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  1. I cut him today and picked up Kapri Bibbs
  2. I targeted him as an ideal buy low candidate this past offseason and was glad to get him. That said, how do his efficiency stats look? A bit worried that he is dependent on a huge volume of targets.
  3. Fantastic user name hamsterdam.
  4. Andy Reid. Enough said.
  5. Yeah, until proven otherwise.
  6. I realize nobody is watching this game but.....
  7. Evidently not, given he has a 14-yard catch too.
  8. Two words: Roger Goodell
  9. What happened on the Keenum fumble? Was it a running play or a sack?
  10. Week 2 they went 3 and out basically the whole 3rd quarter. Then they were behind and had to air it out. Week 3, Ware carried the ball 20 times. Week 4, they were down 29-0 at half, and 36-0 by the early 3rd. Ware carried it 13 times and was targeted 5 times in the passing game. It was a blowout - no shock he didn't carry it more.
  11. Any recent updates on his usage from homers?
  12. I'm not assuming anything about McCarthy's ability to see reality.
  13. Yeah, I get why we didn't pony up all the cash for Casey Hayward....but man, he has looked good this year. We could have used him - especially given our bias toward keeping our own draft picks - this year. The Shields injury really has hurt us.
  14. Totally disagree with your conclusions. 2nd level success has a lot to do with blocking.