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  1. Samuel was my Hail Mary this week so, that's a good thing that's happening...
  2. Fair enough. Brady's victory lap in Tampa is a bit like Don Henley getting the Eagles back together - it'll be great for awhile but I can't see it lasting long. When they have to blow that team up, it could leave a huge, smoking crater...
  3. I don't think it's a lack of respect as much as recognizing that: last year was his apex in terms of production; and factors are in play that make it possible he never approaches that production again I'm not saying he can't stay in NO (post Brees) and be productive or go elsewhere and be productive. I just don't think those are certainties so if someone in your league is willing to back up the Brinks truck in front of your door for him, it might be worth considering.
  4. ...or a QB that can make plays with his legs and arm. This is formula for hiding these deficiencies - see Wilson, Watson, Murray et al.
  5. I was considering trying to buy low in redraft but his situation is gaining a "2019 AJ Green" energy to it. You're obviously banking on MT getting healthy and resuming being MT (and that's where the current asking price seems to be) but there are lots of less desirable outcomes in play and most of them have season-crushing implications in redraft. Combining "banged up" with "attitude problem" (if there's anything to that) with a scenario where the Saints fall off the play-off pace, it could be a lost season for him.
  6. Somewhat reluctantly dropped him for Tre'Quan this week (redraft) and was bracing myself for the inevitable big game but I honestly don't see the path from where he is right now to where he is startable.
  7. Not discounting the injury but "mechanics all over the place" and bouts of inaccuracy sounds a lot like Carolina Cam too.
  8. Was up comfortably going into last night with Metcalf going against Kyler. Will be 2 - 5 tomorrow in last place with easily the best worst team I've ever had: QB: Brees RB: Zeke, A. Jones, Robinson, Williams, Pollard, Gus E. WR: Metcalf, Cooks, Godwin, Chark, Patrick, T. Smith
  9. I remember when Wilson versus Kaep was a hot thread here...
  10. I was pleased to see him in the backfield when they were down on the scoreboard. Maybe they know what's what now.
  11. It's 2020 so on that basis, maybe it's Dillon this week but back on planet earth it should be Williams.