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  1. Exactly. Now, I you looked at my #10 vs #34 Paul rankings, that would mean something. That’s like the difference between the Beatles vs Matchbox 20 for me.
  2. 🤣 Not sure how I even saw most people, I'm only reading one out of every 27 posts at this point. [NOTE: krista, this is a joke, just in case you think it is serious in your heightened state of annoyance!] "Well, I'm not doing that." Hahahahaha. I actually laughed out loud at that.
  3. Yeah, two totally different things. Very frustrating to see the two lumped together.
  4. i bet Giannis as a midwestern flyover state guy loves the best long johns that wisconsin has to offer and it feeds into why everyone fears the deer take that to the bank bromigo.
  5. Great questions. Would love to hear answers from any true experts. Have texted my BIL, whose best friend is an expert in infectious disease. Will gladly share his reply when I receive it. Interested in any other perspectives. Note: assuming that once vaccinated in the linked scenario, folks will have to quarantine.
  6. Exactly. I know they have filling options too, but....I travel all over the country and eat a lot of ####### donuts. And the ratio of filled to unfilled long johns is probably 1:3 or 1:4 on balance. My cholesterol readings should be enough to defend that statement. 😁
  7. This is a good breakdown, other than the weirdness of calling it a maple bar, which ignores that there are chocolate and vanilla flavors too. That said, if you slap bacon on the “maple bar” I’ll probably weigh 300 lbs within a year. When I saw this thread, my first thought was “how did someone take 2 of my favorite donuts and turn them into a pole topic?” Then I saw your post — right there with you. Fritter, “maple bar” except chocolate or vanilla, twist and raspberry filled. Top-4 for me. Twist is probably last of those 4......but......all so delicious. I literally tell people that I run and abstain from alcohol purely so that I can keep eating donuts.
  8. No. No. No. They do NOT usually have filling. And vanilla long johns are just as common as chocolate.
  9. Excellent decision. Let It Down has a really cool sound. I don’t even know how to describe it - too massively overtired from working a 16-hour day. Wah-Wah to me is just complete crap. I literally can’t listen to it.
  10. Love it. Fantastic. Never heard it before, but I don’t find it too mean at all. Reminds me of Positively 4th Street - not the sound, but the brutal honesty. Note that I have zero idea what this song is about.
  11. Matt Nagy is an offensive genius. They did come into this game 5-1, which is pretty good. (Note: blatant holding on the edge for that last run by Henderson)
  12. I’m a Packer fan, so it really doesn’t matter to me. It is just annoying to see crappy officiating.