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  1. Warmack back with his college coach that turned him into a very high 1st rd pick. Stoutland could channel what made Warmack so dominant in college. ?
  2. As have I and I think it is great. Benchmark for reviewers seems to be 6. Don't get the negative reviews but it's still early for me.
  3. Hearing Bouye, whispers of T. Pryor. Other than that there ain't jack. Definitely miss @Deranged Hermit's insider info.
  4. By multiple accounts, Britt's attitude has changed quite dramatically since he left Nashville. I'd much rather have Britt at less than 8 mill than Smith who might be washed up. Granted, he hasn't had a good QB to throw to him since Flacco.
  5. Just about everything.
  6. Sounds like the Titans are the front-runners for Cooks now, as they probably were all along. Get Mariota the weapon he needs. Sucks for the Eagles but they don't have the ammo that the Titans have unfortunately.
  7. Pizza FTW
  8. Tough but I went Brown, Julio would be a lock (and probably higher) if he could just friggin stay healthy.
  9. I'd be Ok with Munnerlyn or Gilbert from that list. Logan Ryan is also a FA I'd be interested in but signing NE Pats usually means they will never play like they did when they were a NE Pat.
  10. It's not a worry, it's a fact. Not to downplay Franco, Crawford, Cozins, etc but these guys are still very young and some haven't even been to the Big Dance yet. I don't see a sure fire superstar at all.
  11. I'm seriously not trying to be a jerk here but you seem to be cherry-picking. The Houston Rockets are still an NBA team, a very good one at that, so whatever their league ranks on D is I don't think really matters. As far as the Millsap over Embiid argument, I know 'Sap is a very good NBA player. His stats are padded up higher than Embiid's because he has more minutes. Don't really think the minutes argument is entirely fair because if Embiid had the same amount of minutes I truly believe his overall stats would be right there and probably better than Millsaps. That is the Sixers doing, they're scared of him hurting his leg again. I also know that the Sixers recent success isn't all entirely on Embiid but you can't deny that he shows a fire and will that this team hasn't for the past 4 or 5 years. He has helped elevate a lot of his teammates game. It can be infectious. So that's why I find a lot of correlation between the Sixers recent winning and Embiid. I'm admittedly a bias party in this argument. It's been very very hard watching the Sixers be in tank mode since Hinkie came in. Just very refreshing to see Embiid's energy and talent. Something they haven't seen around Philly since AI was playing. But with that said, Millsap just dropped a 37/19 in one full hour of game play (wow). So what the hell do I know.