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  1. Maybe they knew Roto was moving him back to DE, now a DE...again Bengals coach Marvin Lewis expects DE Carl Lawson to remain a sub-package player in 2018. Lawson notched 8.5 sacks on just 477 rookie snaps, but the Bengals still have Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap. "The biggest thing that was true for Carl at Auburn, and still continues here in the NFL after his first season, is that by limiting his exposure, we're going to get more production," Lewis said. "He’s not that big of a person and so to go out and bang with the big guys all the time is not going to be beneficial to him, and what he’s going to get done at the end of the game when you need him to." Lawson could force Lewis' hand if he picks up where he left off as a rookie. Aug 14 - 5:40 PM Source: Katherine Terrell on Twitter
  2. Does Rotoworld have a contest with another site to try to be first? They seem a bit knee jerk with changes and hours later make a contradictory post that the guy they just moved to LB will "in the mix at DE" Really? Everything about Lawson so far this year is that he is a DE. But Roto wants him to be a LB?
  3. I'd take it a step further and argue that only Jene's Tiers are of value. I read and appreciate Rudinicki's article but it is basically a synopsis of who had a good game and who had a bad game. Helpful to me b/c I don't watch all the games but you get the same info from the box scores. Norton's bothers me more not because it is always too late but because it is a superficial scan of every team. Some week I want to know what's going on with LBs in ATL but he talks about the DBs and is on to the next team. The only way to get more useful info is not by making Norton do more work but have multiple writers divide up the conferences and divisions and go more in-depth. More than looking at box scores and injury reports which I can do myself. And I agree that the projections are obvious guesses by both authors but I think that is what you get on the IDP side. Seems less obvious than projecting offense and big plays make it very hard. At least take the injured guys out of the projections. I use the 10 minute summary tool and had noticed Norton consistently had Adrian Clayborn rated for 6-8 points every week even though he was averaging about 2 points. He finally took him down and blew up. I could only LOL Really need more dynasty rankings in-season and during the off-season.....
  4. Non-big play scoring. Who's the better dynasty hold Schobert or J. Collins? Has Schobert earned a spot or is he another Worrilow?
  5. Might be the best in-season IDP content on FBG
  6. I'd guess Anthony would be in the mix here too. Coach has talked him up. At least I hope he is.......
  7. Original offer from them was $50 off for 12 months and 1 year contract plus $9.99 off 6 payments of NFL max- So $60 buck off ST Max On Monday, I set cancellation for the 15th Got tired of waiting for their email or offer so before it was turned off I called the number about the "big deal" being offered: $47 rebate- 12 months ST Max no gift card but really don't care. Just want the bill under $100 (now at $86, multiple TVs, genie, etc) and free STMax
  8. Am I the only one picking Garcon in the 10-11 round of every draft?
  9. Waiting. Offered $50 off for 12 months but only $10 off per month on NFL- Max. Decided to hold out and set cancellation for the 15th. We'll see.....
  10. me? I have about 30. I had about a dozen in my bag but only threw the 5 or so I remembered how to throw.
  11. Finally played again after about 10+ years. Crappy 9 hole course about 3 miles from my house. Totally sucked in and want to start playing again. At least my son is probably finally old enough to drag along.....
  12. Anyone have The Fantasy Executive in a league? I was wondering of that's the clown from the morning show on Sirius/XM's fantasy channel.
  13. Just called retention Free Ticket Max $5 off customer loyalty (6 or 12 months?) $7 off HBO for 6 months Waived the protection plan fee since I have been a customer since '99. She said if I need a call or new equipment to just call customer retention I kept saying I needed to get under $100 a month but she told me I'm not eligible for any other discounts for 45 days because I just rolled out of some year long discounts a couple days ago. Doh!, forgot to ask for 2 new remotes