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  1. doubled mine too, down to 5.19, has some work to do.
  2. anyone getting back into FSLY?
  3. Sold half (2,500) at $2.40 this morning, up ~50% from $1.63. Just bought them back for $1.71. I only share good news.
  4. Blindly tailed someone on NWBO last week, beauty of a bump today.
  5. exactly what I've settled on over time
  6. Bought these coupes a year ago, love them.
  7. Fun to see some 02s my son played with and against over the years get drafted, some others will be eligible next year. A few we were hoping got taken did not. One I was really hoping someone would take late is Pierreā€™s son, a good kid and a damn good hockey player. Ugh, huge disappointment for them. Bs took a local kid we know well in the 6th, Riley Duran - dream scenario to have hometown team take him.
  8. A lot going on since my last update. My son had been invited to travel to MD to play in a regional All Star tournament representing the New England area. We were really hoping he had a commitment locked up by then so we could skip it, as per his school's rules it automatically meant he had to remote-school for a week, then get a negative Covid test before returning. He'd already done all of that due to a different trip to MD before the first week of school, then was home another two weeks due to direct exposure to someone with Covid. Thankfully his school has the remote school thing down very well, but 4 out of the first 6 weeks home is a grind when most everyone else is on campus. My wife argued strongly against going, but we said f it and went anyway. The team ended up making the championship game against the Maryland all stars, a team loaded with top-tier D1 commits. My son played great all weekend, particularly in that last game despite it being a lopsided loss. After the game the coach of his team, who he hadn't met before this weekend (he's coach of a rival Cub team to the one my son plays on), called him over and asked what schools he was talking to. He mentioned the Ivy (the interview with whom I told you he'd bombed) as one, and the coach then called over another guy who played there and is tight with the staff. My son told him he hadn't heard anything from them in a week, the guy said " don't worry you'll hear from them soon." Sure enough during our ride back to Boston he got a text from the Ivy coach saying "heard you played great this weekend, let's talk tomorrow". When they talked that Monday he asked my son if he'd consider doing a PG year and coming in with the class of 2023 - son told him we have no interest in that. We knew they'd already signed a few middies, and the coach told my son he had offers out to a couple of more. He asked my son to be patient for a few days until they got answers back from the outstanding offers, and they agreed to talk again that Friday to see where they were. We followed along last week and saw that they committed three more middies. In the meantime several other schools reached out saying they'd seen tape from the weekend, including Harvard ("We saw you play in the championship game, loved your game. You're on the short list of guys we'll be watching this fall to fill our class"). My son's club coach called Harvard to try to light a fire, telling them he is getting offers and they'd have to move quick, but they really did want to see more of him. Oh well (what an ending to this story that could have been...). Then the Friday call came and the coach told him despite them already having signed a crapload of middies they definitely wanted him. He told my son they want to try him at LSM, saying "With your quickness and take-away skills if you'd switched to LSM two years ago you wouldn't talking to us now - you'd have been gone Sept 1." I'm sure it was all part of the sell job but it got my son excited...maybe LSM would be his quickest path to getting meaningful minutes? The coach told him to take his time thinking about it, discuss with your parents, etc. He did so, called back Monday, and sealed the deal! My son's goal when we sent him to prep school in the 7th grade was to someday play Ivy hockey or lax, so proud to see him rewarded for all of his hard work. Almost as important is that none of it would have happened if we'd listened to my wife and skipped the MD trip. This cancels out years of pour judgement/bad decisions on my part - a complete gamechanger!
  9. I've got 11.5 years and $180K left on a 15 yr at 3.65, very good credit and ~80% equity. I'd love to refi and knock a year (or more?) off. My nephew is new to the mortgage business so trying to throw him a bone and go through him. He says there is no difference in the rate for 10 yrs vs 15, so the play might be to refi at 15 and continue to make same payments we make on current loan, paying off early and being done sooner than if we stick with current loan. Does this make sense? Still not clear to me how yet much time we'd save. Current payment is around $1600 P&I, $2,700 total. I've messed around with calculators but not sure how to figure out how soon we'll be done if we refi $180K at say 2.65% for 15 yrs, but continue paying $2,700/mo. Can anyone easily calculate that for me? TIA