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  1. If you haven't read the article, do yourself a favor and do so. Well worth it. The quotes from the suspect are awesome.
  2. Very little talk of Bell's previous suspensions. That has to be considered when signing him to a long term deal.
  3. Happens on explorer and chrome.
  4. Tried to check the status of my best ball team and got a "this site is not secure" warning stating that hackers may be trying to steal my information. Is this real?
  5. Is it wrong that I chuckled at this?
  6. If Urban had Earl Bruce's record, he would have been fired. Weird.
  7. Just talked to a nice lady in Idaho. She confirmed that Malik was full of crap. She took care of me though. $31.63 + tax for six months, $0 for the next six months, Free STM.
  8. Yep. We need a test forum for stuff like that.
  9. Soooo, are we gonna have to listen to Jeff Triplette for replay expertise? And why are my letters so tiny?
  10. It seems Malik is full of crap. Sunday Ticket Max wasn't showing up on my online account, so I hopped on chat to get confirmation. Apparently, Malik didn't make any notes concerning STM, so they had to put in a ticket for them to contact me in the next 7-10 days. The monthly bill will be drastically reduced, but I want free STM.