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  1. I have my next pick ready who can I send it to? my daughter emily turns 20 today so will be chilling with her and the fam the rest if the night
  2. gonna go vbd and grab some doors, love spinning this on vinyl rd 27? - the doors - morrison hotel - 1970 (50!) roadhouse blues peace frog
  3. Putting up some stockade this morning I will check back in at lunch.. here is the latest Tally: @Binky The DoormatITC @otb_liferITC @EephusITC 27.1Karma Police-Mastodon-Emperor of Sand 27.2Nigel Tufnel-10 min clock-skip- 27.3zamboni-10 min clock-said skip- 27.4Wazoo11-permaskip- 27.5timschochet-permaskip- 27.6wikkidpissah-two times out? skip- 27.7PIK95-Disco Biscuits-The Classical Set 27.8Uruk-Hai-The Highwaywomen-The Highwaywomen 27.9Northern Voice-Skip i dee doo dah- 27.10Steve Tasker-Please keep me on daytime skip today - thanks.- 27.11El Floppo-Superchunk-Superchunk 27.12Abrantes-skip might be studying or some such?- 27.13Long Ball Larry-skip until further notice- 27.14Charlie Steiner-The Smithereens-A Date with the Smithereens 27.15Chaos Commish-permaskip- 27.16The Dreaded Marco-Rufus Wainwright-Poses 27.17shuke-Mott the Hoople-All the Young Dudes 27.18mphtrilogy-Ray Lamontagne ‎– Trouble - 2004-Ray Lamontagne ‎– Trouble - 2004 27.19Yo Mama-David Bowie-Station to Station 27.20Buffaloes-The Strokes-First Impressions of Earth 27.21Binky the Doormat-ITC- 27.22otb lifer-ITC- 27.23Eephus-ITC- 27.24Raging weasel-- SOON 27.25Krista 4-- SOOOOON 27.26landrys hat--SOOOOOOOON
  4. Rds 27 - Ray Lamontagne ‎– Trouble - 2004 Tracklist Trouble Shelter Hold You In My Arms Narrow Escape Burn Forever My Friend Hannah How Come Jolene All The Wild Horses
  5. I need some CCR on the Island, went to my brothers 30th birthday party in Queens back in '85, he got Chronicle on CD, a bit of a music late bloomer, I was 19 at the time, and I put it on to check it out and it blew me away hearing those songs for the first time. If we were choosing greatest hits comps, that would be in my top 3 easy. rd 26 - Creedance Clearwater Revival - Willy and the Poor Boys - 1969 down on the corner fortunate son spinning now Willy and the Poor Boys
  6. Love this record, nice! Saw them at Radio City a few years ago, Rachael Price has an incredible voice, great live band
  7. this is my vote Option B - two picks per day (one on on weekends), 1 any time 11-4 EST, 1 any time 7-12 PM EST
  8. 25.19Yo Mama-ITC 25.20Buffaloes-ITC 25.21Binky the Doormat-skip if not in thread 25.22otb lifer-ITC 25.23Eephus- 25.24Raging weasel-5/29: I will pick after noon(EST)
  9. I need some Billy on the Island rd 25 - Billy Joel - 52nd Street - 1978 big shot half a mile away
  10. Think I've caught up the spreadsheet, here's the snapshot 25.1Karma Police-Tori Amos-Little Earthquakes1992 25.2Nigel Tufnel-Drive-By Truckers-Decoration Day2993 25.3zamboni-Hall & Oates-Abandoned Luncheonette1973 25.4Wazoo11-Ty Segall --Goodbye Bread2011 25.5timschochet-permaskip- 25.6wikkidpissah-Stone Temple Pilots-No. 41999 25.7PIK95-Mamas And The Papas-If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears1966 25.8Uruk-Hai-skip tonight- 25.9Northern Voice-Dixie Chicks-Fly1999 25.10Steve Tasker-Please keep me on daytime skip today - thanks.- 25.11El Floppo-10 minute clock - skip owes picks- 25.12Abrantes-ITC- 25.13Long Ball Larry-skip until further notice- 25.14Charlie Steiner-The Ocean Blue-The Ocean Blue1989 25.15Chaos Commish-permaskip- 25.16The Dreaded Marco-The Fall-The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall1984 25.17shuke-skip- 25.18mphtrilogy-ITC- 25.19Yo Mama-ITC- 25.20Buffaloes-- 25.21Binky the Doormat-skip if not in thread 25.22otb lifer--SOON @AbrantesITC @Yo MamaITC my pick coming soon...