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  1. yellowdog

    Footballguys powers needed

    Not looking good. 47.18%
  2. yellowdog

    Question for Gurley Owners

    If the Saints keep winning, Gurley will not be rested. No way the Rams want to have to go back to New Orleans for a playoff game.
  3. Is it weird hearing British kids sing The Star-Spangled Banner? I mean, it's a song about fighting the British.
  4. yellowdog

    Your favorite fantasy football moment?

    Things were looking bad for the 2004 version of team yellowdog in week 9. Down by 21 going into the Sunday night game where I had Jamal Lewis and Ed Reed (IDP) going against the Browns. I was playing the undefeated defending champs in our keeper league. Down to the final minute, still down until this happened. Down goes the Champ!
  5. yellowdog

    Bengals and Chiefs

  6. yellowdog

    Bengals and Chiefs

    I say this as a Bengals fan, I hate the Bengals.
  7. yellowdog

    JALEN RICHARD - RB Oakland - Run don't walk !!

    Charlie Garner 2.0 is what I'm hoping for.
  8. yellowdog

    Rank Your Top 3 of All-Time

    Everest K2 Kangchenjunga
  9. If you haven't read the article, do yourself a favor and do so. Well worth it. The quotes from the suspect are awesome.
  10. yellowdog

    Le'Veon Bell

    Very little talk of Bell's previous suspensions. That has to be considered when signing him to a long term deal.
  11. Happens on explorer and chrome.
  12. Tried to check the status of my best ball team and got a "this site is not secure" warning stating that hackers may be trying to steal my information. Is this real?
  13. yellowdog

    Neighbor Question - WWYD?

    Is it wrong that I chuckled at this?
  14. If Urban had Earl Bruce's record, he would have been fired. Weird.