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  1. While we're on the Adams topic, this trade was completed in a 12 team ppr league a week ago. Team A received Adams Team B received Ajayi
  2. The # of teams, roster size, starting requirements and if you retain the full roster year to year or only a subset of players are key factors to be considered when determining which tips here will be helpful to a new dynasty owner. The tips given already are great but as we've seen they are based on a wide range of league rules. For an example of key differences that drive draft and ongoing league strategy, some define a league as dynasty when they keep 8-16 players where others define a dynasty league as being one where all players (22-25 players in my leagues) are retained until it is time to clear space needed for the rookie draft. As noted earlier this greatly impacts the value of future draft picks because of the quality of players available in the draft pool. This really matters during the initial draft because future draft picks are often currency used to maneuver during the draft. Another example is with starting lineup requirements. The initial draft and ongoing strategies will vary differently for start 2qb leagues, start fixed 2rb/3wr or start various combos of positions (like 1-3rbs, 2-3rbs or 0-4 rbs along with corresponding flexible wr's and te's). I'm interested to hear your league specifics. Chances are that they follow formats used by others here, so the strategy discussion can benefit a lot of readers. On the topic of strategy, an item I haven't seen mentioned yet is the type of team you want to draft - compete now or with an eye to the future. Of course the overall idea of ff is to win, but some like to draft a team that will compete right away while others like to take their lumps for a year or two with a plan for the future. The team that plans to take its lumps often slides down in the draft to pick up future 1st and 2nd round rookie picks and drafts young with an eye toward building a team that not only competes starting in years 2 or 3 but potentially dominates as those young players mature and one or two high rookie picks are infused (like a top rookie rb) or traded for a stud to fill a key need.
  3. Recent trades in one 12 team ppr, start QRWWTFFD league Team A got DeMarco Murray, Vance McDonald, 1.12, 2.03, 4.03 Team B got Jordan Howard, Ryan Griffin, 2.04, 4.08 ------- Team C got Sharpe Team D got Jaron Brown, 3.03 ------- Team D got 1.02, 2.10, 2018 2nd Team E got 1.01, 5.01 ------- Team F got 1.03, 2.04, Higbee Team B got Gurley
  4. 12 team ppr superflex this offseason I give Brees + 4.01 I get Pitta