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  1. Car commercial with the maybe Asian dad and his 1/2 & 1/2 daughter who may be 16, may be 26, may be Asian and seemingly has no idea how to drive, as she is distracted by star wars stuff she is hallucinating about. The car stops on its own and Asian dad says it stopped for you! If my daughter was distracted and couldn't figure out how to stop at a red light with cars in front of her, I would take her license right there and make her walk home.
  2. -Bag of Chestnuts -Box of chalk -A Nylabone -K Cups -Soros Cash Card -Sbux $5- gift card -A 4 day cycle of Prednisone -Chip Clips -Fly Swatter
  3. I don't go by WAR, more of a sniff test for me. When I watched Trammell I never felt he was a HoFer. I don't think Larkin is one either, but at least Larkin has an MVP and 12 AS appearances. Trammell was an AS 6 times in 20 years? Morris was extremely durable and pitched a pile of innings, but he wasn't the ACE in a time when Roger Clemens walked the earth. He didn't strike guys out, he had a high WHIP and he lost double digit games 11 times (likely due to his pitching deep in games). Mussina has a strong case now, I felt he was better.
  4. It's the Hall Of Fame to enshrine greatness. Not the Hall of Good. Trammell and Morris were nice players, but neither is a HoFer. Morris had a 3.9 ERA and his election opens the door for a lot of mediocrity............guys like Pettitte and Mussina compare favorably. I don't think Morris ever had a season with a sub 3 ERA. Trammell never lead the league in any major category and though he played 20 years fell 700 hits short of 3,000? Guess Edgar Renteria gets in now.
  5. Also, can we assume LeBron will become the NBA's all time leading scorer?
  6. The MVP award should go to LeBron James every year. How he doesn't win this every year is crazy. What he does with mainly a garbage roster is amazing. He is 33 and playing 37 minutes a game, with stat increases across the board. Harden and Westbrook and Curry are all great players in their own rights, but James is the 1 player that turns water into wine IMO.
  7. More amazingly is that in houses with 1 car, Moore outperformed, but >2 car, his support waned. Also, Black voters between 24-26 years of age with some education, but not necessarily college educated came out to vote in droves.
  8. Start with passport. A good backpack/napsack. Will she be packing light, if so, a 20" carry on works great, as it fits in overhead and makes it so you don't have to check bag. A non bulky jacket with hood that can fit in backpack. Credit and debit cards with MC/Visa logos, preferable a CC that does not have foreign fees. Contact all financial institutions to inform them of travel. Have you looked into international cell phone plans for your carrier? 2 color copies of her passport and a digital version too. Never travel with passport if you don't have to, leave it in hotel safe. Send her with some pounds/euros in advance. Always good to have cash. Travel size stuff. Charging cords, adapter.
  9. if someone is a Prevert, is this the time before they became a Pervert?
  10. Matt Murray activated. Trouba will play on 1st PP unit in place of Buttfuglin. Would like to see what Uba Trouba can do.
  11. And another thing, A's got a bargain on Yusmeiro Petit. 2/9 with a club option for 5.5.
  12. I am a big fan of the spotrac website in tracking salaries, etc. Just realized the Phillies have 1 player under contract, Odubel Herrera. 5 guys are ARB eligible and the rest are team control. This is almost impossible to do.
  13. Relievers' years are so random, how the market for these guys is 8-10mill per year is baffling. I would sit that market out as well. I mean, I used to like Mike Minor until his arm exploded, but 3/28?
  14. Real question; Are livestock allowed to vote in Alabama?