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  1. @El Floppo she’s in at BC which is great and we’re thankful for but but she really does not want to go there, and I understand her reasons. I hope your hunch is a good one @The_Man and Gtown works out but I’m just not feeling it. Appreciate the positive vibes though. For tonight’s round of disapointment my wife is away w my youngest overnight at a hockey tourney. A solid test of my parenting skills - think I did ok. My son and I coaxed a few laughs over sushi between tears so that was a victory. We knew CMC was coming tonight at 8 pm but NWstrn was a surprise, got email out of blue at 7pm decisions were out. So got whacked once, sat around while she cried for an hour, then got whacked again. Duke and Penn next up on 3/28. Vandy and Gtown the two other remaing outs later invthe week. Expecting more heartbreak but hoping for best. Yuck.
  2. Waitlisted at Northwestern and Claremont McKenna, as good as rejections...this whole process blows.
  3. And there was a quote from Backes in a Globe article a week or so ago where he said he understands the risks and knows exactly what he's doing. Can't pin it on mgmt. It is weird though as Backes comes off as one of the smartest guys in the room. Very thoughtful and eloquent in interviews, not someone you'd expect to be reckless with his own health. He's clearly thought it through.
  4. I’m sitting at the airport bar right now drinking, but my kids are 100 yds away at the gate doing homework. Does that count?
  5. Same can be done with French toast. First off, the bread is critical - don't settle for ####ty run-of-the-mill white bread. Buy an uncut loaf of fresh Challah and slice it thick. Maybe slice it EXTRA thick, then make a cut into it and stuff some fruit or PB & J or any other crap you like into the bread. Mix some OJ into the beaten egg you dip the bread in to give it some citrus tang. Or ad some crumbled bacon to the egg wash. Crush up some of your favorite cereal and after dipping in the egg, roll the bread in a pile of the crumbs to give it some crunchy texture....Corn Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, any of the Chex varieties, Cocoa Pebbles, whatever. Be creative and take some pride in your work boys!
  6. Need SP keeper help...keep either Taillon or Flaherty. Thoughts?
  7. I can understand an argument either way for French Toast/Waffles at 1/2, but only a fool would rank pancakes anywhere but last among this trio.
  8. And now they’re looking at 30...that sucks.
  9. In some situations when younger I considered lasting longer to be a motivator/positive consequence, now it's an unfortunate side effect.
  10. I’ll bet you know a few people you see most days who drink to that level and you have no idea.
  11. Most baffling is that anyone is surprised by what they "learned" from this documentary. My goodness, the only difference between Sandusky or your pick of the worst Catholic priests, and MJ, is that the former two tried to hide it. Reminds me of something my buddy Sully taught me when we were at BC, last couple of months of freshman year, with no money and nothing left on our pre-paid meal plans. He would walk into the cafeteria and load up a tray with enough food for two days, then just walk by the cashier like he owned the place - gave her a wave and a smile as he passed. "Nobody would be that obvious if they were stealing" he told me. And he was right, never got caught - a strategy right out of MJ's playbook.