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  1. Cowboys went from top tier O line to a really bad O line......that and a bad defense, even with VanderEsch back....what a #### show
  2. Hypothetically, if KC gets rollin, and he's the lead back, he could put up pretty big numbers.....I think thats all anyone is saying.....and looking around at the fantasy wasteland that is RB he's a worth a shot The reality is CEH hasn't been able to execute on short yardage, and he's not been a factor in the passing game......Darrel Williams is a JAG. I hear people say Bell is a shell of his former he really though? Isn't he like 28? We know he was misused by Gase, and the jets are the worst franchise in the NFL. I'm sure he's not as explosive as he was his first few seasons at Pitt.........but I also doubt he's completely washed up, and his skillset fits what KC does perfectly.....he's a big target for Mahomes......and again, if they start moving the ball at will again, he's going to get plenty of redzone looks.....the opportunity is there on a good offense.
  3. Yea, no way he replicates that......teams will be keying on him from here on out. If anything, it helps his teammates get open looks.
  4. The only reason Bell was brought in is because CEH isn't getting it done where a RB in KC is needed.....short yardage and the passing game....KC saw an opp to grab a proven guy......IF Bell is 75% of what he was in Pitt, he takes over the lead role
  5. I'm not disagreeing that he isn't a good HC, but Garrett isn't either.....his in-game coaching was horrible......I've never seen such a calm panic on a sideline.......all clapping and smacking butts.....meanwhile inside he toast
  6. Agree to disagree......KC didn't sign Bell to ride the pine, and Fuller has been hurt most of his career
  7. Bell may very well not be that relevant, but there's also a decent chance he is a solid RB1......As limited of a resource as RB's are and Fuller in the grand scheme of how deep WR is.....seems like a no brainer to me.
  8. We know what Bell was on a good team......then he toiled away on a horrible jets team......and now he has a legit opportunity on the defending SB champion.......that's the kind of thing that can really motivate a guy. The only real question is how much he has left in the tank. We know most RB's don't age well. We are all speculating here, but I find it hard to believe that Bell won't have a very meaningful roll in KC as soon as he's up to speed.....I'd bet he will be moved around like they did in Pittsburgh......why wouldn't they utilize his pass catching capability? Maybe we do see plenty of sets with him lined at receiver and CEH in the backfield.....Reid is a genius at pressuring D's with his weapons.
  9. So ur saying that McCarthys success was solely based on player talent? Garrett did less with more......he had a couple of really good teams and pissed it away......most years they were mediocre talent-wise, but clapper panicked every time he got down by a score and they'd abandon the run, become one dimensional and it would all fall apart.
  10. Garrett wasn't a good HC, but he was hamstrung by a worse GM.....helluva clapper though
  11. I'd rather have more afternoon Sunday games, personally
  12. I drafted Bell late and hated it immediately.....dumped him for Snell when he went to IR.....never thought id have the turd on my team again....we have one week to grab a guy who comes back from brainer. Dumped Snell, picked up turd in a fancy new uni FF is about talent, and opportunity.....Bells talent might be in question at this point, but the opportunity just went off the charts!
  13. I've got him stashed on my bench hoping for this rosy's not like theres a lot out there on the WW anyway
  14. I gave up on Carr a couple seasons ago. He looked like a poor man's Alex Smith. He was afraid to throw down field. He looked a shell of his former self. I think what we saw against KC was a guy who has found his confidence again. His O line is outstanding, and he has some weapons. Will he regress? Time will tell, but if you're a Raiders fan you have to be pretty pumped, and optimistic.
  15. Dalton is serviceable, and they keep him, let Dak walk..... and then invest in the defense, and O line.....if Jerry is honest with himself, he can plainly see that with the defense as is, they ain't winning squat. All that said, I have zero idea about how they sit with salary cap stuff on any of the potential scenarios.......I kinda draw the line at dissecting that crap.
  16. Henry is going to have 1500 yards and 15 TDs......with a 2.5 ypc I drafted him in a distance league where long TD's give you BIG points......he usually breaks off a couple a year when defenses are beat up, and tired.....I just hope he isn't the one who's beat up and tired....
  17. I feel like Wentz could have a similar track as Carr. Carr was on a tear, got injured, and proceeded to turn into a deer in the headlights......Wentz, kinda the same.....but we've seen what he's capable of. I think it's too soon to write him off, for sure. And as his supporting cast improves, who knows, maybe he gets back to a pro bowl level......I just puked in my mouth a little
  18. "I came here to do two things......not practice, and catch touchdowns......looks like it's about game time...." -Mike Evans
  19. Yea spose there are some conservatives who despise trump......but from what I've seen, it's lefties mostly.....I'm no Trump fan, but I also don't think he's as bad as he's made out to be.....and I believe there's been a planned effort to take him down no matter what