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  1. Will somebody get out here and pick up all these damn mics!!!!!
  2. If nothing else the Politics forum is a fantastic way to kill some time. Never disappointing.
  3. We're all Americans last time I check shouldn't we all be on the same team?
  4. Anifta sucks, Neo-Nazis suck, White Supremacist suck. They all suck!
  5. Its really hard for me to see this team doing anything without ####-canning Kapler. it is obvious he has lost that team. Oh and Chris Young too.
  6. Actually some have spoke out against Trump but haven't officially called it a racist statement.
  7. Late to the party but finally saw it. As with most MCU movies I loved it. I don't know where to rank it yet. Need to see it some more but this felt like a genuine Spider-man comic book story, even more so then Homecoming. To place this movie right after the events of Endgame is daunting. Plenty of loose ends to tie up and I think Marvel did great in accomplishing that.
  8. We all just throwin digital poo at each other.
  9. Say what you want about the MAGA apparel but anyone trying to ban such stuff isn't cool. Freedom of Expression even if you don't agree with it. Now swastikas....may be that is where you draw the line. That's a tough one.