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  1. A longtime personal fave... 10.10 - Fawlty Towers - Foreign
  2. Yep everybody has their faves especially on a sports forum, but the way he calls a game even to a casual fan he brings a level of excitement and energy that is unmatched IMHO and Hockey is so hard to call. anyway.. there it is..
  3. he's the best regardless of sport, hopefully the Judges see it that way....
  4. Fairly deep category, but Doc is the GOAT Michael "Doc" Emrick - Sports Play by Play
  5. didn't think of this one, nice! I think of all the categories this one may be the most subjective to Judges preference.. gonna be a tough one...
  6. I owe two Soul Cycle: Billie Eilish - Bad Guy Covers: Jeffrey Gaines - In your Eyes (Live)
  7. Yeah there are a ton of spinoffs, probably need to keep it as for that series only