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  1. I’m not sure there’s that much implied difference between “ok” and “average.” Basically he didn’t do anything special but nothing I’ve ever read seemed to indicate he was missing gaping holes like Trent Richardson, putting the ball on the ground, going down to arm tackles/at first contact, etc. His numbers just weren’t anything to write home about. Whether you wanna call that ok, average, just a guy, etc is fine by me—there’s also some distinction between that vs actively bad. That said, as somebody who did not see a ton of live Falcons football: if you read through his threads here or at a number of other boards, it seems like he was somewhat passing the eyeball test over the course of the season, and then after the season ended everyone looked at his stats, realized they weren’t great, and retroactively declared him not the answer. Which is probably true, but as another poster pointed out, Devonta Freeman didn’t look any better year 1, so I’m trying to figure out how much headroom he’s got or if he’s maxed out at what we saw. the threads also seem to read like he was being used as a goal-line pounder a lot, which would explain the low ypc a bit (you’d hope for more touchdowns, but he’s also under 200 pounds so that may have been on the coaching staff). Theres no mistaking him for saquon, but I’m not sure the book is written on him.
  2. What’s Ito Smith worth? Last year he looked...ok. Now he’s inheriting a backup role with a history of very solid touches (by backup standards) in a good offense, behind a starter with a balky knee who may or may not still be any good at this point. I’m lukewarm on the player but he seems to have a very plausible path to league-winning opportunity
  3. I read it as Breakout Age, which would also seem to fit
  4. There’s so much technique involved in running these drills well, outside of complete disaster level numbers I tend to take note of great performances but somewhat discount mediocre ones if they don’t match up with on-field performance. I’m not sure he has jets but he looks like he can string some mean cuts together so I’m less worried about the 3 cone
  5. 12 team .5ppr QRRWWTFFD Gave 2.03, 2.10 got 1.09 (Hockenson) gave 2020 3rd got Gesicki
  6. That’s an accurate reflection of current state. On the other hand, he’s a WR who was raw when drafted but has rare tools and only ok WRs in front of him, so he’s the kind of bet I like to cheaply make a bunch of in aggregate (while I wouldn’t pay a ton to have him, specifically). Becoming the clear-cut WR1 there isn’t overwhelmingly likely but seems to be within his range of outcomes
  7. I’m not a truther but I am a guy who absolutely loves opportunities to make bets like this for free. I picked him up in fcfs late last season and couldn’t be happier with how open things are in front of him for the cost of a roster spot. I’m not expecting much but I’ll gladly hold and see what happens
  8. 3 mid 2nds are worth more than 1 mid 1st, but 1 random 1st is worth more than 3 random 2nds due to the chance of being a top pick worth exponentially more
  9. ^^if you have those pick values right the upgrade is the most valuable asset in the deal by a longshot
  10. How short of rosters? He has frustrated the hell out of me in my 12x22 dyno, but I couldn’t have imagined cutting him even at the lowest point.
  11. A fair point, but all those teams (other than the Giants) have a lot more at QB than a Jeff Driskel. It can be hard to read too much into when a team as a whole goes into the kind of death spiral the bengals are in, also. I’ll give you that he’s not OBJ. edit: not trying to move the goalposts. But Hilton and Hopkins both have had major down seasons with terrible quarterbacking as well
  12. Racist things get shouted/chanted at games quite a bit. The N-word itself is harder to get away with in public, but (at least in the snippets posted; I don’t care about either side of this incident enough to click links) nobody specifically claimed that’s what was said. I don’t think what he said was a big deal, but also don’t think he deserves the benefit of the doubt coming off a suspension for running across the field to fight someone, so I’m fairly indifferent to what comes of this. But assuming a racial slur couldn’t have been uttered because someone in the stands is going to immediately throw hands over it underestimates bystander syndrome and also ignores the possibility that the fan in question was big enough to dissuade intervention (I’m sure plenty of internet tough guys will disagree, but my willingness to fight someone over words has a strong inverse correlation with whether they look like they could beat me up)
  13. Agreed. Lockett is in the top half of tier 5 IMO. I assume the sanders ranking is pre-injury; love his game but not taking a 33 year old coming off a late-season Achilles anywhere near that high
  14. I mean, it seems he’s not good enough to be the only real receiving threat, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a true #1. Curious whether he’s seeing double coverage
  15. I am probably one of the stronger Dion Lewis apologists on this board (he looked as good as any RB in the league his breakout season with NE) but if that isn’t a cut and dried “one of these guys should be getting more carries than the other” I don’t know what is