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  1. ^^if you have those pick values right the upgrade is the most valuable asset in the deal by a longshot
  2. How short of rosters? He has frustrated the hell out of me in my 12x22 dyno, but I couldn’t have imagined cutting him even at the lowest point.
  3. A fair point, but all those teams (other than the Giants) have a lot more at QB than a Jeff Driskel. It can be hard to read too much into when a team as a whole goes into the kind of death spiral the bengals are in, also. I’ll give you that he’s not OBJ. edit: not trying to move the goalposts. But Hilton and Hopkins both have had major down seasons with terrible quarterbacking as well
  4. Racist things get shouted/chanted at games quite a bit. The N-word itself is harder to get away with in public, but (at least in the snippets posted; I don’t care about either side of this incident enough to click links) nobody specifically claimed that’s what was said. I don’t think what he said was a big deal, but also don’t think he deserves the benefit of the doubt coming off a suspension for running across the field to fight someone, so I’m fairly indifferent to what comes of this. But assuming a racial slur couldn’t have been uttered because someone in the stands is going to immediately throw hands over it underestimates bystander syndrome and also ignores the possibility that the fan in question was big enough to dissuade intervention (I’m sure plenty of internet tough guys will disagree, but my willingness to fight someone over words has a strong inverse correlation with whether they look like they could beat me up)
  5. Agreed. Lockett is in the top half of tier 5 IMO. I assume the sanders ranking is pre-injury; love his game but not taking a 33 year old coming off a late-season Achilles anywhere near that high
  6. I mean, it seems he’s not good enough to be the only real receiving threat, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a true #1. Curious whether he’s seeing double coverage
  7. I am probably one of the stronger Dion Lewis apologists on this board (he looked as good as any RB in the league his breakout season with NE) but if that isn’t a cut and dried “one of these guys should be getting more carries than the other” I don’t know what is
  8. Penciling his 2019 in as a zero. I also think he likely plays again, though both wake-up call and downward spiral are realistic outcomes of this event. Obviously he’s a very good player but he’d be in a worse offense, and any further shenanigans could potentially result in a lifetime ban (whether official or otherwise). Mid-2nd feels about right; probably open with a 3rd and see if the owner thinks he’s done as opinions seem to vary widely
  9. Curious what this does to his dynasty trade value. A week or two ago guys were arguing he wasn’t worth a third but I imagine that ship has sailed. Wish I’d had an opportunity to buy at that price. Only team I’ve got holding him is out of the hunt and I’m holding anyway. before I gloat too much I’m sure vrabel will run Lewis into the A gap all game next week
  10. I like buying low on Hunt, but Kerryon+ is probably too rich for my blood. disclaimer: I don’t play devy or know who mike Weber even is
  11. While Calvin’s catch radius definitely allowed catches on a lot of subpar balls, it’s reasonable to think Tyreek taking a lot of catches within 5 yards of the LoS 70 yards to the house is gonna boost Mahomes’s stats in a fairly rare way
  12. I like Everett more than Higbee in a vacuum, but in my dyno (and I’m assuming many others) Higbee was free on the wire and Everett has been rostered since being drafted. Obviously Everett is a strong dynasty hold but you could do worse than either of them as a flier. I just read through the Higbee thread and it sounds like folks were very high on him coming out. on the flip side they may cannibalize each other’s production for the foreseeable future, but I’m coming around to the “just grab anyone on the rams and chiefs” philosophy.
  13. In hindsight i probably should have asked for a pick upgrade in addition. that said, while the rest of your points are valid, “only 3.5 years younger” is a fairly significant difference to handwave away. Guys start getting hard to sell for full market value by 28; if a rebuild isn’t likely to be a true contender next year he’s a tougher fit with the timeline. granted if that wasn’t full market value now, or if Sutton never becomes more than a FF wr2 it may well still be a bad trade.
  14. I always wondered why teams with Percy Harvin didn’t come out 5 wide to get the D into a dime package, then motion Harvin into the backfield and run it up the middle more often. Probably could have done the same with Patterson edit: or play action and throw at the strong safety assuming the one LB fills the gap on the opposite side
  15. Agreed, Mahomes is likely a tier of his own. If you have Wilson that high and you own Mahomes, you can probably get a lot back in addition. I’d probably have both Goff and Wilson in tier 2. As a Goff owner I can’t imagine trading him for wentz straight up (I probably would if not for mcvay) so I lean towards putting Wentz in tier 3.