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  1. Given there are 540 Chubb owners left, for those without him last night was like getting a 5 to 10 pt. bonus.
  2. The more I see the replay the more Rudolph comes off as a dink to me, even more so with his postgame presser and now his agent suggesting legal action. The kind of guy you want to punch or, I guess, whack with a helmet.* * I in no way condone Garrett's actions and think six games is about right.
  3. Just looked at your setlist, I imagine Side with Seeds was awesome live.
  4. Had a top 3 sandwich of my life at a place called Donkey Punch in Trastevere. And Dar Poeta around the corner from there has pizza that rivals Gusta in Florence (popular spot among FBGs), just as good IMO.
  5. 187 with Gallup -2.6, still among the shrinking population averaging over 200/week.
  6. The floor for a game 7 hockey game is definitely much higher than that of a game 7 baseball game.
  7. I'm here to declare myself a contender, averaging just under 202/week. Obvious weakness is TE, survived w/out one in week 6, need Waller to stay healthy above all else. I've been a sucker for Reed for years...when will I learn? Other than that I feel like I nailed QB/RB/WR. Can't imagine many other teams have a four horse RB combo that rivals mine. QB Lamar Jackson (5) $12 QB Tom Brady (2) $11 RB Christian McCaffrey (5) $35 RB Dalvin Cook (7) $24 RB Josh Jacobs (4) $20 RB Chris Carson (4) $18 RB Frank Gore (2) $4 WR Stefon Diggs (4) $23 WR Cooper Kupp (5) $20 WR Tyler Lockett (4) $19 WR Dede Westbrook (3) $13 WR Michael Gallup (4) $10 TE Jordan Reed (0) $12 TE Darren Waller (6) $8 K Mason Crosby (3) $5 K Matt Prater (4) $4 D Seattle Seahawks (3) $5 D Carolina Panthers (3) $4 D Cincinnati Bengals (1) $3
  8. ah, did not realize he was already locked into one of them...carry on.
  9. You might be right, but Devlin is pretty special within the context of this offense. Great blocker, and very good pass-catcher.
  10. Is it possible now they don't burn one of their two IR-return cards on Harry, and use them on Devlin and Wynn instead?
  11. I think I was a little bit naïve to how awful it is before seeing it firsthand. I kind of thought "so you forget stuff, but ignorance can be bliss, and you're not in physical pain...". But it really must be terrifying, a constant state of confusion and anxiety.
  12. Usual drill when I got home from work yesterday, she was in the kitchen with coat on waiting for her "ride home from work". My BIL, my best friend for the past 25 years who lives a mile away, came by soon after to take her out to for a drive to try to recalibrate her. When he walked in she turned to me and said "Nigel, have you met my son Danny?". My BIL said 'Ma, I've met him a bunch of times...he's a great guy". As she shuffled out the door she muttered " don't have to work for him." The day before, Sunday, my two kids had hockey games throughout the day so I was in and out. My wife is out of town and her siblings were tied up so we had an aide come stay for the day to keep her company. Well I guess at around 3PM she realized it was a Sunday and was like why the f am I working today, decided she was going to walk home and nobody was going to stop her. The health aide tried to talk her out of it but there's only so much she can do, she can't physically restrain her. So off she went, at a snail's pace, with the aide following closely behind. The aide called my SIL and put my MIL on the phone to talk to her..."I'm sick of working overtime, I'm going home!". My SIL pleaded with her to go "back to her office" to wait and she'd be there in an hour, and that she'd have to call the cops to come pick her up otherwise...."Pfft, go right ahead, they'll never catch me." Fortunately my niece got off work and was able to track them down (she'd walked almost a mile, a relative marathon for her) and bring her to her house. These were two new milestones in her descent: not understanding her son and I are well-known to each other, and boldly fleeing the house. Ugh.