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  1. i think shattenkirk is 6mm over the next 3 yrs. i think shatt, girardi and lundqvist will total around 10mm this year, bulk being hank.
  2. the rangers giving a 2 to detroit to offload marc staal’s corpse is going to be looked upon very favorably in the next 2-4 years. they needed the space, with the lundqvist move combined, to make a run with kakko and lafreniere on rook deals.
  3. you could argue, where the jets were several ago, they should have kept and played bridgewater and built the team before going for a qb. in this day and age, you need a team, then a qb. it’s simple economics, you can’t pay this qb $25mm. i don’t even know if lawrence would be on a winning timeline. issue around all of this is that the jets have had plenty of draft equity but seem to pick every wrong guy and make every wrong decision. can someone explain drafting a project qb in the 4th round this year? he isn’t even the backup and then they sign joe flacco’s corpse? they may have had quentin nelson in the darnold draft and not needed to move up and deal a 2 to indy. this team needs 3-4 years worth of decent drafts to build a core.
  4. $42 tip for commish $150 withhold as 2021 prepay $900 back to me ? 20 years in the making! thx @General Malaise @shuke
  5. sent you a PM.... $25 tip for commish $100 withhold as 2021 prepay $275 back to me
  6. isn’t the condo door the condo’s responsibility or is part of the unit? either way, 1 coat primer and 1 coat semi gloss or gloss should suffice. inside and outside the same color?
  7. he didn’t catch the ball that much. i also need to remember that they played 14 back then.
  8. i agree. i’ve stopped watching only because i’m a jet fan, but can i have 3 hours without being lectured on the evils of this country? i actually like the teams staying inside for the anthem. this was my suggestion years ago. play the stupid anthem 1 hour before game time and let’s move on.
  9. Everyone talks of his greatness and i’ve seen the highlight films, i suppose you really had to see him to understand. looking at his numbers, much like joe namath, i felt he was overrated. sayers barely played due to injury. he seemed a great ambassador and gentleman and brian’s song definitely elevated him. if billy dee williams plays you in a movie, you’ve done something alright.
  10. I kind of thought Horford would be untradeable with that deal and his age. I understand not needing Gordon and his deal with Russ and Harden, Rockets shave a year off the committment, but man........