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  1. Agreed on Hakstol. So far it hasn't been the greatest coaching job.
  2. I dunno Billy, the youngins' (Konecny, Patrick) are starting to play better and G is rounding into shape. The Kids might be all right!
  3. So this is like a poormans Punisher?
  4. Hope that kid stays healthy. He'll be fun to watch hurling heaters in the bigs.
  5. The only real Marvel movies I haven't liked so far are Iron Man 3 and the Hulk movies. Never watched the 2nd Thor movie but I heard it wasn't great and really kinda pointless in the grand scheme of things. Liked Black Panther. Very powerful message sent. Thought it was a little slow in the middle but the end was kick ###.
  6. For as many times as the Jags have gone over to London you'd think there'd be quite a few Jags fans there. Doesn't hurt that they made the AFC Championship too but yeah, most likely will be pretty neutral site. Maybe Birds fans will travel to London like they did to Minneapolis.
  7. The NFC is loaded. It'll be interesting to see how this team does currently constructed and hopefully a healthy Wentz. They should still be a pretty damn good team.
  8. Only thing that blows is that DiFillipo is gone and Reich is probably next. But this is what happens when you win a Super Bowl and I am OK with that!
  9. Admittedly that is why I thought of it. I remember seeing that guy holding the sign during the parade.
  10. I still think the Giants suck but much love for you @McGarnicle Thank you good sir!
  11. Anybody happen to know if they'll be a full game replay or at least an abridged version. Forgot to set the f'ing DVR.
  12. They did it. They really friggin did it. The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions. I am so friggin happy right now.
  13. Ray Diddy has accurately picked the Super Bowl winner 25 times in a row?