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  1. Where did you read that? ..i'm also trying not to come off unsympathetic for the accuser but this same issue happened with La'ell Collins last year and the Cowboys ended up getting a 1st round pick for peanuts. Just need to know more info.
  2. How convenient that this comes out two days before the draft. If it wasn't ESP reporting it then I'd probably believe it. If he is there in the 2nd, despite the incredibly stupid thing he did his freshmen year, it'd be hard for me to pass up.
  3. I think that was the problem. He did not look that great to me but at the same time it's just the Blue-White game. He'll be fine. My thoughts: Backup TE behind Gelsiki looked awesome. Robinson and Mark Allen looked good. Nice to have great RB depth. Not sure what to think of the starting OL. McGovern should be fine at center. If they can run block well look out. If Trace leaves after this season we are in very good hands with Tommy Stevens. I can't wait until #26 is back on the field for Akron.
  4. Very good point. My most optimistic prediction is 9-7 with this schedule. Still need to see how Jeffery/Smith mesh with Wentz (should be very well) and health is always a factor. If they draft Christian McCaffery though 16-0 baby.
  5. At the same time you don't want your schedule to be full off cupcakes either but for a team that finished 4th in their division last year that is a brutal schedule.
  6. I don't know if it's my natural pessimism towards Philly sports or not but I look at that schedule and think the only optimism I see for a win is 3 games. A bunch of them I can see the Eagles losing.
  7. This first "easy" game I see is week 8 against San Fran. Chargers might not be so bad but that is a cross country flight and when their healthy Chargers have a pretty talented offense.
  8. Bacon............a whole lotta bacon. It can make a man think crazy ####.
  9. More or Charles Harris from Lawlor He sounds Trent Coleish. His Pro day workout seemed much better then his combine. I haven't watched game tape or anything except for highlights. Seems like he is very quick off the snap. He wouldn't be who I'd pick there. So with that said it's almost a lock he will be drafted by the Eagles. If McCaffrey was still on the board and then they picked Harris my foot would go through the flat screen.
  10. I'd bet we'd have to throw an extra pick, probably at least a 4th. I don't think Kendricks and Kelce's value is all that great otherwise I'd have thought they'd be gone by now. But that's just a pure guess from a couch GM.
  11. Yes, the most obvious shoe(s) to drop would be Kendricks and/or Kelce being dealt. I'd be very surprised if the Eagles didn't do some sort of trade during the draft.
  12. The slowest time will be between the end of the draft and the beginning of training camp.
  13. If the money is wrong, light up a bon...never mind. Eagles have very little wiggle room under the cap right now. I'm not even sure if they'll have the allotment to sign the rookie class but I am no capologist.