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  1. Loved the Mets/Braves game today. Yes, I’m a Mets fan so the outcome helped. I didn’t watch the ESPN feed, not sure what it sounded like, but the Mets feed was very well done with the piped in fan noise-almost undetected at times, but a good noise floor as would be expected. The video directing was off- multiple times announcers were talking about the shift being put on, but tv didn’t show it. Either way, great pitchers duel and I didn’t mind the lack of crowd. And yes, I jumped out of my seat in my living room when Cespedes went yard. #LFGM
  2. Been a while, but since it’s opening day, I figured I’d update for the record. Thor- out all season with TJ surgery. I figured that this was pretty well mitigated with the addition of Porcello and Wacha, moves i like a lot. But now Stroman has a torn calf ( although Stroman himself seems to be shrugging this off as a minor setback. Lets hope he only misses a start) Right now, our rotation looks less than good behind deGrom. Cespedes could be the biggest beneficiary of the NL DH. Just keep the wild boars off the field. Sooner , imo, rathet than later, Cano is going to break down. I believe this is why Andres Gimenez is on the opening day roster. Cano’s contract is going to hurt for the bext 3 years. i can’t even say that the Jed Lowrue signing has turned out “bad”, because it hasn’t turned out at all. $20 mil for 8 ABs. Glad thats over at the end of this year, it will help offset the Cano contract. I think we’ve thrown enogh at the bullpen to make it work. Bettances may be a huge story if he performs as well as I think he can. Off the field- I can’t wait for the Wilpons to sell this team. Not a fan of the ARod group, would prefer to see Cohen get the team, but at this point I’ll take anyone. Despite the issues, this is a very fun team to watch. deGrom, Alonso, McNeil, Conforto, Nimmo, Dom Smith. I enjoy watching and rooting for them. #LFGM
  3. Looks like a drop down arrow next to the “add a credit card” link. Any chance that the drop down shows your existing cards? Especially since lower it gives you the option to refund your discover card. ETA- they do have good customer support- maybe chat with them?
  4. Leave it to Culdeus to come back with “War and Peace”, COC style, lol. Always had the in-depth analysis and the pulse on China. I miss the clan, can’t say i miss the game, though. /sml
  5. I’ve had 2 of these for a few years, love them. Family beats them up at the beach, pool, around the house. Long battery life, good volume, good sound. Great for the price.
  6. Ale House. I believe it was local here in Florida to start, but I have relatives in PA now telling me they have them there. Beers, burgers, wings.
  7. Just finished “Storm Front” by Jim Butcher. Thought it was fun, looking forward to reading on in the Dresden series. Stephen King’s “If it Bleeds” is next up.
  8. Correct. A light in the black... or just a Fear of the Dark. (Live)
  9. While one of my favorite albums of all time is Iron Maiden “Live After Death”, the live vibe was captured perfectly on Iron Maiden’s “Rock In Rio”. Over 200,000 fans in attendance, at points carrying the melody of songs with their singing. It’s a double album, so if you’re not a big fan, it may be a bit too much, but check out “Fear of the Dark” off of that album to get a taste of sitting there live. The Intro into “Wicker Man” is amazing as well.
  10. Univ. Of California to end use of SAT and ACT SACRAMENTO — The University of California on Thursday voted to phase out the SAT and ACT as requirements to apply to its system of 10 schools, which include some of the nation’s most popular campuses, in a decision with major implications for the use of standardized tests in college admissions.
  11. Son’s Ap World History exam came off without a hitch today. 👍🏻
  12. Yeah, the lawsuit will just clutter up the issue, imo. I know that part of my sons’s issues were outside of AP control (him trying to email his answers from his school email account, which blocks sending to outside domains). Granted, if the site worked, he wouldn’t have had to try the email in the first place. Today is the AP world History exam, here’s hoping for a better experience 🤞🏻.
  13. Same here. Had Sunday Ticket for probably 10 years, didn’t get it last year, got a letter in the mail yesterday telling me I’d get it for free this year.
  14. More info- Automated email response received back from AP exam, saying if he followed all instructions and sent the email within 10 minutes of his exam, it will be counted. Unfortunately, it was ~25 minutes after due to the confusion of his school email account blocking sending email to outside domains. Yes, this was confusion on my son’s part, who thought AP blocked his submission, I realized it was his e-mail account. Hoping that the submission goes through. Also, he requested a re-test, as the site directed him to do. Wonder if that will add to the confusion. He was so worked up and frustrated, I completely understand. Here’s hoping the backup system works.
  15. Thanks, trying this again. Unfortunately, his school email that is registered with college board blocked email to outside domains. Tried to copy email addresses and send it from regular gmail. Fingers crossed.