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  1. Just discovered Marling during these thymes that have no precedent by way of her showing up on another artist's album. I liked what I heard Eta: wtf how smart do i have to get to master the quote fnction in here?
  2. I'm pretty sure I got wtfpwned by the quote system here, but that's a bummer. That is probably the best cut off that album
  3. I was thinking of this one the other day and wondering when it would be picked. Surprised it was still hanging out there
  4. Thanks, man. I found this draft at the right time and you guys are hitting it out of the park with some of these picks. I may add some undrafted free agents at the end or if someone drops out maybe I will be an obtrusive guest and ask to take their place. Truly have enjoyed following the thread and the shuffle tho
  5. Courtney barnett....whoa. this is really good. Think I'm adding this to the office chart for further digging. Not sure anyone cares but wanted to throw it out there as a quick 'thanks' to whoever picked it.
  6. couple of glasses of wine in and shuffling. this has been one of the better (best?) 10-song shuffle beginnings i've had yet so i wanted to throw a post up. Broken Social Scene - Anthems for a 17 year old girl - the thing i like most about BSS is the use of multiple strings, horns, and whatever else to go with the varied vocalists they employ. strings can be fantastic when they aren't so on the nose. anyway, this builds to a good crescendo and made me want to hear more BSS when it was over. 9.5 Rolling Stones - Moonlight Mile - Ok, no BSS but a seriously great follow up to the shuffle's intro. This might be one of my fav Stones songs. And it's got another solid string section 10 Townes Van Zandt - To Live is to Fly - Guy and his guitar in what sounds like a small pub late at night. Not bad not memorable 5.5 Beck - It's All in Your Mind - Song starts. I know this and I like it. I think it was @KarmaPolice who took this album? good pick and song selections. I got Golden Age the other day and had a similar reaction. Another fantastic use of string section and impeccable production. 9.5 Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized - Pretty sure I got this the other day. Doesn't really fit the mood of the current shuffle. But I used to listen to this in HS with a buddy so nostalgia bump 7.5 Velvet Underground - All of Tomorrow's Parties - I dig the brooding drums and Nico's voice on this but there's that psychedelicish hippy noodling to the guitar that is not my favourite sounds. The song itself makes up for it though. and aside from that riff this manages to sound not too dated. 7.5 REM - You are Everything - Yeah. Patented REM sound herewith the strumming Stipe's vocals and some layerd elements to his vocals. Not a lot to add. Good band good song. 8 Otis Redding - Loving you too Much - Classic Otis. 8 New Order - Los Vigilantes - Love New Order. When I hear this I find myself wanting to listen to Substance or something that hasn't been drafted yet. Still, good song. 7.5 Post 10-song bonus section Nirvana - Man Who Sold the World - 9.5 shuffle turned into a Classic Rock station for a while after 10 songs. But that was a nice ride.
  7. Have you seen the David Byrne version live at jools from probably the mid aughts? He's in top form with a xylophone and string section. Best version imo. The part where he gets to And you love me till my heart stops love me till I'm dead
  8. since @PIK95 selected Life in a Glass House for shuffle, I thought this was worth a post
  9. The backing vocals really tie the room together
  10. Just remembered how much I like the outro to only in dreams.tough choice you've got there, pik
  11. Yeah, both rh albums, my bloody valentine, blue album, remain in light, stripes, and probably a couple others I'm not remembering. Some serious heavy hitter and steals coming off the board at a torrid pace
  12. Or I might be wrong. I think that was on your list too.I gotta stop posting and just listen to this one again.