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  1. There is speculation that could be her. I'm guessing it was his daughter as it looked like they were on the Barton farm
  2. Yeah, confused by that. Gamora is dead....or stuck in the Soul Stone.
  3. Word, Marvel is notorious for throwing images in trailers that don't mean crap.
  4. 😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍 6 more friggin weeks to wait.
  5. He can play DT and Edge, seems pretty versatile to me. They traded Bennett because he wanted a pay raise probably wasn't going to be happy w/o one.
  6. Jackson is about 4 years younger and probably just as talented.
  7. Yeah sorry, I immediately deleted the post once I saw I messed up. Lets try this again: Never read Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel
  8. Other than the action sequences I didn't care for it. Multiple viewings have made it worse.
  9. She started with 3 until Captain Cold killed one and turned it.