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  1. Right. He isn't the lead back - NE doesn't have one of those. He appears to be the starter right now - but that is it.
  2. Not familiar with your legal work, here or outside the board. Would love to read more than just snarky pot shots. Bsyhawks is a great example of a contrarian, thoughtful view done in a way that has been a benefit to this topic. Still waiting to see that from you.
  3. Lewis actually started and had the first three carries of the game, per the game log.
  4. Update? Anybody?
  5. Then you and I are saying the same thing. The phrase "credible evidence" in any real-world or legal sense is meaningless. Goodell could say "I based my decision on astrology, which is credible evidence" and his decision would be binding and legal. Because he asserts that it is. It's insane.
  6. If only Goodell needs to believe it, then it is completely irrelevant.
  7. If this is really true, then I have no idea why people in here keep pretending that "credible evidence" is at all relevant.
  8. He still needs - if challenged - to justify to the courts that the evidence is "credible."
  9. If "credible evidence" really matters, then the commissioner's power is limited. In which case Zeke won't be suspended - because the evidence isn't credible enough to warrant a suspension. Something the NFL's own lead investigator has already opined on. So if as you and others have asserted - "credible evidence" and its importance - then Zeke should be free and clear, protected by the check/balance of the courts.
  10. Where did I "make it sound like Goodell wants to suspend as many players as possible?" That is something you've incorrectly inferred. It isn't about the number of people he will suspend - it's about the arbitrary process by which he will make his determinations.
  11. That's the opposite of what other reports have said. Other reports have said "surgery = done for the year; no surgery = could come back still."
  12. It's on the coach. McCarthy should be coaching Rodgers - not pandering to him.