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  1. Divisional games aren't anything to screw with but GB does own Chitown. I just think the sure fire bet is Green Bay. But Denver is a 1A.
  2. Have you seen how the Bungals have played the past two weeks? Nelson has practiced in full this week. Bulaga is back on the OL. I know, any given Sunday, but just don't see how the Bengals keep up with Green Bay.
  3. Yep, sticking with GB.
  4. He isn't probably an option for the criteria this thread is about but I could see Alex Collins becoming the workhouse for Baltimore possibly.
  5. He might be kind of a buy low guy right now. He had a rough game against Carolina, probably will be the same against Denver. He still will get his touches but that offense is just putrid. Zero threats at wide receiver (at least as the deep ball is concerned). After that he has some decent matchups against ATL and CINCI then the bye. I'd float a WR2 offer out and see.
  6. So for next season we are most likely looking at a starting lineup like this: Crawford Hernandez Herrera Rhysbombs Altherr N. Williams Franco Alfaro Pitcher Bench: Galvis, Kingery, Joseph, Knapp Possible Trade bait: Galvis, Rupp (for a bag of baseballs) If that is the case I am loving it.
  7. Odubel is really turning a corner. He has let things go to his head in the past but if he can stay focus he is All-Star talent. His plate discipline is like night and day this season. His fielding is gold glovesque but as you said he has spurts of nonchalant hissy fits. He has improved on that as well though. I might be way off on this but I see a lot of Jimmy Rollins in Herrera right now. I don't know if he'll ever win a league MVP or anything but I think he can have similar career as J-Roll. ...and no one Batflips like that homie, no one.
  8. That trailer was absolutely terrific. The cherry on top was playing "one" from Metallica in the background. Officially pumped to watch this. Marvel's had a tough time getting the Punisher right. I did like the Thomas Jane/Travolta version from the early 2000s but ever since I watched Daredevil season 2 I've wanted to see this. Think they're going to get it right this time.
  9. I can see the Giants wanting to get the ball out quickly. Lots of short passes, slants, screens, get the ball out before the DL can get to Eli. Man press coverage probably the way to go this week.
  10. I hear ya. I will probably change my pick about a dozen times between now and Sunday. Miami is really starting to grow on me. That Cutler/Gase magic is back.
  11. They should beat Cleveland but I don't think I could wait that long and keep them in my pocket...mainly because I think they're the pick this week. Cleveland's improving despite their record. Just feels like a trap game. After watching them last night I definitely wouldn't pick'em against Detroit. They would be fine against Chitown despite the divisional match up.
  12. GB over Cinci looks like a no-brainer even though some of the wideouts are banged up. Cinci and both NY teams duking out as the worst teams so far. Miami is very intriguing indeed. But a divisional match up. Probably going Green Bay.
  13. Have the No. 1 waiver right now. Debating on dumping Lewis to pick up Buck Allen...but I am finding it very hard to pull the trigger. If this guy was on a RB starved team like the Eagles (which, coincidentally he was at one point his career) he's at least a high end RB2 and probably a RB1 in PPR.
  14. Altherr's grand slam off Kershaw last night was the 1st GS Clayton has ever given up in his almost ten years in the majors. That is astounding.