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  1. already do, it’s called uberleague. you want in? fax me $1000-.
  2. can i sign up for the newsletter?
  3. 1st pass thru the SP makes them super winded. Can't wait to see the 37% SP next go around.
  4. this has nothing to do with WIS, but the next person, either on tv or in person that i see make a heart symbol with their hands is gonna get a beating.
  5. can we now watch 6 hours of them exiting the craft via zipline? lol
  6. i’d like an interview with ron howard’s brother right about now.
  7. i watch this and think of that simpsons episode with homer and barney. they’ve been dubbed the 3 musketeers, a mathematician, a different kind of mathematician and a statistician.
  8. sadly, t-mobile sponsorship means limited commercials.