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  1. Thinking Winston can be unlocked to take this big step forward is a fool's errand.
  2. I think the problem for Brady and NE is that he's not exactly the only QB in football who fits this description. When you're trying to add water to the soup, you're looking for someone who can make some plays by running for his life. Brady leaving NE seems to call for one of those Manning to Denver type scenarios and those don't happen very often either.
  3. It was the right call and I suspect he had enough separation and physical advantage to make the catch without doing it. Sometimes the PI is responsible for the catch but I don't think that is what happened here.
  4. I think it's less about chemistry and more that he just wasn't the same player after his serious injury (post Saints). Seattle did find a way to get red zone production from him though.
  5. On the surface the agent is saying, "I can't monetize you as you are now. If you manage to make yourself marketable, let's talk". He's really doing an intriguing job of blurring the line between appearing to care about AB and not caring one bit about AB.
  6. The core of my losing team was Hopkins, Hill, Fournette, Carson and Mixon. There is simply nothing to learn by trying to analyze what went wrong there.
  7. I'm starting him in a flex position but hardly confident. We've seen lots of examples of receivers who rake as WR2s and get shut down when the WR1 attention is on them. I haven't studied every snap of Perriman but I'll go out on a limb and say we've seen it happen to better receivers than him. As a single variable, more volume is obviously better than less but that isn't the only aspect of his situation that has changed.
  8. In the championship matchup thread here I see a lot of Carson and a bit of Fournette as well.
  9. 12 Team full PPR 1QB / 2 WR / 2RB / 1 W/R / 1 W/T / K / DEF Jackson, Hopkins, Hill, Carson, Fournette, Mixon, Perriman, Tucker, SF vs. Brady, Thomas, Diggs, Gurley, Barkley, Slayton, Mostert, Lutz, NE
  10. I can see this as possible outcome but the sheer number of passing attempts by Winston has to result in stats right?
  11. There seems to be a healthy amount of "lag" in his projections, as though what was expected several weeks ago is still influencing what we expect this week.
  12. Off topic but this rule sounds like one of those ones that only works when everyone is in violent agreement. If so, it's a bad rule.
  13. Sometimes these posts re-stoke a topic and that leads to renewed discussion. You can click.. or not.
  14. Third in WR points in my PPR league. Complete trash. 🙄