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  1. All right...Munnerlyn and Ryan it is then
  2. Pizza FTW
  3. Tough but I went Brown, Julio would be a lock (and probably higher) if he could just friggin stay healthy.
  4. I'd be Ok with Munnerlyn or Gilbert from that list. Logan Ryan is also a FA I'd be interested in but signing NE Pats usually means they will never play like they did when they were a NE Pat.
  5. Dear god what a pile of dog #### that is.
  6. It's not a worry, it's a fact. Not to downplay Franco, Crawford, Cozins, etc but these guys are still very young and some haven't even been to the Big Dance yet. I don't see a sure fire superstar at all.
  7. I'm seriously not trying to be a jerk here but you seem to be cherry-picking. The Houston Rockets are still an NBA team, a very good one at that, so whatever their league ranks on D is I don't think really matters. As far as the Millsap over Embiid argument, I know 'Sap is a very good NBA player. His stats are padded up higher than Embiid's because he has more minutes. Don't really think the minutes argument is entirely fair because if Embiid had the same amount of minutes I truly believe his overall stats would be right there and probably better than Millsaps. That is the Sixers doing, they're scared of him hurting his leg again. I also know that the Sixers recent success isn't all entirely on Embiid but you can't deny that he shows a fire and will that this team hasn't for the past 4 or 5 years. He has helped elevate a lot of his teammates game. It can be infectious. So that's why I find a lot of correlation between the Sixers recent winning and Embiid. I'm admittedly a bias party in this argument. It's been very very hard watching the Sixers be in tank mode since Hinkie came in. Just very refreshing to see Embiid's energy and talent. Something they haven't seen around Philly since AI was playing. But with that said, Millsap just dropped a 37/19 in one full hour of game play (wow). So what the hell do I know.
  8. 32 pts, 4-6 from three in a loss to one of the best teams in the West with one of the best players in the league going for 50. Oh, but take the guy with worse stats and has a better team record. Embiid should've went.
  9. Not fishing. I think Embiid should go over Millsap. Completely disagree with your take on the GMs, not that it matters anyways.
  10. All right, I'll give you Kevin. He should go but not Millsap over Embiid.
  11. The NBA is such a ####### joke. How the hell does Embiid not get at least a reserve spot. Paul Millsuck and Kevin Love can bite me. #TrustTheProcess
  12. I think I am OK with this. Kelce has regressed and I think he is going to be 29? I think if I read correctly the cap savings will be 3.2 mill this year and they all the room they can get. I'd think the loss would be a wash. Semalo would take over at C. While inexperienced he should have the pedigree to be a solid (if not very good) Center.
  13. Luke Cage was good but I agree probably the weakest so far. Ready for Iron Fist and then finally the Defenders to hit. Going to be a great year for the smaller scale Netflix portion of the MCU.
  14. Just saw this will be the first time ever that all three (Big Ben, AB, and Lev Bell) will be healthy and playing together in the playoffs. The Steelers are going to roll through playoffs.