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  1. He also made a really tough grab on the seam pass in traffic, taking a hard hit in the process. So he doesn't have bad hands - it's a mental thing.
  2. "Alex Smith sucked 37 #####." "at once?"
  3. Pats are going to stomp the Texans. Don't know how, but they will.
  4. OMG. Brutal.
  5. Supposedly Jonathan Anderson
  6. Nobody is paying him $6.75M next year.
  7. love the consistency of the shtick!
  8. The discussion it generates is awesome. The arrogant chest thumping, while just shtick, is still annoying. I actively shun people like that in day-to-day life.
  9. If I was Andy Reid, that is how I would roll too. But Reid is stubborn, and frankly a bit dense, so who knows?
  10. And this is why he will get at least one touch per game after Charles comes back
  11. Not really. I expect Morris to get carries - again - after the human battering ram known as Zeke beats them into submission.
  12. Probably hidden in the new app.