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  1. Released. Could he murky the waters in Washington if Rivera decides to bring him in?
  2. I can confirm the deliciousness of the Year of the Dog! Awesome on an egg sammich!
  3. None of those 8 or 9 teams are replacing Tom Brady. I get your point. I'm just saying it's something to consider.
  4. Tom Brady was there for a million years. Now he is not. RB stats for those million years are mostly irrelevant. Take Harris in the middle/late rounds and hope for the best.
  5. Please build the offensive line. I don't want to see Burrow get "Carred" or "Couched".
  6. Joe Namath continues to be the most overrated player in league history.
  7. 14 teams, 6 make playoffs, $55 entry fee Regular season champ - $175 Super Bowl Champ - $175 Super Bowl Runner-up - $100 Semi - final losers - $70 Wildcard round losers - $55 The rest pays for site.