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  1. get a new golf buddy....
  2. i got clipped for a week by posting in the cooking thread a loose inspiration for grilled chicken breasts from giada's physical attributes. been here about 20 yrs and i have a tendency to be snarky and not so PC many times, but a week for my post seemed over the top. i didn't ask for an explanation, just figure i'll speak here like i'm in church going forward.
  3. this worked out well for the other dude and me too!
  4. tiger fan gaytor zilla tre maxwell red joe t jethro noodlefish
  5. Love 7dust
  6. My Broccoli sucked. I just don't know how to harvest and the giant leaves are attracting insects that are eating them like crazy. A lot of space for minimal return. My bell pepper plant is huge, but no peppers. Lots of cukes and cherry tomatoes. Kale did well. My patio tomato plant and herbs are awesome. Purple and green basil has allowed me to make 3, 16 oz. pesto batches. Rosemary, sage, thyme all awesome.
  7. Depends on what you do at Avignonesi.......If you do cooking, tour and lunch, I would say arrive around 9.15 and finish around 2.30p. Without cooking, you can arrive around 11-12p for the tour, then lunch, ending the same time. What you could do is finish up at Avignonesi then head over to Siena, roughly .45-1hr away. We love a restaurant there called Sotto Le Fonti (Britta is the owner). We toured there with a great guide, Roberta from toursbylocals, she'd remember me, we used her twice. You could try to hit Perugia and maybe take a chocolate tour of the Perugina factory. Kids would love this. Perugia also about the same distance. Cortona is near by and a bit further south is Orvieto. The bike tour was most awesome, but not for the faint of heart. You are literally on the side of their roads. My wife nose dived when we went in the last Km after around 20 or so.
  9. Nope, handshake only.
  10. this was almost as bad as watching millionaire, when the contestant would contemplate over a question for 15 minutes.
  11. remember, get it in writing from your company and get a great HR contact.
  12. it would be a generation....say 20 years?
  13. for me this is like auto racing, i will watch for the crash.
  14. i agree with the take. if we had a soccer league that paid a 5million average salary and regularly paid the very best guys upwards of 40million, do you think we’d have a competitive team?
  15. yup, crocodile pit. seriously, wtf?