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  1. Now this sounds like a guy that would put a pocket square in the pocket of his t shirt.
  2. That was from when LeBron was with the Cavs. The trend is so over now!
  3. If blue cheese dressing is for weirdos, I don't want to ever be normal!
  4. Dressier than a plain tee? What occasions/destinations have this requirement?
  5. The pocket adds to the price. I bet their non-pocket tee sells for $35.
  6. In one of my 12 team non-ppr leagues my team got old quickly and I went from winning consecutive championships to being a fringe playoff team. Last season I decided not to make "band aid" trades at the deadline just to squeak into the playoffs. Now I have the 4th pick in each round of our rookie draft. But, this draft is regarded as a weak one for RBs and that is my biggest area of need. I have tried to trade my picks and some players for RBs, but with no luck. I don't think there is anything I can do, but wait until after the NFL draft and hope there is buzz for 4-5 players after we find out their landing spot. Anybody else in a similar situation that has other thoughts or ideas?
  7. I have to disagree with this. Bell just turned 27, so if he declines in his age 30 season he still has 3-4 years left of peak production. LF is, imo, on thin ice in Jacksonville. This season he has to produce to the level they expect from him or he is facing competition from a rookie in a potentially very good 2020 RB draft class.2020 is the last year of his rookie contract, so they can cut him after it. Imo, Bell is much more of a "sure thing" than LF. In a trade I like to bet on talent and in that category, LF is nowhere near Bell.
  8. Is anybody else worried about Fournette's future with the Jags based on Coughlin's comments and LF's minor(?) legal troubles? I would pick him up at a discount, but this trade seems like getting LF at full price to me.
  9. In a 12 team non-ppr dynasty league, what do you see as Guice's value in terms of rookie draft picks? I liked him in the draft, but was too far back in the 1st to get him. Now with the complications involved with his surgery and the re-signing of ADP, I'm hoping I can pick him up from an owner with rookie fever. What rookie draft picks would you give/want for him?