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  1. Yep, he's had incredibly bad luck. Always hits the ball hard but manages to hit right to a fielder.
  2. OH THAT Morissey.
  3. I'm old, who is Morissey and why should I give a ####?
  4. Things have taken a nice turnaround since the 1st series of the year. Maybe Kapler knows what he is doing afterall!
  5. Still think the Flyers are tad bit too young and inexperienced, plus I don't think they can quite match the Pens speed. I hope I am completely wrong and the young bucks stomp dem flightless birds!!! Heart says Flyers in 4 (duh) Head says Pens in 6.
  6. Been thinking about it. I like the staff they've compiled for the Philly sports scene. All young writers with none of the Inquirer/DN dinosaurs that usually contribute nothing. Sadly, I am very cheap so I probably won't sign up.
  7. Can't confirm it obviously but I'd be very surprised if not at least one.
  8. Beyond stoked for the film. So much to pack in but I believe the Russo brothers were the perfect directors to take on a film of this scope. I heard they even brought in James Gunn to help right the Guardians portion of the film. As for the 4th film, it has to be a continuation of what unravels in this movie...the Infinity Gauntlet saga is arguably the biggest in the Marvel Comics universe. There is A LOT to unpack there. Not to mention (which I believe someone already has) the only other two Marvel films being released between now and Avengers 4 is Antman and the Wasp (no mention of those two being in Infinity War) then Captain Marvel (which takes place in the 90s).
  9. Love Hoskins but that base stealing blunder going for 3rd yesterday was atrocious. Just another sign this team is very young, including their Skipper.
  10. Very valid points. Fantasy wise though the Chiefs should be fruitful because of said defense. I so badly want Big Red to win a title but I'm starting think time is pretty close to running out for him.
  11. If Mahomes pans out the Chiefs could make some noise in the AFC.
  12. I'm just going tell myself that it is only 4 games and that the "analytics" of things didn't really have all that huge of an effect on the outcomes so far.
  13. "Fourth wall break inside of a fourth wall break...that's like...16 walls!"