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  1. Craig Heyward part 2
  2. Love the attitude. He didn't back down one bit from a team full of #######s. He still doesn't look as special to a guy like AP or Gurley. But he also didn't appear to have any meaningful flaws. His pass protection looked good.
  3. Like the word play here. (....where there's smoke there's fire...)
  4. So basically he goes on PUP, and then it is wait and see.
  5. No, that isn't it. It's just such a stupid, pointless thing to do and change.
  6. Stuff like this just makes me hate the NFL so much.
  7. Did you get this view of Foster from one of or both of his two carries tonight?
  8. But what if it is 6-8 carries (like last year) and 4-6 targets?
  9. Yeah, agreed. I mean, he got 7 carries a game when healthy. 7? Really?
  10. He was a 4th round pick. In the actual NFL draft. This year.
  11. Barrington and Jake Ryan are listed as the starters right now. But 4th round rookie Blake Martinez is getting a ton of press so far in camp. He's been working with the 1st team a lot, including in the nickel and dime packages. Speculation from beat writers is that he will start and play a lot.
  12. Maybe he won't be a true WR1 for fantasy purposes this year. If he's a strong WR2, this year, he will easily be worth drafting top-5 in rookie drafts.
  13. Priceless. Reminiscent of McNabb not knowing that OT was sudden death back in the day.