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  1. Well when you are dealing with a child what is the point of sticking around to hear his 3rd grade insults.
  2. Interpreting the Holy Bible to today's political climate and American culture is certainly a very very grey area.
  3. The wolf in sheep's clothing, and it is so blatantly obvious.
  4. Absolutely. That is why I think it needs to be ratified. Maybe a ten year term possibly instead of status quo. But as said before, that will probably never happen.
  5. I always thought a SCJ terms for life (or I guess retirement?) should be ratified, especially when types like Brett Kavanaugh are appointed.
  6. Sorry Detroit, that was absolutely pitiful. You can say what you want about what they could've done to win the game in the 2nd half but the fact of the matter is this is a Lions W if the refs don't make those astonishingly bad calls.
  7. Pathetic that he is still allowed to ref in Division 1 College ball.
  8. It may just be a combo of not enough talent and the pass rush not getting there fast enough. They had to use Craig friggin James. Just seems like sloppy play. Maybe Undlin needs to take a hike. They're a flawed team but they're still in the thick of it for the division. Things need to change quickly though.
  9. The NFC Least is back. Sloppy play and lack of talent in the secondary is going to hold the Birds back. I'd be surprised if they went 2-3 the next 5 games. Thankfully Dallas looked like dog#### too. Game of the season next week. Hope they can figure out something on pass defense.
  10. John O'Neill has had a history of BS calls against PSU. They missed a roughing the kicker call, roughing the passer, several blatant holding calls on Iowa. Describing them as an Abomination is being too kind. I really hope they won't be reffing this weekend. They may not make it out of Beaver stadium alive if they are.
  11. If the DNC truly wanted to go down this path then I give up.
  12. That's just friggin sad. I know cultural norms have changed quite a bit from the baby boomer era so this individual thinks he is in the right but man that is not how things go anymore sir.
  13. Saw it, hate it. I am guessing this punk may have done this for a laugh at someone else's expense. If this truly is a person or persons that feel this way please stop coming to games or supporting this team. We don't want you here.
  14. I have friends who wear MAGA hats, I have friends who love and have physical relationships with someone the same gender. It does no good to use political views/religious views as basis for anger, aggression, and hate. Not sure why we all can't figure that out. It breeds catastrophe.