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  1. Just called in. Called to remove it months ago.They offered normal disct that everyone gets. I told the guy I also wanted to add Sports Pack to see what he can do for me. Guy was very stubborn and said absolutely nothing could be done. Said he couldnt even give me the older deal. I said Im not interested and can I be transferred to a customer service manager. Got transferred and she said they couldnt do anything. Asked to cancel and then got a guy in cancellation. I let him know that I see a lot of people getting it for free, threatened to leave for DISH and within a minute he said he wont jerk me around and can give me Sun Ticket Max free and Sports Pack free for 6 months and $15 off for 12 months to keep their price close to DISH. I think the big thing is to get to cancellation or retention and just be brutally honest. Jus say you will leave unless you have it for free.
  2. Called in yesterday to cancel the soccer package and asked about a Sunday Ticket deal. Guy was straight forward with me says he knows what people do. He said they arent allowed discounting it till August but if I call back in August I can get it for like 150. Im happy paying that for the Sunday Ticket Max.