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  1. I feel like I'm being fished here
  2. That doesn't even make sense.
  3. That's a weird change of direction. Why were no teams taking this guy in the draft until KC did despite his talent? We both know the answer to it. Being a KC fan doesn't mean you should be blind to the fact this guy had maybe the most massive NFL prospect red flag in recent history. Thats why hill doesn't get the benefit of the doubt here. He has a pretty serious and disturbing history of violence.
  4. Right, because KC did what no other team was willing to do
  5. What if he didn't play for your favorite team? There is a reason KC was the only team interested in a guy who didn't just make a "bad decision" but choked and beat a pregnant woman.
  6. There are probably several overlapping functions that concatenate these players into a single dataset.
  7. There are probably 365 or so players who can Excel if the guys in the office had a different outlook and gave the player access that would take them to a level of scoring fantasy power points.
  8. No, I really didn't. I didn't watch LII either and caught the end of LI.
  9. Super bowl 50 was cool. A modern-day defensive masterpiece is preferable Imho. Doesn't sound like that happened today or not?
  10. Vinovich had a Huffington post article written about his crew after another playoff game he officiated several years ago. This kind of stuff happens in his games.