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  1. More than half the entrants have already locked in negative scores, with more possible. At the top, cdwood has blown open the tie with Deamon, scoring a +29. On the bright side, at least RND2 also posted a negative score, although RND1 may have a shot at making up ground if Dallas can contain Seattle's offense in the second half... Look for a shakeup in the standings this week, but we'll have to wait for at least one Monday Night entry to finalize things.
  2. Kendricks is just a placeholder until Kumerow gets healthy...
  3. Checked my schedule and it seems I am also available to play QB for the 49ers. Just throwing that out there because it seems about as likely as either of these scenarios.
  4. Arodin

    LA vs LA 1pm PST

    7-6...missed XP. And the Charger kicker woes continue for another year.
  5. I was relieved that having burned Minn for their win over SF, I wasn't tempted to play them this week and had to go away from the great upset. Then I remembered that I had gone with Green Bay instead. Oops. I expect the survivor pools to thin out dramatically this week. Good luck.
  6. Arodin

    Eagles vs Colts 1pm EST

    This can't be right, can it? Not watching this game obviously, but is it even possible to commit holding as a ball carrier?
  7. Arodin

    Redskins vs Packers 1pm EST

    That Matthews hit that got flagged wasn't half as bad as the one on Rodgers a minute before that wasn't called. There is zero consistency in these QB hit rule enforcements. I think it is pretty much dependent on the angle the ref has on the play.
  8. Arodin

    Vikings vs Bills 1pm EST

    It is only a runoff with a running clock. Since the 2nd injury was after an incompletion, the clock was already stopped so no runoff.
  9. Arodin

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Is there a worse punter still in the league besides Brad Pinion (SF)? Regardless of field position, this guy seems incapable of getting over 40 yards on his punts, while a majority of NFL punters have the ability to boom one 50-60 at will. Liked him as a rookie, but very surprised he's held on to the job this long.
  10. Arodin

    Redskins vs Packers 1pm EST

    Apparently they didn't take the pointless endzone fade route out of Gruden's playbook after all. At least it drew a flag this time. I guess that's progress.
  11. Arodin

    Baylor WR Josh Gordon

    Us east coast viewers are pretty much always weary by the end of SNF, since we have to get up 4-5 hours later. You west coasters are fortunate to find such weariness sufficiently infrequent to be worthy of comment.
  12. Arodin

    Le'Veon Bell

    When the NFL starts letting teams play 5x as many RB/WR/TEs as QBs, I'm sure we'll see the value shift the sam...wait, never mind. It is odd.
  13. Arodin

    Le'Veon Bell

    Yes. Injured players, even IR, are still rostered, so they still accrue service time.
  14. Arodin

    Browns - Jets game thread

    I just figured out why Hue is so stubborn about starting Tyrod! He needs a loss tonight and one more next week to move past Bert Bell into 1st place on the "lowest win % in NFL history" list. And if he doesn't do it soon, he might get fired before he can get there.
  15. Arodin

    Browns - Jets game thread

    (202) 456-1111
  16. Arodin

    Browns - Jets game thread

    Actually many NFL games have ended up 0-0. But none since 1943...
  17. Arodin

    Browns - Jets game thread

    Watching the Browns always feels like work...
  18. Arodin

    Browns - Jets game thread

    Let's wait to see what garbage time looks like before we give up entirely...
  19. Arodin

    Browns - Jets game thread

    2 possessions, -2 total yards. Typical Browns-Jets game.
  20. I think he plays, for two reasons unrelated to individual paychecks: 1) The potential future earnings power of a Super Bowl ring is high enough for most players tomthink it worth the gamble to go formone, even unpaid. 2) A strong playoff run gives Bell a chance to put fresh tape in front of potential suitors and leave a powerful “last impression” that will overwrite some of the feelings about his holdout. I think he has a better chance at GMs deciding “wow we have to have that” if he balls out at the end of the season.
  21. How do two teams “re-do a trade?” Sounds like something Lone Star should be starting a thread about...
  22. I’m stealing this expression! I can foresee using it in all sorts of circumstances.
  23. Used: Off: NO, LAC Def: BAL, LAC Week 2: O: KC D: MIN
  24. He can't really be having this many diverse problems in one league. He has to be scouring message boards collating league issues to bring them to our attention one by one. May I recommend Commissioner: Impossible podcast, which features several fantasy experts discussing commissioner issues in fantasy football. Several entire episodes dedicated to "bad commish stories" like these.
  25. Arodin

    Collins Vs R.Freeman ROS, who’s your pony? Pick

    Matchup dependent imo. Both have question marks and game script worries. Both also have solid upside. I expect carefully streamed choices weekly between the two would outscoreva full season of either...