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  1. Email sent. Hope if helps enable your guys to track down the issue. Thanks, @Joe 8ryant
  2. Integration with my leagues (teams, rosters) looks correct, but big scoring discrepancies between New MyFBG & Classic MyFBG projections. At a glance, Classic MyFBG seems too low scoring.
  3. I did some quick searching in this thread, and didn't see anyone ask this, so apologies if it has been addressed already... My local league does an in-person auction draft, for which I can't use the draft dominator, but I have used the DD's export feature in the past as a foundation for my hardcopy cheatsheet that I bring with me to the draft. We have a big league with large rosters, and this year upon export, it cut off the player lists much earlier than it has in the past. I don't have the exact numbers, but I feel like it cut off maybe around RB72, for example? My league probably drafts ~72 RBs, but the DD export is based on projections not rankings, so I value a guy who's projected for 0 points (but would jump dramatically if his situation/opportunity improved) vs. a guy like Kyle Jusczyk or John Kuhn or somebody who is projected for 20 carries and 2TDs, but has little chance of doing more than that, even if other RBs on their NFL teams were to get injured... The DD itself obviously has huge player database, but is there a reason the export doesn't include the larger player list like it has in the past? Thanks!
  4. I noticed that too. Big celebration in the end zone after Latimer's TD...
  5. Sigmund Bloom ‏@SigmundBloom 1h1 hour ago Sigmund Bloom Retweeted Aaron Wilson Would the Patriots possibly take Gray back again? Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL Dolphins re-sign Sam Brenner, cut Jonas Gray
  6. I agree that Gordon has looked good on occasion. As a dynasty owner, my concern is that from what I saw yesterday, Oliver looks better, especially when it comes to making something out of nothing. Maybe not that Oliver's a better player or a better runner. But in this offense, behind that offensive line, Oliver's nifty jump-cut style is more suited for success than Gordon's long-striding, gliding running style. In a different offense the opposite might be true, but from what I'm seeing, I worry that the Gordon-SD match is a misfit.
  7. Weighing Matt Jones against Joseph Randle, Danny Woodhead, Mark Ingram, Jeremy Hill across various leagues.
  8. Yeah - totally a weird situation. The Pats cut Jonas Gray, who had shown -- albeit in a small sample size -- that he could compete and succeed at the NFL level. Meanwhile, they kept White who has had some good camp reports each of the past 2 years, but shown nothing on the field. I'm leaning toward White being a break glass in case of emergency back for Belichek: if forced into action, Bill can trust White to do his job. But under normal circumstances, there are other backs on the roster that offer more size/speed/power/passcatching/pass protection/whatever.
  9. Depends on your risk tolerance. Baldwin probably the safer floor -- we know what he is/has been. Lockett's a wild card. Could be invisible, or could be huge. In a vacuum, personally, I'd go Lockett.
  10. Evan Silva ✔@evansilva Tyler Lockett is going to be a factor in the #Seahawks offense to open the year: … 7:09 PM - 9 Sep 2015
  11. I'm a Jones owner in 2 of 3 leagues and an Alf owner in none. I think the smart money for 2015 is largely still with Morris barring injury, but I am definitely pleased with the early returns on investments in Matt Jones with an eye toward 2016 and beyond.
  13. Unless there's a significant scheme change from what Kubiak has done historically where does the "big jump" come from? Kubiak rarely runs 3 wideouts in his scheme. D Thomas and Sanders return. Neither figures to sit frequently. Latimer should see more snaps just based on what he has the potential to become. But where they come from isn't obvious.It could be Kubiak's system/preference to not run 3-wides. But when was the last time he had 3 good WRs? He barely even had two good ones in HOU. Rod Smith, Ed McCaffery &...?
  14. I'd buy at a late first but I probably wouldn't sell for anything below 1.06.