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  1. "2 teams are playing a football game. Both of 'em want to win. Only one of them can." RIP Denny
  2. The links you've posted - that I've seen - are of Gase saying that he wants RBs (multiple, not just one) who can play all three downs. Who can stay in for a full series. That is a different spin than "I don't want RBBC." That said, I'm not going to pretend to have read everything or seen all his press conferences. If there was more to his comments, I trust your perspective. Really appreciate the actual experience you posted from 2012-2015. That is good stuff. Side question: What do you think Foster meant when he said basically "I still think I'm Pro Bowl caliber, and I like Coach Gase's plan to let me demonstrate that?"
  3. Notice that it says Gase likes to use one back for the bulk of a drive, and that both will likely have meaningful roles. Nowhere does it say "Gase doesn't believe in RBBC."
  4. Interesting. In my non-PPR league, that would have been good last year for #3 RB in total points, #8 RB in points per game. I'm sure it looks different in PPR, but whatever.
  5. Your post about Gase not wanting a RBBC wasn't compelling.
  6. That isn't the same as saying he doesn't believe in RBBC. It means he doesn't want narrow specialists.
  7. How is 6-8 carries for a backup considered a full blown RBBC? Ajayi isn't going to carry the ball 25-30 times a game. That just isn't happening, whether Foster is in Miami or not.
  8. Foster looked awful in those games. It was like he was running in quicksand. Very slow.
  9. Treadwell and a 1st. I think White is the better player straight up, but next year's draft is talent rich.
  10. Glad someone finally started a Brady thread.
  11. Interesting. I like Zakaria a lot too. Friedman sometimes. Brooks is good for gauging what the mushy middle is thinking at any given moment. Thx Tim.
  12. Seems spot on. Turkey is doomed. Country will be either Syria or Iran within a decade.
  13. Do you enjoy reading the columns of David Brooks? Just curious. Seems like you would enjoy him.
  14. What stats do you expect him to have?