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  1. Nobody is going to win a job after one preseason game, unless a starter suffers a serious injury. Since the starters normally play only the first series in that game, it's most likely won't occur.
  2. My team is on life support. Currently at 124.75 and I have Gould (-4) and the Bears Defense (-7). I need for Gould to score 10-12 points and the Bears to put up 20 pts and that might not be enough. I'm not confident, but it's been fun while it lasted. McGahee's injury certainly didn't help matters. Another 5-6 points would have helped.
  3. Mendenhall is playing this week. That gives teams another RB to score even a few points for them. I now have three RB(McGahee, Jennings and Mendenhall)that can contribute instead of two.Getting 17 points from Bess is a pleasant surprise.
  4. I missed that Chris Johnson was also off. Here are the numbers with Chris Johnson.Johnson/Lynch 32Johnson/McFadden 29Johnson/Jackson 16Johnson/Peterson 27Johnson/Murray 19Total 123Total including both sets of numbers 549. That's a lot of teams that may be short on points at running back.
  5. There are a lot of teams with two running backs at fairly high prices that both players are either out or on bye. Peterson/Murray 35 Lynch/Murray 33 Lynch/McFadden 78 Peterson/McFadden 55 Lynch/Peterson 69 Peterson/F. Jackson 33 Lynch/F. Jackson 77 McFadden/Jackson 34 Murray/Jackson 12 Total 426 Given that a lot of teams also had Mendenhall or Benson as a cheap option, there are likely to be a lot of those teams that won't score much at running back this week.
  6. After the afternoon games at 212ish with a slight chance to improve, although if the score goes up, it won't go up much.
  7. At 179.45 after the early games. I still have Lynch (-2.7), Gould or Suisham (-18), Jets or Bears (-0) and Heath Miller (-13.70).
  8. At 151 after early games with Lynch (-8.5), Gonzalez or Miller (-2.3), Ryan (-30.95), and Nicks or one of the tight ends (-11).
  9. That shows what 18 catches can do with 1.5 points per reception.
  10. Currently at 175.8 with McGahee (-16.6) left to play, Best guess is he doesn't help and 175.8 is where I end up. That should be enough to advance.
  11. Something weird about the live scoring. This morning it showed the scores for the players in the Seahawks/49ers game. Tonight those players show 0 points.
  12. Thank you. I appreciate that in spite of the fact that you are convinced you will be out, you will provide the updates.Well, honestly, the main reason I'm going to all the effort is for selfish reasons. I'm still holding out hope for a miracle tonight. :)But alive or not, I'll still be in the thread for the rest of the season, posting all the usual weekly updates and stuff. The contest discussion is one of my favorite things of the year.It is certainly possible that Stafford will go off for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns, which is 33 points. Titus Youngscored 19 points one week. If he gets a touchdown and 90 yards, that's 15 points. That would put you a little over120. But the question is how much that raises the cut line because there are a lot of owners with those players.Good luck.
  13. Thank you. I appreciate that in spite of the fact that you are convinced you will be out, you will provide the updates.
  14. Currently at 101.5. Still to play: Cutler (-0) Pettigrew(-1.7) T. Young (-6.5) R. Gould (-16) Hoping to get in the 120-130 range, but Cutler could put a crimp in that if he throws up a dud.
  15. At 62.4 after the late afternoon games, but have a bunch of players yet. J. Cutler (-0) A.J. Green or Titus Young (-1.7) H. Miller or Pettigrew (-0) Suisham or Gould (-5) Bears (-3) Flex (any receiver or TE -1.7) Jennings will be the reason if this team advances.