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  1. Heck yeah we give a crap! By the way, thank you for posting this info all season long. Great stuff.
  2. Perhaps getting closer now, thanks for that info man. Anybody else have anything? Jene?
  3. Has anybody seen any news on when his return might be? There's been a surprisingly small amount of info out there in regards to his injury, other than his toe hurts. Any chance we get him back for the playoffs? 4 1/2 games out now with nothing positive in sight. I'm starting to worry....
  4. Hey Jene, Brandon Marshall has been tearing it up in Trevethan's absence. It looks like he will be back after their week 4 bye. How is this situation going to play out?
  5. No issues with their horrible scorekeeper here. 6-8 is more than fine for me. But yeah, I watched every play of the game and any other scorekeeper in the league would have gave him something like a 10-4. He had 3 to 4 more solos easily...... Anyway you put it, the dude is a high energy beast and will tear it up this season.
  6. Man I hope so. It'll be tough losing Lee and Alonso in less than 24 hours the first week of OTA's.
  7. Per Rotoworld: Updating a previous item, ESPN's Adam Caplan reports the hip surgery Bills WLB Kiko Alonso underwent this offseason was to repair a torn labrum.The typical recovery timetable for a torn labrum is 4-6 months. Alonso being ready for training camp depends on when he went under the knife. Alonso hasn't been participating in OTAs and can likely be ruled out for minicamp next month. Training camp doesn't commence until late July. May 28 - 1:45 PMSource: Adam Caplan on Twitter Does anybody know when this surgery happened? If it was right after the season, that's one thing. If it was this month, oh boy......
  8. Why is Spikes considered a tackle machine? I've seen him play plenty and sure, he can stuff the run right up the middle. The past two seasons he posted 48 and 55 solos playing all but one game. As long as Kiko doesn't leave the field, I'm not real worried about a dip in production. Everydown 4-3 WLBs with his athleticism can thrive, and then some.
  9. Thank you sir!
  10. So Alonso isn't even listed on the injury report that just came out. Can we confirm he is playing...for those of us with no better options?
  11. Standard scoring, no PPR, start 3: Dez, Vjax, Decker, Harvin, Keenan Allen Obviously Dez, what do you guys think? Leaning towards Vjax and Allen, but am afraid of the possible Percy Show that we all are hoping for... And it might be Decker's turn this week.
  12. I haven't seen one word on Duke this week. Will we know anything at all before it's too late? 4:15 game today...
  13. Long time 12 team dynasty, standard offensive scoring, heavy IDP: QB: Brees WR: Calvin, Dez, DeMaryius, Andre, Keenan, Dobson, Marlon RB: AP, McCoy, Charles, Martin TE: Graham K: Week to week, who cares LB: Lee, Poz, Alonso, Freeman, Roach, Wright, Te'o DB: Duke, Landry, Woodson Yeah, it's been a great year so far......until a half dozen go down over the next several weeks and I lose to a below average team in the finals yet again.....
  14. He's done next to nothing for 5 years (last year was ok), and when was the last stud Chicago TE? Would you really want him as your starting TE week 1 this season?
  15. What's not to like here? He was basically a game manager during the first half of his rookie season. Then he went nuts and led his team to the playoffs, posting awesome fantasy stats down the stretch. This year he will go into camp as a confident leader, has a great team on both sides of the ball, and now has a stud WR1 in Harvin. I think the passing game opens up some more compared to the first half of last year, and he will continue to give us plenty of bonus points with his legs. How about 291/460 for 3900 yds, 30 tds, and 14 ints to go along with 75 rushes for 450 yds and 5 tds. Maybe, maybe not, but I'd be real happy drafting stud RBs and WRs early this summer and then snagging him around QB10 to 12. I don't see a sophomore slump here, and there is potential for him to erupt into elite status. Safe pick with great upside.......