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  1. Sent today. We're due to win this thing! 2020 is the year.
  2. Sleepers. That movie still pisses me off. His role was an ####### of pure evil.
  3. Agree with whatever Keerock decides on the extra tix. Let's win this thing!!!
  4. I started out there in 1999. Truly a shame what they did to it. Oh, and I knew the answer was Dan Pastorini. Is kings123 still around? Or the black belt guy who threatened to kick Bronco Billy`s ###?
  5. I didn't have a beer with him, but my buddy and I ran into Edmund Kemper when we were kids. This was just before he got caught for a string of gruesome co-ed murders. He lived in an apartment building that we visited frequently because the tenants left empty returnable soda bottles in an area in the garage. We were leaving the garage with armfuls of bottles when we ran right into Kemper. Of course we didn't know who he was until we saw his picture on TV and in the newspapers.