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  1. Was first introduced to "Cold Little Heart" via the HBO show "Big Little Lies". Great song!
  2. Yeah "Love" by The Cult was a big hit. Then they made a huge pivot with their next release "Electric" produced by Rick Rubin. Here's a sample:
  3. When I was in High School a friend had a Brat. That was a crazy car. About 5 years ago one of my customers took me for a drive in his WRX that he uses for off-road rallies. I was gripping the seat hard during that ride.
  4. I got an Outback in October. My oldest son was strongly suggesting the WRX and BRZ. Lol. He turns 16 in November.
  5. Hiatt is very underrated imo. Lovett's "If I Had A Boat" is a great song. ETA- I would say more, but realize this is a draft thread.