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  1. @Sigmund Bloom and Waldman a few weeks back said Dak on the Thursday night hang out I believe. Wonder if they still think that.
  2. I don't think I saw it mentioned yet but I think Big V had a pretty good game. Maybe we've found Jason Peter's replacment. If we once again have two bookend tackles with an MVP caliber QB the future is OH so bright!
  3. Same here, was very skeptical of the hiring but Doug Pederson knows what he is doing.
  4. Just goes to show you that even when they're not at their best they can still steam roll you. This team is exciting and is going to be good for awhile. On to Chitown at home. Both feet down keep the pedal to the floor!
  5. Even I know better to assume such things. Glad the Eagles are taking a one game at a time Outlook.
  6. Damn you animals...now I'm thinking of benching Lamar Miller for him.
  7. I like the cut of your jib Kwai. #TexasBeatdownForseen
  8. You're bold my friend. Don't have the stones to play Davis over Woods in PPR.
  9. that's a good one but this one is better (and yes, it is off topic) TTP
  10. Agreed, that game was horrendous but I can't remember any other BS infested penalty games against the Eagles this season.
  11. Just heard Tyron Smith did not practice via media conference call with Garret. Probably doesn't mean anything.
  12. Guess you have to hope Pete Morelli calls this one. He'll throw all the laundry on the field against the Eagles.
  13. Oh yeah, I have no qualms with @Bankerguy. Very cool Dallas fan...even though Dallas sucks!
  14. Eh, think I'm sitting him on the pine for Robert Woods at Flex in Std. Think Watkins is shadowed by Rhodes and Woods cashes in again. Sadly, Muscle Hampster is a good RB stuck on a terrible team.