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  1. Yes, clearly he should have been more precise and said “certain Russian leaders.”
  2. They shouldn’t draft a RB early - they need too much help elsewhere.
  3. Yep. Sure. That’s what happened here. That’s what happened every time. Ok.
  4. Really fun game to watch. And of course the NBA refs try to ruin it in the final 5 min.
  5. And we’ve seen a steady stream of true patriots criticize the President.....for good reason.....what is the reply from his supporters? How can anyone defend Trump when patriots like this are so disturbed?
  6. Can’t believe anyone watches them. Crazy. It’s pure propaganda.
  7. What did she stand for? Curious what you liked about her platform. The above was really just a description of her, vs what she would have actually done....
  8. Why should anyone drop out to help senile, hair-sniffing, fibber Joe Biden?
  9. Nah. We can just hang out for months and months. It’s all good. I don’t really like my job anyway.
  10. We have enough gas to get to my parents’ house (almost at all times), and my dad is paranoid enough that he always has a nearly full tank, which would get us to the cabin. Good call though!
  11. My wife thinks this is insane, but I’ve got a backup plan mapped out where we relocate to our cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin. We have a water source (a well), energy supply (months worth of wood for heating), an absurd amount of canned and frozen food. We could easily spend 1-2 months there.
  12. He had 969 total yards despite splitting time with ageless F Gore and missing 4 games. Now, if someone is worried about durability.....ok. Nobody is saying he suddenly becomes a top-5 RB.
  13. Very interesting. Of course, we learned last time around that polls mean nothing.