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  1. THEN THEN THEN. Not than. People don't expect a whole lot out of him but I'd hang on. I think he's got as good a chance as anyone to emerge as the #1WR with the Raiders and with Palmer at QB that's nothing to sneeze at. If I was you I'd cut one of your back end RB's before I cut Ford.I just traded for Ford as part of a throw in in a trade so recently did my homework on him. What I recalled on him was he looked extremely promising after his rookie year and drew CAR Steve Smith comparisons. I recall Hue Jackson talking him up big time during training camp. Saying he was going to be very involved and would catch 75-80 balls. Than I just remember him having an injury marred year and now his value has been completely diminished.So remembering that I than went back to research what went wrong. In week 1 he pulled his hamstring, left the game and did not return until week 4. In week 4 he did not catch a pass and admitted a few days later his hamstring was still bothering him. Can't say how healthy he was in week 5 but he turned in a quite game. Than in week 6 Campbell went down and was replaced by Boller. In week 7 Ford had Boller at QB until he was pulled in that game for Palmers first game with the Raiders were he played poorly. Than the Raiders had their bye week.So his first 7 weeks of the year are marred by injury and inconsistent and usually bad QB play.Than in week 9 he has a big game with 5 catches with over a 100 yards and a TD. This game also saw an improved Palmer who used the bye week to get more familiar with the offense. This is just one game to but to me it's very key for a few reasons. Notably Ford pushed DHB out of the starting lineup and ended up being the only game all year he was really healthy and playing with an effective Palmer. I decided to go watch that game or at least watch all of Fords targets. I liked what I saw. He played on the outside, not in the slot and often but not all the time drew Champ Bailey in single coverage. Twice he put moves on Champ that caused him to fall to the ground while Ford made the catch. Than he did a fantastic job keeping his feet in bounds on this TD catch.Than in next weeks game in the first quarter he gets deep for a 41 yard catch. Mayock is the announcer in this game and he crows that if Palmer had thrown it better it would have been a TD and that Ford is one of the most explosive players not on the Raiders but in the entire NFL. Turns out this was the play he injured his foot and was never the same all year, only returning to a bit role in the season finale. Some things have changed obviously. Hue Jackson seemed like a big supporter and he's gone. DHB kept improving and Moore looks for real. Personally I still think both Ford and Moore are better than DHB and Ford can challenge Moore for best WR on the team. At worse he projects as the #3WR on a team without a top flight TE so he's got a good chance of being somewhat productive even if he can't beat out Moore and DHB. I consider him a very ideal buy low guy and someone I'd keep where I had him.
  2. I second that advice comment. ... A STRONG SECOND....