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    Has anyone seen Deone Bucannon??

    Nah, that was Vontae Davis. Bucannon has always been a streaky producer. I think he gambles a lot on the field. He lack of snaps is a big red flag though. I’m pulling him out of lineups for now.
  2. Got to love it when the annoucing crew doesn't know the rules...can't have a safety after the kicking team already touched the ball!
  3. Is it just me, or did the "commercial-free halftime show" just start with a commercial?
  4. Eh, the way Dickson has been controlling punts, it may well have been downed at the 1 if he didn't fair catch it at the 4... Special kid, that punter.
  5. Arodin

    Baylor WR Josh Gordon

    Just curious...did you mean to put these two words together? Because I don't think they belong...
  6. Knew it was a risk he’d sign. Did not think it was much risk Zane would get replaced. Oh well.
  7. No one who submitted an entry this week picked a Monday Night team, so we have some unofficial updated standings: 71 Deamon 71 cdwood 58 QuizGuy66 52 Pip's Invitation 51 Genester 49 Riffraff 48 Arodin 34 Franknbeans 24 Obie Wan 17 RND2 3 -OZ- -5 Dr. Octopus -11 NeilBeaufort Zod -23 RND1 Last week's leader slips to 3rd, and a tie at the top, brought to you by the kicker-less Los Angeles Rams. Deamon and cdwood both went with the Ram double-dip and were rewarded. RND2 is holding its own, but RND1 is now setting the floor. Snorkelson, Mr. Irrelevant, BigSteelThrill, solorca, kutta did not enter (yet). Still can by picking MNF teams. And remember that people can jump in midseason too. You aren't out if you miss a week.
  8. Arodin

    Rules Named for Players...

    See what I mean about only old timers remembering this one? Googling it, it even has its own little highlight box where google tells you what it is.
  9. Arodin

    Official SNF Game Thread - Giants @ Cowboys

    Maybe Nelson should have been the first round pick, and not Barkley OR a quarterback...
  10. Arodin

    Rules Named for Players...

    I actually had Emmanuel in my lineup that night and lost my game because of that play...
  11. Arodin

    Peyton Barber

    Not that I think it applies here, but that seems to have been exactly the case for Alex Smith and Joe Flacco...
  12. Arodin

    Rules Named for Players...

    It's fallen out of favor with all the "what's a catch" kerfuffle, but old timers will remember the Bert Emmanuel rule...
  13. Not if it's already in the rules. I have one league where you can only put "Out" guys on IR, but have to wait at least 4 weeks to bring them back up, regardless of status. Bringing them up is also optional. (I think this got put in when the NFL introduced the IR/return designation.) We can agree it isn't the best rule, but because it is in the rule book and everyone went into the season knowing the rule, I don't see that it should change unexpectedly.
  14. I seem to recall the Falcons saying that a year or so back...
  15. The era of autocorrect is going to be the death of pedants...when will it end?
  16. Fantasy leagues should never change rules in midseason ever, without a unanimous vote from the ownership.
  17. Arodin

    Cardinals @ Rams 9/16/2018

    I'm sure you wouldn't be any more fragile than Sam...
  18. Actually I'm playing against Hekker in one league. He already has monster points for his opening 60-yard punt; now he might beat me with a decent FG performance.
  19. Arodin

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    How many of us expected when the NFL made the change of OT from 15 minutes to 10 that it would have any impact at all? And yet...two ties in two weeks. Can the league get the hat trick?
  20. Start of the 3rd Qtr: 1-10-PHI 25(15:00) J.Ajayi up the middle to PHI 45 for 20 yards (J.Evans; C.Conte).
  21. Arodin

    Baylor WR Josh Gordon

    Does that mean if the Browns start 0-6, we might see a lot of players finding things to lie to Hue about?
  22. Arodin

    Titans Texans game thread

    Byard is a safety. Hope this helps. (But yes, we do draft punters. Fullbacks are in with RBs and H-backs would be RBs or TEs depending on their official positional designation.)
  23. Arodin

    Dolphins at Jets Game Thread

    You know it's a great game with a compelling matchup when nobody thinks to start the game thread until nearly an hour into the game...
  24. Arodin

    Titans Texans game thread

    Didn't see this particular play, but for a while now teams have been running the end-around with the sweeper passing in front of rather than behind the QB. In this arrangement, the QB "tosses" the ball to the sweeper, resulting in a forward pass. Advantage is that a botched exchange becomes an incomplete pass rather than a fumble.
  25. Arodin

    Titans Texans game thread

    Passing TD and 66 passing yards for Byard of course. (IDP solves all those issues...)