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  1. Why the hesitation? I can say absolutely that Ware is not the guy if you need a starter this week! (He’s on bye....)
  2. Used: Off: NO, LAC, KC, NE, CIN, ATL, LAR, PIT, CAR, TB, NYG  Def: BAL, LAC, MIN, JAC, TEN, HOU, DEN, NE, CHI, NYJ, ARI  Week 11:  OFF: IND  DEF: DAL
  3. Apologies for the it is, and yes, lots of movement with some crazy high scores this week! cdwood 237 Obie Wan 225 Riffraff 193 Arodin 186 -OZ- 183 Deamon 180 QuizGuy66 166 Pip's Invitation 154 Franknbeans 125 Mr. Irrelevant 115 NeilBeaufort Zod 69 RND2 59 TheWinz 33 Genester 32 Snorkelson 5 kutta 4 Dr. Octopus -5 solorca -15 BigSteelThrill -20 RND1 -82
  4. If you told me the MNF game would come down to horrific clock management, I'd have bet the mortgage on it being Andy Reid who blew it at the end. Oops.
  5. This game is truly a vexillologist's dream!
  6. Prater capable from 60,50 is an issue whether you go for 1 or 2, so that factor shouldn't affect the decision. NFL clock rules are such that the clock runs in many situations for most of the game but not during the last 5(?) minutes of each half. Leads to a disproportionate number of plays run close to the end. Plus, teams have more urgency and are less likely to milk the clock than they are early in the game.
  7. Arodin

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Can anyone explain to me why putting on a Buccaneers or Chargers unifrom causes kickers to miss extra points? These teams seem to have perennial issues with kickers, despite oft-changing personnel, and even a change of city by one of the beleaguered franchises. But still can't make an XP...
  8. Arodin

    Raiders vs. Cardinals - Week 11

    The highly imaginative Cardinal playcalling seems to consist of "run David Johnson on the first play of the drive, and keep running him till he gains less than 3 yards. Then throw wildly downfield until 4th down." It's going to look nice and balanced by the end, but mixing it up would probably lead to much more favorable results...
  9. Someone needs to make sure the Redskins have a bye on November 18th, 2051...
  10. Arodin

    Eagles vs Saints - Week 11

    Eagles D can't stop the Saints...but Taysom Hill can!
  11. Actually "start whichever one is not the starter" would have worked out pretty well this season.
  12. True...even the run at the end nearly cost them the game, since an overturn on review would have run off the rest of the clock (something Pittsburgh should know since they lost one last year that way). If you are going to run, do it earlier, with more time on the clock. You had a TO in hand!
  13. Arodin

    Bucs vs Giants - Week 11

    Unless they are serious about securing the ability to cut him by not risking injury. Could be the Bucs are punting on the season...
  14. Arodin

    Titans vs Colts - Week 11

    Haven't had that for about a decade. One of the things they did to reduce the number of "judgment calls" refs had to make, before completely reversing course on that concept with "what is a catch" rules.
  15. Talking heads on TV, radio, etc. ESPN executives.
  16. Why stop at changing the schedule? The rules do not explicitly forbid me as commish from making trades with other rosters, changing team’s starting lineups, and even editing past scores (on MFL anyway). How have I not seen the wisdom of going 16-0 every season against rosters full of players on byes before this thread showed me the light?
  17. Arodin

    Leighton Vander Esch

    Pretty sure this is his 2nd job, and his actions are telling us that he'd rather keep his primary job than live on what he's getting here. So needling him like this is more likely to lead to "no EotG articles at all" rather than getting them earlier. Careful what you wish for...
  18. You are only weaseling out if you are going to claim the ability to predict NFL injuries, in which case you guys need to be a lot more up front touting that ability. Otherwise, it's just built into the very concept of rankings that they are made assuming a certain default level of health. (Bell is more interesting because it wasn't an injury. But still seems to be about as much of an issue as the fact that nobody predicted Josh Gordon's first drug suspension. Some things are just never going to be predictable.)
  19. Arodin

    Have ravens d, chiefs d, and jags.

    Considering this is the IDP (Individual Defensive Player) section, your query on Team Defense will likely draw more relevant response in the regular Assistant Coach forum. I'd offer an opinion anyway, but honestly defensive scoring, whether team or individual, depends heavily on scoring system. Does it mainly reward sacks and turnovers? Low scores? Yardage? Are there penalties for large scoring and yardage totals, or just bonuses for keeping them low? Often the best turnover defenses also allow a lot of points due to their risk-taking tendencies, for example. Also, with team D, schedule is critical. If I knew the scoring system I'd be willing to look up the schedules, but if you do repost this in the regular AC forum, you'll probably get maximum response if you include those details in your post to make it easy on potential responders. Hope this's not a direct answer, but may point you in the right direction, as far as factors to consider.
  20. Arodin

    Aaron Jones - Green Bay RB

    By that logic, we’d never have heard of Kevin Faulk or James White, Somehow the best coach in the modern era sees tactical value in “taking the ball out of the hands of one of the best QBs of the century.”
  21. Every projection already has, in a sense, the possibility of a season-ending injury baked into its variance. It is understood that that risk always exists, but the projections serve to compare the expected value of those who don’t lose that lottery. Calling David Johnson a “miss” is implying you should be able to predict which players are going to hurt themselves badly and adjust expectations predictively. That’s unreasonable. Bell could be considered a miss in that his circumstances and outcome were non-random, but even then the best that could have been done was acknowledge the much higher variance in his projection than others, which was done, Everyone knew there was more risk with Bell than, say Gurley. So I’m not sure that Bell was a “miss” either honestly.
  22. Arodin

    Le'Veon Bell

    Except if they try to “guarantee a roster bonus next year on the day the contract is signed” it becomes a signing bonus for cap purposes. They can push roster bonuses onto future years’ cap precisely because they don’t become a financial commitment to the team until the player is “on the roster” at that point,
  23. Arodin

    Packers @ Seahawks Game Thread

    It's the "Taysom Hill" effect. Apparently bringing in obscure backups who are inferior to the starting talent "forces the defense to prepare for more packages" and "gives the offense a significant advantage." Or so I keep being told by zealots...
  24. Arodin

    Packers @ Seahawks Game Thread

    If ANYBODY started that guy who isn't a direct personal relation, they deserve a fantasy medal...
  25. Arodin

    Packers @ Seahawks Game Thread

    And now the Seahawks RB picture is, if possible, even muddier...