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  1. Hey Bruce I have a question about third round reversal draft order. I recently did my first 3RR draft, the order went: Rd 1 = 1-12; Rd 2 = 12-1; Rd 3 = 12-1; Rd 4 = 12-1; Rd 5 = 1-12; and continues 12-1/1-12, etc. In essence just the third round was flipped from a conventional serpentine draft. DD does it diferently, it flips all the rounds starting with round 3 and alternates 12-1/1-12 a round sooner. The difference between the two sequences begins in round 4. Rd 1 = 1-12; Rd 2 = 12-1; Rd 3 = 12-1; Rd 4 = 1-12; Rd 5= 12-1; and continues 1-12/12-1, etc. Is there more than one way to do 3RR, or is DD doing it wrong? I had to manually change the draft orders from round 4 through 15 or 16 during the draft!
  2. Probably because Thomas is still listed as doubtful. Check again on Saturday. You can also import into PD and then into DD and see if those update.The updates Ariakas is refering to (I believe) are those linked to on the Week One Content page. All the DD/LD/VBD updates are as of 9/7. None of the newer projections on the WOC page are available for import/update to DD/LD/VBD hence the frustration. I updated one of my leagues as suggested via VBD, no change.
  3. This occurs when "Draft other teams by ADP" is checked, uncheck it. Suggest using a variety of available ADP Lists for Mocks on the "Team Names" tab instead.
  4. Yes, however the update will NOT change the date/version displayed on the input page. Yes, just go to FBG home page ~weekly and scroll down the list on the right. It will show the date of the update.
  5. Go to FBG Home page, in right side scan list for "VBD Application - Dodds - 6/25" & click link. 2009A1 is the free version it comes in two ways to download.Next time I suggest you post your ? as a new topic in the open forum where everyone will see it.