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  1. Thanks tri-man! Mrs APK says hi and congrats on grandkid! Crazy how life changes.....faculty.....awesome! This last run has re-energized me to train even harder than I have been. Really want to do another full this year, but would also like to do a bit of speed work this summer. Just enjoying running again.
  2. Ran a half in Madison WI today. Hadn't done one since last July, but have kept in decent shape during that time. Weather didn't look great at the start - forecast originally called for thunderstorms - but it cleared up and the temp settled at around 60 degrees at the start. Hilly course, which I should know but seem to conveniently forget each year. To set the context, i ran my first full marathon in Fall 2015 and really spent a year or more feeling like my body never recovered completely. Knee pain, lethargy, etc. Last spring I did this same race and finished in something like 2:06, which was frustrating. My PR was 1:59:13, and I felt ok leading into that one. To miss by that much sucked ###. So today, I really didn't have any expectations. Trained hard, felt good the past couple months, switched shoes and have been basically pain free since March/April. Doing a bit more speed work, but really didn't have a crazy goal today. My race partner decided to go for broke and join the 1:50 pace group. No way in hell was I doing that. So I lined up by the 2:00 pace group. Decided I would stick with them as long as possible. Lots of hills. Did I mention that already? There is a decent sized hill at mile 1. No problem. Another long, sloping one at mile 5/6. A bit tougher. By mile 7/8, I was just holding on as best possible and staying close to the pacers. Anyone who has done this race, you know about the ##### of a wall (ok, technically it's a hill) a little before mile 11. I didn't intend to run the hill/wall, but the pacers talked me into it. So I ran it. Pretty fast. I bumped into my running partner after that hill. She was struggling big time, and "saw me pass her on the hill and got pissed off." We ran the next mile together. At this point, the pacers told me I was about 20 seconds behind my PR, with one mile to go. I didn't feel like there was anything left in my body......but for whatever reason, I just whispered to myself "#### this ####" and started sprinting. Not long after, I looked at my watch and was running at a 7:10 pace. I still had about 0.6 miles to go, and started to worry about collapsing. Slowed down a little bit, but kept pushing. Turned the final corner and saw the clock counting at 1:57:40. Knew that I had started at least 30-45 seconds behind the official clock. Knew that unless I crawled to the end, I would hit a PR. Saw my wife and kids a second or two later. Got another boost. Crossed the finish line. Still haven't seen my official time, but it had to be 1:58 or slightly below. Still can't believe it.
  3. Pretty sure you get the point. You aren't always buying low....because a player value has dipped down. Values can go down to zero.
  4. People probably said the same thing about Enron stock.
  5. That seems reasonable. I wouldn't think a top-10 expectation is crazy. Top-5 seems unlikely to me, and some folks evidently value him that way.
  6. Good stats. Thanks! Yeah, doesn't mean I think he blows, but rather that he might not have top-3 upside.
  7. Had the exact same question.
  8. Very true. Osweiler was horrific. Counterpoint: the prior year when he went crazy, a LOT of his yards and fantasy points came in garbage time.
  9. Meh. Fat Rob is almost a lock to start week 1. But Gruden also showed last year that he wasn't afraid to bench his week 1 starter. It could happen again.
  10. Sure. Nice stat. That's true today.....while the league has like 90-man rosters.
  11. If my wife wanted to jump, I would push her out of the plane personally. With or without a chute.
  12. All true. The flip side is that no NFL team considered Kelley good enough to actually spend a draft pick on. Including the team he starts for.
  13. I'm not defending Zaza. Whatever his intent, Kawhi got injured, and Zaza should know better than to do what he did (whether deliberately or otherwise). As a few others have mentioned, those of us who don't like the Spurs might call this karma. The difference being that Bowen spent years clearly doing this on purpose, over and over. I'd love to see players who take dangerous actions like this - consistently - receive a meaningful suspension. And yes, I also hope Kawhi comes back. The Spurs were the superior team with Kawhi on the floor yesterday.
  14. Zaza can't even control his body well enough to make a borderline contested layup. He's 7 feet tall, and consistently misses put backs. Yet you somehow think he is coordinated enough to subtly place his foot under a way that is deliberate in the heat of the moment? Yeah, I just don't think he's that coordinated. Maybe the intent was there, but IMO he's just clumsy. Can't believe he's in the league. He's a buffoon.
  15. The most appropriate 8 letters of the alphabet in the above are "criminal".