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  1. 12team .5ppr qwwrrtffd gave: Robby Anderson, got: Cam Newton gave: 2022 4th, got: JJAW
  2. As a Singletary owner this is pretty much word for word how I view Singletary (with probably slightly more potential workhorse upside than moss).
  3. As an owner of both Waller and njoku I’d prefer to keep Waller but it’s definitely closer than the low end of where I have seen njoku valued
  4. Is anyone else’s nbc cable feed looking like utter garbage?
  5. He legitimately seems to have broken out. I’d left him for dead like everyone else. Very curious where he ends up, and what his value is in dyno with that up in the air. I imagine he’s priced himself out of being a team’s wr3 at this point
  6. Will always love this guy for putting some money in my pocket this year. He slings it, for better or for worse. Feels like White Jameis. What are the chances he’s a starter somewhere next year? I could see him making a good bridge QB if they snag someone like Tua.
  7. Re: your final point, in a draft like this for a rebuild I could see preferring more bites at the apple. With a stronger roster and limited churnable spots at the end of the bench it feels more clear cut, though. The other owner is going all in on this class and was sitting on a big stockpile of picks already; he was holding 5/6/7 and a bevy of 2nds before the trade. So it feels in keeping with a reasonable strategy (that differs markedly from mine) and like he should have a decent shot at adding several core players, if that affects the value from the other side
  8. I feel like there’s a predraft ‘consensus’ top 6 or so from what I’ve read, and assuming one probably gets stuck in a crap situation I’m ok with whichever of the rest falls (I definitely have my preferences about who that is but will avoid tipping my hand as I know some leaguemates come in here from time to time). Logic was essentially, I’ll be a defending champ with solid depth, but have been piecing things together hitting on a lot of late round picks and waiver guys, so I’m pretty stocked with tier 2 producers but rarely get chances to acquire blue chip assets. I am open to the possibility I overpaid, though (but won’t care if I get my guy).
  9. They kept the offense on the field to say “hut” once and burn a timeout with 16 seconds left lmao
  10. This game is very bad and also the NFLN play by play guy has been calling Watson Winston all day
  11. With guys who fit this profile I see a ton of upside if the line improves, also. If they make holes he will find them. The ‘down’ games should also be somewhat easy to predict; playing a run D like Pittsburgh, given that he doesn’t have breakaway speed it takes most of the upside away if the 7-10 yard runs he’s usually producing turn into 4’s and 5’s. The vision and shiftiness gives him a reasonably high floor with a full workload though.
  12. As a Tyler Boyd owner, i couldn’t see trading him for anyone below Metcalf (and there’s a couple guys above him I’d have lower).
  13. @EBF made a pretty good case pre-injury re: why he was probably worth holding vs anything less than a late 1st, even though it was fairly unlikely to be offered. Obviously the injury and drake trade were a hit and it’s possible he missed his shot, so I agree a mid to late 2 feels about right. That said, I think he’s probably a hold for now at that price, simply because there’s more protection on the downside than the upside. The consensus value is based primarily on him maybe being featured next year, with little expected return in 2019. If he takes a backseat to Drake for the rest of the year, most of that remains true in the offseason until drake is re-signed or leaves (and there’s the narratives of “he still wasn’t 100%” and/or “drake had the hot hand”). If he winds up overtaking Drake before year end his value skyrockets again.
  14. Market value based on trade talks with a couple guys in my leagues (as an owner) is somewhere in the neighborhood of a late 2nd Edit: mostly because of the possibility (but non-guarantee) of this exact scenario
  15. His other missed target was an under throw when he had his man beat down the seam. Could have been a TD as well (though the throw would have had to be perfect enough for him to not have to slow down). Ive got him behind Waller but if not I wouldn’t be scared to start him next week
  16. I like hollister. Looked good Monday night, Dickson went back to IR and Russ has been throwing to the TE all season
  17. Well said, @EBF. That feels spot-on. For another datapoint, I very seriously considered offering him in .5ppr dyno for Hollywood Brown (the brown owner had expressed strong interest) before eventually deciding to hold. I see Brown with a higher likelihood of long-term relevance but Edmonds with a higher chance of hitting the peak value of his assumed upside.
  18. Is this superflex because otherwise I don’t understand the Winston trade at all
  19. 12 team .5 ppr QWWRRTFFD Gave Chris Herndon, got Chase Edmonds
  20. This feels pretty good overall. I’d have both chark and Evans in tier 3
  21. He also caught a screen inside the 5 and was tackled at the 1 the possession before. Very close to a big fantasy day
  22. Also, the laughably weak schedule that makes the bills D worth a pickup sure looks like it could give him a nice soft ramp up to NFL level play