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  1. Brady, Brees, Mahomes, Luck, ARodgers are the current top 5 for me.. Franchise qb’s list are a lot longer
  2. Getting in before the bell or right around it... *Group A* Rory McIlroy (3) *Group B* Jason Day (14) *Group C* Phil Mickelson (22) *Group D* Henrik Stenson (39) *Group E* Charley Hoffman (88)
  3. I just watched Night Nurse with Barbara Stanwyck, and a very young Ray Milland, really good stuff. I checked it out of my local library in the Forbidden Hollywood DVD series... highly recommended...
  4. After the Mexico caddie debacle, I can't see rooting for Kuchar again... wonder how the crowds will treat him moving forward...
  5. The Cat is back, kickers are swappable unless they miss an all time kick.. wonder what the contract looks like... Mac does do a good job it seem managing the cap, so there's that...
  6. this sounds like an episode of the office.... good luck man, hope for the best for you...
  7. Houston, O-Line Help, and of course a center is next on my wish list... 3rd pick is coming into focus, looks like it should have some very good value if Murray can stick to being a top 3... someone may also want Haskins....
  8. No 2nd rdr, no shot at ford, the price you pay for getting a franchise qb, I’m alright with that... I guess they weren’t really in on Paradis, must have had their reasons.. oh well... hope they can move down in the draft they gonna need more picks after missing out on a few players today... let’s see how the next week goes, 2nd tier guys might be ok still...
  9. might as well spend the money, use it or lose it... nice kick start so far, looks like overpays a bit, but I think you can say that on 99% of the signings across the league so far, that's just the way it is these days
  10. Timing is everything, dropped at the right time for folks to watch and check it out. agreed, it’s solid but not spectacular, I’d give it a B...
  11. I read it was pitched as 3 seasons, with the buzz it’s been getting hard to believe it won’t be renewed, but yeah, seemed like a wrap after s1...
  12. What Doc said... I almost bailed by ep 3 but the twist in ep 3.5 made the story a lot more interesting to me...