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  1. Regardless of whether he really wants to play or not or has a realistic chance to play or not, publicity and staying relevant is the straw that stirs the drink. It doesn't matter who you are or why you are out of the game. The game (broadly speaking) will forget about you and it happens quickly. Ray Rice, Dez, Kaep, even AB, they will all become (as the song says) just somebody that we used to know. Kaep can certainly remain focused on charities and causes but he can have a lot more impact in those arenas if he is "current".
  2. Isabella is the one I'm tracking, perhaps because he isn't one of those "round up the usual suspects" guys. Funchess and Ginn and that ilk seem to spend the entire season rotating on and off the bottom of every fantasy roster in the league.
  3. Not much thankfully. SF DEF and Chris Carson to combine for at least 2 points.
  4. You can't argue with this logic. The only footnote I would add is that "take my chances" over the course of a season can result in quite a mixed bag (points wise). I drafted Tucker for his accuracy and consistency, content that he wouldn't be the reason I lost in any given week. As part of that pick I also don't have to deal with the weekly grind of sifting through the wire for someone. Set and forget is a real thing.
  5. There would be some logic to throttling back on what Mayfield is expected to do and using these two guys to grind defences into the ground. I have zero confidence that will happen though.
  6. If you parse out the "man, myth and legend" stuff, isn't this what should happen?
  7. North American ratings of the current London games isn't a metric that is going to drive the decision to put a team over there. If you're not watching because the games aren't good, you can add 30-40% of games played every week to your boycott list. This is pro hockey in Arizona, which is there for "strategic" reasons. A sufficient, sustainable fan base is not one of those reasons.
  8. Gordon is fantasy football heroin for some people. They got that initial rush in 2013 and have been chasing that same "high" ever since. 2013 is a long time ago but if you want, you can easily explain or counter every "anti-Gordon" argument there is point for point and yet it's still 2019 and he's still not sniffing at 2013.
  9. I can't tell if you're asking for advice on what to do or just looking for us to validate that this guy is "untenable".
  10. It's unfortunate for Drake but I think he's going to likely end up a footnote in the annals of NFL history. Finishing his rookie contract and just not having really done enough to create much of a market for himself.
  11. Maybe not this specific outcome but I think a significant number of people believed AB wasn't going to turn into this happy, quiet model employee with the Raiders or anyone else. I'll draft anyone at the right price but he wasn't going to be on my fantasy team this year, period.
  12. It's a bit like money laundering - placement, layering and integration. The timing of the steps isn't unimportant but trading for Hunt now isn't likely as incendiary as signing him in the off season would have been.
  13. Interesting. I have Jackson and Ryan and would have to drop someone I'd really rather not drop to pick up another QB. My opponent's quiet Thursday night has me more inclined to risk Ryan not less.