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  1. Can dish but can't take it...just like our president.
  2. Still with Bernie but I'll take Pete/Amy as well. The Bernie crowd better knock the booing Pete crap off.
  3. They may not have to wait too long. I'd think if Trump loses the general the new democrat elected president may ask them to return hopefully.
  4. To be fair, 2018 wasn't a presidential election year. I am...assuming voter turn out historically is probably down during congressional elections and not presidential elections?
  5. I just keep on thinking of that Spider-man meme where they are just pointing at each other..........that's what politics feels like these days.
  6. If her mental health is still intact and she can still physically do the job then she should be able to continue don't you think?
  7. Yes, I do see that but I think Trump excels at it. Maybe better than any other politician before him.
  8. What it all boils down to. Say what ever will get you in. Trump has that part on lock down.
  9. I'd be interesting if he ever was motivated to run. I think he could get a pretty good following going like Sanders has.
  10. The PSF will treat you well, my sweet angel.
  11. Unfortunate but good luck to Ricky if he leaves. RB is beyond stack now though. WR might be a weakness.