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  1. He also caught a screen inside the 5 and was tackled at the 1 the possession before. Very close to a big fantasy day
  2. Also, the laughably weak schedule that makes the bills D worth a pickup sure looks like it could give him a nice soft ramp up to NFL level play
  3. I’m starting to get that feeling about Duke Williams. The combination of the “blue chip talent/character concerns” narrative and how his teammates and coaches have raved about him (and he comes off in interviews like he’s got his head on straight). I just ate a significant one week point loss to hold him in dyno rather than picking up a streamer
  4. ^Yup. And all I ever wanted amidst all that was consistency and clarity, which the format this year has finally accomplished. No reason to mess with it IMO. Thanks @TZMarkie!
  5. I mean, I am not at all looking to sell. An early 1 is what it would take pick-wise to claw him away. I don’t think it’s any more unrealistic a deal prospect than thinking you could get him for 3/3/4 in the other direction though. If that’s your offer it’s a stretch to say you’re “buying;” there’s probably not a top 5 scorer at any position I wouldn’t mash accept to trade that for (much less a highly drafted 23 year old one)
  6. As an owner: I’d sell for an early 2020 1st, and buy for a late 2020 1st. 2/3/4 is not good value for a 23 year old putting up wr1 numbers and looking good doing it
  7. Snagged him in FA to potentially cover Rojo’s bye next week if neither Gallman nor Saquon is back and Gurley looks likely to keep Malcolm brown off the field. Will probably drop the minute I get definitive confirmation any of the above three things aren’t true
  8. Is it just me or does Chark look way bigger than his listed 198? He doesn’t seem noticeably smaller than Sutton (same height, listed at 216). Robbie Anderson is listed as an inch shorter and 190 and looks way wirier. Maybe it’s my rose colored glasses but this dude looks like a hoss out there
  9. What league settings could he be on the wire of? I try not to be the “hurr is it a 4 man league” guy but he’s WR10 overall (not counting this game)
  10. Yeah, I ended up swapping him in for Sutton last-min but I think he just earned “always start your studs” treatment
  11. Bought for a 3rd in the off-season and cut bait last week because I had a few other long shots pop (incl Waller, reducing my desire to use the room on TE) and prefer to use my last couple spots to trawl the wire for quicker returns. My opinion of him long-term hasn’t changed a ton, but I don’t see him going anywhere this year in that offense and he didn’t show me enough to want to burn the space for as long as it’ll take to know if there’s anything there. But there very well could still be some upside there—I could see holding if roster conditions had been different
  12. As an owner of both I’d insta-accept Davis for Thompson, barring being a top-tier contender with no other reasonable options at rb2
  13. Fair enough. And I get why some folks aren’t high on him, the measurables were straight-up bad. But barring a situation where he fell crazy far or was traded as a throw-in, anyone holding him now paid as much or more as you’re recommending selling him for. If your point is “if you can get a 1st for him take it and run” I won’t argue with you (I think he plays way quicker than he tested, and has a chance to be the exception to the rule, but the statistics about which running backs tend to succeed say what they say and nobody ever went broke taking a profit). I completely agree they will add a back in the off-season, but I think he has this season to overtake Gore and prove whoever they bring in next year should be a backup-level investment.