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  1. Pending how the Hou pick is used, the other thing that won''t help DJ is that the WR corps seems to have taken a pretty significant step back.
  2. Setting aside how healthy he actually is now, I think that depends on what portion of his pro career you want to circle as defining "healthy Cam Newton".
  3. I could continue to be duped by the arm/age/ceiling/talent argument but what negates it for me is that there's just no evolution in his game over five full seasons. Even if you could point at the tiniest incremental, positive trend year to year (i.e. Here's a mistake Winston used to make but doesn't anymore) but I just don't see it. Teams will kick his tires as a starter at their own peril and IMO his game is not what you're generally looking for in a backup either. When your starter goes down in a big game, do you really want this guy coming into the huddle eating Ws and throwing picks?
  4. Winston has five full seasons as a starter and has shown no real progress as a decision-maker but you're probably right, this coming season would likely be the magic year he stops throwing the ball to the other team.
  5. This is what I was implying. Big QB contracts can certainly "break" teams but at least Wilson's skillset compensates for some of the deficiencies around him. If people don't think Dak can do that, Dallas is going to double down on the misery when they pay him and the supporting cast diminishes.
  6. With any luck he turns into Russell Wilson. 😉
  7. I think you'd be betting against the house. Setting aside age, speculation on decline etc, for me it just comes down to the risk of switching teams. More often than not, offensive difference makers parachute into new teams and don't really make a difference - at least initially - and Tom doesn't have a lot of time to settle in. On paper Cleveland was going to be unstoppable on offense last August. It just didn't happen.
  8. This is obviously contingent on absolutely no one else being prepared to offer him more term than that. I guess that's possible but it only takes one team.
  9. The franchise tag and draft someone option makes sense but otherwise I would probably prefer someone with a bit less "upside" as opposed to wash, rinse, repeat with Winston.
  10. He's played the better part of 5 seasons, 70+ games. How much do you need to see? What's the thing that suddenly facilitates a change in his game?
  11. Thinking Winston can be unlocked to take this big step forward is a fool's errand.
  12. I think the problem for Brady and NE is that he's not exactly the only QB in football who fits this description. When you're trying to add water to the soup, you're looking for someone who can make some plays by running for his life. Brady leaving NE seems to call for one of those Manning to Denver type scenarios and those don't happen very often either.
  13. It was the right call and I suspect he had enough separation and physical advantage to make the catch without doing it. Sometimes the PI is responsible for the catch but I don't think that is what happened here.
  14. I think it's less about chemistry and more that he just wasn't the same player after his serious injury (post Saints). Seattle did find a way to get red zone production from him though.
  15. On the surface the agent is saying, "I can't monetize you as you are now. If you manage to make yourself marketable, let's talk". He's really doing an intriguing job of blurring the line between appearing to care about AB and not caring one bit about AB.