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  1. She's right, but this isn't the time to bury your head in the sand. That's been done long enough.
  2. I can't fathom how he could some how be re-elected but sadly its a very good possibility.
  3. Chauvin officially charge with murder and manslaughter.
  4. I'd rather have trigger happy Nuke sub Captain Gene Hackman than Trump.
  5. that is the real danger. Social media will always crank that to 11. Moral of the story, don't get caught being a #### on social media.
  6. May be we don't have the whole story but yeah....had to feel sorry for her after watching the tape.
  7. This was in the Clearwater area. I had traveled to Central FL for a day though (holy hell those love bugs suck to drive thru). Was able to drink in a MOOSE club but couldn't go to the bar.
  8. I know. Just giving a synopsis of how it went. Thought it might be useful to some.
  9. I don't know what you mean by "wide open" but yes that is what the current status is. I certainly wasn't dry. Got hammered just about every night on vacay.
  10. Restaurants were open in Florida but no breweries or bars. 25% capacity. All waiters and waitresses wearing masks. Seemed to go fairly well.
  11. I was able to fly out of PA to FL last week on Allegiant. Only about 30 or so people on the plane. Incredibly odd but also incredibly awesome. Everything was clean as whistle. Everyone wearing masks, it went pretty smooth.
  12. Anyone know if Reciprocity is in effect yet for Florida? Have my PA med card and I am taking a vacation down there next week. Would be super sweet if I could use my PA med card to get a hold of some Florida cheebah. I am guessing that isn't the case yet though.
  13. DeSantis deems WWE as an "essential" business.
  14. The rest of it was crap but the important stuff he did do well.
  15. wow, that sounds awful. Thank you to your wife, can't imagine what that must be like.