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  1. Florida man destroys nest full of wasps with his bare hands Cape Coral man allegedly printed nude photos of children at CVS, used Extra Care card
  2. Any tips or tutorials for automating a PowerPoint presentation using Excel or engage Excel add in? Thx
  3. i just want to tell you all good luck, we’re all counting on you.
  4. i'll bite for $5- euros. Send some info, payment stuff, eggcetera.
  5. Aaron Hicks, Carlos Martinez, Andrew Heaney, Luis Severino, Jed Lowrie,, Todd Frazier, Vlad Jr..
  6. ketel marte has sneaky value for me at ss and 2b and will become of eligible. i think brandon drury sees ABs all year in toronto. julio urias. joe jimenez. jhoulys chacin.
  7. poster child for the american love of celebrity. there is a reason mama june has a tv show, it ain’t talent or business savvy.
  8. was gonna suggest teaching english in italy, but gotta be 18.
  9. i weighed the possibility. me and cav brought the average age in the place down to 88.
  10. bowling? what are you, going to an 8 yr old’s birthday party? no wonder this place is becoming a ghost town.
  11. taking a quick glance at google doc; wikkidpissah - don’t like, i don’t think i saw enough offense. pickles - saw plenty of O and the makings of a staff, don’t remember seeing saves, which i think is a category. cheese - 3 of first 5 picks were SP, but what will kershaw and paxton be? has pieces of awful closers i think. trogg - looks like my strategy of drafting for O and praying for P. i finish last usually, so good luck lucchesi. bananaramafish - drafted for arms, most of which are dead. tried to find hitters, most of which like to die. at least i won’t be 15th. dan foreskin - a lot of O and seems content with no saves and a top 3 of marquez, archer and eovaldi. drd - i’d like to thank him for his service and the disservice he did to this draft. had something going until he felt that vlad jr would be better than gleyber torres this year. cap/fdas - cheat sheet was by age and pages 3-45 seem missing. grabbed prospects and guys over 35 but failed to draft, you know, good players with high ceilings. we made sure they paid? bogart - like humphrey, wasted away to nothing as it went on. loved his first 3 picks, then took a C in 4th round over G Torres, then i stopped caring. shuke - too busy eating spaghetti and chili to take this seriously i guess. no saves, no SP and taking puig in 4th, again ahead of torres, shows me you’re a homer, d’oh. maybe he’ll make socal a leg with his free time after april. gm/strike her - for some reason, this seems well balanced. gambled when needed. biggest issue is mgmt seeming inept. x - wish i took torres instead of pham. but i needed the name for team stuff. phamtom of the opera. i am phamily. torres doesn’t do it. cos - i went 6-7 picks in and don’t remember how many guys will be ready opening day. could be good after may, when the first 30 games are done. tre - having 3 decent pitchers is great in mlb, roto not so much. buttrey gives great name possibilities. socal - didn’t pay, not rated.