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  1. 12 team PPR SF dynasty. Team A gives: Julio Jones, Jordan Wilkins, 2021 3rd (early to mid) Team B gives: Damien Harris, Evan Engram, 2021 1st (mid to late)
  2. I disagree. He put up great numbers the 1st 3 games of the season and has put up 4T/1A vs DET, 2T/8A vs LAC and 2T vs CAR. Those are meh stats imo because all 3 have been good LB matchups.
  3. What is going on with Demario Davis? I hear his name during the games, but the stats just aren't there.
  4. This is what I don't understand. You know the trade offer sucks, so why even mention the dynasty trade calculator information? I have people telling me they don't want to take my trade offer and then they quote their trade calculator data. I don't care. You don't want to accept my offer, make a counter or I'll just move on. Or they make a trade offer to me and tell me how even the deal is according to their trade calculator. Again, I don't care. If I like the deal, I'll accept it. If I don't, I'll reject it and I may counter it. Does your trade calculator take into account the makeup of each of our rosters or how difficult it is to acquire certain positions in the league? I don't think it does. Rant over.
  5. In a 12 tm ppr start 1 QB dynasty, I got the double whammy of losing Dak to IR and Miami moving from Fitz to Tua at QB this week. My starting QB is Dalton in week 7. I started some trade discussions and was offered Brees for a 2021 2nd. Then in a series of increasingly bad trade offers (sent one right after the other, so "I had some options to consider") I was offered: 1) Bridgewater for P Rivers and a 2021 2nd. 2) Bridgewater, D Freeman and J White for Ertz and A Gibson and finally 3) Bridgewater for a 2021 1st. So, Dalton it is!
  6. Didn't they just sign Cousins to a big 3 year deal earlier this year? There has to be a huge dead cap hit to cut him and I can't see anybody trading for him.
  7. He may be close to Lamb in terms of potential, but I'm not sure Jefferson will get as much opportunity with the Vikings as Lamb will with the Cowboys. Minnesota wants to pound the ball with Cook and limit Cousins' mistakes throwing the ball.
  8. What are thoughts on Drew Brees' value in terms of 2021 rookie pick in a 12 tm dynasty where we start 1 QB?
  9. I was going to bring up Arian Foster. But, when I looked up his stats, I found he played 6 games his 1st NFL season and broke out in his first full (16 game) season.
  10. 12 team non-ppr dynasty Team A gave: D Henderson, TY Hilton, 2021 2nd Team B gave: Golladay
  11. Who else do you have at WR? I'm curious if you could have moved one of them for Swift instead of Evans.
  12. This is what I love about these countdowns. I look at the artist's name/song title and I'm sure I have never heard the song before. I click the link and within 30 seconds, I'm saying "I remember this one!".
  13. I enjoy "Here's the Thing" with Alec Baldwin. Great selection of guests.