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  1. I had to look it up before I picked too: Globalization 90s at 9 Comes Alive! Soul Town
  2. I think that brings me up. Round 8 90s at 9 Jon Secada - Just Another Day I don't really like a lot of pop music, but this is a big exception. really like this song. @simey
  3. Round 7 Soul/Motown Marvin Gaye - God is Love The link is to God is Love/Mercy Me which is what I'd put on the mix, but Spotify doesn't combine them @zamboni
  4. Well I was all set to take probably my fav Trees song and then I saw @Pip's Invitation took a Trees song. But I'm still going to go with the song I had in mind. These guys seemed underplayed compared to some of their contemporaries so we can make up for it a little with a relative glut on our channel Round 6 Lithium Screaming Trees - Alice Said I didn't know until recently that Chris Cornell produced this album and I read that he's one of the vocals doing the Alice Said vocal fade out at the end. so it's got that going for it
  5. good grief, you guys are fast. Sorry, I will make a pick here in a little bit
  6. Round 5 Lithium Cracker - Eurotrash Girl The 8-minute version from Kerosene Hat. I think there is a shorter version floating out there and they may have re-recorded it with some of their other songs after a spat with the record label. The original 8-minute secret song at the end of Kerosene Hat is the best version imo.