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  1. These singers/songwriters are absolutely brilliant..but the pain they express in their music is real. Absolutely awful. Feel terrible for his family.
  2. Ketchup always, nacho cheese if available as well.
  3. Didn't agree with him when he ran against Obama in '08 but the man is a true patriot and hero. Godspeed to him and his family.
  4. Why can't we be friends!?!?!?!
  5. I am a fan of hot Aunt May, but that is because I am a pervert.
  6. That is one thing I noticed as well. It seemed he almost didn't have that ability at all.
  7. Very valid point. It's only OTAs but he had rave reviews, not to mention no health issues. I sorta think he could be a bargain if he slips to RD 4/5 which I think his ADP is currently right around there.
  8. Not to highjack the Alshon thread with a Carson Wentz article but with these post I think reading this IgglesBlitz blog post concerning Wentz may help shine a little more light on him. I'm optimistic the Eagles have a franchise QB and a very good one. He just needs to work out technique. As for Alshon, simply put, he can have a WR 1 year if he can stay healthy. But that is a coin flip at best. Not sure why he always gets soft tissue injuries but he does. Seems like he does a pretty good job of maintaining his body in the off season but his hamstrings just seem to nag him consistently. It's a gamble but I have him in a 3 keeper dynasty and I am hoping for the best.
  9. Many of the reviews are pretty gushy too. Some are calling this the best movie in the MCU yet.
  10. So THAT'S where Ramseys Bolton has been hiding!!!
  11. Now up to 96% w/ 24 reviews.