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  1. I agree that TT appears too patient with his draft picks at times. But didn't he cut Brian Brohm and Jerel Worthy pretty early in their "careers"? (If you can call what they did a career......)
  2. It was sarcasm. Just messing with you.
  3. I hope we take a college DE and try to convert him to OLB
  4. I thought you wanted TT to draft BPA?
  5. Was he getting hit by 3 people in the backfield every 2015?
  6. Good stats. Unfortunately I fear they have more in common with Tampa Bay.....
  7. No, you won't feel differently. Manning isn't top-3 all time, and Brady is clearly the GOAT. I've been a Montana supporter my whole life, but it is Brady now, no doubt. Manning is an afterthought.
  8. Why? He's a difference maker. Not a game manager. So sayeth the Shark Pool.
  9. They obviously paid off Kyle Shanahan.....
  10. If they had played an equal number of healthy seasons, it would be worth discussing. Different eras. Brady is a great player. Congrats.
  11. I'm not accepting your narrative.
  12. Well, no. But he deserves some blame. He took two huge sacks, one of which led to a turnover. Even if his coach is a freaking moron, Ryan should have known better and protected the ball.
  13. Montana had a career cut short by injuries.....that QBs today don't face because they are so protected from hits. Brady is still the GOAT now though.
  14. Exactly. The whole Falcons team should give Shanahan a code red on the flight home.
  15. He's not a game manager though. He's the true 2016 least according to folks in the Shark Pool.