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  1. Congrats. I'm cool with my family. We disagree on stuff - they respect my boundaries now and I respect theirs. No regrets.
  2. Huh. When my extended family members say overtly racist things at family events, in front of my kids, my response is typically "hey, I'd appreciate if you not use racist language or share messages of hate in front of my kids. We're trying to teach them a different way of living." It has probably bothered a few family members. I'm cool with that.
  3. Unless you can prove that "everyone" is being accused, I'm not sure that filling up the page with random examples makes your case.
  4. Quit accusing everyone? I must have missed where "everyone" is being accused of these things.
  5. I'm sure that this nuance will be appreciated by all in here.
  6. Go back and read the OP. It seems you are missing the premise of the thread.
  7. You don't get why a business that has a model built largely on advertising.....would care about ratings?
  8. Well, to start with, this isn't all about you.....
  9. I was living UWS then, but out of town for the weekend. So bummed to miss it. Heard from neighbors that it was an awesome party.
  10. That entire list makes me hate America. 3. Cronut, quinoa, poke.
  11. Yep. Amazing that more people don't realize this. The level of ignorance and apathy in this country is appalling. We are in deep, deep trouble if annual interest payments on the debt ever reach close to $1T per year.
  12. Not really. I would enjoy seeing AOC actually look foolish. As explained multiple times, I'm not a fan.
  13. His answers may have been technically accurate, but they were clearly misleading. Some might call it lying by omission. She didn't seem flustered at all. Just annoyed by a guy lying. edit to add: I'm pretty far from an AOC fan, as context