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  1. Chemical X

    *** Official FFA Lotto Club ***

    can i get an ad advance on my winnings?
  2. nah, downtown is pretty easy in and out, but more to do rather than being by the arena. i was able to get you 4 with parking to 12/22, the 23rd was taken already. Section 106, Row T. I-40 runs 5 minutes from downtown, which is closer to I95, it’s further west. PM me your email address, when i get them, i’ll forward. Take Cav, he buys pretzels.
  3. let me see if i can get you seats......rdu takes southwest, aa, delta, frontier, jetblue, even allegiant. i wouldn’t stay near the arena, nothing there. i’d stay downtown at the marriott and uber over.
  4. Chemical X

    *** Official FFA Lotto Club ***

    $14mill doesn't get me or chet outta bed. No, we're not together.
  5. Chemical X

    *** Official FFA Lotto Club ***

    imagine the after party......who are you? who are you?
  6. Chemical X

    *** Official FFA Lotto Club ***

    i’ll be happy to worry about taxes.
  7. I have a pile of kings in roto, sadly, I am not understanding their use of Ferrell, shumpert and Jackson. just play hield alongside fox, cauley-flower can clog the middle, then use bjelica, with bagley and giles and even skal at the 3-4-5. giles' 2/1 was likely due to his having to deal with gobert for a bit. you got bagley at 2, use him. just admit you made a boo boo with yogi.
  8. knicks paying courtney lee and joakim noah 31million this year.
  9. goldsboro, when not under water, has a road that runs near it. greensboro has an arena. nothing to do, IMO, in either location. 913 whiskey bar some acquaintances have mentioned as worthwhile. smack in between raleigh and charlotte. if you get lucky, UNCG might have a home hoops game or NCA&T if you like it sassy. duke and chapel hill are 50 minutes away. 2 or 3 cemeteries are there and i think a starbucks and plenty of fast food. enjoy!
  10. carmelo already up to his antics.......-22, 10 heaves in 15 minutes, 30%. what a complete drag his game is on a team.
  11. i haven’t read the whole thread, if still available i’ll give you 1400-. let me know.