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  1. totally agree and like I said I'd add Tramaine Brock to that argument as well.
  2. I don't think I made a comparison, though. I'm talking about a team going all in with clark. I guess I don't understand whats so crazy about questioning why a franchise that is under fire for 2 recent incidents involving a player who hit a female and they spent a first and crazy money on another. :Shrug: I don't care what the team is, its a strange move given the recent circumstances
  3. It's worth the conversation. And if we are moving this direction in the thread, that works. I actualky agree with you but ithink your argument would have a bit more merit if any of those guys were on the team. Boyett and keo were let go after their DUIs happened. Talib? He didn't have a DUI as far as I saw, but again was on the roster prior to this happening. The comparison falls apart when you realize keo and boyett were let go shortly after the DUIs. Fwiw, I didn't like the tramaine Brock signing last year and I'm glad the dude is off the team. Thats a more apt comp imo. So that said, I still think it's interesting/sad KC goes out of its way to bring in a guy who was booted from his college team for beating a woman while a.) Dealing with tyreek hill situation and b.) Coming on the heels of cutting their star RB for beating up a woman and lying about it. I'd think the same thing if my favorite team did it.
  4. im drawing a blank here on the guys they drafted with dui arrests oh wait, Bradley Roby. I mean fair enough retort, but it doesn't seem as heinous or as odd as KC going hard after guys beating women. i thought it was a fair question.
  5. Being an NFL player isn't a real life job and analogies comparing the two usually fall flat. No one is stopping hill from working. Go to job services and I bet he's got a job by this afternoon. Being paid millions to play a kid's game isn't an inherent right
  6. The chiefs shouldn't get a shred of cap relief for drafting and signing this guy knowing his past. In fact, I'd rather see a team mandated to pay a few million to charities for beaten women or children when they know full well what they are getting themselves into and the player continues doing what he did prior to being drafted. Chiefs aren't a victim here.
  7. Why are the chiefs still using draft picks to pick up guys who have beat up on women?
  8. Drew lock to Denver in like 95 out of every 100 national mocks tells me it's probably not happening
  9. I think Hill has Hunt beat when it comes to a history of instances
  10. I feel like I'm being fished here
  11. That doesn't even make sense.
  12. That's a weird change of direction. Why were no teams taking this guy in the draft until KC did despite his talent? We both know the answer to it. Being a KC fan doesn't mean you should be blind to the fact this guy had maybe the most massive NFL prospect red flag in recent history. Thats why hill doesn't get the benefit of the doubt here. He has a pretty serious and disturbing history of violence.
  13. Right, because KC did what no other team was willing to do