ Bucs

    Given Tampa's storied recent history with kickers, I'm actually not. Anywhere else, any other team, and I agree with you...
  18. Arodin

    Week 3 MNF - Steelers @ Bucs

    "Tripping over a downed QB. 15 yards."
  19. Arodin

    Week 3 MNF - Steelers @ Bucs

    Yep...and up till that point, Vanderjagt was considered one of the few kickers who were worth the big contract...
  20. Arodin

    Week 3 MNF - Steelers @ Bucs

    Chris Boswell shows why paying big bucks for a kicker is almost never a good idea...
  21. Arodin

    Week 3 MNF - Steelers @ Bucs

    Too many.
  22. Arodin

    Pats vs Lions SNF game thread

    Arizona has enough experience to carry that torch if the Browns ever do relinquish it. Don’t count out Cleveland yet. Like the Patriots, every time you think their dynasty is over the rally to a new high (low?j.
  23. Arodin

    Pats vs Lions SNF game thread

    And seeing it called on Brady is like seeing a unicorn dancing a jig while shooting rainbows out of its horn.
  24. Arodin

    Cowboys vs Seahawks 1pm PST

    You go for 1 there so that if Seattle picks up a FG while you are coming back, you can still tie with 2 TDs and don't need to go for 2 at any point. If they don't score, you can go for 2 next time.
  25. You guys realize you are quoting a post from last week don't you? I did in fact retrieve him during waivers and he's in my lineup this week.