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  1. Riverdale St, which I’m sure you know but this particular hotel is brand new. Taking a piss rn btw
  2. Lying on a king bed in a Courtyard Marriot, West Springfield, MA eating Lays Classics and drinking a 16 oz bud Light from one of those aluminum bottles (love those ####ers), son on pullout sofa bed, wife in shower.
  3. If I were to pull a couple of pork butts off the smoker and do the whole foil/towels/cooler routine how long could I go before pulling them apart...would 5 hours be pushing it if they are packed tight in a Yeti? I want to bring them to a tailgate at my son's lax tourney and between travel and waiting for the games to end that's the timeline I have to work with. I know I've done 3 hours before and they were as hot as if I'd just taken them off, don't want to poison anyone though.
  4. Denied, though my BIL’s buddy got two for Friday so it is possible.
  5. I’ll look at somebody’s daughter in yoga pants all day long but I can’t see myself watching somebody’s daughter getting pummeled and me not getting involved. Or as others have pointed out, helping defenseless people of any ilk in that scenario. And maybe I’m less gung-ho same situation in a bad neighborhood after midnight but I’m not too worried about guns firing at Disney. Could happen, but so do plane crashes.
  6. Same here on all counts. I’m also going to NYC to see MMJ in August, wife organized a group to go from Boston for the night for my 50th. Was hoping to see them at Red Rocks but dates don’t work. This should be cool though - pretty small outdoor venue.
  7. What is everyone paying for flower these days? I’m in MA and I’ve tried a couple of the legal dispensaries but they’re all crowded and a hassle to get to. So I’ve gone back to my guy who will deliver it to me, and he always has half dozen strains to choose from. I figured cost would come down once shops opened but I still paid same 160 for 1/2 of Jack Herrer today. Always quality but maybe I need a new guy. At the legal Brookline shop an 1/8 is $50, and that’s as much as you can buy per visit. In each case I imagine those prices are stupid high but want to compare to other states, both legal and not.
  8. Chemist George Rosenkranz - creator of "the pill" and the cortisone shot, at 102. Pretty impactful life I would say.
  9. Kind of funny, certainly nothing to get bent about. Would probably watch actually.