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  1. kind of surprising but I guess good for James owners Adams the other starter?
  2. where is Pryor? Different sites have him either as the starter over Kindred or a B/U
  3. I'd guess Anthony would be in the mix here too. Coach has talked him up. At least I hope he is.......
  4. :CB:
  5. Shane Falco knows Hank Moody?
  6. maybe 2 years too late?
  7. Awesome thread!
  8. who replaces Sio Moore? What's that all about?
  9. and 3 tackles so he is trending up
  10. I see the weekly EOtG is right on time as usual. Well after waivers have run. Hopefully before line-up decisions are made for Sunday since Thur will be shot.
  11. DBs are cheap and can be streamed. That said, I'm not a fan of Coleman anyway. LBs are more valuable but it sounds like you only start 1 so chances are you can upgrade there too. Don't be afraid to move on from either of these guys
  12. It would appear but I though Sio was hurt.....again
  13. I've been using the "classic" and it seems fine. The new one was weird, strange and different so I did not use it :oldschool:
  14. I guess anything is possible and the are "deep" sleepers......
  15. I'm not seeing much upside in that bunch unless you have heard or seen different. 1st three are 2 down 3-4 ILBs, Bradham is a SLB with 2 better LBs on his team and Brinkley is a 2 down MLB who might keep his job what am I missing?