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  1. 12 Team PPR: Team A Gave Lamar Jackson, 1.06, 2.06 Team B Gave Mixon, Joe CIN RB; Moore, D.J. CAR WR 12 Team PPR: Team A Gave 2.03, 3.04 Team B Gave Kenyan Drake, '20 4th
  2. I just cut him today to add C.J. Anderson in a relatively shallow dynasty league (12 teams, 20 roster spots + 2 TS + 2 IR, although no kickers). If we were talking about 30-man rosters, I'd probably prefer Pead, but in shallower leagues Anderson's urgency factor makes him a much more intriguing hold as he'll likely be active for the first time this season. To provide more data, the guys at the end of my bench who I kept over Pead are Sam Bradford, Danario Alexander, Mark Ingram, LaVon Brazill, Austin Collie, Ryan Broyles, Kris Durham, and Robert Housler. This is exactly why I was asking, and exactly what I did before you replied (start 2QB league with 26 man rosters including a kicker and DST). I figured with what the coaching staff did with Julius Thomas last year and this year the same thing with Anderson, I figured Anderson had a quicker path to opportunity, and hopefully, relevance.
  3. Where are we at with Isiah Pead? I see he's still ranked in the RB4/5 area, but I find that hard to believe...
  4. Where are we at with MJD? I just picked him up at 4.12 (RB23) in a 12 team startup. I felt like I couldnt pass him up b/c of the dropoff to the rest of the RB pack in terms of viable starters.
  5. As a Hernandez owner in multiple leagues, his value is the same as it was last week, until proven otherwise, especially with Gronk coming off of multiple surgeries. However, I'm sure you can find some scared owners out there who will cough him up for next to nothing.
  6. I'd be really interested in doing something along those lines. <-- Edit... 666th post... I hope that's not an omen...
  7. On the Matt Ryan front again... A Matt Ryan straight up for Calvin Johnson deal went down in one of my leagues. I had an opening offer in to him of Dalton, Lynch, either Antonio Brown or Mike Williams, and two future 1sts for Calvin/Best/QB (either Wilson or Sanchez), and the Calvin owner took the Ryan straight up deal w/o even a counter to me. I *certainly* would have gone higher to land Calvin. His starting RBs are P Thomas and Felix Jones with guys like Turbin, Kuhn, Ronnie Brown, Jamie Harper, and yes, Maurice Morris on his bench. I guess if you own Ryan, sell high.
  8. Just sold Jennings and '13 3rd for Torrey Smith.I realise Jennings is a better route runner, and therefore a more 'complete' WR, but there are a lot of mouths to feed in GB, I dont think he'll be there next year. Further to that, at age 30, my perception (albeit most likely misguided) is that he seems to be getting injured more frequently each year. I'm hoping Smith can develop into Flacco's WR1. I have JStew on the same team and am completely baffled what to do with him. He's burning a roster spot and producing nothing.
  9. Good chance that Richardson goes 3rd overall in that format.Yeah, this is a really good question. All 3 are great prospects. All 3 are "once every few years" prospects. I think the smart choice is QB/QB/RB. Wesseling is already recommending that in 1 QB leagues. The safe choice, and the obvious choice for rebuilders, is QB.I know this is an older post I am replying to, but I've been negligent in coming to this thread... :)I had 1.08 in my 2qb league and felt I wasn't gong to get my next "puzzle piece" at that pick. I've been one and done two years in a row in the playoffs, last year limping through on Big Ben's borked ankle, Freeman's ineffectiveness, and Bradford running for his life.So, with that in mind I traded up to 1.03 by giving Flynn/1.08.Dez blasted me in the completed trades thread, calling that an "awful deal", but I'm gambling on one of the top two picks drooling over Richardson, anad having either Luck or RG3 falling to me. At the very least I get Richardson, which is an outstanding consolation prize if the top two go QB/QB.In all honesty though, I just don't see how you can pass on Luck or RG3 with the first two picks in a start 2qb league. Even if you are an RG3 doubter, the news coming out of OTAs about his mistake free performances (not a one, not even a bad play) hae to give you some confidence.
  10. This wasnt really an outright offer I made or was made to me, per se... but last week, I inquired about Sidney Rice to the owner, who is brand new to the league this year. I just wanted to gauge his value point, and go from there: "Hey <....>, I'm interested in Sidney Rice. What do you think would be fair value for him? I'm willing to talk. Lemme know!" The *immediate* reply was: "Jennings and Bulger" Now... you might think that is reasonable, depending on how you value *which* Jennings going forward, but more to the point... Rashad Jennings (he owns MJD)... "So, you want Jennings and Bulger for Sid?!", I replied incredulously... "Yep! Do you want me to post the deal on the board?" "Ummm... sure... if you want to..." Honestly, I feel kinda bad about it, but this is the same guy, who at the same time we were talking about this deal, gave up Beanie Wells for 3.06 in this year's draft. Clearly, he's new to dynasty.
  11. The deal for me was about getting Dez and Ben. Wayne is at the point where I should have sold Randy Moss - lesson learned. As much as I like James Jones, no one in my league is buying. I've been shopping him all year, and there have been no bites. Jones is a guy who keeps flashing both talent and head smackers, so there is no proof as to him having large success. I asked for Sid Rice in the deal too, but the owner balked. QBs are far too valuable in a start 2QB league. Earlier in the year when I was actually down to one QB b/t injuries and byes. Really, how many startable QBs does that line up above actually have, keeping in mind I picked up Troy and Tyler in the last couple of weeks before they became starters (Smith replaced Matt Moore, and Thigpen replaced Max Hall)? At one point, I was down to Bradford, Freeman, and Favre, and trying to juggle byes was pretty bad.Further to that, we *really* dont know what Bradford and Stafford will be. Is Bradford Peyton Manning Light, or is he Mark Sanchez? Is Stafford going to be able to remain healthy? Despite the young guys I have which look good on paper, *nothing* is proven yet, so I'm hedging as many bets as I possibly can.Landing a proven, young QB like Ben was important, so now I can plug Ben in, and rotate through my QB2 position.
  12. Just made a trade, and I would like some thoughts. 12 team, PPR, START 2QB league (2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DST) I am currently atop my division at 6-4. Current Roster: QB Matt Stafford, Det QB Josh Freeman, TB QB Sam Bradford, Stl QB Brett Favre, Min QB Troy Smith, SF QB Tyler Thigpen, Mia RB LeSean McCoy, Phi RB Jonathan Stewart, Car RB Felix Jones, Dal RB Danny Woodhead, NE RB Laurence Maroney, Den RB Javon Ringer, Ten WR Reggie Wayne, Ind WR Greg Jennings, GB WR Randy Moss, Min WR Deon Butler, Sea WR James Jones, GB WR Jacoby Jones, Hou WR Legedu Naanee, SD WR Brandon LaFell, Car WR Brandon Gibson, StL WR Earl Bennett, Chi TE Vernon Davis, SF TE Visanthe Shiancoe, Min PK Dan Carpenter, Mia DST Detroit The deal was: Give: Matt Stafford, Brett Favre, Reggie Wayne, Felix Jones, James Jones Get: Ben Roethlisberger, Shonn Greene, Dez Bryant Thoughts?
  13. Maybe I'm on my own on this, but I'd take DeSean Jackson over all of those guys, hell, I'd argue he's got a brighter future than Fitzgerald, but I'm not as confident there.ETA: Of course, I've long gotten the feeling that I'm driving the D-Jax bandwagon. I'm a DJax owner in one dynasty, and I was waiting for his comeback to see him. I would take White over him in a heartbeat, and would be willing to throw in something else. I'd also take Dez over him, but I have Miles already, which would be kinda useless.I just dont think DJax is going to have staying power, and as an owner, you have to rely too heavily on him living off of those monster catches. I'm also not a fan of tiny WRs, Marvin being the exception to the rule. If Vick leaves next year, DJax goes back to being nearly an afterthought with Kolb under center. If Vick stays, then he will have top 10 value, but I would still put him behind all three on that list.