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  1. On that specific play, his beef was that the ref who made the call a) wasn't in position to make the call, b) waited to blow the whistle. In general, I agree with what you wrote too. He doesn't get the same calls as guys like, say, Harden.
  2. I agree that it isn't super compelling when nobody can offer an example. And you are right - Elliott's value at this point doesn't seem remotely harmed by his past incident.
  3. Is anyone really going to be excited about OJ Howard if he gets 5.0-5.5 targets per game? I'm not sure that will be sufficient to live up to the expectations embedded in his current dynasty value.
  4. I did. You are still confused. A chain of events that includes a player being traded to another team could impact a player's fantasy value, even if his real life NFL value was unaffected.
  5. That makes no sense in the context of what is being discussed here. We aren't talking about the perception NFL teams have of a player's value - we are talking about a player's fantasy football value. Obviously there is some correlation, but you are conflating two different concepts.
  6. Does anyone know the best source for advanced IDP stats such as QB hits and QB pressures? From time to time there are articles or Twitter content that reference these stats, but I haven't seen a good (and free) source for them. TIA!
  7. Mark Barron sucks. Always injured. Not a sure tackler.
  8. This reminds me of when people thought Mookie Blaylock was a good defender because he got a lot of steals. These numbers don't show missed tackles, yards gained due to poor angles taken, blown coverage, or big plays given up. Ha-ha was notorious for all of those things.
  9. Wow. Kinda crazy that Atlanta wouldn't have paid him more than that.....
  10. Yeah, none of those 3 veterans can get any separation at this point. Doesn't help us at all.