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  1. Please build the offensive line. I don't want to see Burrow get "Carred" or "Couched".
  2. Joe Namath continues to be the most overrated player in league history.
  3. 14 teams, 6 make playoffs, $55 entry fee Regular season champ - $175 Super Bowl Champ - $175 Super Bowl Runner-up - $100 Semi - final losers - $70 Wildcard round losers - $55 The rest pays for site.
  4. The talking heads keep mentioning Tomlin in the Coach of the Year conversation because he has his team in the playoff hunt. I understand the fact that the QB situation has been difficult and they've dealt with other injuries on the offense. However, the teams they have beaten have a combined record of 37-82-1. They have beaten 1 team with a winning record (Rams 8-7) They lost to the Jets in a must win game. They have the 31st ranked offense in the league. Please explain how this is coach of the year worthy.
  5. Playing the 12-1 regular season champ without my Godwin (#1 WR to that point) and Henry (#2 RB). I plug in Chark and Myles Gaskin. Watching Lamar struggle in the first half against Cleveland, feeling like I have no shot. Suddenly, 2 TD passes in a matter of minutes to my TE (Andrews) gives me hope. Add in Michael Thomas being Michael Thomas, and Gaskins giving me quality points, and I'm able to pull off the upset. After losing the last 2 championship games, this one was really sweet.
  6. Up 44.5 and in the clubhouse. My opponent has Boone and A. Jones. He needs 311 combined yards and 4 TDs. I'm hopeful.
  7. 60 yards or a TD for Michael Thomas, with no fumbles.