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  1. Sent you an email. Frank
  2. $75 league, operating for 8 yrs. Now need 1 owner. A 12 owner dynasty league. No IDP, no off-season WW. 26 players, total of 10 starters. Start 1 QB/ 2 RB/ 2 WR/ 1 TE/ 1 PK/ 1 DT (2 flex RB/WR/TE). This team has the 1.02 & 2.02 in the upcoming rookie draft, as well as QBs Andy Dalton & Trevor Siemian, RBs CJ Anderson & James White, WRs Jarvis Landry & Jordan Matthews, TEs Vernon Davis & Dennis Pitta. If interested, please contact me! Here's the link. team is labeled "For Sale".
  3. This is a 12 owner dynasty league that has been around for 8 years, and it just lost an owner. 26 players, start 1 QB/ 2 RB/ 2 WR/ 1 TE/ 1 PK/ 1 DT (2 flex RB/WR/TE). Total of 10 starters. This team needs some work, but it does have the 1.02 and 2.02 in the rookie draft. And because the league entry fee is only $75, if you’re up for another challenge, this is the one! If you might be interested in this team, please send me a note and I’ll forward you the link so you can check it out. I’d appreciate it! Thanks! Frank
  4. Hi Lemmy, I'd take over that orphan team. It's the one with Derrick Henry, & the 1:02 this year? Frankie-ray
  5. I'd love to see the rosters too, I'm in about 8 dynasty leagues. Thx!
  6. If you're starting a dynasty PPR league, and need an active owner, please let me know. Prefer LeagueSafe, no IDP, no auction. Frank
  7. Hi Luksil, I'm in your same boat, so if you find something that works, please consider letting me know too! Frank
  8. Hi GoBears84! In the notes above, you told me a couple of years ago to "Copy over PlayerNotes.dat and Players.dat" to my laptop, and that would transfer my player notes. I've transferred them to a flashdrive from my desktop, but can't remember what to do next to transfer them to my laptop's DD? It's in my C drive, under FBG, but I can't transfer them? They are both successfully on my flashdrive, and when I plug it into my laptop, it seems like I should be able to copy and paste them over the existing PlayerNotes.dat and Players.dat, but I can't seem to get it to do that. Any suggestions would sure be appreciated!
  9. Oh my goodness! I think the setting the "Game by Game" to inlcude week 17 was the skeleton key! Thanks so much for your patience!
  10. Man, I'm trying, but can't seem to find the key! I open DD, and it has the rankings and fantasy points for each player. I input all of my league settings, and name it "Frank". Then I close it and open PD. I import the "Frank" DD file into PD, and I have all of my settings now in PD. Then in that PD file, I change all of my projected points to 100% user. I then go through and methodically change the yards rushed for each player to match what I want, and I delete everything else. So if I want Jamaal Charles to be listed for 275 points, I plug in 2750, and the total fantasy points now says 275. Perfect up to here! I now save that PD file, and open DD. I import that PD file into DD, and as expected, all of the values are only about 16/17th of what I want…but why are they not the same conversion factor for all of the numbers? For example, when I input 275 points for Jamaal Charles into PD, and then import it into DD, my DD file now shows 259.1. That 259.1 is 94.218% of the 275. If it were an exact 16/17ths of 275, it would be 94.117%, or 258.8. It's important to show you two more examples to make my point clear. Let's use LeSean McCoy and Adrian Peterson. I want McCoy's projection to be 256 fantasy points. So I input 2560 into PD, import that saved file into DD, and it shows 242.4 fantasy points. That 242.4 is 94.687% of the 256. I want Peterson's projection to be 246. When I do the same, I get 225.9 points for Peterson in DD. That 225.9 is 91.829% of the 246. 91.8% for Peterson compared to 94.6% for McCoy is a pretty large discrepancy Since I want DD to have the values of 275 for Charles, 256 for McCoy, and 246 for Peterson, I figured I’d just input a “larger” number into PD, and when the PD to DD conversion was done with the import, that I’d get pretty much exactly what I wanted in DD. I started by increasing the number in PD by 17/16th, or 1.0625. So the 275 became 292, the 256 became 272, and the 246 became 261. But when I import those numbers, because of the differences in that percentage when it converts them into DD, I get 275.1 for Charles, 257.5 for McCoy, and 239.6 for Peterson. What I want is Charles 275, McCoy 256, and Peterson 246. What I get is Charles 275.1, McCoy 257.5, and Peterson 239.6. It’s quite a discrepancy, and I’m stumped. Any help would sure be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Regarding the differences when I import my "User" fantasy points from PD. For some reason the "%" that is uses seems to differ. Here are some examples for when it converts it from 17 games to 16. Name Jamaal Charles, 275 pts input into PD, 259.1 in DD when import PD, % = .94218 Name LeSean McCoy, 256 pts input into PD, 242.4 in DD when import PD, % = .94687 Name Matt Forte, 247 pts input into PD, 229.4 in DD when import PD, % = .92874 Name Arian Peterson, 246 pts input into PD, 225.9 in DD when import PD, % = .91829 I’m not sure why those percentages for the conversions it does aren’t the same. Is there a way to set them to all be the same? Thanks again!
  12. GoBears84, you continue to be just flat out awesome! It worked like a champ! A bit of labor, but it did exactly what I wanted! Thanks! Two followup questions...I've been out out of the DD loop for a while, and am going on a trip where I'll need my laptop to use DD for a long draft. 1. How do I import that new PD file that I've just created on my desktop, over to my laptop? I'm sure it's easy, and I'd sure appreciate the info, or at least a hint as to which forum I can find it in! 2. The second is similar. I've just done a "ADP_User.csv", and also want to import that onto my laptop...just copy to a flash drive and transfer it over to the hard drive of the laptop? Sorry to be going back to basics, but I put this off, and am leaving tomorrow, so am hoping to figure this out as reasonably quickly as I can! Thanks as always! frank
  13. Hi again. Is there a simple way to change the projected scoring for players in Draft Dominator? I don't want to input all of the details of yards rushed, yards passing, TDs, passes caught, and all the other stuff that makes up the final number. I just want to plug in my own numbers. For example, My DD shows Luck with 354, Stafford with 353, and Foles with 350. How can I plug in 390 for Luck, 320 for Stafford, and 412 for Foles? I figure that if I can do that, then my DD will do its thing and figure out drop value, Custom Dropoff if I choose to use it, and all the other cool things it does. So I just want to go into each position, and change the numbers to my numbers. Easy peasy? Or really hard? Thanks!
  14. Hi Jeff! I’m new to Dynasty Leagues and saw the great write-up you did on another dynasty league question above. I've been playing redraft for several years, and now have picked up two PPR dynasty teams, so have absolutely no experience with dynasty. The first one is a start-up, and the second is an existing team that I have taken over, and I wanted to know if you would mind taking a look at it to see where I need to go in the upcoming draft? I have the 1.07, 2.07, 3.07, and 4.07. The roster can be up to 26 players, I presently have 23. We start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Def, 1PK. We have one flex that can be RB, WR, or TE. .1 point for each yard rushing or receiving, and 1 PPR. .05 point for each yard passing, and 4 points for passing TDs. Otherwise fairly standard scoring In looking at this team, it appears to me to be weak at QB and WR. So depending on how the NFL draft goes in April, it seems that at 1.07 I should be trying to home in on something like the following: QBs: Geno Smith, Barkley, Manuel, or Nassib WRS: Allen, Austin, Patterson, Hunter, Woods, Wheaton, or Hopkins RBs: Lacey, Bernard, Franklin, Bell, Michael, Latimore, or Ball. I see in that previous reply that you “…also like the idea of grabbing QBs drafted in the 3rd round or higher in NFL draft in 3rd round of rookie drafts (even if in bad situations).” I’ll have to wait until the NFL draft in April to see where they go, but it seems like you would be reluctant to take a QB at 1.07 unless they were drafted 65th or later (3rd round). Now because I’m drafting at 1.07, I suppose it’s likely that the stud RBs will be long gone by then. So I’m hoping to learn a bit about how you would evaluate this team, and what general approach you might suggest for the draft. It’s a while away, but I’m trying to become familiar with this new format. Thanks Jeff! Rivers, Philip SDC QB Flacco, Joe BAL QB Kolb, Kevin FA* QB Charles, Jamaal KCC RB Forte, Matt CHI RB Ridley, Stevan NEP RB Tate, Ben HOU RB Hunter, Kendall SFO RB Ballard, Vick IND RB Mendenhall, Rashard ARI RB Hillman, Ronnie DEN RB Turbin, Robert SEA RB Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR Bowe, Dwayne KCC WR Austin, Miles DAL WR Sanu, Mohamed CIN WR Moss, Santana WAS WR Burleson, Nate DET WR Gresham, Jermaine CIN TE Pettigrew, Brandon DET TE Lewis, Marcedes JAC TE Graham, Shayne HOU PK Texans, Houston HOU Def
  15. Hi Jeff, Here’s another one I’m noodling over. This owner started out 8-0, but has been doing it with smoke and mirrors, at least as far as I can tell. He lost this weekend to go to 8-1, so he’s certain to make the playoffs. But he may be willing to trade to strengthen his team for the playoffs. I play him in week 11 though, so don’t want to do anything that hurts my chances of beating him that weekend! He's weak at RB, having lost McFadden, at least for the time being, but has great depth at TE. Although we can play a TE flex, his strength there might mesh with my weakness at TE, and perhaps his need at RB. So I’m thinking of offering him his choice of Reece, Woodhead, Andre Brown, Forsett, or Tanner, for Vernon Davis. I’ve perked up a bit after a couple of the trades you’ve coached me on, so am now 5-4. Thoughts or suggestions? Thanks again Jeff! This is a 12-team PPR redraft league. Start 1 QB, 2-3 RB, 3-4 WR, (7 total RB/WR/TE, I usually try to go 3-3-1), 1-2 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF. 20 player roster. Pass TDs = 4 pts, all others 6. 1 for 10 yards (decimals) rushing or receiving, 25 yards passing. My Team: QB: Vick/7, Luck/4 RB: McCoy/7, Spiller/8, Turner/7, Reece/5, Woodhead/9, Andre Brown/11, Bryce Brown/7 (for McCoy), Forsett/8 (lottery), Tanner/5 (another lottery) WR: Welker/9, Austin/5, Britt/11, Broyles/5, Simpson/11 TE: Pitta/8 DEF: Bears/6, Bucs/5 K: Suisham/4 His Team: QB: Newton/6, palmer/5 RB: McFadden (injured?), Daryl Richardson/9, Hunter/9, Ingram/6, Ivory/6, David Wilson/11 WR: Dez/5, Antonio Brown/4 (injured?), Hilton/4, Blackmon/6, Manningham/9, Wright/11, Hankerson/10 TE: Gronkowski/9, Vernon Davis/9, chandler/8 DEF: Texans/8 K: Janikowski/5