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  1. Great year to pull the “deal 1.1 for a late 1st and future 1st” combo if someone falls in love with a prospect post-draft...
  2. Arodin

    CJ Anderson

    That’s actually right in line with what we should expect if Richard = Garner. Remember Tyronne Wheatley?
  3. Can you be the “steal of the draft” if you aren’t actually, you know, drafted in 90% of leagues?
  4. I had Colston, missed Webb, but beat the Webb owner for the title playing Danny Woodhead at WR in a standard league, which felt like just as big of a cheat code...
  5. The Rams are playing Thursday night so I grab John Kelly off waivers in case Gurley gets hurt. He doesn't, so after the game I cut Kelly for Jaylen Samuels, because Pitt plays at 1PM Sunday. Conner makes it through unharmed, so around 3:55PM I cut Samuels and grab Rod Smith for the Cowboy game at 4PM. When Elliott survives, I pick up Spencer Ware in case Hunt goes down in the Sunday night game... Hopefully you can see how this can be abused to greatly maximize my chances of having the right injury handcuff. Especially if not everyone in the league can sit at their computer Sunday making shuffles of lottery tickets all afternoon.
  6. Arodin

    Skins vs Eagles - MNF - Week 13

    When 3/5ths of the OL is out seems like the perfect time to run a slow-developing, multitouch play behind the line of scrimmage, doesn't it?
  7. Could be as simple as "other people with evidence realized there was a huge market right now and decide to come forward." Or maybe the president of TMZ was facing the Hunt owner in his fantasy football league.
  8. I am a big believer in innocent until proven guilty. And I guess I can see how that comes into play here if the video truly wasn't out there until this week. But the idea that something we know happened is somehow made worse or more tolerable depending on whether we have video or not is what I was getting at. I feel like we know what Tyreek Hill did, but that people are more forgiving because there isn't video, for instance. It's troubling.
  9. True. I just find it disgraceful that our standard of judgment is "I'll forgive it unless I see it, but if I watch it, never!" Lacks nuance. (Not claiming that's your position...but it seems to be the collective view of our society.)
  10. And yet no one is moving to release and retire Jameis Winston, who is the modern version of last decade's Ben.
  11. Arodin

    Mike McCarthy fired

    I recall folks here in DC saying the same thing about Marty. Then the owner canned him because he wanted more control so he could play with his toy. Owners can sink franchises in all sorts of ways.
  12. As a longtime commish I hold the principle that (barring outrageous gaffes) whatever the rules say is what you run with, and make changes in the offseason. In this case, I agree with your interpretation. The rules are pretty clear that "being on a team" is the determining factor, if the wording is exactly "a team's game has already played." I think you made the right call that West could have been signed before he signed with the Chiefs, but not after.
  13. Arodin

    Chargers @ Steelers

    I'm sure they won't miss that timeout...
  14. Arodin

    Chargers @ Steelers

    This is the place for a quick QB sneak, but Ben will stand at the line for 15 sec and then drop back to pass...
  15. No one picked Sunday or Monday night teams yet, so here are some standings. Of course this can change if someone who hasn't picked comes in and choses Wash or Phi tomorrow... WE HAVE A CHANGE AT THE TOP! Obie Wan 256 cdwood 245 Deamon 220 -OZ- 211 Pip's Invitation 206 Riffraff 201 QuizGuy66 193 Arodin 187 Mr. Irrelevant 173 Franknbeans 156 NeilBeaufort Zod 72 RND2 58 TheWinz 33 Genester 32 Snorkelson 5 kutta 4 Dr. Octopus -5 solorca -15 BigSteelThrill -20 RND1 -48
  16. Yep, shocking how far the Packers have fallen. I'd not have thought it possible with Rodgers at the helm. But the whole snow, cold, December thing used to be such a huge advantage vs. warm-weather teams like Arizona. Almost seemed the other way round today. And vs. a rookie QB too. Maybe the biggest surprise of this season.
  17. I see what you did there... And yes, it would be chasing points. Highly unpredictable and gamescript dependent, even if it turns out the Cards are using the rest of the lost season to see which of their youngsters are worth hanging on to. Dynasty on the other hand, he should already be rostered, and this sort of game is a great sign for his future value. Hold with confidence.
  18. Everyone talking about what a great bellcow Ware is going to be needs to go back thru the KC gamethreads and read how every other week folks are complaining about Reid’s underusing his primary RB. No other back getting a lot of snaps only translates to bellcow if the RB isn’t inexplicably left out of the game plan for quarters at a time. Why would it be different with Ware?
  19. Arodin

    Dynasty Kareem Hunt Kansas City

    Are you sure of this? The NFL routinely allows players who are free agents during a drug suspension to count weeks not on a team toward their mandated suspensions. When they first implemented this it was said it was to prevent such players from never getting contracts because teams would rather sign someone who could help them right away than someone they know would be out for weeks. It made sense in that context, but I’ve never seen anything that definitively addressed whether conduct suspensions would be handled differently.
  20. Refs only care about QBs.
  21. But he gained all but 16 of the team's total yards!
  22. Got you a 1st down, at least. What were you doing wearing that shirt in the 1st place?
  23. Elliott finally gets a good run in, so let's have Rod Smith lose 2. Garrett is a genius.
  24. Noah Brown is still on this team?
  25. My league of record uses two-week playoff contests, so yes. 12 weeks to get in (3 div. winners + wild card), then 13-14 semis and 15-16 Super Bowl.