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  1. i liked the nike 6072 gunmetal. took a bit getting used to the straight arms, but they are lightweight and don’t slide.
  2. think i’ve done this one, but with 70 yr olds, i don’t have much to offer. i would arrive in ft lauderdale the day before the cruise and stay the night. i’ve done this and highly recommend. you get a beach or pool day and can plan when to leave the hotel and get to the boat early.
  3. my favorite dessert.....this is the one i’ve recently used. for the crust, i’ve bought ready made crusts and dumped them into a bowl and added a bit more butter and sugar, then used them. you could start from scratch as well.
  4. i stuck enough coins in tithing boxes in italian churches for someone to pull a miracle here....
  5. so many places to get hbo free, do i need the credit? mobdro seems decent enough. but i am light years away from understanding this stuff.
  6. didn’t know there was a sling credit, but i really don’t need sling.
  7. i am not a prime member, but been sniffing around other retailers. i found a 3rd generation firestick for 14.99 at office depot/max.
  8. I don't hate the Raleigh area, but I wouldn't say I like it. Think I am passing thru to something different.
  9. i am horseless right now. really been looking for some fbg partners to grab more than 1% of a 2 yr old. but i need guys that really want to be in it and are willing to handle some monthly bills. no one seems interested.