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  1. Forbath + Gano = 39.7
  2. The bolded should encourage anyone on the fence to join and take our easy money.
  3. Lost Wentz, with Dalton as my backup (@ Minnesota), I will be rolling with Foles.
  4. In and paid! Everyone ok if I invite some of my leaguemates?
  5. Hate to see this happen to such a good dude. I'm not an Eagles fan, but have been rooting for him and the team this year. Hopefully it will be a full, quick recovery. Renamed my fantasy team for the playoffs and holiday season: Good King Wentzislost
  6. PM your email address so I can send an invite. Or, just post it here and anyone already in can send it.
  7. When I click on "make picks", it shows last year's games as 1-41 and this year starts at 42. Anyone seeing that?
  8. It's getting a little dusty in here. Good job MikeIke! As a juvenile probation officer, I have a bit of a cynical attitude about "troubled" kids. But, I've always thought that the parents are the real problem, and the kids are just a result. With love, support, and proper discipline, I'm sure Padme will turn out just fine. Just make sure you treat her as if she has been with you from day 1: same rules, same consequences. Good luck to you and yours! Looking forward to updates throughout the years.