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  1. Exactly right. If EE won’t sign this deal then I hope they take all offers off the table.
  2. The way to win is to get value out of each of your picks. If you are overpaying for Cook you aren't going to get value. You may be right about him but if you are that only gets you to even value. Now getting Cook in the 2nd round and having him perform as a 1st rounder is value. Overpaying for someone is okay if they are going to return more then what you paid. There is no way for a player to return more if they are taken with the 5th pick. That is why they say you can't win your league with the first pick but can lose it. Because there is no upside in the first pick. But there is also the emotional nature of the game. If he is "your guy" for what ever reason (your favorite team, followed him a lot...) then it is fun to have him on your team. Emotions can outweigh numbers all the time. The game is supposed to be fun.
  3. I’m not that worried about him for this week coming in and taking a bunch of carries.
  4. I agree he is going to make out a lot better financially from this. He was going to make $1.4M over the next two years under that rookie contract. He will make that much next year even with the suspension. Sense he will know about the suspension before he signs with the team is there a way to structure a contract so he loses less from the suspension. Ex, a 6 game deal paying him the league minimum and after that is done a real deal.
  5. Well that is great news. With that I would put Edwards as a high end rb2.
  6. I have him in right now over josh Adams. I’m a little worried about Collins playing.
  7. Saying stuff like this is ridiculous. I can’t believe there are people that view this video in this way. If his friends weren’t there he would have beat the crap out of her earlier. He got free for a couple seconds and look what he did. I don’t care if we got audio. There is nothing a woman can say to make this reaction ok.
  8. I would go Edwards over Michel definitely. Lindsay is more of a toss up.
  9. With Collins out this week that takes some of the uncertainty out of it. Great matchup and not much competition for touches. There is still risk but I believe this week it is worth it. I’m starting him over Josh Adams and DJ Moore. I believe he is a solid RB2.
  10. Moore- it seems that he has become the #1 on that team from a snap count perspective. That should lead to more consistency. Smith- He is one week removed from a zero target game. He is the #3 option behind Thomas and Kamara. This week the Eagles doubled each of those guys but I don't see that happening every week. He will have up/down games. This week it wouldn't surprise me if he gets 30 pts or zero. Coutee- If you are looking for his type of consistency I doubt you are contending for a championship unless it is in a large/deep league.
  11. These two don't make sense together. His goal was to get a long term deal. If you are right with your first point that means he is free to go get that deal. So his strategy worked. Yes, he did misplay it if Pittsburgh is able to tag him next year but you are saying they won't.
  12. I have him in at flex over Allison and Richard. That may change if Cobb is ruled out.
  13. This is well said. He is a potential WR1 but there is a risk he flames out. We could probably take a little less risk and get a WR 2/3. So it does come down to personal preference. Considering it is fantasy and not real life I am fine to take more risk but it sounds like Baz likes to play it safer.