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  1. Heck yeah we give a crap! By the way, thank you for posting this info all season long. Great stuff.
  2. Perhaps getting closer now, thanks for that info man. Anybody else have anything? Jene?
  3. Has anybody seen any news on when his return might be? There's been a surprisingly small amount of info out there in regards to his injury, other than his toe hurts. Any chance we get him back for the playoffs? 4 1/2 games out now with nothing positive in sight. I'm starting to worry....
  4. Hey Jene, Brandon Marshall has been tearing it up in Trevethan's absence. It looks like he will be back after their week 4 bye. How is this situation going to play out?
  5. No issues with their horrible scorekeeper here. 6-8 is more than fine for me. But yeah, I watched every play of the game and any other scorekeeper in the league would have gave him something like a 10-4. He had 3 to 4 more solos easily...... Anyway you put it, the dude is a high energy beast and will tear it up this season.