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  1. did we peel back our discussion of bananateam? did we slip up?
  2. i was remembering the 1997 draft when the jets had the 1 overall and there wasn’t a qb in sight. they traded with the colts, down to 6 and got i think a 3,4 & 7 in 1997. of course, no qb likely lowered the price, but that wasn’t a lot for HOFer Orlando Pace. of course the jets got the mediocre james farrior.
  3. my big hope is that cleveland has darnold, allen, rosen rated even, so they take barkley 1. nyg, if they don’t deal, take chubb or the ND G, thinking they can win now with Eli having another 2-3 yrs left. this would leave darnold at 3 for the nyj.
  4. i am pretty happy with my squad.....i need max scherzer, so i will have my plant trade him to me later in the year.
  5. i am a lifelong jet fan and no faith that this franchise will do anything right. they will draft the wrong player, the right player who gets hurt, dave cadigan, jeff lageman or mike haight........believe me i can go on and on. 4 home playoff games in 36 years kind tells me something. and i don’t mind giving up second round picks, heck, gonna basically waste them on nothing anyway. may as well use them to move up to take the wrong QB. plus, bowles is so clueless, he makes rich kotitie look like lombardi.
  6. yahoo is so wonky.....i needed a MI and was targeting cano. then it came to me, i introduced him and connection blacked out, by the time i came back i won him for 17- i think. no idea how i bid if i wasn’t online.....
  7. let banana run the team for 25- imo......he is no worse than the girl who assumed an awful team for full price. i would hate for bananadope to fold.
  8. i assume the penalty is one keeper for a max of 11?
  9. i like that cos is going without a 3b this year......bold strategy
  10. did snorecal get discharged in time to post his keeps?
  11. lenny wilkens?
  12. what’s most amazing is that after 70 years in business, mgmt didn’t have the foresight or vision to understand a changing market and adapt.
  13. in the honour of being excellent, before i make a wildly insensitive joke, when you say your wife is brain injured, are you saying she is disabled?