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  1. Súbeme la radio que esta es mi canciónSiente el bajo que va subiendoTráeme el alcohol que quita el dolorHoy vamo' a juntar la luna y el sol
  2. I know. I voted for the pot but still wanna see Trump explain his side.
  3. I agree. Preibus has not made himself useful yet, let alone indispensable.
  4. The #1 reason why I voted for Trump:
  5. This is the only reason I could think of for the reversal but I want to see Melissa present some evidence.
  6. That's the main reason I voted to legalize pot. Does smoking pot make it less or more likely for people to use other addictive drugs?
  7. The NYP said he had the timely exercise "accident" 5 days before he was scheduled to testify. His co-defendent was the source of money funneled to the DNC in another case. Another guy made a secret tape but I think even that may not be enough as insurance against the Clintons.
  8. Oh, does this mean I should have proof of citizenship on me when I visit NYC?
  9. Trudeau said Canada welcomes the illegals coming over the border from the US.
  10. It would be interesting to see if the publicity around the raids really reduces the # of illegals coming over the border or not.
  11. You see how people really want something when told they cannot have it?
  12. I think Trump is doing the same deportation as Obama. Mexico did not complain about the $2.5 people who Obama deported. Maybe the difference is they have to take people who entered the US border with Mexico but originated from other countries? I am not sure how those cases were handled by Obama.