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  1. What do you guys think of Goedert. He can come back this week but I’m not sure he will. With Ertz out I do like his opportunity if he can see the field.
  2. Why does the Miami game get rescheduled instead of the Denver/pats
  3. Maybe but someone coming off a 6 week injury is not guaranteed to be the same person as before the injury. It can take time. See Sequan last year.
  4. I have Diggs in one league and I don’t think I would do that deal and I am hurting at RB. 6 weeks of no production at a minimum would be hard to handle. Then the worry that he doesn’t come back at full strength or Hunt has taken over. But I am 2-2. I might think differently if I was 4-0 and able to take the gamble.
  5. Yes, this concerns me given that Burrow is not inaccurate. That leads me to believe AJG is not getting proper separation or not getting to the right spot. Both of which are an indication that his skills are dwindling.
  6. One thing to remember, they paid Hunt. He is their future RB. They might not have any issue running Chubb into the ground. They just need him for this year. I do agree that I have real concerns that he is not 100% at all this year.
  7. Yes, but I don't know how much his value would go down in that format. I only have him in redraft. In that his value has taken a major hit and I'm not sure I could get much at all for him.
  8. I'm sure whichever injury thread is pinned at the top will get the most use.
  9. Yep, that was my concern as well. If he didn’t grab his knee I would have thought just a couple week ankle thing. I feel like my season is waiting on that MRI. Too many other injuries already.
  10. Yep, makes me glad I’m not a commish. Major headache I don’t want to have to deal with.
  11. By making these assertions how do you think you are adding to the conversation? A better option is to look in your league and if they aren’t available move on and look for someone else. No need to fill us in on the inner workings of your league.
  12. Yeah, I dropped him this week to pick up Mattison (someone dropped). I reacted quickly when I saw Mattison available. I have been questioning my decision but Cohen is still sitting on our wire. I can’t imagine a time when I would want to use him.
  13. Spot on regarding the Harris podcast. He has great information but there is so much non-info nonsense that it makes it tough to listen to.
  14. That’s the way it looks. Hopefully we will be able to somewhat predict the game scripts. The good thing is I think both can be counted on for RB2 production each week. It is figuring out those game scripts to see if RB1 potential is there.
  15. If you really have 3 other guys that are better then him then you should trade him. It is tough to get his true value. He will be a solid RB2 after this week. But a lot of people won't give that due to the perception of him being the 2nd guy. You could try the Chubb owner.