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  1. FWIW id give a 2nd for him in a heartbeat. I expect him to produce as the feature guy, it’s just up in the air enough that I couldn’t pass up a shot at a blue chipper
  2. I would do this. But I never value guys like Hamler that highly
  3. 12 team .5ppr qwwrrtffd Gave: chase Edmonds got: 2021 1st round pick (currently 1.05, likely range of outcomes 1.03-wildcard playoff berth)
  4. Any trade action? Got offered a 1st (currently the 1.05, in reach of the 1.03 but also the playoffs if he blows up). it feels like a trade I should make on paper (he’s a luxury on that roster and I got him cheap) but I like the talent, his advanced stats look great and he’s about to get his shot to become a thing long-term. Leaning towards declining
  5. Will Fuller feels like a mid-2nd to me. He’s producing this year but it’s gonna take some time to expect any sort of consistency long term given his history. Maybe I’m biased from watching his owner in my dyno rant in the chat box the last two years
  6. That’s very valid. They did also have the same qb who happened to be the GOAT to build the offense around that whole time. I’m not shocked it looked more consistent year to year than anyone else’s offense, and also think if there were a time that were likely to change drastically it’d be nowish.
  7. To clarify I was referencing the off-season after sanders was drafted, not people still saying that this past offseason. My point was more, that’s only ever the pattern until they get a guy worth making it not. To the rest of it: yes, to some degree you can expect Belichick to keep doing what works. In the short term that probably still includes at least James White stealing something receptions. I’m less convinced a separate goal-line back is a given. But even in that time, much like with the eagles, there have been games that indicate he doesn’t have a problem giving a back a full workload; they have just gotten hurt or wound up in the doghouse after and never been seen again. Which obviously is a risk here. Remember that random 200 yd 4 td Jonas Gray game? I wonder how history would look if Gray hadn’t immediately missed a meeting. Blount was a league-winner for me that one year also. A ~60% committee role could still be very valuable here. I understand that this is a smattering of random thoughts not necessarily driving to an overarching point
  8. I did hear a lot of the same “they just will always want an rbbc” talk about the Eagles, and now Sanders is a workhorse. Belichick is a smart coach, and if a back is head and shoulders above the rest they’ll likely play. I just don’t know whether Harris is that guy or not
  9. Part of it was definitely roster crunch on the other owner’s part (he’d acquired a few better players in the offseason and JJAW was looking like the obvious cut—I don’t think the plan was to sell that cheap, but if you wind up in a position where you have to move a guy who’s shown that little there’s not likely a robust market). But I would be shocked if he costs more than a 3rd in most places, and opportunities to get him for a 4 are likely out there. If the guy wants a 2 for him, well, good luck with that. I’m an active buyer but I’d break my wrist smashing the accept button if someone offered me a 2 for him. There’s some parallels, though, to DJ chark, who I couldn’t give away last off-season and then 3 weeks in was batting away offers of a 2 for him. The value delta between young, highly-drafted guys who have shown nothing and those who have shown something is immense, and when it moves from one to the other it moves quickly and fairly permanently (or at least usually stays for a couple seasons).
  10. He was the 2.07 in my 12 team last year. I bought him for a 2022 4th (our last round of the draft—granted partially due to picking up on the prior owner’s roster crunch). How much cheaper can he get? Meanwhile, if the injury was a factor (plus learning multiple positions iirc and now maybe the game slows down?) and he has one big game early the buying window slams shut. I’m not expecting much but at that price I’ll gamble the scouts were right and I’m wrong. If you’ve got a roster spot now may be the time to strike
  11. Yeah I’d be a Davis buyer for cheap if I didn’t own him already, but if someone offered me what’s essentially a 2nd for him I’d hammer accept without thinking twice (unless it was a player I hated individually).
  12. I can’t tell how to read that yards of separation per target metric. Without knowing the number when he’s not targeted, idk if it means he’s getting a ton of separation generally or more that they don’t even look at him unless he’s wide open. Im a somewhat disillusioned career-long owner but I think he’s a decent bet at the price you could likely get him at.
  13. Hope I’m not jinxing anything, but it seems like he could be one of those guys whose age curve looks a little different than normal just because for a “power back” he doesn’t seem to take big hits that much. Which makes sense, because flying in and blasting him high up is a losing proposition for a lot of guys most often in a position on the field to do so. He could be at higher risk for a leg injury In a given season from guys diving at his legs more often, but I’m not sure he is on the same timeline for general breakdown due to aggregate pounding.
  14. ^^assuming Saquon and McCaffrey are the first two picks most of the time, that’s essentially taking a randomly selected first rounder to go from your choice from the next tier of MT/Zeke/Kamara to taking whichever of the three falls. I’d do it unless you feel real strongly between them. edit: it should also be noted that getting random firsts early is the easiest way to get high firsts
  15. Love MT as much as the next guy but this is a great haul for him. EDIT: someone (ssog?) did some work a few years back about whether any player is really worth four randomly selected firsts and fame to the conclusion that, probably not. If the future picks are truly likely to be high it seems like that should be a decent sized win. Same could apply to the Saquon trade but it seems like the picks are late so I still probably take Saquon.