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  1. Mets fan here. As a really young kid who grew up in southeast PA, i was a Phillies fan in mid/late 70s, early 80s. ( Michael Jack Schmidt, Rose, Lefty, McBride, Tug.) My Dad was a Mets fan, so I started watching more Mets, slowly changed to a Mets fan. Was full on by the time the’86 Mets happened, and haven’t looked back.
  2. I have 2 sons (15 and 12 years old) that have grown up with the MCU. I can’t watch GoT with them. MCU is part of our family at this point- 2-3 times per year we hit the theaters for the experience. Endgame is the most anticipated movie in my world.
  3. Have tickets for the family on Sunday morning. Not sure I’ve ever looked forward to a movie as much as this. 🤓
  4. My bad for assuming 👍 You’re way ahead of me in the King library, I’m just getting started, but Christine was in the top 5 of many recommendations that I recieved. I just figured that I was the last person in this thread to read it. So let me add my suggestion that Christine to be next on your King list.
  5. Probably just an oversight, but I didn’t see Christine listed. I’d slot it into the Carrie/Pet Semetary range.
  6. I’ve been diving into King for the first time myself as well. In the middle of the Shining right now. May try 11.22.63 next. Working through a bunch of suggestions offered up in this thread -
  7. Just agreeing with others here, this thread has some great info. Oldest is a freshman in H.S. in the pre IB program. Youngest is in 6th grade. I’ve been following this thread for a few years, hoping to ease into the college process. Learning all these bits and pieces of wisdom from those already involved in the process is priceless.
  8. This thread was better when everyone didn’t have a “source” .
  9. Just started “The Shining” in my quest to read all major King novels.
  10. 47. Oldest son got his drivers permit a month ago. Having him drive me to the store, etc. and me thinking “teach him right... someday he’ll be your ride to and from old man doctors appointments “.
  11. I’m about 10 months away from this as well.
  12. This sums up my recent read of “Under the Dome” perfectly. Don’t ask why, just enjoy the ride.
  13. Was reading The Alienist, but it was moving very slow for me. I put that down for a bit and moved on to John Dies at the End by David Wong. Fast paced, gruesome yet humorous as well, really enjoying it so far.
  14. I use Goodreads, just found the fbgs group but its private, i had to request to join.