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  1. start 2Qb leagues with distance scoring makes the Qb position super valuable....
  2. Mystic is a lot of fun, and the Newport Mansions are under an hour away Mystic Seaport, Aquarium, grab a slice at Mystic Pizza, a few local shops as well, and only a 2hr and change drive from NYC..
  3. I subscribed with my daughters and used the education rate, need an .edu address, so we all share the content/app. I like it a lot and use the app daily. Worth $30 for sure, and in the Spring I recall a nice regular sale price of around $35-40 was being offered. Lots of good no nonsense content, which I appreciate, solid writers for the most part....
  4. life's too short, shoes on or off up it's to the guest
  5. All in all a pretty successful offseason despite the ugly road to get here...
  6. Any Dylan is worth it imho, but this one is very accessible and I find myself turning to this one quite often for an enjoyable listen: Nashville Skyline (1969)
  7. I see a Center finally being signed in the very near future..
  8. How did everyone like the draft? I had to abandon the Jet boards, the Macc hate has reached unreadable proportions.. seemed like an ok draft to me...
  9. If you Draft QW, you have to let LW walk and get the comp pick.. that seems to be the way to get consistent picks, unless you have an All-Pro. We will see if they can trade a player and get back into the 2nd, but expectations are low...
  10. Movies, Music and Fantasy football. Starting collecting records 2 years ago after wining one of my leagues, I bought a turntable and kind of became obsessed.. spend a lot of time on music forums and listening these days. Also love old movies and just signe d up for the Criterion Channel, catching up on a lot of stuff that has eluded me over the years.... I listen to a lot of podcasts for fantasy football while I exercise so that helps with my weekly goal of 100k steps....
  11. I was really hoping to move down and get a lot more picks, but picking QW BPA wasn't the worst strategy I guess... hope they can snag some O help with the bulk of the remaining picks... I do like his story and didn't realize he lost his Mom and stepping up big time to support the family.. gonna root hard for him