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  1. All I wanna know is what happened to Gronk??? Just give him the damn ball.....Brady is just too old.... :-)
  2. Just FYI....DT Malik McDowell changed to DE on MFL after P Carroll's comments last week...Hoping he moves back to DT when MFL re-evaluate positions.
  3. Any value here if he signs with anyone?
  4. I agree. Thank you for the notice. Unfortunately for most of us, mid august will be too late for us on dynasty leagues to get any use of it pre-draft/auction.
  5. mambomambo

    No LB Kevin Minter in Staff Rankings?

    We have a very balanced league where you start 4 LBs, with bonus for 5th Tackle and 0.5 pt for assist Tackles....He averages 4.5 tackles / game + 1.4 assists / game. Averages 13+ points with our league scoring....a few points higher and with a much lower std deviation than a lot of the OLB guys in the rankings. But I understand league scoring differences. When I'm looking fo a LB4 in these types of leagues, I tend to side with lower std deviation players vs high upside.
  6. mambomambo

    No LB Kevin Minter in Staff Rankings?

    Where is that coming from? Hard to believe some of these OLBs in the rankings would be above Minter.
  7. Any reason why Randle is not in the rankings? DO you guys think he wont even make the roster? I was under the impression he would likely be #2 in PHI...
  8. What is the deal with Kevin Minter missing from the Rankings?
  9. double bump....for us Dynasty players with Early Auctions
  10. mambomambo

    2016 Rookie drafts with idp

    Wow, this is a super nice setup for MFL. Looks like a great dynasty league.
  11. mambomambo

    Dynasty Rankings

    what about Michael Vick? worth a pick up in dynasty?