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  1. I remember watching him as a host on SNL and not really realizing who he was. I loved him as Todd's (Bill Murray's) Dad in The Nerds sketches. I think he romanced Lisa's (Gilda Radner's) Mom (Jane Curtin?) in one memorable show. He was also a great straight man to Belushi's Samurai character. Samurai tailor was a personal fave. I remember recognizing him in "Heaven Can Wait" with Warren Beatty. In the pre-internet days I had to really dig to find out who this "Buck Henry" was.
  2. Kirsty MacColl and Shane MacGowan of The Pogues:
  3. Stevie Nicks and Don Henley -
  4. I didn't know Death Cab For Cutie got their name from one of Bonzo's songs.
  5. Another example of why the Iron Sheik was always a heel and never a face.
  6. You were probably so buzzed on your home made beer you forgot.
  7. Also there will be very likely a HC change in Jacksonville this off season. The change could be a positive for Payne (new coaching staff comes in with zero ties to existing roster, so players that perform, play. Myles Jack has been an underachiever). Or the change in HC could be negative for Payne if they switch their defensive scheme or want to bring in "their guys". I agree with FE, Payne has shown enough to be worth a hold. But, it is dependent on who you would have to drop to keep him. If Payne is your LB4, I would keep him.
  8. The best part was when pi's friends,the radius twins, showed up to help him defend his area. It was quite a circle of friends pi had.
  9. You're mixing up your shows, Schneider was on Facts of Life.
  10. I preferred the bio pic by Ang Lee - Life of Pi.
  11. Chad Thomas seems to still be flying under the radar in a number of places. IDPGuru has him ranked at #39 for DE/DTs this week (ECR is 36). ROS they have him at #57 and ECR is 60.