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  1. It'llo be interesting to hear his tone period. Guy had a disdain for the media. Not that I blame him. Philly Sports media are a-holes.
  2. So very sorry for your loss. Remember her well from Clerks.
  3. "The grass is always greener, where the dogs are ####ting" Rest well Chris.
  4. No, there isn't supposed to be a retelling. Maybe an Uncle Ben flashback or two but there shouldn't be anymore than just that.
  5. Trailer #3 Probably the best trailer out of them all. More importantly, it doesn't give away too many plot details unlike #2.
  6. I'm not very optimistic that they'll produce a good movie. This should be made by Marvel Studios.
  7. Tom Hardy tabbed to play Venom in a Spider-man solo spin off. #### yeah More details from Nerdist Now all Sony has to do is let Marvel Studios and Feige take the wheel so another Spider-man 3 doesn't happen.
  8. Concerning pitching coach Bob McClure, I get that you may have issues with the catcher and how he calls pitches but going to the media and saying the #### he said was not right. You keep that in house. I like Mack but I'd be OK with the rest of the staff minus Matt Stairs getting the boot after this season.
  9. OK, yeah you're right, that was pretty much the end of the road for that team. It was a helluva run though.
  10. To add insult to injury he tore that in the last at-bat against the Giants in the NLCS didn't he? 2010 I think.
  11. From 07 through '09 he could mash. I will always appreciate what he did for the franchise. So the now team gave up two 4-run leads in the same game and lost. Ah the life of a Phillies fan.
  12. It was absolutely great. Met my expectations. I consider GoTG V1 to be this generations Star Wars (I know, probably overstepping it here but that's how I see it). Only thing I could really point out that I didn't like was the soundtrack for some reason. It didn't hit me as good as the Vol. 1 sound track. But the humor, the SFX, and the story were great. I will say that the Ego story line might not have advanced further the Infinity Stones/Thanos storyline but I think that Avengers 3 will hash all that out. This really delve into Peter's storyline and brought that full circle for the most part. With him being the main character this was a good move by Marvel for the sequel. Now it's on to Infinity War and what ever lies ahead for Vol. 3
  13. I don't want Jennings, Blount I'd probably be OK with just for goal line carries. I don't even think he is that great of a GL back but you take what you can get at this point.