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  1. Love this guy. Wouldn't be surprised if he ends up the best wr in the draft. Soph season he was a legit Heisman candidate until he was run into the ground. Cu was 5-0 until he was hurt. 0-7 afterward. Jr year he played through a core injury nearly all yr. I think he will turn heads at the combine. His skills set is unique and he's the strongest wr I've ever seen play. At any level. I've seen him comped to Julio but honestly he is a much more violent player than Julio. I will be interested in him wherever he goes. He's been mocked to New Orleans a ton and if there is any hc who can maximize his skills set I think it's payton
  2. Sounded like he was alluding to this in his nterview w Jim gray today. Announcement or some other reveal by halftime
  3. Yep. Im pulling for the niners, but Reid's record off a bye and mahomes being the best player in the nfl lead me to believe that kc's o will be more than ready for that defense.
  4. Feels like people are hyping this niner d way too much as of late. Their dline is formidable but beyond that I see a lot of opps for kc. I assume Reid will have an answer for the rush with quick passes, etc.
  5. Not at all. Atwater had a Hof career either way as Ed Reed alluded to last year, but even beyond that I'm not sure Denver beats the packers in SB 32 without atwater's play. He had an amazing career and was one of the best safeties to ever play
  6. NFL so soft and overofficious the refs first reaction on a hard tackle is to throw the flag
  7. Maybe, but the term used was compelling. Watching pretenders go at it isn't compelling
  8. In fairness you could drive a mack truck through these holes
  9. That felt like an NCAA tourney play-in game though. I think most ppl knew the winner was catching a beat down
  10. Denver hired Vance Joseph over Kyle shanahan btw.... 👏
  11. Yeah, take QB position out of the equation and Tenn has the better overall team. But mahomes is the best player in the nfl.
  12. Trade up. Easons not a good consolation prize
  13. Bill obrien approves of the timeout usage here
  14. At some point most championship teams need more than a game manager. Imo tenn will be better off moving on but they won't for a couple more years
  15. Its such a stinky take I'm just guessing/hoping it's a joke.
  16. It was game when kc took the halftime lead
  17. Unless he's tyreek hill himself I think he's joking
  18. Tennessee not having a qb finally going to catch up to them today
  19. 3 man rush. Man to man with a lb on hill.