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  1. FWIW, I reinstalled TD over the top of itself and it seems to have corrected the duplicates.
  2. Yes, me too. Actually its been occurring for 1-2 weeks before today.
  3. The weekly content page no longer indicates when postings are scheduled anymore. Tuesday night the LD update wasn't ready by midnight(I went to bed). I have six leagues that waivers run between Tues 1200am (midnight) & Wed 1100 am. Very frustrating when you can't depend on timely information. The LD link currently shows "page not found". Here it is Thursday lunch time and the TD link is still dark. I wonder if FBG is slowly backing away from the DD/PD/LD/TD programs in favor of the new apps & FanDuel marketing?
  4. Get this, I'M an "Insider PRO" but it won't even let me see the cheetsheets, I get: Become A Footballguys Insider Just Enter Your Email Address Below WANT TO SEE THE REST? The full page you are accessing is FREE but it requires you to be a Footballguys Insider. All you have to do is enter your email address into the box below and click the "Send Now" button and we'll INSTANTLY send you your login and password. Once you've signed in, you'll get immediate access to the content you were trying to see plus more. You'll be accessing the content in seconds after entering your email. Want to learn more about becoming a Footballguys Insider? Click HERE. If you're already a Footballguys Insider, you're good to go -- just log in at the top of this page. If you're not sure, enter your email below. Enter Your Email Below To Become An Insider. WE WILL NEVER SPAM YOU. EVER. UNSUBSCRIBE AT ANY TIME. and yes I'm logged in, it shows it at the top of the page.
  5. The date on the Input & Read Me First pages (tabs) are not updated with Getting Latest Projections. The only way I know to check projections date is to look at the FBG PRO Page.
  6. Draft Accuracy overall results for 2010-2013 have Dobbs (63.8%), Henry (62.4%) & Wood (62.2%) all in the top 10, I'm basically splitting it evenly three ways now.
  7. For some reason David Wilson appears in the Draft Summary @ 4.12 as a keeper. He does not appear on the Keeper List. He does not appear on the Team 1 Data or Weekly Points tabs. He DOES appear in the Player Pool tab. When I added him to the Keeper List (same team & draft slot) he appears twice in Draft Summary only. I have deleted Wilson from Projections tab, closed & reopend DD, Updated Projections & reinstalled DD over the top of DD. With Wilson listed in Draft Summary, DD thinks slot 4.12 is filled (keeper) and skips past it to the next slot & team. So it will not record a selection for 4.12/Team 1. I am currently in the middle of a slow keeper draft that has had draft picks traded, keepers allotted to draft slots etc., so starting from scratch is not a simple alternative. That and with no guarantee that Wilson/Draft Summary problem will resolve itself. Any idea how I remove Wilson from Draft Summary? Thanks.
  8. Interesting. I haven't seen any comparisons in the last 3-4 years, but my mental recall of the last thing I found suggested that BH had the best track record with WR/TE's, DD did the best with QB's, and JW (followed closely by DD) had the best record with RB's. But whether this was a multiple-year analysis or just the previous year, I don't recall. BH is the only staffer I've personally used as a sole projector, largely because more than half my league uses FBG projections, and in past years, he had the most number of articles that explained the reasoning behind why he was high/down on particular players. I'm surprised at how evenly the different weighting methods are used, though this early in the season, I suspect there's a much larger number of "make my own projections" types than I'd find if I asked this in August. I based my PD %'s on draft accuracy averaged from 2010-12 (apparently 2013 isn't posted yet?!) Here are rankings by position for sources in PD: DD - QB 20; RB 02; WR 01; TE 10 BH - QB 04; RB 10; WR 06; TE 03 MT - QB nr; RB nr; WR nr; TE nr *not rated in top 20 JW - QB 16; RB 20; WR 05; TE 11 Not ideal, but what I have to work with for now.
  9. Yes it's free. Blind bidding for waiver wire acquisitions weekly, no set cost.
  10. There's no one right way. You have to develop your own mix. Currently for use in PD for drafting this year I have: DD - QB 45; RB 55; WR 55; TE 45 BH - QB 55; RB 45; WR 45; TE 55 But FBG is not used exclusively.
  11. Same here. I tried searching MFL for my email as well and don't see any new leagues. I did the search and found I'm in a league and ON THE CLOCK!!! Never received an email notification and I don't have a password to log in. This is going to be interesting. Seriously? That's weird. I've got confirmations and invites for 3 of the 5 submissions I sent in so far. Got my password after emailing commish.
  12. Same here. I tried searching MFL for my email as well and don't see any new leagues. I did the search and found I'm in a league and ON THE CLOCK!!! Never received an email notification and I don't have a password to log in. This is going to be interesting.
  13. I believe you can accomplish this in DD by scoring +2 Pts per Pass Completion and -1 Pts per Pass Attempt. This is not my original idea, I'm sure I saw I here somewhere before.
  14. General Tab set up by column 12 Team league, 16 roster spots = League Variables (4QB, 8RB, 8WR, 3TE, N/A at Flex, 3 DST and 3 K). = Rosters Spots, flex=0 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DST and 1 Flex. = Starters Flex position can be RB, WR or TE. = Flexed check mark Go with Joe's Secret Formula, you can learn that next year in FBG 201