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  1. I loved that. Always thought it was stupid to get rid of it just because someone got hurt. If we got rid of every play on which people might get hurt... Or will that be what the NFL looks like 10 years from now?
  2. I hope so. Facing Mahomes, Hunt and Hill in various playoff matches this week.
  3. What do Saints experts expect from the defense vs. Cooper tonight? Does Lattimore tend to shadow, or play one side? Should we be worried about Dallas having only one serious receiving threat, or is the Saints pass D just soft enough across the board to make Amari a must-start?
  4. Can’t see anyone going for this, honestly. If you are confident in your ability to gain 10 yards in a single play, just take the regular start at the 25 and run that play. Succeed and it’s just like getting this “onside kick” but with all 4 downs. Fail, and you get 3 more tries. Maybe if there are under 10 seconds and the QB can’t throw a hail mary far enough to reach the end zone without the 10 extra yards...otherwise, no.
  5. Oddly, players pay state taxes in the state they earn the income in, which for NFL players has been interpretted as the state where the stadium is for each game separately. So even players in states with no income tax are paying state taxes on game checks for road games. And where they choose to live doesn’t affect this. Playing for a team that plays in a no-tax state means at least 8 checks tax-free. Living there but playing in a high-tax state still means cutting that state a check.
  6. Arodin

    Fournette suspended one game

    yes If you are correct, it’s better stated as “no.” I am doubtful either comes close enough to Fournette’s expected points to be as good as whatever else might be on your bench.
  7. Getting the standings out early this big changes from last week, but some movement in the middle of the standings: cdwood 241 Obie Wan 229 Riffraff 210 Deamon 197 Arodin 190 -OZ- 187 Pip's Invitation 172 QuizGuy66 170 Mr. Irrelevant 150 Franknbeans 135 NeilBeaufort Zod 76 RND2 51 TheWinz 33 Genester 32 Snorkelson 5 kutta 4 Dr. Octopus -5 solorca -15 BigSteelThrill -20 RND1 -65
  8. Arodin

    MNF - Titans @ Texans

    How many does he need to hit the threshold that would break Rivers' recently set record?
  9. Arodin

    MNF - Titans @ Texans

    So they'll never expect THAT will they? :evilgenius:
  10. If it is the play I am thinking of, Rodgers had the defense offsides and he pretty much always goes deep in those “free play” situations. What seems different to me this year is how rarely he connects on those.
  11. Arodin

    Giants vs Eagles - Week 12

    Broadcast crew going on about how Evan Engram isn't involved and complaining about it, asking if he's being punished. How is it that we've known for 2 hours that he got hurt in warmups, but the booth has no clue?
  12. Why the hesitation? I can say absolutely that Ware is not the guy if you need a starter this week! (He’s on bye....)
  13. Used: Off: NO, LAC, KC, NE, CIN, ATL, LAR, PIT, CAR, TB, NYG  Def: BAL, LAC, MIN, JAC, TEN, HOU, DEN, NE, CHI, NYJ, ARI  Week 11:  OFF: IND  DEF: DAL
  14. Apologies for the it is, and yes, lots of movement with some crazy high scores this week! cdwood 237 Obie Wan 225 Riffraff 193 Arodin 186 -OZ- 183 Deamon 180 QuizGuy66 166 Pip's Invitation 154 Franknbeans 125 Mr. Irrelevant 115 NeilBeaufort Zod 69 RND2 59 TheWinz 33 Genester 32 Snorkelson 5 kutta 4 Dr. Octopus -5 solorca -15 BigSteelThrill -20 RND1 -82
  15. If you told me the MNF game would come down to horrific clock management, I'd have bet the mortgage on it being Andy Reid who blew it at the end. Oops.
  16. This game is truly a vexillologist's dream!
  17. Prater capable from 60,50 is an issue whether you go for 1 or 2, so that factor shouldn't affect the decision. NFL clock rules are such that the clock runs in many situations for most of the game but not during the last 5(?) minutes of each half. Leads to a disproportionate number of plays run close to the end. Plus, teams have more urgency and are less likely to milk the clock than they are early in the game.
  18. Arodin

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Can anyone explain to me why putting on a Buccaneers or Chargers unifrom causes kickers to miss extra points? These teams seem to have perennial issues with kickers, despite oft-changing personnel, and even a change of city by one of the beleaguered franchises. But still can't make an XP...
  19. Arodin

    Raiders vs. Cardinals - Week 11

    The highly imaginative Cardinal playcalling seems to consist of "run David Johnson on the first play of the drive, and keep running him till he gains less than 3 yards. Then throw wildly downfield until 4th down." It's going to look nice and balanced by the end, but mixing it up would probably lead to much more favorable results...
  20. Someone needs to make sure the Redskins have a bye on November 18th, 2051...
  21. Arodin

    Eagles vs Saints - Week 11

    Eagles D can't stop the Saints...but Taysom Hill can!
  22. Actually "start whichever one is not the starter" would have worked out pretty well this season.
  23. True...even the run at the end nearly cost them the game, since an overturn on review would have run off the rest of the clock (something Pittsburgh should know since they lost one last year that way). If you are going to run, do it earlier, with more time on the clock. You had a TO in hand!
  24. Arodin

    Bucs vs Giants - Week 11

    Unless they are serious about securing the ability to cut him by not risking injury. Could be the Bucs are punting on the season...
  25. Arodin

    Titans vs Colts - Week 11

    Haven't had that for about a decade. One of the things they did to reduce the number of "judgment calls" refs had to make, before completely reversing course on that concept with "what is a catch" rules.