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  1. don’t use LGA. don’t even consider it an option.
  2. usually, the later in the day the better. I need to walk dog, etc.
  3. waiting to find out what the OP is talking about is kind of like that moment for me.
  4. yuppa he replied "ok". he's my boy, so no worries.
  5. Here is an honest reply. I will pick this week and am just completing cheat sheets for multiple leagues. I am undecided between 2 guys and will pray on this for another day.
  6. offer them $50 for everything and to end the sale.
  7. Love NH, but it’s sooo congested. Also, to commute from there you’ll need to hit the outer beltline, like everyone else at that time. it’s also under long term construction. Otherwise you can pass by hell on earth aka that mall off glenwood ave. Cameron Village would require Wade Ave going west, like everyone else. You may have a 15-20 minute commute, it could be 25-35. Personally, i’d look in the Lake Booke Trail area, near the hospital. Some nice complexes, with pools there.
  8. renting or buying? house or condo or apartment? does commute matter? also, the commute in Raleigh is opposite the city, as most everyone travels West and away from downtown, towards RTP. So, you want to live West of your location to commute Eastbound on 40. There’s some decent shops now in the Lake Boone Trail area, which is near your location. Coming from your 3 selections will be a bear. 440 is under construction, with a widening project under way. 40 West from downtown might cost you 45 minutes, honestly. I assume you’ll have a car and don’t need to walk everywhere?
  9. waiting on injuries. adjusting cheat sheet for kendry’s morales’ retirement. waiting on lunar new year @bagger.
  10. if they make a reclining seat, then you can recline. i try not to do it so i’m in someone’s lap. but once you hit the airport, all bets are off as far as civil behavior and common courtesy.