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  1. He had 14 of the team’s 17 RB carries last night. The Browns were missing most of their starting defensive backfield, thus the Rams passed the ball a ton. The real brutal moment for Gurley owners was watching Goff get stuffed on a QB sneak from the 1, only to pass to Kupp on 3rd down from the 1, with Gurley on the field spectating.
  2. Iowa will be interesting. IMO the more people get to know Biden in these settings, the less they will like him.
  3. They are getting grief for helping AB engineer his exit from Oakland.
  4. Hey, he’s gotta take care of himself. Kraft doesn’t want this situation to erupt. He’s making money hand over fist.
  5. I’m in GB now. Basically no wind here. That said, it was a full on downpour 1 hour ago. Not sure how heavy the rain itself will be.
  6. He continues to double down. He’s hurting the league’s efforts at damage control, rather than cooperating. The NFL is all about protecting the shield.
  7. Just watched the original Rambo last night. Brutally bad movie. Possibly in my bottom 5 of all time.
  8. Yeah. Totally agree that he will be fine. It’s a minor net negative for fantasy purposes. Just my opinion.
  9. Also big among males over 50 who still have a libido.
  10. Good for Gordon and Edelman owners. Bad for Brady owners.
  11. The most recent post was from Sept 9, 2019. And yes, Edelman benefits from the AB release. He should get 1100-ish yards and 6-8 TDs.
  12. Based on the FFA, M Williamson has 35-40% support.