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  1. It really is easy to get right. And did you see my pastrami pic Ron? I know you're in the "don't desecrate a perfectly fine brisket camp" but's good!
  2. For the corned beef/pastrami I bought an 8 lb brisket flat, one half of which had more of a fat cap than the other. I cut it in half, leaving the fat on the fattier half I'd later use for pastrami, and trimmed all of the fat off the half I'd end up leaving as corned beef. But to start I cured them both using the corned beef recipe linked above, including the optional pickling spice mix (bought premix from Penzey's), brown sugar and garlic. I removed them from the cure after 6 days and soaked them in water overnight to desalinate them. I then braised the corned beef and made hash (pic doesn't do justice, meant to take one when browned up and plated w/ eggs but forgot). I then applied the rub to the pastrami and left that in the fridge uncovered overnight to set up. There are two options for pastrami: smoke all the way to 203 and eat immediately, or smoke to 150, remove from cooker, wrap for up to a week, then steam to completion. It was SB Sunday and intent was to cook to completion but it stalled in no-man's-land at 180 and stayed there for 4 hours. So I took it off, cooled then wrapped it, and steamed it the following Saturday. I honestly thought it was going to be a disaster but it was awesome, one of the best things I've ever made. For the bacon, started with a raw 4 lb pork belly (I do two at a time) which I put in a bag and cured for 5 days. I smoked it for three hours to 150, then let it cool in fridge overnight before slicing and sizzling up in a skillet. Stuff is like crack. Have used it in everything but favorite was in a simple pasta carbonara recipe. I also reserve all of the rendered fat when I fry it and use whenever I cook eggs, potatoes, etc. Not a curing project but for good measure here are some pics from smoking turkey breasts, which I've also done a lot of lately instead of buying cold cuts: raw - rubbed after 4 hour brine - smoking on BGE - sliced
  3. Declined a switch request on the way home from a New Orleans work trip last Thurs night, first time after several past accommodations. I was D in this configuration: ABC DEF I always get the aisle because I'm old and need to piss a lot. Would prefer window but would be rude of me given how often I get up. On this trip we had all gotten settled before taxiing, I had headphones on and eyes closed when the guy in E tapped me on the shoulder. I opened my eyes to see a ~40 yo guy nodding wildly, smiling and pointing across the aisle. I turned left towards where he was pointing and saw another dude of similar age in B...also nodding wildly, smiling and pointing at my seat. I took one last look back to my right/E to make sure I'd sized it all up correctly, then shook my head and closed my eyes as I said "sorry, no switchy".
  4. Yup, just started doing this recently. I've used the Maple Bacon Recipe from this page each of the three times I've made it, came out great each time. The whole curing process lead me to make corned beef and pastrami, will post some pics later.
  5. Maybe you were confusing her with Tiffani Amber Thiessen, who was in both shows, and who I loved very, very much back in the day.
  6. My daughter is a freshman at Claremont now, loves it. Your story is funny to me though because you’re right, the Mudd kids are not a wild bunch.
  7. Of course I have a roll or two of standard silver at home, made special trip to buy white for this purpose.
  8. Unaware until now how much I love Shakira
  9. Lower cadence/higher resistance is more taxing on your muscles, higher cadence/lower resistance is more taxing on your cardiovascular system. Neither is "better", it's good to work both angles. However for most people it is easier to maintain a similarly high output with high cadence/low resistance than it is the other way around. Matt does talk about it sometimes, and he works both into most workouts.
  10. Wow, what a great turnaround - congrats.