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  1. Is this your opinion or has there been some update on him?
  2. I know it is tough to do but he screwed me this week so it is tough to do. Maybe if he practices in full the week prior to that game I would get tempted.
  3. That may be but he still wouldn't be startable. I can't imagine anything the team could say that would make me feel confident that we don't get a repeat of this past weekend. Basically need to see him play a full game before I could put him back in.
  4. My only other option is McLaurin. Considering Haskins is the starter in Washington now I think I am desperate.
  5. With him out where would you guys rate Pascal? Is he a WR2 or just a desperation play?
  6. I used Garoppolo last week to cover the bye. I dropped him this week and am rolling w/ Lamar. The Pats are good but they also haven't faced top QBs. I believe between the running and passing Lamar should be able to have a decent day.
  7. While there is some validity to that it is probably less then you expect, especially for Jones. - Rodgers is averaging 3 less passes a game since Adams has been out. You would think his volume would increase slightly - The RBs are only averaging 4 more targets per game since Adams was out. It is not a big jump. - Jones' share of the RB targets has gone from 50% w/ Adams to 70% without him. I don't think this is a function of Adams. I think this is a function of them finding what works. Add in the fact that Green Bay is 4-0 over that stretch and averaging a TD more a game. I doubt they would revert back. If they do the impact looks minor and I would think more of it would come at the expense of Williams.
  8. Given this bit of news what do you think Chase’s value is in redraft? With the tough 4 game stretch and DJ likely coming back at some point I was thinking of trading him now. I was thinking of asking for A. Robinson from the DJ owner. Is that fair value?
  9. This is a great point. I was worried about starting him but I was also worried about missing out on another Jones performance. Washington doesn't have someone else to take some of the heat like Jones did. This helped make up my mind. I am sitting him for Stills.
  10. Really, how did it get this bad? He went from being banged up but possibly playing to potential IR. Is it from the initial injuries or did he do something to make it worse in the couple snaps he played?
  11. I hate having guys go on Thursday night. So I am leaning Stills over McLaurin for this week
  12. This is a helpful indicator. As long as they are on the team it is probably unlikely DJ will play. Once they cut one of them it could mean he is on his way back.