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  1. good morning Sig. With Derrick Henry now out I'm second guessing my QB and WR decisions in the finals. Play Tannehill or Fitzpatrick? As for WR's, need three from A.J. Brown, Parker, Cooper and DJ Moore or McLaurin. 6pt TD and 1/2 ppr. Thanks again for a fun year! My first year back after sitting out the past several years. I'm hooked on Fantasy again!!
  2. another fun season, many thanks to you and Cecil. Always enjoy the podcasts. i'm a slight underdog and need 3 of the following WR's (6 pt TD and 1/2 PPR). Cooper, DJ Moore, Parker and AJ Brown. at TE Hooper or Higbee (Everett is now been declared out). I'm starting Tannenhill over Garoppolo, thought I'd mention in case it matters on the three WR's above. Thanks again.
  3. any thoughts on how long Stafford may be out? Picked up garoppolo to cover and considering dropping stafford as i need a kicker this week. Could drop Stafford, Drake or Devonta Freeman (have Elliot, Howard, Jones, Drake and Freeman as RB's. need to start two). Also any hope for Mark Andews this week? Considering playing Hooper instead given Andrews recent snap counts. thanks