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  1. On a side note, got tickets to see the Mets on 3/19 down in Port St. Lucie. Had a blast last year, a great complex and great day at the park. ok... now back to sign stealing.
  2. I found a bunch of great stuff on I know most practices are open to the public on gamedays in the morning, but this site says practices are open even on non- game days. Other thought would be to tweet/email a beat writer with the team.
  3. My son (now 16) is a huge reader, got hooked by Percy Jackson and went fast from there. He started reading some of the teen/young adult series, and I honestly didn't want to hold him back. Maze Runner series was a favorite of his, along with Divergent. He also really liked a series with the book Eragon. (Eta- Eragon is in the “Inheritance Cycle series)
  4. I’m really excited for Rojas managing the Mets, way more than I was for Beltran. Rumors are that the coaching staff will stay in tact, including Muelens at bench coach, who was reportedly being looked at by Boston as a candidate.
  5. So with Beltran gone, my guess is the Mets go back to Eduardo Perez, throw a bit more $$$ at him, and say “No, really, we loved you all along!”. ahhhh.... being a Mets fan is never easy, but it’s never boring.
  6. The “Fan Vote” counts as one ballot for the top 5 vote getters. There are about 900 other voters. So the fan vote counts as just over .1% of the total votes. It’s a ruse to make it seem as if the fans have a voice. Article from a couple years back: RRHOF Fan Vote
  7. Lol at Phil Hughes: Phil Hughes @PJHughes45 I’d like my career numbers against Altuve, Springer, and Correa erased from the record books. Seriously though, it’s bad. Can they do that?
  8. Sandler with a great response on Twitter, and references “Mama” Kathy Bates getting nominated. Bates’ reply is priceless! Twitter Adam Sandler @AdamSandler Bad news: Sandman gets no love from the Academy. Good news: Sandman can stop wearing suits. Congrats to all my friends who got nominated, especially Mama. Kathy Bates @MsKathyBates I love you my Bobby Boucher!!! You was robbed!! But Mama loves you!!! I learned a new urban slang word for you! You da GOAT!! Not the one we eat at home, Son.
  9. Seems that Beltran was the only player mentioned in the report, but won’t be punished. I guess that’s MLB’s way of putting heat on him now that he’s a manager, without having to punish him directly. (Disclaimer- I’m a Mets fan, thus the interest.)
  10. That boar was worth a good $20+ million!
  11. 2 sons, 16yo HS sophomore and 13yo 7th grade. Oldest lives and breathes baseball. Loves the game, at every practice, weight room, field cleanup day, etc. He has played since he was 5. He has worked his butt off for everything he’s done, but continually struggles to make the team, as plenty of kids have more natural talent, and the fact he’s always been the small kid. (At 16, he’s 5’3” and 120lbs soaking wet. He’s in great shape, 6 pack abs and benches his weight, but he’s always been behind his teammates in height/weight) He made the JV baseball teams during fall and spring of freshman year, and fall this past year. Every tryout I wonder “Is this the time he doesn’t make it”. So far so good, and it’s been a hell of a fun run for 11 years, but I do not look forward to the day this all ends. Younger son tried baseball for a few years, then decided to try soccer. We found a great, no- pressure league (he’s not over competitive, total opposite of my older son. He also got the good growth genes, as he’s 5’10” 155lbs in 7th grade) He’s played and enjoyed soccer for 3 years now, and while I have no expectations of him trying out for soccer in HS, I love watching him go out and learn and have fun. Sorry, no major highlight to share, except that the time I’ve spent with both of my boys while they play sports has been some of the greatest moments of my life.
  12. Grew up in Lancaster, PA and took me a while to realize that I could live anywhere. (Odd to say, but so many people in that region seem to live and die within miles of where they were born, that’s just what people did) I remember my father left PA when i was 20 years old, and it shocked me a bit. He told me at the time “I (he) can work a dead end job anywhere in the world, but if I do that in South Carolina, at least I can go to the beach after work”. That was one of the greatest pieces of advise I’ve ever gotten. At 24, I moved to Orlando, and have been here ever since. Just writing this made me realize that in less than a year from now, I will have spent as much of my life in Florida as I had in Pennsylvania. (I feel old now) I still miss some people in PA, but I’m so much happier in Florida. FYI- Google tells me it’s 969 miles to my mother’s house in PA. Mapquest says it’s 973.
  13. Whoa... speculation was that the Mets knocked $10 mil off of Cespedes 2020 contract due to the incident on the ranch, but ESPN saying that they knocked off $23.5 mil. Cespedes salary for 2020 cut to $6 mil Update- Story updated to show that the $6 Mil salary will kick in if he spends any time on the IL because of the existing foot condition. His base is $11 mil with bonuses on top. Still- nice $18.5 mil cut. That also opens up the trade market, but at this point, I’d rather we keep him and roll the dice this year.
  14. We can tell its been a while- any self-respecting SP/AC Poster knows that they must post their rooster. oh,and... Start Gates