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  1. 49ernut

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    I was offered D. Henry and a conditional 1st for Gurley (couldn't be in the top 5). I passed
  2. 49ernut

    Dynasty trade offer

    Have to pile on here, lots of subpar players for a stud. No way.
  3. 49ernut

    Ertz Value

    I seem to think its very reasonable but at the same time would love to hold him for a Gronk issue. I am trying to move Gronk but with him injured last year i'm not getting much activity. Appreciate the responses.
  4. 49ernut

    Ertz Value

    If you have Ertz/Gronk/Hunter as your TE's in a PPR 10 team league (1 pt), is Ertz for 2.2 fair value or would a late 1st be more appropriate? Leaves me with only hunter if Gronk goes down.
  5. 49ernut

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    No, I would not. Gurley, horrible situation has top 5 potential, Howard is good but that's a very small sample size and Fox has been known to rotate backs so no, I would ask for more than Howard if you're looking to deal Gurley. Last year Gurley, with just reasonable QB play was amazing. Keenum is just flat out horrible and there is a reason why teams stack the box, Keenum has proven he can't beat them.
  6. 49ernut

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    Gurley is not doing himself any favors but i have to put Fisher down as one of the worst coaches out there today. I think i read that the owner loves Fisher and just signed him to an extension so expect this garbage for a few more years. How he can not have a winning season with the Rams but still get extended is beyond me. I feel that Gurley's best years will be wasted with this horrible coaching. You have to put your playmakers in a position to make plays, like Austin, Gurley needs to get the ball in space. The game plan is about as predictable as it gets. And I have to wonder, either Goff is just no where near ready or Fisher is just dumb but i can't see how Case is a better option at this time. God awful
  7. 49ernut

    Shady Trade Going Down in My League?

    I think the deal is lopsided and if it was entered into after it was known that Rodgers went down then an explanation is needed. No way Cooper and DT are close to even IMO. If this is a dynasty league then it's Cooper over DT by a wide margin. Elliott flips the balance back over to the DT side easily but I think it's closer than you think. My concern is trading an injured player. That seems off IMHO
  8. 49ernut

    Demaryius Thomas for 2017 1st

    Agree with this theory 100%. The value you perceive a player to have doesn't always line up with your fellow league mates point of view. DT has more value than a 2017 1st but at the same time, the longer you hold, the less value he'll bring in return. I would wait for the contenders to shake out and then offer him up, you might be able to snag a good young rookie and a couple of 2017 picks in return.
  9. Uh, brown is 27 and born in July, dez is 27, born in November. Big Ben or romo?
  10. Give me Brown, guy brings it day in, day out. 1.8 is a token add in IMO
  11. 49ernut

    Sell high on Eifert or nah?

    I would keep Eifert unless an offer blew me away
  12. 49ernut

    Are these the right keepers?

    Very cool the way keepers are determined. However, I would change your keepers. Bortles probably scored top 5 in your league and I don't see him slowing. You can only start 3 WR's but yet are keeping 5. I would find a way to keep Bortles IMO, get rid of Hurns, probably Ingram and someone else. The math is going to be tough but my keepers are: Julio, Charles, Watkins, Thomas, Kelce, Parker. The rest are coin flips. Martin, who knows if he was just playing for a contract and goes back to his old self. AP is aging, how long can he keep it going. That would be my thought process.
  13. 49ernut

    Is Zeke worth it? Thoughts?

    See if you could throw in 2.5 and 2.9 to keep 1.6 and use 1.9 as part of the trade. If not, then yeah, I would do that. Doing a rookie draft now and after 2.3, there is nothing but question marks. This draft looks to be Elliot and then everyone else.
  14. Um, I'll take the 2 players and pick thank you.
  15. 49ernut

    Dynasty Trade for 1.1?

    This is not a good offer IMO, you're getting a bunch of question marks (how quickly does NE change RB's?) and moving back 3 spots to no mans land in this draft. I'd pass and hold out for a better offer. You need a top tier WR and you can get that with Treadwell.