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  1. 3 assists, 6 turnovers, 18 complaints to the officials. MVP......
  2. B Ingram looks like he smoked up before the game tonight. Very relaxed vibe.....sleepy look in his eyes.....
  3. Alex P Keaton

    What Brand will you no longer buy?

    McDonald's. Since 1995.
  4. Horrible KC defense. No idea why the safety was playing 25 yards back consistently on 3rd and 10.
  5. Horrible no call. Typical NFL.
  6. Good cover of a song that wasn't ever my favorite. Probably would go in my bottom 30 - but I'm too lazy to do what you've who knows?
  7. George's guitar is the only thing that saves this song for me. Nothing else is interesting about it. And not because of Ringo - the song just doesn't offer me much. That said, I try to appreciate Ringo songs more in my old age as partly an attempt to keep him engaged in the group. Kinda like when the mid-90s Bulls used to pass Luc Longley the ball 3-4 times a game in the post. Even though his offensive game wasn't highly efficient, a couple of looks per game kept him involved in defense, rebounding and setting screens.
  8. I'd take it over the Chuck Berry covers any day of the week.
  9. Really enjoyed that one. Not super refined but a fun song. Feels like something I'd like to hear in a live venue. Had never heard it before.
  10. Mrs APK liked this song a lot and remembered it from the album like 25 years ago. She also thinks so far that Mr Krista is far and away the MVP of the thread. Lastly, she seemed confused by the entire premise of the thread. ("Wait, krista is ranking over 200 Beatles songs? Really?") This was followed later by "is she the one with lots of cats who lives in Nicaragua or something?" Anyway, there are obviously some issues in the APK household with focus and communication.
  11. Really enjoy the sound and harmony. Not much of a fan of the lyrics.
  12. Alex P Keaton

    My Mom Died Wednesday

    Sorry for your loss Joe. When my MIL passed away, it was really tough for everyone, especially my wife. It's been 7 years and she still misses her mom a little each day, but now not with sadness but nostalgia. Hope you and your family find peace in the days ahead.
  13. The NBA really has an issue with either the rules as written or as interpreted. Harden going to the line 23 times......with the degree to which he travels, pushes off, and initiates me is unwatchable. I'm sure many others in here will disagree, and that's fine. Not saying he isn't a great player --- but a meaningful amount of his disproportionate offensive success is a direct result of how the games are called.
  14. Alex P Keaton

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    You didn't present it as an opinion. You presented it as a fact, and implied that only a moron could disagree with this gospel truth.