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  1. The most tired people I know fall into three categories: 1. Coffee drinkers 2. People who hit snooze 3. Hot single moms who work two jobs and “just need some extra spending money”
  2. Was out for a walk tonight after dark (just walked in at 11pm). Saw a bunch of really sketchy people out and about. Random people sitting in cars with lights off, dudes hanging out in parking lots, etc. Multiple cars honking horns at me and a couple other pedestrians. It was weird. I walk a lot at night, and it definitely feels different right now. Could just be psychological.
  3. I have no doubt that you are aware. You are a smart, well informed person. One of my favorite all-time posters. But yeah, your answer surprises me. It really isn't about making you "aware." It's about making everyone aware, and frankly inconveniencing everyone enough that this issue gets addressed. Basically, until we "solve" this issue, if people aren't bothered by the lack of progress......more than they are bothered by the inconvenience of bad traffic......well, that's part of the problem IMO. Until everyone collectively puts pressure on the entire system to implement change....nothing will happen. Thanks for the reply. Keep writing good stuff, I'll keep reading it.
  4. Would you be more annoyed with A) the traffic, or B) the continuing need for people to protest because the core issues underlying these protests haven't been sufficiently addressed in the past 50+ years?
  5. No one has a problem with these protests (when they began) but people lost their minds about one guy kneeling. Huh. Hard to square that.
  6. Wait, so you don’t think Alex P Keaton is my real name?
  7. That sounds like it is straight from Red Dawn. The Russian bots are coming!
  8. Wrong. They are almost always covered by standard business insurance policies.
  9. Exactly. I check in here periodically, amazed that the thread is still alive, wondering if I’ve missed some study that proves rampant voter fraud. Of course, there is no such study or evidence, because rampant voter fraud isn’t happening.
  10. What is “this”? Lack of police presence? Looting? Protesting systemic racism?
  11. The dude on CNN getting interviewed a couple min ago: “they were trying to flank us.” Must have just been watching Saving Private Ryan or something.
  12. Absurd. Does this dude have kids? Empty threats, bad parenting 101. Either make a curfew & enforce it......or don’t set the curfew in the first place. Not exactly rocket science.