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  1. My daughter is doing same. Though they’re on the outskirts of LA County with small enrollment and ample outdoor space, I’m afraid they’ll be lumped in with the more congested urban LA schools.
  2. I've played more golf over the past two months than I have in the past three years combined, playing 9 every Monday and Thursday evenings and 18 most weekends. It was mostly horrendous/frustrating as hell golf though, spraying it all over the place, which drove me to take my first lesson since I first picked up a club 25 years ago. Thirty minutes on the range with a guy who knows his #### turned everything around. Two words: knuckles down. Awkward at first but holy crap, changed everything...hitting all my clubs longer and straighter at 50 than I was at 30. I swear I'm a much happier person on and off the golf course as a result - it was eating me up. I'm on the waiting list to become a member at a local course. There was a lottery last spring where there were 50 or so folks entered and I drew #42. Typically that translates to a 4 or 5 year wait but in one year I'm already up to 18...I guess Covid ain't all bad. Should be in by summer of 2022.
  3. The FFA is a great place to vent/get advice anonymously, but I'm not sure these types of problems are disproportionately high among FFF-offspring. I actually think the youth of today in general are riddled with mental health issues, girls being particularly prone to it (what a ####ty place today's world is for teenage girls). I think folks who take steps to get their kids help mostly do so on the down low, which we did with our daughter. Others just try to deal with it themselves or ignore it altogether. People don't talk about it within their social circles though. Nobody wants to get "labeled", which is sad.
  4. I'd imagine a -10 round with just birdies and pars is pretty unique.
  5. I thought it was exclusively a phrase non-native English speakers from India used.
  6. My recollection is that it didn't come up until the nurse came to my house to take blood/urine samples.
  7. Tim/Bracie - I really appreciate the effort from you two fellas! Now who's gonna create the 200 song Spotify playlist to put a bow on it?
  8. Oh I know, wasn't a criticism of you whatsoever. Just my take having lived it all not too long ago.
  9. I got a 20 yr/$1M policy six months ago (I'm 50) and was very nervous about it as an every day smoker. I was honest about my usage on the app, but may have downplayed frequency and done some things to dilute my sample. From everything I read though it's better to be upfront about it. I ended up with a "Standard - Non-Tobacco" designation for my Premium Class which isn't great but more reflective of some past health issues. I went through Policygenius, pretty painless.
  10. Unless its truly crunch time in a game of unusual importance not rolling lines in 10 yr old hockey is pretty weak. No need to have designated PP/PK at that age. I had a ton of fun with my son during his youth hockey years but my gosh, the nonsense is mostly what I remember. Contract season...I can't help but laugh thinking back to what "Serious Business" it was. Truly absurd. And the money I spent? I will never do that math for fear of loathing myself more than I already do if I know the answer. Hockey does become fun again when your kid gets to high school though.
  11. Read today that 4,817 of 7,647 Covid deaths (63%) in MA were residents of LTC facilities. Anyone know how this compares to other states/US as a whole?
  12. No kidding - the oversimplifications and generalizations are maddening. Everyone is "selfish", folks don't want to be "inconvenienced"...yup, that's all it is.
  13. I tried this as well, hands-down best I've ever had.