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  1. forum and colosseo are on their own mostly. what we like to do is walk the majors, ending at the spanish steps, from there you can take the metro towards the vatican to either cipro or ottaviano. the colloseo does have a metro stop.
  2. i have had ankle/achilles issues from being flat footed. went with my wife to buy her new brooks running shoes and they had a pair of saucony iso rides on sale. i went for the wide and they are supportive and cushioned, while the tongue is stitched in and doesn’t float. highly recommend.
  3. i say this lovingly, your family isn’t all that smart, are they?
  4. Cole has been inhuman at home and just dominant on the road. The only that stands out for me is his HR rate. For someone so dominant, he yielded 29 homeruns. Yanks need to hope for 2 long balls at least tonite with hopefully someone on base each time. Severino is a crap shoot right now, over/under on his innings is what, 4? Obviously the formula for the Yanks is get 2 out of 3 at home. I would have concern that Paxton taxed the BP, then Severino goes 4 and taxes the pen and game 4 is a pen game, unless the weather pushes game 4 back and allows Tanaka-san to pitch game 4 Thursday against Greinke. If I was the Yanks, i'd hope for no rain out, so games 4 and 5 are vs. the Houston pen and Greinke. Then you tangle with Verlander and Cole in 6 and 7 on the road. I think I did that right.....
  5. I almost think you need to rent a car for at least a portion of the trip, especially if you are staying outside a major city. Siena, Florence, Rome all obviously have transportation, so no vehicle needed, but if staying at Spaltenna, you need something. Its about 45 mins from Spaltenna to Siena and over an hour to Florence. But, the ride from Siena to Spaltenna is one that can make you blow chunks, at night its dark and curvy like crazy. After dinner at Sotto Le Fonte, Britta has called a cab for friends, so I suspect you can taxi to Spaltenna. My best advise, if staying at Spaltenna first, is to grab a car at FCO and drive there. Up the A1 it should be about 2.5 hours I think. If you arrive at 7a remember, car rentals open at 7a exactly. So, if you are early, they wont be open. But arriving at 7a gives you plenty of time to enjoy the ride and maybe make a side trip on the way up. Orvieto is along the A1 and worthy of time. Along the route there are numerous AutoChefs and ChefExpresses, basically restaurant/bars within gas stations off the highway as you head outside of Rome going North. You can stop, go in for a pastry and coffee or two and zip back up. I always rent from Make sure its not .com and not autoeurope. AutoEuropa has great automatic vehicles and I've never had a rental issue. Use the car while at Spaltenna then you can drop it off at the Florence airport and take a taxi into Florence. Then go public in Florence and Rome. You can drive from Spaltenna to all your hidden destinations, maybe even get Assisi on the menu. Perugia is nice and has the Perugina chocolate factory there too for tours. From Spaltenna to Siena, you could hire a tour driver for the day and make sure they drive you to tour Siena and stay the evening while you have dinner. Just some random ideas. I like seeing you have Avignonesi on the schedule. The tour and lunch is amazing.
  6. did you have an MRI or did you just go on you have a rotator cuff problem? how about a CT with contrast? one thing to have a tear, but do you and why? i discovered my acromion was digging into my cuff and tearing it. no amount of PT would help without having it shaved. i just think you have options before donating time and money to PT.
  7. seriously, get a shot, ice it for 36 hours then some hot showers. if that doesn’t help, PT won’t.
  8. get a cortisone shot, wa la, pain gone. your welcome. signed, someone who has had 20+ shoulder shots.
  9. best part of being a mets fan is not having to worry about the postseason. frees me up to better follow the knicks.
  10. Like that Spider-Man meme where they point at each other?
  11. D'Arnaud also in the Halladay to the Phils deal. He went from Philly to Toronto, then to the Mets.
  12. d’arnaud traded for 2 cy young winners. trivia question; name them.....