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  1. habsfan

    2021 Work Stoppage? Ruh oh...

    I would also add that across all professional sports, younger players are increasingly better positioned to step in and perform shoulder to shoulder with those vets. The "green" rookie of today is not nearly as green as years ago.
  2. Never hit a woman is a cultural axiom. What is disturbing to me is this whole If you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best stereotype that has also taken root. In a perfect world people should not hit other people (or burn their houses down) and people who do those things should be punished equally but culturally we just aren't there.
  3. habsfan

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    This is the crux of it to me. By most tangible measurements he should be happy. Disappointed they haven't had more play-off success? Sure but disappointed and Enfant terrible are two different things. If he goes to another team I would bet against it being a better football situation or a better situation for someone who appears to need a lot of "appreciation". If he isn't content in a perennial "cover of Madden" type situation how will he feel about playing out what should be the apex of his career in relative obscurity?
  4. habsfan

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    His next employer needs to be wary I think. Maybe this is strictly a matter of specific relationships between certain individuals that have soured beyond repair and it won't repeat with his next team. Then again maybe it's only a matter of time before his next coach/QB/team mate "disrespects" him and the circus resumes.
  5. Since it can't happen and there are no theoretical conditions to accompany the theoretical scenario, I think the question really comes down to How good is Trevor Lawrence? If you think he's the next Luck or Marino or Manning then the opportunity cost of the two years is worth the reward.
  6. habsfan

    Timeout before field goal

    As a hockey goalie, shootouts aren't much different from this in that stopping consecutive "penalty shots" is part of the job just as making kicks is the kicker's job. As far as having to make two in a row goes, you expect to make all of them in a row. There's gamesmanship and psychology here (real or perceived) but to me it's just another independent event. Can a professional golfer drive one down the middle of the fairway on the 18th tee at Augusta or not? To what extent does it matter if he did it on the previous 6 holes or the previous 3 days?
  7. habsfan

    Nick Foles Landing Spot/Contract Size

    Devil's Advocate, maybe he and his agent read the market as "not great" and he stays where he is for another year? With Brady and all the QB class of 2004 guys starting to come into retirement conversations, delaying the "getting paid" party a year might not be terrible. Is being 31 that much worse if you're already 30? It seems like Garoppolo held the title of "most eligible bachelor" behind Brady for years. I doubt another year in Philly would tarnish Foles much...
  8. habsfan

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Lots of reasonable deductions happening here and they all point to a significant problem. We know what is generally important to players - being paid, fame. individual and team success etc and you can tick all those boxes with AB. Being insufficiently "appreciated" just sounds like a child who wants to see how far they can push "mom and dad" purely for the sport of it. That's a bad situation for a team in a window to win. Sure Pitt can take things away from him but the effectiveness of that is contingent on him actually caring about the things they can take away.
  9. habsfan

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    This is the juggling act of keeping a locker room under control, a "Steeler Way" culture intact yet still try to win a football game. Long term you could argue they should have suspended AB and/or told him to have a seat on the bench - for a quarter, a half, whatever - short term consequence be damned. Instead you now have a "diva" who's probably thinks there's a rule set for him and a different one for everyone else. The Bell situation was a mess but at least money was at the core of it. This sounds like a snowflake who just isn't "happy".
  10. habsfan

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    If he's having a meltdown because he didn't win an internal MVP award (which is sounding pretty plausible), the real question is, what do you do with a guy like that? As someone noted up thread, he's both paid and fed (volume wise). Can you ever really make a guy like this feel "special" enough?
  11. habsfan

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Purely speculation on my part but when you strip away all the "misdirection" of missing the play-offs and personal squabbles, I suspect AB just doesn't like being the "1A" receiver on the team instead of the clear "1"...
  12. There is also the "between the ears" factor which is difficult to assess, guys who have the drive and work ethic to stay great and compile a significant career. Injuries shorten a lot of careers but some players just seem to lose the stomach for it, get paid, etc. Who's the next Larry Fitzgerald between the ears? As a fan, I tend to assume all these guys want to play until they can't but I'm not sure that's true...
  13. His birth certificate says he's young but on the other hand, he's also been a starter from day one apart from the times he's been bench-ably bad. A couple consecutive games of "good Jameis" provides no comfort that "bad Jameis" won't suddenly reappear. He's a tremendous physical talent when he isn't throwing "what on earth did you see there?!?" type interceptions. Can you coach that out of him at this point? Colour me skeptical...
  14. habsfan

    He has world class speed...?

    I'm a long time away from my HS days but when I see these HS times, I think "Is this someone holding a stopwatch"? I'm sure human error alone is responsible for some epic tales and lore...
  15. habsfan

    Mike it time to go?

    The quick rule of thumb question on stuff like this is, how many teams would "trade" their HC for Tomlin? Has to be more than half I would think...