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  1. Standard performance leage: Allen or Dalton?
  2. QB superflex so need 2 of the following: Wentz, Winston & Dalton. Also, need 3 of 5 full PPR: Lockett, Golladay, Perriman, Fuller & Hooper.
  3. Winston or Rodgers? Standard format no penalty for INTs.
  4. 12/24/95 I'm at Riverfront Stadium watching my Bengals play the Minnesota Vikings with my brother. Adding some spice to the game is we're playing one another that week & I have Moon & Jake Reed. Early in the 2nd quarter Minnesota is at their own 49 & I get up to get a beer. Before ducking into the tunnel I stop to watch the play & it's a 51 yd TD pass Moon to Reed (50 yards plus are double points). I turn around, look up & my brother is giving me the one finger salute. ? Bengals win the game 27-24 and the bonus QB/WR hookup wins me the game. Couldn't have scripted it any better!
  5. Ryder Cup matches are fantastic to attend live. The 1991 at Kiawah was the best sporting event I've attended (and this is comparing to WS games, NCAA championships, NFL AFC championships & FIFA world cup qualifiers between USA/MEX). Also went in 2008 at Valhalla which was also great but Kiawah was off the hook epic.
  6. Police body cam footage Security footage from bank Story from Enquirer Police took the shooter down less that 5 minutes after the 911 call was placed. If not for their bravery and execution this would have been a lot worse.
  7. I work in the 5/3 tower and was there this morning. Got there early but went to the lobby for a breakfast sandwich about 8:15. Shootings happened about 45 minutes later. We were in lock down until about Noon and were then escorted from the building by ATF. I'm home now watching the news and heard the guy had 500 rounds of ammo on him. People were very quick to respond and take this guy down otherwise many more would have been impacted. So sad. I just can't wrap my head around these acts of violence with intent to kill or hurt as many people as possible.
  8. Also my favorite on IV (but not my favorite Zep overall). Just a fantastic heavy, sludgy song. Have you heard the alternate version on the Coda remaster/extra disc? The title is "If It Keeps on Raining." Bonzo's drums are pushed into the background and Jones' bass is front and center.
  9. Going all local microbrew tonight. Rhinegeist Truth & Fretboard S23 Pineapple.
  10. SA-WEET! Never would have thought of Chris Rock & Fargo but I like it!
  11. The start of the slide to an epic men's only event. You will look back & wonder "What the **** was I thinking." Kidding (kind of ?). Sounds like a great time!
  12. Great call & my favorite Stones album. Most I'm guessing would say Exile but that's actually #3 on my list (Let It Bleed is #2). So, so hard for me to name a favorite song on this album but if I had to name one it would be Sister Morphine. The haunting slide guitar & lyrics are just killer. Fun note: I was in Nashville last weekend & went to the Rolling Stones Exhibitionism event at the Nashville's Musicians Hall of Fame. Wasn't cheap when considering kids who really aren't that in to it but we'll worth it & glad I went.