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  1. Sure. But it is also different than using government resources to target a political opponent. One is worse than the other, no?
  2. Announcers are awesome: ”That’s what the Chiefs need more of. Knocking the ball carrier back.”
  3. This has happened in a multitude of countries the past few decades. Zimbabwe, Venezuela to name two off the cuff. This wasn’t a democracy - it was a sham democracy, in the process of converting to a dictatorship. I have no idea what your third paragraph means. At no point have I supported the “coup.”
  4. It’s not absurd at all. He was taking the methodical, step by step approach that many dictators have taken over decades. Pretending that the courts were somehow an independent body in Bolivia at this point is wishful thinking.
  5. I never suggested that it was our place to decide.
  6. Warren is undervalued. I’d probably bet on her. I still think Pete will win.
  7. Gurley looked good last night. He was being gang tackled at times, but when he had even modest room to operate, he looked good.
  8. I struggle whenever an “elected leader” strong arms others to change the constitution to allow for more time as the “elected leader.”
  9. Why don’t you think black people will vote for him?
  10. I’m not a fan of we, the US, participating in the overthrow of a government. To be more clear.