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  1. In the photo, it looks tasty. I'm sure the actual sandwich looks/is far from tasty.
  2. No, of course not. Just me hanging out with my good friend from the year 1200. But, on a serious note, before he goes back I tell him to put all the $ he has on a dude named Genghis Khan conquering China.
  3. Nothing. But, thanks for asking. It is nice to know that somebody cares.
  4. Damn, you just used crotch in a post! A banning is coming!
  5. This isn't your Father's CPA office, this is today's Accounting office. New this Fall on Bravo....The Real Accountants of (the name of your city goes here)!
  6. With the wireless headphones I have tried, I don't have problems with connectivity with tablets, PCs or even my phone when I am stationary. But,when I am running outside, the connectivity can be anywhere from not bad to awful.
  7. There were some allegations of infidelity and drug use in a book that came out about 10 years ago.
  8. Thanks. Are you linking them with a Samsung phone or other?
  9. Anybody know of good wireless, Bluetooth headphones suitable for running, etc.? Any I have tried don't stay connected to my Samsung Galaxy when I'm using Spotify.